Tuesday 8/1/06 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

The respective families of Babe and Josh go looking for them. Adam, Krystal, JR, Jamie, Dixie and Tad are determined to find Babe. Dixie, Tad, JR and Jamie are determined to find Kate. Erica and Jeff are determined to find Josh and regret not telling him he is their son sooner. They believe if they'd done it sooner, he'd at least be alive now. Jack is bound and determined to find a way to get Lily's marriage to Jonathan annulled. He tells Livia that he needs her to represent him in declaring Lily incompetent. He informs her that he found out that Jonathan has been faking the "simpleton" act. He's fully functional. And he does not believe that a grown man with Jonathan's record would have any intent with his daughter except to hurt her. Livia goes and talks to Lily and finds out she is happy with Jonathan. Her son, Jamal confirms it also. So does Amanda. That's all she needs to relieve all her suspicions. Jack then gets Jonathan to meet him and confronts him. Jonathan firmly tells Jack that he makes Lily happy and she is not happy with the fact that her father does not trust her. After seeing for herself how happy Lily is, Livia concludes that she will not help Jack. But he's already taken action to petition the court without her help.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Will and Gwen awake in their new house, only to be interrupted by a freaked out Jade claiming to have seen someone outside the door; she is sure it is the slasher. Armed with a bat for a weapon, Will comes face to face with Lucinda doing gardening. Lucinda is unhappy to see Jade staying with them and makes her opinion known. A mysterious man hands Damian papers that will claim he has a history of seeing doctors regarding his supposed fatal illness. The man threatens that Luke better be coming to Malta or he will suffer the consequences. Lisa learns Damian is taking Luke back to Malta with him to bond, but she is sure Holden will put an end to that. Lucy tells Holden she thinks Luke is going to Malta to say goodbye to Damian. She remembers Luke asking her about a drug which people in the last stages of an illness preparing to die take. Holden is hoping Lucy will help him prove Damian is lying about being sick. Lucy sees Luke saying goodbye to Lily and confronts him about the drug he asked her about plus why he is leaving with Damian? Luke admits that Damian is supposedly dying, but asks Lucy not to tell anyone. Paul asks Meg out on her dream date, but when Emily thanks Paul for the massage, Meg changes her mind. Paul explains he did it to earn points with her because she told him to be nice to her, which Meg can’t deny she did. Paul takes Meg fishing, but they end up in the water instead. Emily tells Susan she is thrilled if the baby causes Paul and Meg to break up; stomach pains interrupt her joy as Susan rushes her to the hospital. Luke admits that Lucy figured out about his sickness, but Damian isn’t concerned. Lucy tells Holden what she learned form Luke; it was like being back when Craig manipulated her. She will help Holden try to stop Damian from manipulating Luke. Meg and Paul’s date is interrupted by a phone call and then page from the hospital about Emily. Emily fears she is losing her baby.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge turns photographer and shoots more alluring pictures of Donna. This is followed by a romantic dinner on the spot. She was expecting Chinese food and paper napkins, not escargot and French champagne. She gushes more that this is such a wonderful opportunity for her and he is taking all the risks. They reminisce how schoolgirlish she was when he used to come pick up her sister. He was flattered that someone felt so nicely about him. And she is just what he needs now in his life. A while ago he felt he was on top of the world and then it was only held by a string. They toast to their good future. Stephanie helps with Alexandria but tries to get Thorne to sit and get some rest; he can’t sleep. He shares with her that he takes it one day at a time and is trying to cope and get through this. She’s glad Taylor is helping. It will be good for both he and Taylor.

Hector barges into Taylor’s house since she was not returning his phone calls. He warns her once again not to tell Thorne or the police; they could all get in trouble. He tries to kiss her but she pulls away. Phoebe also shows her disapproval. Taylor says they can’t stay, they have to leave. They show up at Thorne’s unexpectedly and she offers him a grief book. In the process, her A.A. booklet falls out of her purse and Thorne notices it. He invites them to stay for dinner and they accept. Lt. Baker and two detectives show up and Thorne has also invited them so they can all discuss the case. He will not give up, even offering a cash reward for information. He wants to find this murderer who killed his wife and have justice.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Jack takes a turn for the worse and Lexie advises Jennifer to prepare for the end. Frankie calls Abby to join them at the hospital. Jennifer begs Jack to hold on but Jack asks Jennifer to let him go. Maggie pulls some strings and gets permission for Jack Jr. to come see Jack in the hospital. Jack slips into unconsciousness. Carrie fills Sami in on her non-pregnancy and her new sterility diagnosis. Sami changes her mind about telling Austin the truth. Lucas and Austin tell Sami about spotting the mystery stranger and give Sami the note.

Della badmouths Kayla when Steve returns to the bar. Steve pledges his devotion to Della and they laugh as he tells her what he did for work back in Salem. They discuss who could have erased his memory and the danger they could all still be in. Stephanie laments to Kayla about losing Max. Kayla tries to offer advice but instead Stephanie lashes out about not being kept in the loop. Kayla agrees and reveals that Steve stayed behind in Cincinnati by choice. Stephanie still neglects to reveal Max’s identity but now talks openly about her feelings for him. Kayla advises Stephanie to tell Max how she feels and Stephanie challenges Kayla to do the same with Steve.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Emily tearfully accepts Sonny's decision to end their relationship and moves back home, much to Edward's delight. Carly gives Emily credit for having helped Sonny. Emily asks Carly to make sure that Sonny continues with his treatment. Sonny admits to Jason that he might never be ready to take back control of the organization. Edward buys Lucky's explanation when his patrol car rolls into Edward's Bentley.

