Wednesday 7/26/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 7/26/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

JR interrupts the festivities at the grand opening of Confusion by playing his CD. Everybody hears Greg report that he's being buried alive in the ground. Greg says he suspects Erica. And he tells Josh that his last dying words to him are the bombshell that he is not Greg's biological son, but the son of Erica and Jeff Martin. Josh freaks. Erica and Kendall tell him that he must talk to them and hear Erica's explanation. Babe is also concerned about Josh and angry at JR for what he did. But Jamie tells her that JR had to do what he did. Jonathan tells Erin that she cannot give up on Aidan. At first, she tells him that she doesn't deserve him. But Jonathan convinces his sister that she takes care of too many other people and now needs to care only about her own happiness. They go and look to find Aidan. But he's busy getting it on with Di.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

When the police officer explains to Carly the owner’s name who called the police is not Simon Frasier, Simon admits that he actually closes on the property tomorrow morning. Carly and Simon are arrested for breaking and entering and trespassing. Jade tells Gwen she saw Maddie throw something over the bridge; Gwen tells Jade she can’t find Will and they had a fight, she thought they had resolved, about her. Bob tells Holden and Lucinda the baby is breach again and they are going to have to perform a c-section. Luke runs into Kevin who is angry at Luke for leaving them without a car at the mill; he sneers that Luke is pathetic, which propels Luke into wanting to leave town even more. Paul pleads with Meg to give him another chance; he has now accepted that Emily and he can share custody of the baby, but Meg doesn’t buy it. Gwen explains to Jade what Maddie said about her and Will hugging; Gwen and Jade clear the air. Will shows up and tells Gwen he found them a place to live – his sister’s old place. Lucinda tracks Luke down and tells him there is an emergency at the hospital. Jack finds out Carly and Simon were arrested and worries about how much trouble she is in since she is on probation. Paul asks Meg to marry him, promising to change, but Meg turns him down saying she can’t risk what he may do next when Emily upsets him; he needs to prove she can trust him. Jack and Carly have it out again while Simon tries to get them out of the charges. It looks as if Carly is going to spend the night in jail when Simon comes through at the last minute much to Jack’s dismay. Luke and Holden bond. Bob tells Holden, Luke and Lucinda that Lily had a healthy baby boy. Meg secretly hopes Paul steps up to the plate and comes through for her so they can build a future together soon.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne and Taylor return to his house and slowly he goes through the motions of the matter at hand. He asks Taylor if she can help him explain Darla’s passing to Alexandria? His daughter joins them, all happy and smiling, she has drawn a picture for her mommy, “Get Well, Mommy”. After their talk, she is alright, just wanting to ride a pony. At Forrester, Ridge packs up some photos in Thorne’s office when Donna stops by. She is just checking up on him since big sis isn’t allowed to. He wonders if there isn’t a guy back home waiting for her? She says no one special. Stephanie pops in on Phoebe looking for Taylor and puts a few words in her ear making Phoebe feel even more guilty. Stephanie tells her no one is to blame for this, unless it’s the animal that ran Darla down. She opines that her mother is a very strong woman, of character, but if she ever needs to talk, she is there ….and no one else will ever know. Nick and Brooke discuss the funeral and she wishes he wouldn’t monitor how people behave around her. Business is great, but she just wishes she could get it all back without peeling off her clothes. He suggests little sis though she is no model. Her body looks great in her underwear; well he saw her in her slip. Donna comes in later and Nick is dismissed. Brooke springs it on her if she will be the new spokesperson for the Bedroom Line. She makes it more a challenge when she remarks their derrieres are so much different. Alexandria asks her dad to sing to her; Mommy’s song…..and almost choking, he manages Smile……..though your heart is aching……..just smile……

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle thinks she and Shawn are meant to be a family and should divorce their current spouses to be together. Shawn refuses to divorce Mimi. Mimi tells Patrick everything that has happened since she found out about Claire’s paternity and Patrick urges Mimi to tell Shawn the truth. Steve and Kayla fly to Cincinnati in hopes of finding out what happened to Steve. The mystery stranger enlists a fellow bar patron to try and break up Steve and Kayla but the patron ends up fighting Steve and bailing. A woman greets Steve intimately and claims to be his wife.

