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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Kendall suspects, and has no proof to the contrary, that Zach and Dixie killed Greg together and might be having a thing together. Tad reveals to her that he suspects the same thing. Kendall has a dream that she witnesses them building Greg's coffin right in front of her. Ryan talks to Livia about their case and she tells him that they are in serious trouble. Babe and Josh are still stranded. He tells her he loves her and wants her to get rid of JR. But she teils him she only sees him as a friend, JR is her husband, and Josh must accept that or they won't have any contact at all. JR is very upset while on a boat with Jamie and Julia. He jumps in the water and almost drowns himself in an attempt to find Babe. They finally find Babe and Josh sleeping and nestled in each other's arms. Jonathan has a dream that he comes home one day and Lily is gone and all he sees is a note from Jack that he has let Lily know about his lie (that Jonathan is only faking the mentally challenged condition for her). And right then, (in real life) Lily gets unexpectedly served with a summons. She can see that it's a petition from her father to declare her mentally incompetent and annul her marriage to Jonathan.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Lucy, Dusty and Damian have a confrontation; Dusty wants to know from Lucinda why Lucy is hanging out with the likes of Damian? When Lucinda falters, Dusty presses and Lucinda finally explains Lucy is trying to help them keep Luke in town by getting close to him. Dusty thinks Lucy should steer clear because what will happen when Damian realizes he is being played; he will want payback. Dusty wants to get involved, but Lucinda thinks he will hurt more then help. Lucy continues to play Damian, while he would like to take it to the next level. She is able to elicit some medical information out of Damian; she goes in search of it while Damian’s associate is leery of her sudden interest. Maddie tells Gwen that Will and Jade slept together, but then admits she is all mixed up when she hears voices telling her never to tell. Will tells Jade to stay clear of him and Gwen, as he worries about whether Gwen found out anything from Maddie. Jack, Dallas and Margo wonder about Will and Jade. Henry and Eve realize Maddie needs psychological help. They also know the police suspect Maddie attacked herself. Gwen witnesses Jade and Will together. Casey wants to see Maddie but Margo suggests it would hurt her more. Later, Casey sneaks into see her right after Maddie sees a skit in her head about she and Casey complete with her dressed in a slinky bikini, a preppy outfit and a black hooded outfit, always with one accessory – a butcher’s knife. Jack wants to call Carly. Carly surprises Simon when she joins him on his trip to NY. Carly ends up soaked in champagne and Simon is flooded out of his room, all leading to them sharing a room in a five star hotel. Simon dazzles Carly with a new wardrobe complete with shoes and jewelry. While Carly is getting ready, Simon turns on the radio loudly. Jack calls Carly’s cell and is less then thrilled to hear Simon answering it with loud music in the background. After they get home from the police station, Gwen starts questioning Will about his whereabouts with Jade causing him to become very nervous. This leads to her demanding that he be straight and not lie to her anymore; did he sleep with Jade?

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor arranges to take a leave of absence from work. It’s not fair to try to help others when she can not even manage her own life. Phoebe is shocked and Hector is livid. He won’t let her do this or confess to the police. He tries to guilt her into it, especially keeping her away from Thorne and his little girl. She demands that he can’t his force his ‘friendship’ into something more or run her life. Brooke reams Donna out for her tawdry behavior on the runway and that it could ruin the entire line with the company. Donna sees the real reason though – Brooke is jealous, wishing she was still the face of Brooke’s Bedroom and still working closely with Ridge. Ridge says he is glad they did what they did; it’s going to do big things for Forrester. He tries to blame their misunderstanding on her working from Marone and not being there side by side at Forrester. He begs her to come back. Reluctantly she leaves, but sister, Donna, is there to comfort him. He flatters by giving her glowing praise for being a natural. She reciprocates by saying she is glad he is in her life; all other men pale by comparison. She kisses him.

Stephanie gives Thorne her version of the fashion show and that she thinks Brooke is jealous of Donna. She visits Taylor and tries to mend fences and offers an apology. She praises her for helping Thorne and Alexandria. She begs for her forgiveness, stating she has lost one daughter-in-law already, she can’t lose her too. Taylor breaks down and says the real question is can she ever forgive herself? Brooke returns to Marone wistfully thinking, shedding a tear, what has she done?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bonnie calls Kate over to fill her in on Mimi, Belle, Shawn, and Philip’s latest happenings. Philip returns home but Bonnie and Kate evade his questions until they get Philip to rush to the hospital by telling him about Belle. Kate and Bonnie start to consider that someone purposefully switched the embryos. Mimi recites Belle’s diary details in front of her and Shawn. Belle is upset that Mimi read her diary but Mimi is undeterred and makes Belle admit that she still loves Shawn. Belle blames her diary confession on hormones but Mimi doesn’t buy it. Belle claims the kiss was out of relief for the baby’s safety but silently cries as she listens to Shawn profess his love to Mimi.

Kayla and Stephanie bond over love woes and chocolate cake. Della wants Steve to come home with her but Steve misses Kayla. Steve picks his favorite song on the jukebox and when Della gets upset that it’s a song Steve likes from his time in Salem, Steve calls Della by Kayla’s name. Steve decides to return to Salem and Kayla welcomes him home. Austin brings back danishes to corroborate his claim of having been at the bakery all this time. E.J. joins them and they talk as they eat. Sami decides not to tell Austin the truth. Carrie tells Austin that she can’t be with him ever again.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Liz is mildly freaked when she finds that Lulu has condoms and is shocked when Lucky tells her not to butt in. Ric resents the fact that Alexis seemingly favors Kristina over Molly. He and Sam share a gripe session about Alexis. Sonny asserts his authority to the other mob bosses. Later, he and Jason discuss Sonny taking the business back over again, but Jason does not think he's ready. Carly urges Sam to go back to Jason, thus sparking a fight with Alexis. Ric continues to claim that Jason is controlling Sonny and finds himself kicked out again for his trouble. Sonny decides to return to Lainie and cooperate. Lulu has a teary birthday until she's given a surprise party.