Elizabeth shares her fears about Lucky with Nikolas. Lucky physically attacks Nikolas as he denies being addicted to pills. Lucky lies to Elizabeth about where he got his pain pills. Georgie is aghast when she realizes Maxie is having an affair with Lucky. Maxie defends herself and has no intention to stop sleeping with Lucky. Colleen tries to make inroads with Nikolas and is privately upset when he mentions Emily.

GL Recap Written by Elizabeth

Billy arrives home at Cross Creek, and surprises his brother. Reva hides from Josh. Tammy realizes her mother has feelings for someone unexpected. Buzz hires a new waitress. Dinah makes a scene. Blake and Jeffery are shocked at their mayoral debate. The Springfield Burns culprit strikes again, this time with a video feed.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Spencer has a flashback of the night of the shooting. He remembers preparing the gun with the rubber bullets. David came over then and he was nervous about the drop off. Spencer gave him the gun and told him how to use it. David later remembers the instructions on how to use the gun. Spencer told him that there were two guns, exactly alike that their father had left for them. David suddenly remembers this information now. When trying to walk off, Spencer overpowers David and holds a metal pipe to his throat. Finally, he lets the man go. David has not been intimidated and still intends to tell. Spencer stays alone now thinking of the night and how after David had left him that fateful night, he went back to his desk and prepared his own gun… the matching gun… with real bullets. Bo gets Kevin and Clint to pretend that they want a forger to fake documents to get Power of Attorney on Asa. They go to 'Lenny The Forger' and offer him money. He is willing to do the job until he sees the name Buchanan on the documents. Roxy walks in and blows the Buchanan's cover. She even finds Bo who is hiding in a back room. Lenny sees that he has been set up and he quickly gets out of there to make a call. David goes to John and tells him of the other gun. John is skeptical about this gun really existing. David forgot about it and that was why he never mentioned it before. John's next task is to find that gun. 'Lenny The Forger' goes to see Spencer. He tells that the Buchanan's tried to trick him up and get him to tell he faked the forgery for Spencer. Spencer is glad that Lenny is loyal but he still has to disappear…permanently… Marcie freaks out. She finds Thomas in the bar with his new parents and starts telling them off. Michael drags her off and tells her that she has to leave them alone. They can't do anything about this now anyway.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa, Jared, Chad, and Whitney went to the Lopez-Fitzgerald home to get ready for the lobster dinner the guys owed the girls, but first, Jared had to win a bet. He bet Chad and Whit that he could anger "Tess" in 30 seconds, and it was actually more like 20. Once Theresa learned what was up, everything was fine and they all got ready to go. Theresa had a hideous couture dress she wanted to show off, but everyone else realized how ugly it was. Jared thought she had made it herself so he tried to be kind, but they finally had to tell her the truth. She just laughed, and all had a great time. At another table, Gwen couldn't resist pointing out how much fun Theresa and Jared were having, comparing the sparkle in her eyes to the way she used to look at Ethan. He wasn't amused, and Gwen wasn't too happy about that.

Kay, Miguel, Fox, and Siren decided to stay in and eat whatever Tabitha had cooked, which was nothing. However, Kay used the time getting ready to slip more Lust Potion in Miguel's wine, and they got busy instead of going down to eat. Siren sang her song for Fox, and while he tried to resist because of Kay, he seemed to finally succumb to her spell. Tabitha watched in her water bowl as all this took place. Luis and Fancy continued their game of stripping to missed questions from his detective exam, but Luis finally realized she was cheating and made up fake questions that she couldn't find the answers to on her answer sheet. Once they were both stripped to their undies, he clued her in, and they ended up on the bed, making out.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Alex shows up at Newman building and goes into an office to confront Daniel. "I want my money now." Daniel tells that they are getting the money together. Alex threatens to go to Neil with this and he will even give him a copy of the tape. Daniel grabs him when he tries to leave and they scuffle. Alex warns Daniel not to ever touch him again. Gloria and Kevin put their plan into action. They put security cameras in the coffeehouse. Kevin calls Alex and tells him that he has the money. Now Gloria and Kevin wait. They will close the coffeehouse early and Gloria will get the drugs to knock him out. Gloria wants to bring Jana in on this but that is where Kevin puts his foot down. Phyllis shows up at the house and Brad is furious that she knows about what has happened as well now. He starts shouting about it but Nick reminds him that no one would be in danger if it weren't for him. Phyllis heads to work and Paul arrives. Nick has had enough of this. He wants to call the FBI. Paul feels they should trust Brad as he has been living with these people for years. Carmen arrives at Drucilla's office as Drucilla requested. "I want to talk to you about not spending time with my husband." Carmen denies doing anything like that. When asked about the meeting planned with Neil for later that night, Carmen says that is a business meeting. Drucilla feels that she has this all figured out. "I get it. You will never admit it," she says smiling. Brad tells Nick things that he doesn't know. He talks about finding his family killed with his baseball bat. How he has been running for years, and how Sharon and JT will be killed if there is even a scent of the FBI. "We have to buy time." Nick agrees to wait on calling the FBI. They get back to the computers and are able to find the Grugeon Reliquary in a private collection. Paul gets the address.

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