Monday 7/24/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 7/24/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Josh announces to Joe and Jeff Martin (his unknown Grandpa and Daddy) that he's leaving Pine Valley and is going to practice medicine in Geneva. Jeff informs Erica. She still is not about to tell Josh that he is her son. Ryan gets the DNA results for Kendall which confirm that he is Spike's biological father. She is really happy. But it still looks like Ryan and Zach have some sort of secret. Babe goes to David's home, notices a CD player like the one where Greg's dying words were recorded on, and assumes that he killed Greg and framed JR. But David tells his daughter that she needs to realize that JR is a lot more unworthy of her trust than he is. Babe, admits, when she leaves, that she does not entirely trust JR. JR goes and talks to Krystal and tells her he needs her help in doing the right thing by her daughter. He reveals to her that Josh is Erica's biological son and tells her it's entirely possible that Erica, Kendall or Josh would set him up for the murder of Greg. And maybe he can use this taped evidence that Josh is Erica's son to motivate them to stop what they are doing to him. She then tells him that she will help him do the "right thing" by her daughter.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

While talking to Lucinda about Luke’s accident, Holden admits he blamed Luke for Lily’s fall. Lucinda defends the feelings he had. Damian presses Luke to move to Malta with him, but Luke worries what will happen if his family needs him in the meantime; Damian plays Luke about how his family would want him happy. When Lucinda calls Luke, Damian answers and won’t let her talk to him. Simon wants Carly to partner with him, but Carly tells him to take a flying leap. Simon continues to work her when he tells her he has a job for her to redecorate an apartment building he just bought. Casey finds a murdered Lia in the shower (think Psycho scene), and immediately calls his mom for help. Margo questions him and worries to Tom that their son is the only suspect they have. Maddie wonders how something happened when Eve wonders where she has been all night? Maddie claims to have been out walking around since she couldn’t sleep, but Eve is concerned she ran right to the shower when she came home. Margo comes looking for Maddie to question her about Lia’s death. Carly relents and takes Simon up on his job offer so she can prove to Jack she can be independent from him. Lucinda and Damian have it out, which Luke overhears and then comes to Damian’s defense. Carly tells Katie and Mike she accepted Simon’s offer for a job. Maddie recalls seeing Casey and Lia together in the shower area of the country club the night Lia was murdered, but when she is pressed about where she was last night, she tells Margo she was home all night.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie expounds on her ‘it’s over’ to Brooke. Stephanie tells her she’s had her lost opportunity. She walked away from the family, so she can’t own the company. She has to give it back. Brooke says she is not going to give anything back; she is going to stay here where she belongs. Stephanie rants at her that she picked the wrong guy to marry and she doesn’t want her anywhere near her family. Brooke rips up the papers and tells Stephanie that she is never, ever going to give the company back to her. Stephanie has a meltdown and vows that if she is not going to give it back, she will have to find another way to take it back! Brooke runs to Ridge but now with Thorne and Alexandria losing Darla, her problems seem trivial. He shows her some designs and that SHE will look amazing. She tells him her replacement will look just as amazing; she is not going to be modeling any more. He tells her perhaps it is for the best. It would be awkward them working together. He still feels that Nick doesn’t love her the way he does. He can look the world over and never find another Logan. Donna is listening at the door.

Jackie welcomes Nick home and they lament about the naked pictures of Brooke plastered on every corner of the free world. He fills her in about Donna coming to town and that she thinks Ridge should be married to his wife. Speaking of sis, she wastes no time in seeking Ridge out and he seems happy to see her. They also waste no time in running Nick down and she suggests Ridge not to give up on her sister. Donna feels she just needs a little time and Brooke will come around. He doesn’t think so, he is ready to move on, but they still have the Forrester Creations connection.

Nick is remembering telling Brooke that she needs to fire the Forresters or give the company back. He is interrupted by a visit from Stephanie who tells him Darla’s passing reminds her they shouldn’t leave business unfinished. She gloats and takes full responsibility for the Bedroom Line pictures. Nick chuckles also that it served its purpose. He took a new look at Brooke and what’s important to her, and they have never been closer. He laughs at Stephanie for suggesting Brooke give back the stock. She parts with the warning that if he wants to keep his wife, keep her away from Ridge.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Stephanie and Max discuss relationships while working to salvage Max’s racecar. Chelsea uses a magazine article about using another man to make your guy jealous and kisses a random guy at Club Dune despite Abby’s attempts to talk her out of it. Chelsea invites Max to Dune so he’ll see her kissing another guy but Max has his own idea of inviting Stephanie to the club. Jack pretends to be asleep until Frankie makes Jennifer leave with him so they can have some time alone. Maggie sits with Jack and honors his request not to let Jennifer know he’s awake.

