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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

While stranded and waiting to get rescued, Josh admits to Babe that he knows he is in love with her. He's never felt that about anybody ever before. She tells him that she only likes him as a friend. But she may have feelings for him that she is not revealing. JR is very upset and blames himself for the fact that Babe may be dead. I remembers that not long ago, he wanted her dead. Jamie and Julia tell him he mustn't blame himself but he still does. Erica is worried about her son. She admits to Jack that throughout her life, she never saw herself as a mother and she believes she may not be fit to be a mother. He tells her that's not true. She's a great mother to Bianca and to Kendall and soon she will be to Josh. Tad reveals that he is upset that Dixie may have moved on. Kendall confirms that she is still in love with Zach but she does not approve of his relationship with Dixie. Zach and Dixie are still stuck in jail together and both are under suspicion for the murder of Greg.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lucy continues to get closer to Damian to find out if he is lying about his illness but Dusty is bothered by Lucy's closeness to Damian. Carly decides not to quit her job with Simon and she goes on a business trip to New York with him. Jade almost kills Maddie to keep her from telling the truth about her affair with Will. Gwen manages to save Maddie from drowning after Jade leaves her there to die. Maddie tells Margo she can't remember anything about her attacker. Maddie does tell Gwen that she doesn't think the same person who killed Nate and Lia attacked her because she thinks Will or Jade tried to kill her to keep her from telling their secret. Maddie is so nervous she forgets she is talking to Gwen and tells her that Will and Jade slept together and that is why one of them tried to kill her so nobody would find out their secret.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge gives Donna a last minute pep-talk and is very supportive that she’ll set them on fire at the preview show. Eric tells the reporters be prepared to be blown away. Donna laments she wishes Brooke was there, she feels like she is wearing her clothes. Ridge points out that Brooke has moved on and they must too. Meanwhile, Brooke is harping to Nick that Donna isn’t a model, she doesn’t know what she’s doing and she needs to get over to the fashion show to see what they are doing. Nick insists on going along. Stephanie opines to Ridge that she hopes he knows what he is doing. Felicia tells her to butt out.

Ridge introduces the new face of Brooke’s Bedroom – Donna Logan who proceeds to do no more than a strip tease act, strutting, prancing, shaking, with provocative looks to disgusted looks, polite applause, two walking out, Brooke seething. This should be about romance, not sex! Jarrett, the reporter, finally leads them into a standing ovation and Ridge praises Donna in a victory celebration. Stephanie twists the knife further by asking Brooke how does it feel to be replaced by her sister….when it should have been her up there on that runway? Brooke interrupts the celebration and shares her opinions with them. She thinks Donna took something sensual and turned it into something cheap and tawdry. Donna crossed the line and she has no choice but to fire her.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stephanie sadly watches through the window as Max treats Chelsea to an after hours romantic dinner at the Brady Pub. Stephanie interrupts and Chelsea turns up the flirting with Max to make Stephanie leave. Stephanie convinces Abby to interrupt Chelsea and Max’s date to tell them about Jack. When they invite Abby to join them, Abby gets them to include Stephanie. Shawn fights the desire to keep kissing to stick by his vows but Belle convinces him to keep kissing her. Mimi walks in on them but gives them a moment before announcing her presence. Belle’s baby is deemed fine. When the nurse comes back and mentions Belle and Shawn kissing, Mimi uses the opportunity to confront them.

E.J. spots Carrie and Austin making love on the roof first. E.J. stops Sami and Lucas on their way up and claims that Carrie and Austin are outside but in separate places. Sami and Lucas argue over trust. Once Lucas leaves, E.J. calls Sami on her obvious feelings for Lucas. E.J. returns to the roof to warn Austin and Carrie that Sami and Lucas had been on their way up. E.J. warns them against telling Lucas and Sami that they’ve been together and helps them cover for their whereabouts. Austin and Carrie return to the apartment from different directions and overhear Sami tell Lucas that she’s convinced Austin still loves Carrie.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lorenzo refuses to answer Carly's questions. Sonny questions Lainie over the medication issue and remains uncooperative. Colleen continues to fantasize about snagging Nik. However, Alfred kidnaps Emily's phone so that she will have to come looking for it. Alexis has Jason picked up when he talks to Sam. Alexis again asks him to stay away from Sam. Sonny, against Carly's advice, goes to a mob meeting. Emily warns Nik that Colleen has a crush on him.

