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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Josh's and Babe's respective families rush to make certain they are ok and take them home. Babe still indicates that she cares about Josh and is somewhat angry at JR. But she still intends to commit to her marriage. Erica and Jeff take Josh to Jack's yacht and attempt to get through to him that regardless of the circumstances of his conception and birth, they are ready, willing and able to be his parents. But he is not ready to trust them. He only has Babe on the brain. Tad indicates that he suspects Dixie of killing Greg with Zach. But it sounds like what he's really suspicious of is that she's sleeping with Zach. Kendall asks Zach the same question. He tries to get through to her that Dixie is his friend and is in need. But she tells him she wants Dixie out of his life.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Serge watches Lucy talking with Holden and follows her sure she is up to something. Lucy lets herself into the record’s room at the hospital to find and compare Damian’s records, but she can’t find them. Little does she know Serge has beaten her to it. Holden comes looking for Luke wanting to convince him to stay in Oakdale till they can prove if Damian is lying about dying, but Luke doesn’t believe him and stands by Damian’s word. Serge orders Damian and Luke on a plane in 24 hours thanks to Lucy’s snooping; Damian covers claiming the doctors called with more bad news. Katie boards a plane for NY, but after she can’t reach Mike in person she has second thoughts and comes home. Katie is hit with an idea; she wants them to have a baby. Mike is hesitant at first, but Katie’s heartfelt words convince him they are ready. Will tells Casey about Gwen finding out about Jade and asks him to talk to her. Gwen and Jade have it out when she confronts her about sleeping with Will. Casey and Gwen talk while Jade goes to see Will. Gwen decides to spend the night at Crash and Casey offers to keep her company. Will is desperate for Gwen to come back home as she wonders how and if she can get past what he did.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna daydreams about she and Ridge as a team, more than designer/model, and he’s amused that she is ‘teasing’ the press while she plays all innocent. Felicia interrupts the mood by bragging about the newspaper reviews to Ridge. Thorne relies on Taylor for comfort since he is worried about little Alexandria going to art class for the summer. Taylor reminds him she may have lost her mommy, but it’s important that she be a little girl too. He can’t repeat enough how grateful he is to her for her help when he feels so helpless. He’s sorry the way his family neglected her during her divorce from Ridge.

Hector puts Phoebe through an inquisition and rough handling about where her mother is - with Thorne. Right place, wrong time, he peers through the window as Taylor and Thorne embrace when she tells him she wants to do everything she can to help him find closure. But, then she cries that she doesn’t deserve his gratitude or his friendship. Ridge dismisses what Brooke said to Donna and he continues his double entendres and hands on flirting with Donna wearing his designs. She gives him his own little preview and he shows his appreciation by concentrating solely on her. He even lifts a new slogan uttered by her. Taylor is suddenly surprised by Hector rising up from her back seat in her rear view mirror. He is livid that she didn’t listen to him about staying away from Thorne.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jennifer and Frankie insists on having Jack stay at the house with them and Jack agrees only on the option of sleeping in the guest room so as not to interfere in Jennifer and Frankie’s married life. Jack eavesdrops as Jennifer and Frankie talk about their future.  The mystery stranger watches Carrie and Austin kiss on the roof. Carrie fights the desire to be with Austin to remain true to her vows. Austin imagines Carrie in Sami’s place.

Bo turns down Sami’s offer to talk to Hope in exchange for running the test but gives in to make Sami go away. Sami gets the results that reveal E.J.’s fingerprints on the envelope but E.J. explains it away. The mystery stranger eavesdrops on Sami and E.J.’s and Kate and Eve’s conversations. Kate isn’t thrilled to be brought in for questioning but Sami delights in catching Kate in such a predicament and becomes curious about Kate’s latest problem. When questioned by Bo, Kate claims to have been surprised to learn of the missing evidence and blames Bo and Hope’s marriage breaking up on Patrick rather than her schemes before storming out. Kate assures Eve that Bo will never find out that they stole the evidence. Eve tells Kate about Sami’s test results. Bo calls in a favor to get Kate’s hotel phone records.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jane shows up asking Carly to help her save Jax from a gold-digger. Carly is too angry about his abandonment to agree. Lorenzo tries to pick a fight with Sonny at the hospital. Liz tells Lucky she knows about him and Maxie and to get out and enjoy his mistress and drugs. Sonny asks Lainie about having therapy at his home, and about casual dating as a cover for his sessions. It's a no go. Carly gives in and books a flight to Cairo. Lorenzo makes an appointment with Lainie. Patrick refuses to sleep with Robin. Maxie arranges for Liz to see her and Lucky making love again.

