Friday 7/28/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 7/28/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Josh takes off on his private jet and Babe comes with him. She tells him she doesn't plan on going anywhere with him. She's going back to JR and her son. But she tells him she is concerned for him after the bombshell has been dropped upon him that Erica is his mother. He tells her he does not believe that Erica could ever love or want him. And he does not care about her. And he tells her she needs to get rid of JR. While he is flying the plane, he discovers that he is running out of gas. So they have to make a crash landing that might endanger them. Adam finds Colby ready to sleep with a guy. Of course, she's lied about her age and presented Babe's ID. When Adam informs the guy that his daughter is a minor and he can have him thrown in prison, the guy runs off. Colby then asks her father if he can answer some very embarrassing questions about sex. He tells her he can give her a book to read while she's grounded. But she tells him that he never cared about her and is just as negligent of a parent as Liza is. Tad finds out that Di was with Aidan and he appears to be jealous. She tells him she needs to find herself and find out whom she really is. Erica and Jack go driving and looking for Josh although they do not find him. They run into Zach and Dixie driving and looking to find Kate. Erica and Dixie argue about how each kept the secret about Greg and did not care about their child.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Dusty is moved by Lucy's tearful apology at Jennifer's graveside. Damian gets exactly what he wants when Luke tells him that he will go to Malta with him so he won't be alone during his illness. Katie is a little bothered that Simon has moved on with his life so quickly. Katie and Carly are not happy that Mike won the construction bid for Simon's new building. Lia's friends have a memorial service for her at Crash. Maddie kills again after kissing Nate and remembering her attack. Nate is left in a pool of blood after being stabbed outside Crash.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick tells Donna that Brooke is counting on her to be the new spokesperson for Brooke’s Bedroom; don’t let her down. She plays coy, makes mention that she knows nothing about modeling but in the end she accepts. Not before she gives a lecture to Brooke that she shouldn’t be giving all of this up just to keep her seafaring husband happy. Bridget tries for some privacy but Felicia remains and Dante even asks her in front of Felicia if she is pregnant? She tells him the tests are negative. Felicia is relived. She is miffed they didn’t even tell her they were trying; she felt it was her right to know. Bridget confesses she is relieved which perturbs Dante and he asks to be left alone. Felicia wastes no time in speaking her peace and emphasizes they could still be one big, happy family. Not saying yes or no, he kisses her. Ridge tells his mom that Donna will be the new spokesperson. But that he won’t be designing the new line. She doesn’t concur but thinks he has to move on without Brooke. Ridge watches Donna practice her runway walk and tells her she will do just great. She convinces him to stay and design for the line. And has him puffing like a peacock when she tells him this is not a come-on but he is handsome, sexy, exciting and dangerous. No man will ever measure up and she is not going to settle for less. She puts in a plug too for her sister, his Destiny. She’ll come running back. But for now, she wants Ridge to know she will do anything…..anything for him. Let her be his Logan. She surprises him with a kiss.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea rushes to Max’s garage to look for him but isn’t happy to learn that Max and Stephanie are out together. Abby and Chelsea argue over Chelsea’s behavior and whether Stephanie and Max are really an item. Chelsea decides to go through Stephanie’s backpack and finds Stephanie’s notebook with Max’s name doodled amongst hearts. Chelsea uses Stephanie’s lipstick to write “whore” on her locker. Stephanie and Max head to Java Café to talk about Max’s troubles with Chelsea and Max takes offense at Stephanie’s comparison of Sami and Chelsea. Max starts to consider that Chelsea is really jealous of Stephanie. Abby makes Chelsea go back to clean off the lipstick but instead they spot Max comforting Stephanie after they discover Chelsea’s message.

