Monday 7/31/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 7/31/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica, Jeff and Tad find out that Josh's plane went down and they are worried. JR and Krystal are worried about Babe, knowing she is with Josh. Erica argues with JR and Krystal that it is not her son's fault that Babe might be in danger. But they blame him. Livia comes to talk to Annie about her situation. She tells her that as much as she'd like to nail Terry for attempted rape and prevent him from ever seeing his daughter again, it's not that simple. There is no proof that he was going to hurt Lily nor does he have any police record. And Annie is in violation of New York laws to have taken her daughter across state lines. The law sees her as a fugitive and guilty of kidnapping. But she agrees to represent her. Ryan tells Annie he could get her a public relations job. Jack comes and informs Lily that she needs to know that Jonathan is not the man she believes he is. He has overheard Jonathan expressing his views to Erin and was able to hear that Jonathan is fully functional and only faking his "impairment". Right then, the only two witnesses that Jonathon has regained his capacity appear. Amanda tells Jack that he should realize that Jonathan loves Lily and Jack should not judge him. Erin appears and Jack tells her he overheard her conversation with her brother and that he knows that she is covering for his secret. He tells both Jonathan and Erin that they should be ashamed of themselves to be scamming Lily. But Erin tells Jack that it is he who should be ashamed of himself. Jack then goes to talk to Liva to see if she can help him prevent his daughter from being with Jonathan. He's ready to take drastic measures knowing that he has no legal grounds to do that. She tells him she disapproves. Jamie confronts his grandfather he's tired of his defending Josh. And he tells Joe that he quits his position at the hospital.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Katie finds out that Mike bid on a job to work with Simon. Simon and Mike agree to work together; Mike wants to keep Simon close to keep an eye on him and Simon wants to work with Mike to prove he is on the up and up. Carly and Katie have their doubts. Holden is able to take his son home from the hospital, and he is thrilled that Luke is coming home as well…or so he thinks. Once home though, Luke is forced to tell him that Damian needs him more and he won’t be able to stay now. Luke can’t tell Holden why though because Damian asked him to not tell anyone. Damian tells Lucy he is headed home to Malta soon. He then claims to Luke that due to some test results coming in, he has to head back to Malta by weeks end. Luke agrees to go as soon as he does one last thing. Holden worries to Lucy that Damian is going to take Luke back to Malta. Nate is savagely stabbed to death and left right outside Crash as Lia’s memorial service is taking place, where a horrified Gwen finds him. People start to look at Maddie again as a suspect since she was seen with Nate last and is now missing. Jade ad Will show back up after the fact, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Dallas. Maddie shows up to the Lakeview with blood on her hands. She claims to have fallen. Margo questions her and she admits Nate put the moves on her and she became freaked out and ran home like a kid. Margo tells a horrified Maddie that Nate was killed a little while ago. Dallas tells Margo that the stab wounds, blade and knife were all similar to Lia’s murder. They appear to have a serial murderer on their hands, as Margo watches a lost looking Maddie being ushered into the elevator by Henry and Eve.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In the show room at Forrester’s, Donna reflects on her recent conversation with Ridge where she told him she wanted to be there for him; let her be his Logan! He walks in and asks if she is excited about her big debut? He is not having second thoughts; they will make a great team. Brooke doesn’t know he’s changed his mind and she tells Eric that she has to convince Ridge to stay. Eric tells Stephanie and Felicia that if Brooke can’t convince Ridge to stay on, this whole thing might be history. Donna apologizes to Ridge for things she might have said or the way it might have come across what happened last night. He replies that it was just what he needed. He has spent too much time licking his wounds and feeling sorry for himself. Brooke barges in on their conversation hoping to change his mind and is shocked when he tells her he already has. She picks up on some small vibes between sister and Ridge.

Dante is still sullen with Bridget because she told him she did not want to have a baby right now and no excuse will suffice. Stephanie stops by to try to get Donna to bow out since she knows nothing about modeling. Ridge offers his support though and reveals he is continuing. Trying to sound sincere, Brooke tells all that she has no reservations of stepping down as spokesperson. She will be working from Marone’s, but her heart will be here. Stephanie offers that she could just give back the stock and they will call it a clean break. Brooke relays that will never happen; Forrester is now home to her. And now it will be home to her sister as well. Dante tells Felicia he needs to speak with her, away from the reporters. Stephanie catches her though and reminds her that Dante is sleeping with her sister and she does know how possessive she can get with somebody she loves. Brooke makes the announcement to the press and they put Donna through the rigors of defending why she got the job. Ridge tells them she is the new Logan and certainly is beautiful enough, she easily qualifies. Everyone seems to be happy except Brooke who feels a little apprehensive. Felicia tells Dante that happiness should never be put off until tomorrow and Bridget is only making him wait. Brooke accosts Ridge that she has been replaced as the NuLogan. He explains it is for the company and he came up with a new slogan off the top of his head. She still maintains he is trying to get back at her. He justifies and asks what exactly does she want? Donna comes out in breathtaking white, the skimpiest of skimpy. Point taken is written all over Brooke’s face.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea declares war on Stephanie after seeing Max comfort her. Abby lectures Chelsea on being a good person. Chelsea comes back to apologize to Max and Stephanie and Stephanie assures Chelsea that she is not after Max. Stephanie and Abby discuss Chelsea’s misdeeds. Chelsea and Max make up after he tells Chelsea that he loves her. Kayla calls Caroline in tears over losing Steve. Caroline advises Kayla to fight for Steve. Della continually tries to seduce Steve and Kayla returns to the bar to see them kissing. Steve pushes Della away and runs after Kayla but Kayla is already driving away.

