Wednesday 8/2/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 8/2/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Emily is desperately concerned she is losing her baby while Dr. Schiller runs tests. Meg and Paul’s date is interrupted when the hospital calls about Emily. Margo shows up at the Lakeview wanting to talk to Maddie again about the knives that are missing from Crash; Maddie runs but is caught soon after. Barbara learns about Will and Gwen’s monetary help with Jade and is upset. She warns that Jade is after something. She furthermore warns Gwen that Jade may now be after her husband, but Gwen defends them choosing to believe he would never betray her. Maddie has more flashes about her reaching for a knife and mentions it while being questioned about Nate, which causes confusion for Margo. Eve tells Margo to call her lawyer if she wants to talk to Maddie again. Over the phone, Eve explains to her husband that she can’t come home yet. Maddie ditches Eve and Henry to go for a walk telling them she is not worried about the killer. Casey warns Jade to stop spreading rumors about Maddie or else. The doctor tells Emily she has preeclampsia and needs bed rest. Emily and Paul are relieved. Emily feels the baby kick and guides Paul hands to feel it as well. Paul and Emily share a joyous moment when they both feel the baby kick, as Meg watches. Margo demands Casey stay away from Maddie until the case is resolved, but Casey is angry that Maddie is considered a suspect and promises he will prove his mom wrong. Will meets Jade by the pond to give her the money for her apartment deposit and then tells her he needs space from her so he can focus on his marriage. Jade takes offense and lashes out because she thought they were friends. She kept their secret and did everything he asked because they are friends and now she sees he is offering her hush money because of the night they spent together; Maddie walks up as they are talking.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna declines breakfast of croissants; girl’s got to watch her figure. Brooke snarks that she needs her sleep too. Ridge seems to have kept her real busy last night. Donna shares some photos from last night’s shoot. Bridget and all think WOW. But, Nick wonders if Ridge is calling all the shots, is Brooke CEO or is he? Brooke gives in this once; it’s too late to cancel anything now. But, she goes back on her word and feels she needs to drop by Forrester’s today and see that things are going smoothly. Taylor revisits Thorne lamenting to herself the fact that she should have told him all last night. He reveals to her that he knows she has been keeping a secret from him. The fact that she had been drinking the night of Darla’s accident. He drives her yet Taylor doesn’t feel this is her problem and doesn’t initially want to participate at A.A. They listen to others tell their story and Taylor remembers the awful night. She stands and gives a gut-wrenching account of her life. How it has spiraled out of control. She doesn’t recognize herself anymore, with the drinking…..sleeping with men she doesn’t even know. She blames herself for not being there first at the accident, her being the one to live and not Darla. She cries she wants to do something, the right thing for Darla as she can’t live with this pain anymore.

Stephanie is concerned. She’s ecstatic that he’s staying on and excited about working again, but with Donna? They could have gotten any top model to do that. Donna joins them and Stephanie doesn’t miss her “if you’re here, Ridge, I’m ready for anything.” Brooke oversees Ridge coming on strong and giving Donna a pep talk. The green-eyed monster raises his head. The delight and look on Ridge’s face is unmistakable. Brooke thinks the pictures are too provocative, yet Ridge asks her to trust him one more time – they can give it their best shot. To Donna, he pumps her up by saying she has got it, mega-potential. She just needs to trusts him, how can they fail? Once again, Brooke witnesses this from the shadows and then accosts Donna that she saw her kissing Ridge. Don’t play innocent with her and don’t ever kiss Ridge again!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn rushes to Belle’s aid when Claire won’t stop crying. Belle uses the opportunity to try and talk Shawn into getting back together. Mimi calls Patrick over for moral support and Patrick urges Mimi to tell Shawn the truth tonight. Mimi and Patrick eavesdrop on Belle and Shawn’s conversation before entering the loft. Belle doubles over in pain and Shawn rushes her to the hospital. Jack steps out of his body and watches Abby urge him to fight. Moved by Abby’s words, Jack gets back inside his body and squeezes Abby’s hand. Frankie gives Jennifer a letter from Jack intended only to be read after his death. Jennifer reads Frankie the enclosed letter to him verifying Jack’s wishes for Jennifer to move on with Frankie. Shortly after, Jack flat lines but Lexie and the hospital staff are able to stabilize him. Jack’s fever breaks and Lexie expects him to be on the road to recovery.

Sami reads the letter left for her but refuses to reveal its contents. When questioned, Sami claims the note is in reference to a surprise she’s planning for Austin. Lucas doesn’t buy Sami’s claim but when Sami defends it, he apologizes for doubting her. Austin questions Carrie about reuniting but though Carrie sticks to her vows, Austin doubts her sincerity. Lucas decides that the stranger he saw was a burglar after spotting an open hallway window. After Sami and Lucas go to bed, Carrie sneaks up to the roof to join Austin where they kiss.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Alexis accuses Sam of stealing files and records, which she denies doing. Ric figures out the truth about it and confronts Alexis. Patrick continues to deal with the fact that he was exposed to AIDS. Two of Jason's exes turn to him for counseling; Liz over Lucky and Robin over the Patrick/HIV situation. Maxie tries to bond with Lulu. Patrick's test comes back negative.