Maggie helps Austin prepare a romantic dinner on the roof. Sami’s latest attempts to tell Austin the truth are once again thwarted by Austin’s impatient desire to show off his surprise. Austin gets on bended knee to officially propose to Sami but this time Sami turns him down. Carrie and Lucas learn from Lexie that Carrie was never really pregnant and is in fact sterile.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny learns he will be on lithium for the rest of his life. Carly and Patrick discuss Robin while Nik and Robin discuss Patrick. Alexis' search for Jason's file proceeds. Ric admits to getting the dress for Emily as a means of forcing Sonny to see the truth, to hit bottom so he can only go up. Ric is ejected from Sonny's life. Liz worries when she can't locate Lucky. Robin tells Patrick Carly will never sleep with him.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Harley appoints Alan-Michael as the new Spaulding CEO. She makes him sign a contract ensuring Zack’s Spaulding legacy and Dinah as second in command. Alan tells Alan-Michael that he wants him to use his new-found power for the next generation and adds that he has plans for the most powerful man in Springfield. Harley tells Gus that she wants to go back on the police force. Reva phones Josh to ask for his help. Josh tells Reva about Tammy and asks for her to come home. She refuses. Josh tells Cassie that for the first time in his life, he doesn’t care about Reva. Josh tells RJ that he will come home with him and Cassie for the night. Tammy finally wakes up from her head injury. Jonathan fights with Alan and blames him for what happened to Tammy. Alan phones the person responsible for the robbery attempt and tells him/her that the message was sent. Tammy makes Jonathan and Lizzie go back to the Beacon to live together until she can get well. Billy phones Jonathan and tells him that his mother has taken a turn for the worse and to come immediately. Reva thinks that Josh is holding her, but it is Billy who whispers to her that he will not stand by while she wastes away.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Nash has Jessica in the car. She tells that she won't press charges if he turns around. He won't. He will keep her until she is Tess. Claudia continues to fake Antonio out and keep him at the club by pretending that she is about to drink. Adriana looks out the window and screams but when Rex looks out the window, he sees no one. It wasn't a person that she saw, it was a butterfly. "Sometimes a butterfly is just a butterfly," Rex says. Adriana is getting the creeps. She starts making a call, but he stops her. She wonders how long they are going to have to stay at the cottage. Rex doesn't care how long. "I wish that we could stay forever…" She gets her back up at him saying that. After they make love and she is sleeping, Rex gets out of bed and heads to his laptop. He gets online and types quietly, making sure not to wake her. Evangeline's heart had stopped but they have it going again. She has stabilized and so Dr. Simmons is ready to do the eye surgery. Both her corneas are damaged… Dorian has Clint over. She surprises him with beer and pretzels. They are soon kissing and feeling sexy. They are on the way upstairs when the phone rings… Evangeline's operation is over. They won't know the results until the bandages are taken off. No one can see her but Todd donates a cheque to the hospital and is allowed to go in. Cristian peeks in and sees Todd talking to an unconscious Evangeline. "You were there for me and so now I will help you." Cristian watches as Todd takes Evangeline's hand and leans over to kiss her. Antonio is suspicious of Claudia and soon has her telling that she was trying to keep him there because Nash asked her to do it. He gets a friend to check on Jessica and she is gone with the baby. He calls Clint, and gets his gun out before heading out to find Jessica and the baby. Clint is told the news about Jessica but he also feels that there is a chance that Tess just left with her child.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa and Jared continued to spar, with him angry that she spilled hot tea on him and her angry because he's so rude. Whitney sees possibilities with them, but Theresa says there's no way. However, her eyes tell another story. Luis and Fancy showed up at the Blue Note, too. Luis is so down over losing Marty and Sheridan's miscarriage that he can't think of anything else, but Fancy just keeps trying to impress. Noah tries to make headway with her, but she's not interested until Luis leaves, and then when Noah apologized for being rude, she accepted. Snottily, of course, but she accepted.

Fox arrived at the Inn where Miguel and Kay are staying and had to figure out a way to find their room. He finally did, but when he arrives he finds they aren't there. A maid points him toward the beach, where the two have just finished making love. Also at the beach, and angry as a hornet, is Siren, who swam all the way. She's trying to dry her tail out so her legs will come back and she can separate Kay and Miguel when a group of blind people stumble over her and think she's a beached porpoise or something. They try to push her into the water while she tries to stay on the dry land, but once they go to find help in the form of Kay and Miguel, she manages to slip away and get her legs back. She runs into Fox, and then they both run into Miguel and Kay. Now we wait for the fireworks to begin.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

JT is tied to a chair and a man in a suit walks in and takes the gag off his mouth. This wakes JT who tries to look up at the man, but he is already walking out of the way, behind a plastic curtain. JT can't see him but calls out to him, asking what it is that the man wants from him. The man says nothing and then turns walking out of there. JT kicks and shouts for answers but none are given to him. The man returns asking JT questions while standing behind the plastic almost-see-through curtain. JT will not answer questions like this. Colleen refuses to return home after showing up at JT's room. Paul uses her then to help sort papers from the case to figure out what happened to JT. Sharon tells Brad that she meant what she said before. She would follow him to the ends of the earth if he asked her. Victoria enters, asking Brad to leave her with Sharon. Victoria tells Sharon that she isn't to go near Brad for anything, ever. Victoria knows Sharon screwed up her marriage with her high and mighty attitude and doesn't want her doing it to others. She fires Sharon. Sharon is only to be at Newman for NVP business. "Now get out!" Sharon goes to Jack and tells that she has been overwhelmed and will be only working for NVP. The man in the suit asks JT who the young brunette is who showed up at his room just now. JT isn't talking unless he gets water. Sharon goes to Drucilla and the girls talk. Drucilla is stunned to hear the news on Phyllis. She goes to Neil in the lunchroom ranting about Phyllis and what kind of person she is. Neil turns to her in disbelief. "YOU find it scandalous that a woman had a child with a man that she isn't married to?" Sharon comes to Brad again. Brad tells that things are complicated for him. He admits that he is in a bit of trouble due to his past. She understands and asks no more questions. He knows that he can trust her. Colleen is alone in JT's room. She gets a call. The man in the suit holds the phone to JT's face. He doesn't care until he hears Colleen's voice. He grunts in spite of the gag… Tears fall down her face.

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