Hope can’t believe Bo’s claim of innocence so he sets out to find hard proof. Maggie and Alice stop by to offer wise advice to Hope. Billie comes to Bo to complain about Chelsea bailing on the community service requirement and speaks up when Bo starts to question Officer Michaels. When Bo starts to question her instead, Billie decides to keep quiet after all. Officer Michaels calls the mystery stranger in Cincinnati and demands more money to keep Bo and Hope apart.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Alfred appears to be trying to match-make for Nik and Emily by setting it up so she will meet Nik at the hospital in time to help him with John's first doctor's appointment. Lucky rescues Maxie from a drug pusher. Jason and Ric clash over who handles Sonny's business matters. Alexis is almost on overload worrying that her youngest daughters and husband might be bipolar and that her oldest wants to get back with a career criminal. An AIDS patient comes into the ER.  Patrick refuses an order to turn her away. Mac rescinds Jason's fines because a. Alexis annoys him and B. if there has to be a mob in town, Jason's the lesser evil. Georgie rejects Dillon again. Maxie and Lucky sleep together. Alan backs Patrick up. Nik and Emily bond, and he admits that their marriage was his happiest time. Lucky feels guilty, so Maxie promises their encounter is a secret. Sam and Ric vent to each other about Alexis and Jason.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Lizzie listens to a voice mail message to Jonathan from Billy. Jonathan tells her about Reva’s cancer and the need for a bone marrow donor. She promises not to tell anyone. Later, she visits Tammy in the hospital and realizes that Jonathan didn’t tell Tammy the real reason he had to leave town. She selflessly spares Tammy. Colin tells Billy that if Reva doesn’t receive the bone marrow, things will be bad. Jonathan arrives and Reva is happy to see him. She becomes delirious and thinks she is talking to Jonathan as a little boy. Present-day Jonathan remembers the day in question years ago. Later, Jonathan finds out that he is a match and undergoes the operation. After Reva gets the bone marrow, Jonathan makes her promise that she will fight to live. They both realize they are mother and son by choice. He tells her that he remembers that day when she talked to him as a little boy. He also tells her that when he awoke from the surgery, he realized he needed to be a parent for his child. After he goes back to Springfield, he finds Lizzie at the Spaulding mansion. Again, Lizzie selflessly tells him that she knows he and Tammy need their space. He tells her no that she will live with them as long as she is carrying his baby. Lizzie is elated and they leave together for their home.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Evangeline gets the information that her neck got hurt in the accident and Todd tells her that when she was out of it, he arranged for her to have her eyes operated on. Cristian finds Todd amazing the way that he takes over and controls everything. Todd ignores him and gives all his attention to Evangeline, remarking how beautiful she looks for someone who is so ill. Claudia gets a bright idea. She wants Antonio to find Jessica and get her back, so she calls Antonio up with the idea that she might know where Nash has taken Jessica and the child. Antonio thanks her for the info. He starts heading out to Bruce's place to see if the tip that he got is a good one. Jessica sits around listening to Antonio reminisce about her alter. He talks about the stars and how he taught Tess a little about then when they were in Manhattan. Jessica tries not to be affected by what he tells her about his life with Tess but she can't help but be a little touched by it all. Antonio contacts Bruce and pretends to be a cop working on the Reston killing case. Bruce quickly figures out that he is talking to Antonio and tells nothing. Bruce then leaves voicemail for Nash warning him that Antonio is on the hunt for him and that he had better take off. Adriana is getting suspicious of Rex and the way that he has been behaving. He has been secretive and she thinks that people who love each other shouldn't have secrets. Rex admits that he has been keeping things from her but he doesn't get into what that exactly is. Adriana gets mad.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa is back in her office, trying to run Crane Enterprises, but totally buried in work. Whitney reminds her she needs to get rid of the pictures of Ethan she still has in there, so she shreds them. Gwen and Ethan spend the day in bed after Theresa told Collier he no longer needs to keep Gwen occupied, and he lays her off. Whitney and Valerie have a little verbal shoving match, which makes Theresa wonder if Whitney is ok with her, but Whit says that she has Chad now so Val doesn't bother her. Luis went to Sam's, back in uniform, and talked to him and Noah about Sheridan and Fancy. He says he wants to become a detective again so he can save money and leave Harmony, since he knows there's no chance for him and Sheridan to reunite and he has no other reason to stay there. Noah says there is no hope for him and Fancy, either, since Fancy is now in love with Luis, but both Luis and Sam say that's not possible.

Fox is still seething about the fact Miguel made love to Kay, and Siren tries to use that to get him to sleep with her. She says it will make Kay jealous and might get her memory back, but when she pulls him into a kiss when Kay and Miguel come down, it doesn't seem to work, and Fox is even more hurt. Earlier, in bed, Miguel asked Kay if she'd choose him or Fox if she had the chance, and just as he knew she would, she said she only loves him. One way to soothe a guilty conscience over taking advantage of her, I guess.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Sharon calls Brad at the office and tells him that she has delivered the bag as he has asked her to. She is sure that she hasn't been followed. She returns to the office and offers to do that again for him if he needs her to. They hope to work together again but know that Victoria will not allow it. Jack wants to expand NVP. He finds Victor and Phyllis talking and learns that Victor has already gone to Nikki and Phyllis and they agree that it is to early for an expansion. Victor will not change his mind. Jack tells that he has been thinking and that Victor will have a better chance at keeping his powers if he goes to some sort of retreat… Nick and Phyllis wake together and don't want to face the world, but know they have to. They have no idea what they are going to tell Sharon and Jack. They head to the office and Sharon is there when they get off the elevator. Phyllis walks by her heading to her office. Nick admits to driving in with Phyllis. Sharon can tell that she doesn't have to ask where he stayed the night before. Nick tells Victor and Nikki the news about his ending his marriage and moving out. Sharon plans on staying in the house with Noah. Nikki wants Sharon to try again and brings up how Sharon has made mistakes in the past. Sharon find that there is one good thing about this divorce. Nikki will not be her mother-in-law anymore. Colleen is torn. She tries to fight the idea that her dad is up to something criminal but Paul puts things in a new light. She heads home and shows up in Brad's office demanding answers. He says that he has told her everything. "No you haven't! You didn't tell me that your name is George Kaplan!"

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