GL Recap Written by Elizabeth

Jeffery continues his campaign for mayor. A reporter from WSPR vows to learn as much as she can about the enigmatic, Jeffery O'Neill. There are some flashbacks of Jeffery's past. As a young man, Jeffery is caught in a type of prison. As an older man, we see him in scenes with Prince Richard Winslow. A man from Jeffery's past as a teen, Ditkins returns to Jeffery's life. Jeffery is warned to drop out of the mayoral race.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Adriana is in the street. She hides and Rex drives right by her without seeing her. Someone watches Adriana from the bushes. She feels like someone is out there. "Hello!" she calls out. No one answers. A car is coming. She hides in the bushes. When the car is gone, that is when the stalker grabs her and drags her deeper and deeper into the bushes… Rex calls Bo using his earpiece. He tells that Adriana thinks that he is the stalker. Bo wonders if the homeless man really was harmless when Rex tells about him. Rex sees that he has been stupid now and he turns the car around. Bo needs directions to where he is but Rex and Adriana are on an island and there is no police and hardly any people. She has no cellphone or money… The man drags Adriana to a campsite. He makes her sit and he removes his hood, showing his face and crossed eyes. He says that he has been watching her and feels that he knows how he can help her. She thinks he is the stalker but after he confirms that he has spoken to Rex who gives him money from time to time, she relaxes. The man tells how Rex did say that she was afraid of strangers. Adriana is confused. If Rex was protecting her, then why all the emails in his computer? Adriana is calm. Rex returns in his car and Adriana and the homeless man duck so he doesn't see them. The homeless man tells that he wouldn't do that if he were working with Rex. He offers to get her in a boat and take her to the mainland but she won't go. Adriana walks the street in total darkness. A car comes up and this time Adriana doesn't hide. The car stops and a man asks her what she is doing out there. He guesses that she is the girlfriend of that blonde kid. He tells that he is staying with his wife and kids up the street and that she can get a ride if she wants. She seems hesitant at first. Then she smiles. "Okay! You are a lifesaver!"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa got scared when she saw someone sneaking around outside her house, so she grabbed a vase and busted it over the head of the intruder. Turns out it was Jared, leaving her flowers and candy because he admires her for working so hard for a boss that doesn't appreciate her. She asks why he keeps saying that, but doesn't get around to telling him she's the boss. They end up dancing in the living room, and when Paloma comes in, she dances with him, too. Paloma had been at the police station, arguing with Luis about becoming a police officer. Sam had a talk with Luis and he backed down, so Paloma will join the new recruits. Fancy talked with Sheridan and told her she wants to date Luis. Sheridan said it's a good idea, but in reality she's dying inside. Chris and Spike continued to argue, but Spike finally got the upper hand and will force Chris to do his bidding or else.

Fancy went to the police station to get Luis to pay attention to her, and when she talked to Paloma she decided to join the new recruits, too, since she looks so cute in khaki. After Paloma left, Fancy snuck back and used the trick Luis used to open the door, then started filling out her application. While she worked, Spike sneaked in and broke into Luis' desk to get the gun he left at Sheridan's cottage. Fancy never knew he was there, but when Luis got back and found the gun missing, he wasn't real happy with Fancy for breaking into the place. He did manage to keep Spike from attacking Fancy when she left, tho, which is what he had planned until he saw Luis walk in.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Nick is upset thinking that he pushed too far and that he got Sharon killed in the process. Brad is sure that she is fine. The man calls back and admits to just scaring them. Sharon is put on the phone to prove she is alive. The man wanted to make a point. He gives them more time to find the reliquary but it won't be much. JT and Paul look at the numbers and letters that Sharon has written on the ground. They make a call to have someone check them out. The numbers belong to a shipping container for Gerard Trucking in Cleveland. The address is only a few minutes from where JT and Sharon were initially being held. Michael arrives at the Abbots' all smiles. Gloria, Jack and Ashley were just getting ready to go and see John for his birthday. He tells that he has been working secretly and it looks pretty good that the governor is going to reduce John's sentence to time served and get him out of prison! Jack thanks Michael warmly for his help. He visits with his father and when alone, he gets John angry when he shows displeasure at his father's request to give Gloria more to do at the company. Jack leaves, and John can't see out of his right eye. "What is happening to me?" After Mr. Arkadin sells the trio his, Victoria decides to try to doctor it to look like the reliquary that the kidnappers want. She works but it is going to take more than a day to do the job. The kidnapper calls and says that time is up. Brad lies and says that they have what he wants and that they are ready to do a trade.

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