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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

The grand opening of Confusion is underway. Everybody is there and is interviewed by reporters. Jonathan and Lily are there and Jonathan tells AIdan he better catch Terry before he goes after Lily. Before attending the party, Erica and Jeff learn that Josh plans to leave town and practice medicine in Geneva. They conclude that it might be best if their son never learns the truth about how he was conceived. Josh gets all of his stuff out of the locker room of PVH. But before he splits town, he attends the Confusion party. Erica sees him and lets him in. Neither she nor Kendall reveal to him that they know that he is their family but they are courteous to him and wish him well. JR is there with Babe. He keeps the mysterious CD of Greg's last dying words in his pocket and reveals only to Jamie that if people don't leave him alone, he will play it to reveal that Josh is Erica's son. Erica confronts him and he decides that that is the last straw. So he pops the CD in the music sound system. And the entire party of hundreds of people get to hear Greg's last dying words where he reveals that Josh is Erica and Jeff Martin's biological son and he believes that Erica arranged to get him buried alive.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Katie is leery when Carly tells her she took Simon’s job offer, but Mike thinks they should mind their own business. Carly wants Katie to understand that she is broke and needs to stand on her own from Jack; Katie understands. Simon kisses Lucinda suddenly. Dusty tells Johnny they need to find a way to move on. Casey goes to the police station to answer questions about Lia; he is angry to learn they consider Maddie the prime suspect. Eve, Henry and Maddie lie to Margo about where she was the night before. Later, Maddie admits to not remembering what she did last night, but is also protective of her purse. Eve is worried Maddie isn’t in her right mind and wonders what she is hiding, but Henry won’t believe his sister could kill anyone. Simon takes Carly out and then to see the building she will be renovating and when they don’t have the keys they break in; a cop stops them by telling them the owner reported trespassers, and a stunned Carly asks Simon if he isn’t the owner? Lucinda helps Dusty when Johnny starts to cry; he also asks Lucinda to shut down Street Jeans because it is too hard of a memory of Jen. Margo tells Tom she doesn’t believe Maddie’s story and is worried for Casey’s safety. Dallas tells her two knives are missing from Crash. Margo orders Casey to stay away from Maddie. Casey goes to see Maddie and Henry covers when he learns she is not there. Maddie tosses something over the bridge, which Jade sees. Jade confronts her; Maddie whispers to herself that she is mean and sneaky like Lia.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Alone in the church, Thorne breaks down as he views Darla’s body and lovingly touches her, placing a tender kiss on her lips. The family trickles in offering their love and support. Thorne vows they’d better find the bastard that mowed his wife down. God help them if he finds this person first. Hector and Phoebe once again try to convince Taylor she is doing the right thing by not turning herself in or telling her version of the accident. She still thinks Thorne and Alexandria have a right to know why they won’t see their wife and mother again. Thorne and Stephanie warmly welcome Taylor at the church and Thorne apologizes for not being especially polite to her earlier at his place. He was about to lose it when he’d viewed Darla’s video tape.

Members of the family speak at the service – Ridge, Stephanie, Sally. Phoebe looks apprehensively as Taylor steps forward to speak as well. Later Thorne stands and publicly thanks each of them and about all that he can add is that his wife was very special. Ridge is sympathetic toward Taylor and suggests that they spend the afternoon together with the kids. Lt. Baker hangs around and sets Taylor on edge, prompting her to pick up an A.A. brochure. Before she leaves, Thorne asks her if she will come sit with Alexandria and explain to her what happened to her mommy. Taylor agrees and for whatever else he wants for the rest of her life.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Billie and Bo discuss Bo’s desires for a future with Hope. Hope calls Patrick over to fix the sink and to talk. Bo uses dropping off prenatal vitamins as an excuse to plead his case for reuniting to Hope. Hope questions if Bo will be able to stand having Patrick in the baby’s life and when Bo claims he will be able to, Hope agrees to work on rebuilding their marriage only if Bo can prove he didn’t tamper with the evidence for Chelsea’s trial. Mimi calls Patrick to the hospital because she’s convinced her life with Shawn is over. Mimi lets it slip to Patrick that Shawn is Claire’s biological father.

Carrie admits to Lexie that she never would have married Lucas had she known she couldn’t get pregnant. Lexie is about to tell Carrie the truth but becomes alarmed when the mystery stranger sends a text message warning her not to do it. Carrie sees the message but Lexie explains it away. Sami claims she said no because the ring is too expensive. Austin tries proposing again and Sami accepts. Austin leaves to deal with dinner and E.J. insists that Sami still needs to come clean. Sami asks E.J. to withdraw his request to postpone the wedding so she can get married to ensure that Austin won’t leave her when he finds out the truth and E.J. reluctantly agrees not to tell Austin the truth himself. Billie catches Austin fantasizing about Carrie and cautions him against marrying Sami when he still obviously loves Carrie. Austin sticks by his decision to marry Sami and invites Billie to join them for dinner. Billie turns Austin down when he admits to asking because E.J. will be there.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sonny struggles with the decision to take the lithium Lainey prescribed for his bipolar disorder. Emily insists that Sonny start on the drug protocol immediately but Jason is the one who convinces him to take his first pill. Carly and Alexis face the fact that their children could have inherited Sonny's condition. Ric and Sam go to Jake's to forget their troubles and end up dancing.

Sam makes a hasty exit after she and Ric come close to sharing a kiss. Elizabeth tells Jason how she destroyed the evidence against him. Jason is grateful but warns Elizabeth to never take such a major risk again.

