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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie and Mike are stunned to learn that Carly is with Simon in NY even though she quit earlier that night. Simon answers Carly’s cell phone and toys with Jack when he tells him she is in the bathroom. Jack hangs the phone up without leaving a message and when Carly learns what Simon did, she lets him have it. However, she realizes it probably doesn’t matter anyway, but directs him never to talk for her again. They decide to forget about it and head out for a night on the town. Henry wonders if they should take Maddie and leave town, setting her up with a new identity? Eve thinks that is crazy and is definite now in getting Maddie professional help. Henry then enlists Jessica’s help in defending Maddie. Maddie is unsure of her innocence. Eve wishes her husband were there because he would know how to help Maddie. Casey sneaks in to see Maddie to profess his love, and Maddie seems touched but then tells Margo what Casey did. Casey is going to prove Maddie is not a killer. Gwen demands to know from Will if he slept with Jade? Will skirts the question a couple times, but soon is forced to admit it is true. Gwen walks out on Will, but he is hot on her trail. After Mike leaves to go run an errand for work, Kim stops by and asks Katie to fill in for someone at WOAK who had appendicitis. They were due at a meeting in NY and can she fill in? Katie jumps at the chance. Mike learns after the fact, Katie has boarded a flight for NY. Casey is thinking of Maddie by the pond while someone seems to be watching him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge enjoys Donna’s kiss; he thinks it is beginning to feel like old times. He shares his hyped-up, nervous energy and feels rejuvenated about his business. He practically hypnotizes Donna about being ready for the ride of her life! She offers to stick around if he’s feeling inspired. Hector welcomes Taylor to the Fire Station where there will be a citation in his honor. But, he warns Taylor again his feelings about her confessing all to the police and putting his neck on the line for lying about the accident. He knows she is an honest woman who wants to do the right thing, but he’s hoping she won’t confess. At the citation, Lt. Baker surprises Taylor by showing up. He comments he is still working on Darla’s case and that you never know when one tidbit might lead to her killer. Hector wants to respond to the honor and looking right at Taylor says he prays that he will be able to do this, helping others, for a very long time. Later he tells Taylor that if she wants to do what is best for everyone, then she must never tell Thorne that she was driving the car, not ever!

Brooke comes back home and regales to Nick that Donna made the showroom look like a strip club. She’s disgusted and there won’t be a next time; she fired her. She pushed her into this and she now only wants to protect her. She saw her kiss Ridge and she doesn’t want her to be delusional that it meant more to him than it does. And no, she is NOT jealous, she is only worried about her sister’s feelings. Donna comes in and overhears her say that Donna means nothing to Ridge at all. The room turns frosty, but Brooke apologizes and explains to Donna she is not angry, just concerned. She ends up giving Donna a second chance. Strictly professional though with Ridge, no flirting, no kissing. She crosses the line and she is out.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Steve asks for Bo’s help in regaining his memory in exchange for helping Bo prove his innocence to Hope. Steve talks with Bo about who would most benefit from the dissolution of Bo and Hope’s marriage and Bo calls Kate in for questioning. Mimi graciously doesn’t tell Philip about what she saw but confronts Belle once they are alone. Mimi accuses Belle of staging the cramps and threatens her should she try to break up Shawn and Mimi’s marriage. Philip confronts Shawn about treating Belle like she is his wife. Philip tells Shawn his theory that the baby switch was on purpose. The mystery stranger listens in on their conversation.

E.J. warns Sami about losing Austin to Carrie and tries to convince her to tell the truth but Sami believes that she’ll wind up with Austin without having to confess. Sami takes the envelope to Bo in hopes of having it fingerprinted but when she is vague about her reasons, Bo accuses her of committing a crime. Austin assures Carrie that E.J. won’t rat them out. Carrie agrees to meet Austin on the roof again but remains steadfast on her decision not to leave Lucas. Austin has Carrie kiss him goodbye and doesn’t let up despite Carrie’s attempts to fight her own desires.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Lucky turns to Maxie after becoming jealous of Elizabeth spending time with Patrick. Dillon and Georgie admit they still love each other and end up in a kiss. Lulu visits an unresponsive Laura at Shadybrook and confesses that she's pregnant.