GL Recap Written by Elizabeth

Jonathan accidentally hops in the shower with the wrong girl.  Billy warns his brother not to give up on Reva. Colin delivers some bad news to a patient. Cassie wonders how Reva will react to the news of her and Josh. Billy fights his addiction. Alan wonders who set him up at the airport. Reva realizes that perhaps Olivia is not threat to her relationship with Josh.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Blair leaves Spencer to head to the bathroom. She looks at a picture of she Todd and the kids and then she turns on the shower, stepping into it with her cell phone. She calls the hospital and asks to have Dr. Spencer Truman paged. She returns to Spencer and he is all over her. She tells that phone call that he got must have done something good for him. She wants to know about it but he says that it was just over a patient of hers. Clint and Dorian made love and they lay together glad for this new connection between them. He can't stop worrying about Kevin. The future of the Buchanan's in his eyes is at risk. Dorian thinks that she can put his mind at ease. "It is possible that Kelly is pregnant with Duke's child." Adriana checks to make sure that Rex is breathing. He is. She holds a knife on him when he wakes. "You were doing it to me the whole time weren't you?" She holds the knife on Rex and he slowly gets up, trying to convince Adriana that she is making a mistake. He lunges at her and gets the knife from her but when he turns his back, she nails him in the head again with some glassware and he is knocked out again. She leaves the cottage and goes running up the beach for her life. Rex tries to get up but is unable and falls unconscious again. Hugh comes over. Kelly tells that she is going to have her baby but she will move away and raise the child in secret. That way Kevin need never know that she had his grandchild. She and Hugh have a moment and almost kiss. They both agree that this isn't the right time to start something. Starr is with her friends and when they tell her to jump into a body of water from a high height, she does it without thinking. Todd is outside Evangeline's hospital room when he is called to the ER for Starr. Blair is tearing Spencer's apartment apart to find the gun. She digs through some drawers in the living room and she finds a stack of photographs. She sees one in particular that looks interesting. It is of a man who Spencer stands beside, with his arm around the man. "Well, what 'cha doing?" Spencer asks walking in the apartment slowly behind Blair…

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Kay tried to kill Siren today after learning she used the Siren's Song to make Fox make love to her. They thrashed all around Tabitha's kitchen until Endora zapped them apart. Kay continued to tell her what she thinks of her, but Siren just gloated about the fact she got him to make love to her and now he'll never be able to be with Kay. Tabby says it's true, but Kay believes she will be able to make love to him, and heads to the bedroom to try. Siren found that funny, then left to find Miguel and try her song on him. Roberto asked Paloma to marry him, but she said she can't now. She told him she might accept later, but she needs to help her family now. He went back to Mexico, broken hearted but hopeful. Miguel met up with Paloma and they had a talk about why she doesn't want to marry Roberto, and she said she really enjoyed what happened in Rome and loves the excitement more than settling down. He told her he realizes he loves Kay but she's with Fox now, but Paloma told him to go tell her how he feels and try to get her back.

Luis and Sheridan helped Chris into the house, asking who shot him. They wanted to call an ambulance or the police, but he wouldn't let them do it. He doesn't want them to know it was Spike, but he says it's because he doesn't want Sheridan upset any more. Luis smells a rat, though, and is determined to check it out, even though Sheridan is against it. Theresa and Jared talk about the fact that she still loves Ethan and he still has feelings for a woman he was with before. He told Theresa the woman was lost, and she says she will have her found for him, but then he explains she's dead. They both try to comfort each other for their lost loves.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick and Brad argue about the way that things are being handled. Nick is getting more suspicious of Brad's motives and intentions. Victoria too feels like maybe Brad is lying about something, but soon he gets her back on his side. Nikki comes in and gets angry that the men are arguing at this time. She can't find Victor. She goes to her office and starts calling hotels to see where he has gone. Daniel and Kevin argue. Kevin has taken care of things but now cops are involved. When Kevin leaves, Lily seems to be covering. Daniel can't let this go on and he confesses all to Lily's parents. Neil is furious and tells Daniel that he is going to jail. Lily stops the call and tells that she wants this over. Neil orders Daniel out. Lily will be living under the protection of her parents from now on. Nick gets desperate. He doesn't trust Brad and asks Victoria why she does. "His name isn't even what we think it is, and how do we know that this is all about saving Sharon?" Brad is in the background and hears when Victoria tells her brother that she knows that Brad is going to do his best to save Sharon as he cares about her and would save her quicker than he would save his own wife. Daniel is down. Jack finds him in the lunchroom and tells him to get busy working and be a man. Show Lily that he is down but not out. He gives Daniel some work to do on the Wellness Spas' gala coming up. Daniel is eager to sink his teeth into it. His mother is concerned that Neil and Dru are going to decide to call the cops after all. Brad tells he overheard Victoria talking with Nick. He says that he really does love Victoria most of all. He wants to check his messages but can't find his phone. Nick is in the yard talking on his own phone. Another phone rings and he gets off his phone to answer the other. "This is Nick Newman and you don't have Brad's wife. You have my wife. I can give you what you want. Just don't hurt her!"

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