Thursday 7/27/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 7/27/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Derek questions Erica about her involvement in the murder of Greg Madden. Kendall goes after J.R., thinking he is the real murderer. Josh kidnaps Babe and takes her off in his plane. Dixie and Zach rummage through some of Greg's belongings that are in a storage unit.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Holden apologizes to Luke and Luke decides not to go to Malta with Damian but then Daman makes Luke think that he(Damian) has a very serious illness. Casey refuses to think that Maddie would be capable of killing Lia. Paul tries to honor Jennifer's wishes by taking the first step to make peace with Emily. Barbara also tries to honor Jennifer by trying to persuade Meg to marry Paul and help him raise his child. Jade wants to tell the police that she saw Maddie throw something in the river. Gwen and Will offer moral support to both Maddie and Casey despite the fact that Will thinks that Maddie could have killed Lia. Henry and Eve try to persuade Maddie to go to a therapist to talk about her attack but Maddie insists she doesn't need help. Lia's friends plan a memorial service for her at Crash and Maddie accepts Zach's invitation to go to the service.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In Brooke’s bedroom, the sisters bicker over who should be modeling. Brooke relays that was her past with Ridge, her future is with Nick. She now wants Donna to pick up some modeling tips and be the new spokesperson for Brooke’s Bedroom. She has Nick move some of his ship modeling things in the living room so she can teach Donna the runway. He offers to stick around to give a man’s opinion. Which is sarcastically, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” A little awkwardly, Donna practices. Nick’s other comment was “show them the goods, you’ll be fine.” Donna calls Ridge and warns him that Brooke doesn't really want to give up the modeling, but she is doing it FOR Nick and Donna is considering doing it. Nick encourages Brooke. If she hires her sister, then that family no longer will have a hold on her. Donna lurks and sees their hug that seals the deal.

Bridget, in a melancholy mood over Darla’s death, waxes to Dante that she is not pregnant yet, but they can practice. Since she can not remember when her last period was, he suggests she take a pregnancy test. Dante is surprised but delighted to find Felicia with Dino at his office. He has to remind her again that his future is with Bridget, though Felicia still expounds that she hopes someday he will think this family is all he needs.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Chelsea refuses to leave Dune with Max. Max and Stephanie leave together but Chelsea remains confident that Max will come back to her. Stephanie relishes in the turmoil between Chelsea and Max. Abby warns Chelsea that she is acting like Sami and will lose Max but Chelsea still believes she’ll end up with Max. Philip is angry that Belle isn’t as distraught over nearly losing him, as she should be. Mimi fantasizes that she ends up alone after telling the truth so she decides against it. Shawn convinces Philip that he belongs with Belle.

Carrie gives Lucas an out of their marriage but while Lucas immediately refuses, he questions whether Carrie wants out. Carrie insists that she still wants to be with Lucas and they decide to join Sami, Austin and E.J. up on the roof. E.J. prods Sami into telling the truth but Sami chickens out again. Lucas calls Sami on her nervousness and Carrie decides not to tell anyone about the non-pregnancy yet. Carrie runs out in tears when Sami talks of being a role model for Carrie’s baby and Austin overhears Carrie declare to Lucas that she’s made a big mistake. Steve tells Della about his life in Salem but Della refuses to believe it hoping she and Steve can resume their life together. Kayla questions Steve about who he’d rather be with and Steve feels that since he can’t remember life with Kayla, he belongs with Della.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sonny becomes enraged when Lainey mentions his mother during their therapy session. Carly finds Sonny taking his anger out on Emily. Nikolas has good news for Carly. Patrick cuts himself while performing surgery on a patient suffering from AIDS.

