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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Casey and Gwen support each other through their problems with Will and Maddie. Maddie isn't happy when she sees Gwen give Casey a hug and when Gwen is alone Maddie arrives to confront her. Eve's husband Louis arrives and is very interested in Maddie's relationship with Casey. Maddie backs away suddenly when Louis tries to hug her. Dusty and Lucinda continue to worry that Lucy is in danger being with Damian. Lucy tries to drug Damian to get a blood test while he is passed out but her plan doesn't work because Damian figures out what she is trying to do.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne visits Darla’s graveside and relives happier moments. Sitting on a nearby bench, he watches as Phoebe shows up and cries over the grave. He overhears her thoughts that he doesn’t understand. He tells her to keep an eye on her mother; the divorce has been hard on her. He assumes Hector is good for her, but Phoebe isn’t sure. Hector literally drags Taylor to his house and is adamant and won’t hear a word about her telling Thorne the truth. He wants her to go with him on vacation to Mexico where he can take care of her. She argues that this won’t be washed away by sunshine and margaritas. Though technically it was an accident, she WAS drinking and that changes everything. Thorne is looking for answers and she is the only one that can give them to him. She counsels other people but can’t take her own advice. She is sorry he got involved in this, but she can’t live with this. He gets rough trying to talk some sense into her – his sense. Thorne walks in and sees her trembling and asks if she is okay? Hector tells him he is not welcome here.

While the repairman works on the security system, Dante tells Eric that he came to L.A. because he was infatuated with Bridget. But then he found and became acquainted again with Felicia. And now he realizes he is in love with her and wants Eric to give him one more chance to prove he is worthy. Eric realizes it is over between him and Bridget and he’s actually relieved. He thought she was on the rebound from Nick anyway. Felicia leaves Dino in the stroller out by the fountain that he loves so much, while they go into the cottage to visit. He’s hedging but getting dangerously close to telling her he was wrong and that it is her that he wants. She’s enjoying the flirting and goes out to get Dino to put him to bed, when they realize Dino is missing. Minutes earlier a pair of hands picked him up and drove away.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

John and Marlena meet up again at the penthouse after being apart the last few days of their vacation. Belle stops by to fill them in on the baby switch. Belle admits her feelings about carrying Shawn’s baby and Marlena and John advise her to forget about Shawn and work on repairing her marriage with Philip. Marlena asks John for a separation so she can have a chance to prove that she’s capable of standing on her own. Abby stops by the garage to ask for an office job but while she’s waiting around to discuss it with Max, she chats with E.J. and he offers her a job. Mimi asks Shawn to request a court order regarding custody and visitation times for each of their children so she doesn’t have to worry about Belle trying to use the baby to win back Shawn. Belle overhears their conversation and Mimi later eavesdrops as Belle tells Shawn that she came to tell him goodbye.

Austin accuses Sami of caring more that Carrie than about Lucas being in the same apartment as them. Lucas and Carrie overhear them and announce plans to move out. E.J. eavesdrops on the conversation and later Lucas and Carrie decide to take E.J. up on his offer of using his skills to get them back in their apartment by tonight. Carrie questions E.J.’s motives and E.J. claims he’s doing it all to keep Sami from getting hurt. Austin, to evade Sami noticing his disappointment over Carrie returning home, obliges Sami’s desire to move up the wedding. Sami and Austin rush right over to share the news with Lucas and Carrie.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Carly convinces Jason to follow his heart. Alexis lashes out at Sam. Ric and Sam make a dangerous move with irreversible consequences. Alcazar wants Lainey to take him on as a patient.

Sonny will do whatever it takes to be a good father to Michael and Morgan. Lucky is disgusted by his own behavior. Lulu is heartbroken over Lucky's condition. Elizabeth fears her marriage is over. Carly and the boys head to Africa as a power outage hits Port Charles.

GL Recap Written by Eva

Buzz and Coop continue to argue over the Olivia/Ava situation. Josh is frustrated that neither Reva, or Cassie have contacted him. Lillian gives Josh some shocking news. Cassie tries to convince RJ that moving to San Cristobal will be a good thing. Reva wonders what her message from Josh means. Frank sides with is brother. Reva overhears a conversation between Josh & RJ. She collapses in tears. Ava gets a job offer.