E.J. offers to be Sami’s sounding board and after some prodding Sami tells him the whole truth about how she kept Austin and Carrie apart from the beginning. Instead of hating her, E.J. admires her drive. Lucas chases after the mystery stranger but they get away. Lucas wants to read the note left for Sami but Austin refuses to infringe on Sami’s privacy. Carrie feels bad about feeling so conflicted when Lucas is so devoted to her. Sami and E.J. return to the apartment in time to hear Austin talking about Carrie not being pregnant after all.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lucky is angered by Liz's interrogation about his drug problem. Skye is not delighted with the idea of being relocated to Iowa. Carly continues to urge Sonny to keep on with therapy and meds. Emily tells Lucky not to push Liz away. When he goes to see her, Lucky witnesses a hug between Liz and Patrick. Jason will not let Sam come back to him. Skye makes her escape. Ric has to ask Sam to come to the hospital when Christina becomes ill and asks for her and Alexis is unreachable. Maxie is all too willing to comfort Lucky. Carly and Jason realize Sonny might become a new person due to therapy. Sonny tells Emily he has to face his illness alone.

GL Recap Written by Elizabeth 

Alan-Michael decides to play both sides of an argument. He also surprises Jonathan when he stands up for Alan, and the Spaulding Family as a whole. Jonathan shocks Lizzie. Cassie and Josh kiss one another. Tammy witnesses something startling. Josh comes home without knowing there are other people in the house.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Nora is released from the hospital. RJ comes to pick her up. They stop on the way at the park and have coffee. She hasn't had a glorious drop of java in a long time. They wouldn't bring her any when she was in the hospital. It is time to go now. RJ starts getting the Wheelchair but Nora insists on getting to it herself. Vincent is ready to make his move. He sends Shaun to make a huge bet on the next Vega fight. Cristian is his fighter but he is betting that the man will lose. RJ wants to get into business with Vincent but Vincent will not entertain that idea. Lindsay cautions Layla about her entanglement with Vincent. Kelly had a great time with Hugh at the concert. She found out more about him and she met his friend Vincent. She and he decide to have some tea now. She pulls him to the dance floor. He Is surprised at her forwardness but dances with her anyway. John goes over to Spencer and Blair and he and Spencer trade words on Thomas's murder. Spencer knows that he is the number one suspect. He feels that he is blamed for everything that goes wrong in Llanview. Later, David follows Spencer out of the club and tells him that now it is all about payback. Evangeline has her bandages taken off. The doctor will still work on her but for now she can't see. It didn't work. Nora comes to visit and Todd takes the doctor's fancy suite from him for failing. Layla comes to see her sister and learns the ugly truth. Evangeline doesn't want to try anymore. She is given up.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Tabitha acted as the narrator for the baseball game today, then pulled double duty when they asked her to be the umpire. Once Theresa got all the attention she wanted from Ethan, she "came to" and was up and at 'em again, ready to whup the boys at their own game. A mini fight erupted between Fox and Miguel, over Kay, of course, and Fox's frustration that it seems she'll never get her memory back. Meanwhile, she can't keep her hands off Miguel - or her lips either, for that matter - and Miguel does nothing to discourage her. Siren is just hanging around, waiting for her chance to make love to Fox and turn him off human women forever as payback for Kay taking Miguel from her. The girls won the game, and Jared and Theresa get ready for the lobster dinner he has to buy. Ethan is really not enjoying the fact Theresa is moving on, but Gwen is thrilled.

At the jail, Fancy does her best to get Luis to pay attention to her. She offers to help him study for his detective exam, then challenges him to a game like strip poker, where whoever answers a question wrong takes of a piece of clothing. She, of course, cheats by keeping the answer sheet where she can see it, and he's totally unaware of that.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

The man in the suit calls Brad as Victoria listens nearby. He wants Brad to get his mother to get her hands on a reliquary that holds valuable relics. He has Sharon and he thinks that she is Brad's wife. Brad has to keep the man thinking that Sharon is his wife or he will kill her without giving it a second thought. Victoria wants to call Nick but Brad won't allow that. "She is his wife!" Brad thinks that Nick will just get in the way. Colleen talks to her grandmother and she agrees that they should get Paul involved. Paul calls Brad and they decide to work together. Colleen calls her father to let him know what she did. He is fine with that. Brad asks his mother if she knows where this reliquary is now. She took if from the SS Offices but isn't sure where it is anymore. She returned it to the rightful owners who live in Belgium. They are Mr. and Mrs. Klaas. Victoria calls Nick and tells him to get over there right away to his house. He wants more information but Victoria just hangs up. When he gets there, Victoria tells him that Sharon has been kidnapped. Brad takes responsibility for this happening. He tells that this was a case of mistaken identity. That some very bad people have been after him for years and they have finally caught up. "They think that she is my wife," Brad says. Nick listens to the story is furious. Phyllis calls to find out what happened but he can't talk to her right now and he hangs up. He thinks that Brad knew this was going to catch up with him and that if it hadn't been Sharon kidnapped it would have been his sister. Brad gets angry with him for talking to him like he doesn't know what he did. Nick doesn’t see any question. They have to get the Grugeon Reliquary for the kidnappers. Paul and Kara go to the door and they find a videotape. It is a tape of JT tied to the chair and sleeping. That gives them hope that he is still alive. They see construction equipment behind him and zoom in to read the construction company's name. Kara get the number soon they are off to Venee Street. Paul and Kara enter with their guns out but all they find are JT's chair and the ropes that were used to bind him.

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