Thursday 8/3/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 8/3/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Lucy, Holden , and Lucinda come up with a plan to discover if Damian is lying about his illness in order to take Luke to Malta. Carly quits her job with Simon when Simon uses her to make Katie jealous. Carly makes it clear to Jack she doesn't need his help anymore and she can make it on her own. Maddie finds out about Will and jade's one night stand. Maddie's confrontation with Will and Jade makes Maddie remember her attack and she goes after Will and Jade with her knife. Did Will and Jade survive the attack or did Maddie also become a victim of her own crime? Tune in tomorrow and find out .

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Donna that she saw the kiss and it better be the last one, no more Ridge. Donna defends by announcing it was strictly innocent; Ridge was helping her with her confidence and she was showing her gratitude. Donna states that Brooke can’t love Nick the way she does Ridge, and he is for the taking; just take her old job back. She understands how she could be attracted to Nick but Captain Control wants to control every thing she does and Brooke will not stand for that. And, if she is so in love with Nick, why does this kiss bother her so much? Because, Brooke has always wanted Ridge since the first day she spoke his name; he’s the man for her, and still is.

Taylor is welcomed back to the A.A. meeting anytime. She has a lot to give people. Thorne returns her to his place and Tylor talks to Alexandria. Even takes Darla’s birthday dress and fashions it into one for Allie that she can wear when she is really sad and longing for her mother. Thorne comforts Taylor and tells her he’s grateful and that he needs her. Eric worries about Thorne but tells Ridge he is glad Taylor is helping. There’s going to be a fashion preview tomorrow and he should just do what he always does, and ignore Stephanie. Ridge speaks with Brooke and doesn’t know whether to be flattered or offended by her accusations about Donna. He too scoffs that it was just an innocent kiss. And finally he has something to wake up in the morning for; don’t take that way from him too. He confesses he still loves her and always will. Donna witnesses his hug and Brooke's repeats that she is sorry.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bonnie rushes to Mimi’s side to complain that Mimi left Shawn and Belle alone together. Mimi decides to use Belle’s computer to check whether Shawn sent her a message and Mimi tries to stop Bonnie from reading Belle’s diary. Bonnie reads aloud Belle’s own words about wanting to be with Shawn and Mimi decides to read the rest. Shawn tries to find someone to take his place at the hospital but Belle only wants him there and won’t even let Shawn tell Philip she’s at the hospital. Belle uses their mutual dream of Zack to try and convince Shawn to be with her. Shawn and Belle kiss. Mimi calls the hospital to check on Belle and learns from a nurse that Belle and Shawn were kissing. Mimi leaves Claire with Bonnie and rushes to the hospital.

Sami dreams that while she is making love to Austin, she is happy to see him turn into Lucas. Lucas dreams that while making love to Carrie, he is happy to see her turn into Sami. Sami and Lucas both dream that they talk things over in bed and decide that they belong with each other. When they wake up, they each hint around at their dreams and come close to kissing. Carrie keeps trying to fight the desire to make love with Austin until Austin demands to know why Carrie really chose Lucas. Carrie admits to only marrying Lucas because she thought she was pregnant. Sami and Lucas realize that both Carrie and Austin aren’t there and rush to the rooftop. Carrie and Austin begin to make love.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