Cassie leaves town to get over Josh but R.J tells Josh about the plan and he decides to try and stop Cassie but she ignores his phone messages.  Alan _ Michael offers Ava a job at Spaulding.  Olivia continues to cause a rift between Buzz Frank , and Coop.  Buzz considers ending his relationship with Olivia but she tells him she can handle anything his family throws at her.  Reva decides to go to New York to say good-bye to her children and forget about Josh and Cassie for now.  Reva is about to leave when Josh arrives home.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Adriana is with Bruce in his car. He has stopped driving for a while and they talk. She is comfortable with him. He has a lot of questions and she answers most of them. She asks now if she can borrow his phone as she needs to call someone to tell she is coming home. She has left her purse and cellphone back at the cottage since she ran off so fast. Blair wakes realizing that she has slept far too long. Todd says that he probably needs it after spending all that time with her boyfriend. Todd is sure that Starr will get better. Blair wonders if he is going to buy positive results like he did for Evangeline. "She owes you know." Todd denies that. He was simply paying off a debt. "Mom?" Todd and Blair turn to Starr and see that she is awake. She falls back asleep right away but her getting up was a good sign. Blair sees the picture that she took from Spencer's apartment, in her purse and she decides that she has to take care of something. "I will be back!" she says. Todd tells her to give Spencer his best. Blair calls John arranging to leave the picture for them at the front desk in the hospital. Bo and John pick up the picture and can see right off that the guns in the picture are identical and the same type as the type that shot Thomas McBain. Adriana and Bruce talk for a while. He listens to her story of her boyfriend turned stalker and calls Rex a real sick-o for being that way. She is dying of thirst and asks him if she could possibly buy her something to drink. He returns with water. She guzzles it down and asks if she can use his cellphone again to see if they can get service, so she can call home. "Whoa," she says. She asks if it is hot all of a sudden. He just smiles at her. She can't see straight. Her vision is blurry. "I have to call home to tell my mother what Rex did." Bruce smiles as the effect of the drug take hold. "Rex didn't do anything… It was me!"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa and Whitney talk in her office about Jared and the fact Theresa needs to tell him who she is. She agrees, and tries to set up a lunch date. However, Jared is in another office being interviewed by Valerie for a position as right hand man to Mrs. Crane. He's perfect, of course, so Val arranges for him to go in and meet the boss. He sees Theresa in Mrs. Crane's office but doesn't make the connection. Siren managed to get free of the duct tape Kay bound her in when raccoons found her in the dumpster Kay put her in and chewed the tape off her. Kay and Tabitha looked for a spell book in the attic that has a spell to get rid of Mermaids, but Siren beat them to it and it's lying at the bottom of Harmony Harbor. Siren set her sights on Miguel once she had Fox under her spell, but he had to go to work. He might get home early if he has a good catch of fish, so she puts a spell on the fish so they would swim into his nets. He had a very good day, and while he showered the fish smell off himself, Siren joined him. Back at Tabby's, Kay begged Endora to get rid of Siren, and the tot said she'll think about it.

Luis is adamant that Paloma and Fancy won't be new recruits for the police department, but they argue with him about it as Sam and Sheridan watch. Sam says he hasn't seen anyone get to Luis like that since Sheridan, and she's thinking the same thing, which doesn't make her very happy. Chris found the papers with the Omega Symbol on them, the ones that told of his involvement with Alistair, but he didn't find the one under the living room table. He's worried Spike might carry out his threats on Sheridan and James, so he'll do whatever he has to in order to stop him.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Dru has food ready but Lily won't eat. Drucilla gets frustrated that all that Lily does is sit in her room and brood. Neil tells Lily that he knows how it feels to be lied to by someone that you love. Dru rolls her eyes. Jack and Ashley argue with Gloria about the coming home celebration they are to have for John. Gloria wants to have a big party but the siblings only want family and maybe Kay and Jill there. Dru plans on setting Lily's room back up the way that she likes. Lily doesn't find that necessary as she plans to move out. She won't be staying. Gloria, Jack and Ashley arrive at the hospital but there isn't any news on John yet. When Gloria hears that Jack was the last one with him she quickly jumps to the conclusion that Jack caused whatever is wrong with John. John had a stroke and has been put on medication. No one can see him until the Chief of Neurology is finished examining him. Ashley tells her brother privately that she too is getting worried. She knows that for this to have happened. Someone must have upset him. Jack quietly thinks back to his father getting angry at the idea of Jack shutting Gloria out of the family company. Jack gets ready to visit his dad first. Gloria wants to be first. Ashley and Kay agree that Gloria should be first. Gloria talks with John and feels that if they hadn't told her that he were ill, she couldn't tell. Ashley is next to see her dad now. Neil and Drucilla agree that Lily can move out if she wants. She can't stand living at home again. Dru acts like they are a happy family Lily knows that isn't true. Jack and Ashley visit with their dad. He thanks them for being there for him and he asks that they take care of Gloria. Jack talks with John alone, happy to see him looking as always. "Is it stuffy in here?" Jack says it isn't. John has trouble breathing and Jack is pushed out of the room. Code Blue! "Get him breathing!" someone shouts. The staff run to John's room and the paddles are applied.

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