GL Recap Written by Siri

At Dinah and Mallet’s engagement party, Dinah shows Harley her website where she has made the wedding plans. But, as she loads the site, the Springfield Burns website comes up. On it there is a surveillance report all about Dinah’s past criminal history. She is humiliated and asks Mallet why this is on the site. He evades the question and she runs away. Later, he tells her that the FBI was going to send her to jail if he didn’t keep tabs on her. She realizes that he has been doing this throughout their entire relationship. She is devastated and tells him that he has ruined everything. Josh stays over at Cassie’s house and sleeps on the couch after RJ asks him to stay. Olivia plans to get Ava a job to get back in Frank and Buzz’s good graces, but she has arranged a job just above housekeeping. Blake goes to Jeffrey’s room after he gives her his room keys.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Blair and Spencer are in the bedroom, and she laughs over the names of those guys from the old gang in Spencer's past. She asks if the men had last names. He says that they were in a first name business. Blair goes into the bathroom and calls John. He hopes that she is about to tell him that she has given up this detective business. She hangs up quickly as Spencer has come into the bathroom catching her with the phone. She tells that she was calling Starr to give her some rules so that Todd doesn't get more ammunition to take custody. "I didn't take care of him the first time but I will try again." Blair looks up at him in horror. She asks him to clarify what he just said. He says he was only referring to trying to get him arrested the other day. Adriana wakes and panics when she can't wake Rex. Suddenly he gets up and they make love. Blair has a shower with Spencer and then heads to the bedroom while Spencer shaves. She calls John and tells him that there was a forger named, 'Lenny' that used to hang out with Spencer and his family. He is sure that if that man can be found, he can be cleared. John hits the computer and finds a name that he can check out. Hugh worries that John will not be able to stop at one crime, if he can get Spencer for his father's death as well. Evangeline is still asleep and so Cristian sits with her and talks. She has had damage to her neck from the fall. Soon she gets up and tries to remove the bandages on her eyes. Cristian stops her and they tell each other 'I love you'. Todd is listening in and secretly hears them. Rex makes faces when Adriana decides she wants to go out. They go to the beach and he says that having a stalker is turning out not to be a bad thing after all. Hugh sees Kelly at the gym and runs to talk to her. Kelly is doing better and he even gets her to smile a couple of times. While they are talking, Kevin comes over and starts talking with Kelly. Hugh thinks this isn't the right time. Kevin tells that he is going back to work and has stopped drinking. When she leaves, he calls to her but Hugh tells him to leave her alone. Kevin is puzzled by his reaction. "I am her friend," Hugh says.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Gwen and Ethan come in to the Blue Note and start to dance. Jared asks Theresa if she'd like to dance, and she jumps at the chance. She just can't break old habits, tho, as she puts on a lovey-dovey show with Jared especially for Ethan and Gwen. Ethan sees and is visibly upset later while watching them dance again. Noah called him on it, saying he shouldn't be married to Gwen if he loves Theresa so much, but of course Ethan won't hear it. Later, when Gwen gets Ethan to leave, Jared sees Theresa watching him and realizes what she was doing. He called her on that, and told her he doesn't play games and won't put up with it again. Theresa is impressed, but won't admit it to Whitney and Chad. Julian sat at the bar, drinking and missing Eve, when Rebecca came in and sat next to him. She began digging at him about Eve being with TC, and it really upset him a lot. Just what she wanted, of course.

Fox and Miguel almost came to blows because Siren mentioned seeing Miguel and Kay making love when she came to the beach. Miguel tells Fox Kay may not want to remember the truth because she'd rather be with him, and Fox snaps. Once Kay gets them to stop, she tells Fox to stay away from her and leaves to go back to the hotel room with Miguel. Fox is devastated. At home, Tabitha and Endora watch in the water bowl, and Endora is very upset. When Fox tells Kay Maria needs her at home and Tabby says Maria is fine, Endora zaps her mother a few times, causing her to yelp on the phone. Tabby tried to explain to her daughter that they can do nothing, but the little girl just doesn't want to believe that.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick arrives at Phyllis's office, telling that he needs to talk to her at some point. He then goes to see his sister to let her know that he and Sharon are getting divorced and that he is relieved. Victoria can't wait to get Sharon out of the family. Sharon is with Brad and he tells her that this thing that he is involved in could get people hurt. She doesn't care. She wants to be there for him in any way possible. Victoria feels that Brad was wrong but that he strayed because of Sharon. Nick finds that hard to believe. He feels that she should be concerned that her husband of only a few months is already straying. Drucilla pops in to see Carmen. She listens to the woman and realizes that she has a heavy hand in all the dealings surrounding 'Beauty of Nature' which is the project that Drucilla works on. Victoria calls a family lawyer in to pick her brain and find out what her options are if she ever wanted to divorce Brad. She wants to know especially about getting Brad's interest in the company. If she can get it, she will be the second most powerful Newman. Sharon learns that Brad needs something delivered. She will do it. She is warned that it could be a dangerous trip but no one will suspect her. She takes the orange bag and leaves. Nick comes home to pack. She is cold to him and refuses to tell him if she is going on a trip when he sees the orange bag. Later when alone, Sharon picks up the orange bag and takes one last look at her living room before heading out into the night alone. Drucilla corners her husband in his office and flirts but he will have no part of it. "Okay Neil! How long have you been flirting with Carmen Mesta?"

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