GL Recap Written by Elizabeth

Springfield Burns includes Buzz, Olivia and Frank on its website. Blake approaches Jeffery with a plan, which he dismisses. Fire at the Beacon! Alan-Michael plays the hero. Mallet risks his life for Dinah. Blake saves a life, and possibly her campaign. Jeffery begins to piece together who began the fire.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Adriana catches Rex red-handed. She sees him talking to the stalker on the beach. She stoops in the bushes. Rex and the man part now, their talking finished, and on the way back to the house, Rex sees Adriana. She starts running but he catches her and she shouts that she saw him. He wants to explain but she doesn't want to hear it and she struggles to get away. "Not! So! Fast!" He tells that the guy that she saw dresses like the stalker but that this guy is just a bum that Rex gave change to the day that he got the pizza, and now the guy is after him for change all the time. He says he was only telling the guy to stay away from them and find another beach. Adriana is sorry that she was suspicious now and she kisses him. They fall into bed and make love. Bo tells Blair about the other matching gun. Spencer has to have it somewhere. He would treasure it as it is a gun that his father gave him. Blair vows to find the gun no matter what. Todd visits Evangeline and ignores her pleas to stop calling doctors to heal her. Cristian hates that Todd's money makes him able to control everything. Vincent tells Cristian that he too could end up with big money some day soon. The doctor comes to check Evangeline out again. She gets angry that he is trying to see if anything has changed. She has some swelling still and that is why he keeps checking. Natalie finds Claudia and Nash at a table and goes over there to give them a piece of her mind. She tells Nash off for kidnapping her sister and niece and she orders him to keep Claudia the psycho away from John. Claudia whispers loudly to Nash that Nat has insecurities. John hears shouting and comes over. Nat leaves. Claudia wants to infer that Natalie is still upset about the kiss that she and John shared. Adriana and Rex are in bed. He is asleep. She gets up and dresses. She gets the laptop and opens it. "I do trust you," she whispers as she logs on. Cristian and Evangeline are alone in her hospital room. She suddenly turns and looks Cristian in the face. "I can see you."

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Luis and Fancy found themselves half naked and making out in the jail cell. Fancy was fine with it, but Luis was ashamed of himself. They dressed and went out front just in time to find Theresa and Jared coming to check on Luis. Theresa and Fancy had a heart-to-heart about getting involved with a rebound romance, while Luis let Jared know he's fine with him dating his sister, but if she's hurt, Luis will make him pay. When they left, Jared began rambling about how horrible the Cranes are because a limo is waiting (for Theresa)while double parked, and there are a lot of lights on the mansion on the hill. Theresa didn't let on that she, in fact, is "the" Crane now. Luis couldn't get Fancy to leave, so he tricked her into going outside, then locked the door and ignored her. Chad and Whitney were happy at home with Miles, and later made love, thankful again that they aren't really siblings. When Whitney left the room, Chad found a message from his mystery caller on his phone and erased it before she got back, then told her there were no messages. Hmmmmmm.

Miguel and Kay made love again (and again), as did Fox and Siren. Endora was very upset at that, and tried to turn back time, but Tabitha blocked her spell. She tried again and it recocheted off a lid Tabby used as a shield, went through the walls, and zapped Kay just as she was turning off the lamp by the bed. She passed out, and when Miguel noticed and brought her out of it, she'd regained her memory and was really angry at him for taking advantage of her. She went to find Fox so he could take care of Miguel, and found him in bed with Siren. Now they have to figure out what's going on and what to do about it.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Gloria won't get off the subject. She wants Jana in on the plan to trick Alex. Kevin will not allow that and orders Jana home when she comes in from the patio for a minute. Gloria thought that Jana would be better to do the her part in all this… Daniel plays word games with the family at Drucilla's house, but he is preoccupied with the thought of his mother's advice on how to deal with Alex. Daniel isn't in party mode and decides that he and Lily should get going. They go home and Daniel tells her how he was the one that came up with the idea to make Kevin look like a hero. She listens as he tells that the plan went as it should except that Alex took it too far. Devon has to go out. He takes Lily's purse with him as she forgot it when she left to go home with Daniel. Alex arrives at the coffeehouse. The tape is rolling. Kevin tells that his mother hasn’t arrived with the money yet. She comes in and gets friendly with Alex who Kevin refers to as 'JJ'. Gloria makes a glass of beer and drops a little something in it while the glass is hidden under the counter. She offers the glass to Alex, but he asks for a glass instead. Kevin conveniently knocks over a bottle of beer on the counter and says it is the last one. Alex's head hits the counter hard after a few moments. He is out cold. Kevin and Gloria jump into action. Kevin starts taking off his clothes and Gloria starts taking off Alex's clothes. Jana walks into the coffeehouse from the patio. "What are you doing?" They explain everything to her but instead of telling about drugging Lily, Gloria says that they have to do this because Alex has naked pictures of her. Jana agrees to help. Daniel tells Lily all and she freaks out. She remembers how she was afraid to go out and thought that she was going to be raped and that Alex was looking for her all this time. She feels that Daniel isn't the person that she thought. She sacrificed so much for him and now she finds out this. Devon arrives to return her purse and she leaves with him and returns to her parents' house, running to her room.

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