GL Recap Written by Elizabeth

Reva becomes suspicious of Josh. She believes he may be seeing Olivia. Lizzie realizes that she may have romantic feelings for someone other than Coop. Tammy lets her mother know that she won’t meddle in her love life. Jeffery accuses Dinah of something, and then reminds her that she owes him. Reva gets her test results back. Dinah remains stoic by Mallet’s bedside, and makes a shocking confession. Ava tells the Cooper Family what really happened to her at the Beacon fire.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Adriana looks at the laptop while Rex sleeps. She finds many, many messages from Rex to her email address. "Oh no!" she says suddenly realizing what this means. Rex still sleeps quietly on the bed a few feet away. Starr tells her father that she is afraid that her mother is about to marry Spencer. She spends all her time with him. Meanwhile, at the apartment, Spencer shows Blair plans of a house that he wants to show her. Blair tells Bo that she is going to get the goods on Spencer that night. She butters him up and talks about the similarities of their pasts. She asks about Lenny. Spencer tells where the man lives and how he has done well for himself with a could of scores he has made, and then investment deals. He watches Blair carefully when he tells EXACTLY where Lenny lives. Blair decides she needs to leave for cookies and while in the hall she calls Bo and tells him EXACTLY where Lenny is. John and Bo can tell right away that Spencer is onto Blair and they order her out of his building right away. She will not leave. She has to find the gun next. While she is on the phone, Spencer is in the apartment calling an associate and telling him to get to the condos and call back if the cops show up. Bo and John decide that they won't send a car up as that might blow Blair's cover. Instead they will just fax a picture of Lenny to see if he can be recognized that way. Spencer and Blair are making love and she has to envision that it is Todd that she is with to get through it. Spencer's man calls and tells that there isn't a leak and that no cops showed up at Lenny's. David mentions that when Spencer got David out of town long ago, he used a boat to do it. Bo and John decide that Lenny might be trying to do just that. They head to the pier and catch Lenny as he and the driver of the boat are making their way towards the boat. Rex wakes up as Adriana is getting her purse to leave. When he turns his back on her, she grabs the lamp and clocks him in the head with it.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

We got our first kiss from Jared and Theresa today, after he'd spent some time trying to get her to tell him about herself. She won't do that, since he has made his opinion of people like the Cranes well known. Julian and Fancy had a talk at the Blue Note, and are both glad they can be father and daughter at long last. He decided he wants to be Little Ethan's father, too, but Theresa isn't about to allow that. She told him he isn't he boy's father, then had to cover her slip up by saying he's never acted like his father. Julian remains determined to spend more time with the boy, however. Fancy ignored Noah again, preferring to remember the fun she had with Luis during her stay in jail. Luis continued studying, but was interrupted by Sheridan, who came to see if someone could help her get home when her car broke down. Luis was glad to do so.

Chris received a visit from Spike, who demanded he do whatever Spike wants or he'll use the information Alistair gave him about Chris' past to ruin his relationship with Sheridan. Chris said he will have nothing to do with the scumbag, and threatened to beat him down, but Spike pulled a gun and they began to struggle over it, with a shot ringing out. Chris ended up lying on the ground, which is where Sheridan and Luis found him once they got there. Kay demanded to know why Miguel took advantage of her while she wasn't in her right mind, and also why Fox ended up in bed with Siren. Tabitha explained the part about Miguel, but left Kay to her own devices in deciding what happened with Fox. Siren is disappointed that Fox doesn't want her, but believes he is still hers anyway, and wonders if she can also get Miguel. Kay has to decide which man she really loves.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victoria and Paul marvel at the way hat Brad is able to rewiring his cellphone so that it works at a tagging device. Victoria has no idea why she should even be surprised by seeing him doing this. It is time to wake Alex now. Kevin comes over to him as he lays unconscious on the floor and he grabs the kid's hair to jerk him out of his sleep. When Alex doesn't move, Kevin kicks him hard twice in the gut. That gets Alex's attention. He is covered with blood and full of questions. He asks Kevin about his injuries. "You did this to yourself, bitch!" Kevin smiles at Alex who asks for his money now. Kevin tells that he made a deal to give up blackmailing in return for silence about his attack on a woman not long ago. Alex doesn't remember doing that but Kevin insists that he did and he has the evidence to prove what happened. Kevin plays the tape for Alex who watches the images of Jana getting attacked. Kevin tells that the woman has gone to the police and given a description. Alex suddenly lunges for Kevin. Lily tells her father that the fight she had with Daniel the night before had to do with Alex that kid that hurt her so long ago. Neil calls the police to come over, and he also calls Daniel to come and convince Lily to talk to the cops. Daniel goes to the Winters' place and talks with the police. He pauses though when asked if he knew Alex before Lily's attack… Kevin thanks Jana for helping out with Alex. She has dyed her hair and has wide red streaks running through the long strands now. Phyllis arrives at Nick's house to see if there have been any developments. Brad is angry that she knows anything about this. Nick tells Phyllis to go home. That is when Paul arrives with the delivery. It is a videotape. Everyone reenters the house now to see what it is all about. They put the tape in and they see Sharon laying down unconscious on tape. Victor is alone in Hope's kitchen. He suddenly drops to the ground and has his first full-blown seizure. Hope comes in and goes to the sounds. She calls to Victor but he is unable to answer her.

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