Jason refuses Edward's request that he kill Alcazar. Jason stands by his decision to distance himself from Sam after encountering her on the Metro Court terrace where she was shot. Carly reluctantly tells Elizabeth she saw Lucky and Maxie making love. Elizabeth sees Lucky and Maxie in bed together.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Lizzie and Jonathan try to share some good news with Reva. Reva comes clean with the two of them about her health struggles. Blake announces that she knows about the woman Josh has been spending so much time with. Billy confronts Cassie. Josh makes a phone call to his wife. Mallet goes to Jeffery in order to find out who set the fire.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Starr opens her eyes. Blair and Todd are overjoyed. Spencer comes in and examines her. Dorian isn't that thrilled. Starr doesn't seem to hear her. Dorian comes in and tells that she might not be responsive and Spencer agrees. Evangeline is outside and she tells Dorian to tell Todd that she is there for him. 'Lenny The Forger' has a deal on the table. Tell all, or do prison time again. Lenny clams up and will not tell anything. David walks off smiling. He calls Spencer. "You need to see me. Lenny just got arrested for forging Bo's signature." Spencer does the preliminary exam on Starr but Todd soon orders him away from them. He has called in his own specialist to look after Starr. Kelly goes to Kevin. She tells that she is pregnant with Duke's son. David tells Spencer all that has gone on. Lenny hasn't given Spencer up yet but he will, David promises. Evangeline takes a chance and pushes the door open. Blair is surprised that she can see. Todd rushes to her and they hug as Blair watches. Dorian is relieved to turn around and find Clint has come to be with her at the hospital. John promises Bo that after going to talk to the mayor, he will have his position back as commissioner by lunch. They will continue to work on Lenny to get a confession. Spencer wishes that David were as faithful as Lenny. David advises him to give himself up and make things easier. He then goes to John and Natalie and tells what went on. John gets angry thinking that David made things worse. Dorian sees Spencer and tells him that he shouldn't be anywhere near Starr's. He says that he is there for Blair. Todd says that what Blair thinks doesn't matter. Blair spends time talking to Starr and holding her hands. Todd comes into the room and sits with Blair and their child now. Spencer is looking at them from outside the room and sees when Todd and Blair share sad looks at each other.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fancy felt Sheridan out on how she'd feel if someone wanted to be with Luis. Sheridan got nervous and wanted to know who it is, and Fancy finally said it's her. Sheridan dropped the cup she was holding. Funny, since she'd just said she is going to stay with Chris forever and wants Luis to move on. Luis and Paloma chatted and ate ice cream while he waited for test results on the gun he found outside Sheridan's house. Paloma wonders what she can do with her life, and finally decides she wants to be a cop. Luis says over his dead body. Theresa and Pilar talk about telling Ethan that Little Ethan is his son, and why Pilar thinks her daughter needs to do that. She shocks her daughter by telling her she can't move on with Jared, she has to keep trying to get Ethan away from Gwen. She even called Gwen "collateral damage"!

Miguel can't hear anything anyone says, and Tabitha checks his ears out, finding they are both full of candle wax. Endora tries to act innocent, but Tabby realizes she's responsible for it. Kay watched Siren seducing Fox in the magic water bowl, then rushed upstairs to stop her. A battle ensued, which Kay won. She taped Siren up so she can't move, including her mouth so she can't sing her song, then dragged her out of the room. When she went back, Fox was still dingy, but he recognized her and told her he loves her. Gwen gets upset when she finds Ethan checking Jared out on the internet, and realizes that even tho he tells her he's never going to leave her, he still loves Theresa and doesn't want her with anyone else.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick is in his hotel room and he makes an appointment with someone who may have a reliquary… In Genoa City, Brad answers the door to Paul who walks in with something under a piece of cloth. He asks if that is what he thinks it is. Paul only answers by saying that it pays to be rich sometimes. Dru gets up early and Neil comes out ready to go. She has to force him to stay and have coffee with her. Paul arrives now and Brad and he are ready to put their plan into action. Paul has received a video with Sharon in it. She is tied up and laying on her side on a floor, in a dark room. Paul and JT watch the video repeatedly to get clues from it. JT suddenly remembers that he heard trucks the whole time that he was there. Paul suspects that Sharon wasn't taken far from the construction site where JT was. Brad and Victoria leave to put their part in play. They find Nick at his hotel and they show him the Illuminated Manuscript that they have acquired in order to help with Nick's deal. The man that Nick meets has two pieces but neither is the right one. Victoria asks for the man's help in finding the right one. These pieces were looted so finding them will be difficult. Victoria and Mr. Arkadin strike a deal. Drucilla apologizes to Carmen for how she acted. She asks the woman to lunch but Carmen's busy, and later Neil tells he wants to eat alone. Drucilla enters the coffeehouse and finds Neil and Carmen together. Carmen promptly leaves. Drucilla stops being Mrs. Nice Guy, telling that she can tell flirting when she sees it. "Has anything happened with you two?" Neil gets up and walks out. Sharon is groggy but kicks and calls for help. She finds something sharp on the floor and uses it to break her ropes. She gets to her feet and that is when the man comes for her. He ties her up again and gags her. He lets her moan into the phone to Nick. "That was the last time that you will speak to your wife. You have run out of time," the man says. He holds his gun up against Sharon's head. BANG!

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