GL Recap Written by Elizabeth 

Lizzie connives to get what she wants where Jonathan is concerned. Tammy wonders what is going on with her boyfriend. Alan approaches someone who he thinks can help him. Coop and Buzz disagree over Ava and Olivia. Reva breaks down when she realizes that her trip to Minnesota may have cost her Josh. Cassie and Josh talk about Billy and Reva. Reva makes plans to see her children, and say goodbye.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Spencer walks in as Blair is looking at the picture of Spencer and a cohort. She manages to hide it before he sees what it is that she is holding. She distracts him by taking him to the bedroom and offering him a massage. He enjoys it but her mind is really on her purse across the room. Soon she is digging her nails into his back without thinking. "Ow!" he shouts. "You are hurting me!" Todd arrives and finds Langston at the hospital. Todd learns from Michael that Starr may have brain damage. They can't tell yet. Todd agrees to call Blair but when he does, the phone has 'do not disturb' on it. Todd shows up there as Spencer and Blair are getting romantic and he pushes the door open ignoring Spencer. "Your daughter almost drowned and she may have brain damage!" Adriana hits Rex in the head again with another class object and knocks him out. She runs to the beach. Rex gets up and looks at the computer. There is a message on it. He understands now. He goes to the beach looking for her. She sees him as she huddles by the lifesaver's chair. She decides to run again, but when she starts, she runs right into the arms of the stalker. He lets up on his hold on her and she tears down the beach again. Rex finds an accessory that she was wearing that day when he gets near to the lifesaver's chair. Adriana has made it to the street. She is confused and crying. She is disoriented and doesn't know what way to go. Someone watches her from the bushes. He gets closer and closer to the street. 'Lenny The Forger' has been picked up. He is left with David in a room and they talk like old friends. Lenny can't stand missing a chance to brag and tells David about how he forged and set up the commissioner. John comes in and offers Lenny no jail time if he will just come clean with the information that he needs about Spencer.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Sheridan and Luis went out to search for Chris, who had snuck out the back to find the papers he'd thrown on the ground that told all about his connection to Alistair. They found him, but he didn't find the papers. As Sheridan helped him back into the house to put a new bandage on his leg, Luis searched the grounds and found a gun. As he was leaving to take it to be examined, he and Sheridan talked about how things should have been, and she told him she won't leave Chris and he needs to move on. That's not something he wants to do, however. Chad and Ethan talked as Chad shot hoops, and he let Ethan know he was being chicken by telling Theresa he loves her but not being willing to leave Gwen for her. Ethan agreed, saying he has to let her move on. He then went to her house, where she and Jared were saying goodbye, and saw them kissing through her window. Once Jared left, Ethan went in to get Little Ethan's teddy bear for him, and they talked about how much the boy is like him. Theresa told herself they are alike because he is Ethan's son, but he'll never know because if he did, he'd take the boy away from her.

Kay is sure her love can overcome the Mermaid's Curse, and sets out to prove it by taking Fox to bed. He is beginning to believe magic is real, but she tells him it's not. Maria woke up crying just as they were starting to make love, and she went to tend to her. In another room, Siren took Tabitha's suggestion and became the damsel in distress to get Miguel to come to her. When he did, he tried to soothe her, but wanted to talk to Kay instead of make love to Siren. She began singing and it caused him to come back to her, but Endora struck him deaf and he left the room. Siren didn't notice and kept on singing, but the man who responded was Fox. He's in the room with Siren when Kay finishes Maria's bottle and heads upstairs and back to bed with him - or so she thinks.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Brad calls and Nick finally answers. Brad demands to have his phone back but Nick won't return it. He is going to go and get Sharon his way and he tells Brad to take care of his sister and Rebecca. Nick has money and makes travel arrangements. Phyllis comes to the office as he requested and he tells her that he wants her to leave town for a while. She agrees to go oversea a spa out of town. Jana comes to work and sees that the coffeehouse is not too busy. Kevin says that he was thinking about asking her out that night. "Please do!" she cries. Lily tells Devon about the drugging incident that almost killed her. Devon finds this news horrific and hates when he hears in Lily's voice that she isn't as mad as before. She goes to the apartment and thinks about Daniel as she packs her things. There is a loud BANG at the door. Brad gets his gun out. JT falls into the room. Victoria and Brad help him in and they share information. JT has a hard time believing that Brad is innocent in all this. He goes to the phone now. He finds that getting Colleen out of town was the only smart thing that the man has done. Brad tells him not to call the cops as he knows how to deal with these people. Daniel comes home and finds Lily there. He turns to her but she gets up, gets her bag and walks out. Neil is sleeping. Dru overhears Carmen talking about Neil being in her apartment. She talks to Neil about it later but he isn't too concerned. Later, Drucilla gets in bed in her sexy bra and panty and she kisses and hugs him awake, but it is only for a minute. He waves her away and goes back to sleep now. Nick makes contact with people that have a reliquary. At Brad's house, he is contacted… The man wonders what is happening with Brad all of a sudden. He thinks that Rebecca must be lying to them, or Brad is pretending that he knows where the relic is. He knows that Sharon isn't Brad's wife but she is useful. "Bring me the reliquary soon or you child and family will be next!"

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