E.J. gets tired of Sami’s stalling and offers more harsh but reassuring words about telling the truth. Austin eavesdrops as Carrie tells Lucas that she only married him because of the baby. Once alone with Carrie, Austin admits that he overheard and Carrie admits to him that marrying Lucas was a mistake but still wants to stand by their vows. Carrie and Austin discover the note the mystery stranger slips under the door. Lucas spots the stranger as they are leaving. Kayla wants to take Steve back to Salem but Steve still thinks he belongs in Cincinnati without her. Kayla reluctantly agrees to leave on her own.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Nik thanks Alfred for his matchmaking, but says he does not want to impose on Emily. Emily blows up at Sonny for yelling at her about how hard therapy is, and Carly backs Em up. Sonny admits that he can never be as strong as Emily or the prince she needs. When Carly finds out what's wrong; that Lainey said that it might be his mother's fault that he was beaten and he needs more meds, she says Lainey's right, and she'd have kicked Sonny's mother's butt into next week for putting up with the beatings he endured. Sam tells Lucky that he will never catch Jason, and that Jason killed Manny. Emily runs to Wyndermere after her confrontation with Sonny, to Alfred's delight, Nik's pleasure, and Colleen's consternation. Patrick deals with the aftermath of his exposure to AIDS with Robin's help. Sam crams for her GED. Liz discovers Lucky is taking drugs. Colleen makes it appear that Emily endangered John. Carly is able to get through to Sonny.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Lizzie decides to go to Italy with Alan after hearing that Jonathan and Tammy want to have access to her money through a joint checking account. They actually want to help pay bills equally but Lizzie sees it differently Alan encourages Lizzie to come with him and Beth and have the baby in Italy. During another blackout, (caused by Blake) Josh and Cassie bicker as he tries to get the power back on. Cassie goes for a swim during the heat and nearly drowns Josh saves her and they begin to make love. Reva decides to return to Springfield. Alan and Beth are detained at the airport when a meat cleaver is found in his luggage. Alan does not help his case when he jokingly says if he gets his hand on the luggage he’ll reap mayhem. Alan is arrested. Jonathan, Lizzie and Tammy celebrate what Lizzie has done to Alan. Jonathan kisses Lizzie and neither Tammy nor Jonathan notices that Lizzie seems to have enjoyed the kiss.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Paige and Blair get fighting after their argument and they end up falling over furniture to the ground. Spencer and Bo separate the two, but the women still hurl angry comments at each other. Spencer buys Blair's act and Bo gets the details from Paige from across the room about the fake fight. Bo has good news. He has information on the forger he thinks set him up to fail and that could lead to Spencer's downfall. Hugh bumps into Vincent at the hospital. They talk about old times when they were college roommates and played football together. Hugh had heard that Vincent had gone over to the dark side, but Vincent says that he is just a businessman and nothing more. Vincent is surprised when he learns that Hugh knows Cristian, is the DA and is a friend to Evangeline. The two decide to get together for a drink real soon to talk more about old times. David is brought into John's office. He is told the good news. The gun that he had wasn't the one that shot Thomas. They try to figure out if Spencer had a gun with him when he was in the alley but David can't remember details like that. David is released and goes to the bar. Spencer is there and surprised to find his little brother out and about. "They know that I didn't kill Thomas McBain…and that you did!" Bo leaves his cellphone on the table and Spencer answers it disguising his voice as he answers. It is John who says that he has a lead on 'Truman'. Spencer freezes, waiting for more information but John becomes suspicious and calls out for Bo to talk to him but no one answers. Paige catches Spencer with the phone. Bo arrives and takes his phone from the man. Bo checks his phone and finds that John was the one that was calling in when Spencer picked up the phone. Cristian is angry that Todd controls so much, but Evangeline doesn't mind waiting for him before taking off her bandages. Todd arrives and Dr. Simmons takes off the bandages. "Can you see anything?" Todd asks leaning towards her.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

TC got to go home today, and Simone and Eve were at the hospital to help him get there. Julian was there, too, and told Eve he'd had workers go set up everything TC will need in their home. Eve was grateful, but she refused to go to a charity ball that evening because TC needs her. Julian is crushed, and feels he may just be in the way at this point. Sheridan and Chris noticed Luis arriving at Little Ethan's T-ball game and while he was glad to see them together, Sheridan didn't like it much. Luis didn't catch on, and neither did Fancy, but then, Luis didn't catch on to the fact Fancy didn't want to leave him, even tho she had to wear handcuffs the whole time, either. Fox thought for a minute that Kay might actually be remembering the time they made love in the box at a Red Sox game and got caught by Julian, but she didn't, and instead asked her to let her and Miguel use it sometime, promising they will remember to lock the door, wink, wink.

Theresa and Jared continued to argue over his chauvinistic ways. Gwen kept telling Ethan that means she likes the man, which didn't exactly sit well with him. Later, Theresa challenged him to a men v. women baseball game, which he eventually accepted. Turns out Theresa is a pretty good pitcher, but he did manage to hit one ball. The bad news is it went straight back at Theresa and hit her in the head, knocking her out cold. Ethan ran to her and his concern was obvious, even to Gwen, who had to admit Ethan really loves Theresa, even now that she's trying to move on.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Sharon is unconscious and placed inside a trunk. The lid is then closed over her. Victoria is not happy to be introduced to a woman that she thought was dead. Brad tells that his mother is in hiding but that is all that he can say as the children might get afraid. Victoria refuses to go on the trip. Brad decides that he should stay with her. They get in the car and Brad starts the story again. "First of all, my name isn't Brad Carleton." Victor wants to go to China. He is sure the Dalai Lama has something important to tell him and he has to find out. Jack listens fascinated as Victor tells that he has a power and that Hope has been appearing to him and talking with him through a bright light. She has told him that he has the power to talk to her whenever he wants, he just has to find out how to use it. Jack has ideas but Victor quiets him. He has to do this himself. Jack thinks that it is important that Victor go on vacation as he it will soon be apparent that he is not taking his drugs. He offers to 'help' the man out. He tells Victor to go ahead and he will take care of Nikki. Victor gets on the jet and takes off showing up at a farmhouse. Hope comes down the stairs and is surprised when she hears Victor's voice in her living room. JT wakes again. He is tied to someone. He is back to back with someone. He tries to turn to see who it is but he can only see so far. He calls out asking if the person is Sharon. It is. She is unconscious but soon wakes. JT tells her that they are there because Brad may be a murderer. The man in the suit returns to the room and declares that JT has been useless it seems. He jabs him with a needle with puts him back to sleep. Brad tells Victoria all. She isn't as upset as before. She understands that Rebecca is a courageous woman. The phone rings. Brad answers to the man in the suit. "I have your wife." Brad looks over at Victoria and demands to talk to the woman. The man puts the phone to Sharon's ear. "Hello? Hello?" Sharon says into the mouthpiece. Brad recognizes the voice.

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