An understanding Robin forces Patrick to accept the reality of his situation. Dillon is determined to win Georgie back.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Jessica pulls a gun on Nash. She orders him to take her home. He isn't afraid. That is a starter pistol. He walks to her until he gets it from her. Adriana is having doubts about her relationship with Rex. He kept secrets from her and she didn't like that. She went for a walk and he followed her, thinking that was the safe thing to do. She feels that they are making a mistake. Bo did some checking and he found out a little Lenny the Forger. His feeling is that they should get the gang in and have a chat but John wants that reserved as Plan B, in case they need it. Paige walks in the restaurant and sees Bo and Blair talking. She comes over to Blair later and asks what they were talking about. Blair says that if Paige will tell when she knows about Spencer, she will tell what she and Bo were talking about. Spencer comes up behind Blair, hearing part of the conversation. He wants to know why she was saying that she and Todd could help Paige. Blair says that she only meant that now that Todd is on the board he could push things to work her way. Spencer still isn't convinced, so Blair puts on a show that she is jealous of Paige, thinking that she still wants to be with Spencer. She shouts at Paige to drive her point home. "Just back off!" Bo learns that 'Lenny The Forger' got a heart in Cleveland some time back and that there was something funny about that. He was on the waiting list at #457 and suddenly flew up to #1. Bo and John both know who could facilitate a move like that for someone who needs an organ. Nash and Jessica talk and she feels bad for him. At one point he is ready to take her home. She wonders if she should let Tess out to say goodbye to him. Antonio gets the information that he needs. He and Clint will head out now and get Jessica and the baby. Viki tells Antonio that she would be more comfortable with Clint there as well. John and Natalie start working on the bullet in the lab. They are trying to match the gun to the bullet. Natalie worries that if this match doesn't line up John will take it badly. All of a sudden… "John! John! You gotta see this!"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

There are two softball games going on today, one for the big guys and one for the little ones. Chad and Jared are playing with the men, so we got more Jared and Theresa banter. She was at Little Ethan's game, watching him play and keeping up with work, and wasn't that impressed with the new guy, especially when he slammed her to the ground while chasing a ball. He did catch the ball, tho. Gwen is thrilled Theresa may have a new hottie, but Ethan isn't happy about it at all. Miguel is coaching Little Ethan's team, and since he couldn't figure out how to button his shirt, Kay just kept rubbing his stomach, slobbering all over him, and saying how he is the hottest coach in town. All this in front of Fox, who finally called Miguel to the side to tell him to cool it. Miguel is having way to much fun stoking his macho ego pool, so he ignores Fox's warning. Later, Fox tried to jog Kay's memory, and it had a strange effect - Fox's face changed from his to Miguel's and back again several times.

Luis waited for speeders in his cop car, and he caught one. Shades of his first meeting with Sheridan, Fancy went speeding by and he ended up arresting her. Nope, no new ideas here. He ended up having to take her to the game, since she convinced him she couldn't get in touch with Crane Legal and he wouldn't leave her in jail with the commoners. Sheridan helped James with his lemonade stand, and mourned the loss of her two children and Luis. She assured Chris she's married to him and will stay with him, tho. Whitney continued to try to get Theresa to go after Jared, but she's not interested, and when he makes rude remarks about women who run companies, she told him where he could go and said she'll have nothing more to do with him.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Colleen demands answers. She will go to the police if Brad doesn’t explain himself. Brad tells that they should talk about this at home. They leave. The other elevator arrives and a man comes looking for George Kaplan. Neil has no idea who that is, however when the man asks for Brad Carleton, Neil points the office out. Noah is home making pictures for his dad who he thinks is coming home from a business trip that day. Brad listens to all that Colleen has learned about him. She most of it right except he hadn't been running from the police, he had been running from the Kaplans. Victoria and Phyllis talk in the office. Victoria can't help wondering if Phyllis is happy now that she has gotten all that she wanted, seeing as Nick's marriage has fallen apart. Phyllis says that Nick's marriage had fallen apart long before she came along. Victoria finds a man in the office searching through Brad's things. He says that Brad contacted him about real estate and he is there for an appointment. Drucilla bumps into Neil and tries to show him something that she has bought for him but he is busy and rushes off. She plans a romantic evening for him but he tells that he has to work and can't do it. She wonders what is happening to them… He has no idea. Brad tells Colleen everything. His mother was an art expert who helped the Nazi's. When she tried to return the art after the war, the evildoers killed Brad's family, thinking they were killing her. They killed Brad's Aunt Isabel instead. Victoria comes home and tells of the strange man that was in the office looking through Brad's things. Brad tells that the has a great idea and has planned a trip to Hawaii for he, she and the girls. Victoria looks confused when Colleen is on board with the idea but she soon rushes to pack and get Abby ready to go. When he can steal a moment, Brad returns to his desk and gets his gun. The family unit arrives on the Newman jet ready for takeoff. A woman is there. "Who is this?" Victoria asks. Brad smiles at the woman. "Yes she is coming with us. She is my mother."

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