Friday 7/21/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 7/21/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Kendall observes Ryan alone with Annie and assumes he has a new girlfriend. She reveals to him that she's very worried that if Spike is not his son, then he will have no reason to be with her or with Spike. He assures her he does not care about any DNA test. Spike is his son regardless. She tells him she does not want to prevent him from being with somebody he really wants to be with. He tells her he does not know of anybody whom he wants to be with and wonders why she would bring that up. Annie finds out that ERin was seeing Aidan and asks why she broke it off with him and did not tell Annie that she knew him. Erin admits to Annie that she has a real problem allowing herself to be happy when she remembers how she stood by and did nothing while her fathers beat her brother while she was growing up. Jonathan runs into Terry and informs Aidan that he is the same perv who almost raped Lily in New York. Aidan belives Jonathan. But Terry denies it. Aidan then calls Lily and asks her to come and help him decode some statistics for him. She comes, without knowing that Terry is there, sees him and screeam. And she confirms that Terry is, in fact, the same predator who she met in New York. JR is ready to tell Josh that he is Erica's son. But Babe tells him he must hold off on that. Now that she knows that Greg Madden might very well be Kendall's baby, instead of Ryan, and knowing that JOsh is Erica's biological son, she tells him she does not want to cause ERica or Kendall or Josh any more pain.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly refuses to accept Jack's help when she has money problems. Carly may be forced to go into business with Simon. Jack informs Mike and Katie that Simon is a rich man because he struck oil on his sheep ranch in Ausrailia. Mike is worried that Simon will use all his money to get Katie back in his life. Will and Gwen promise each other that having money won't change their relationship. Maddie stabs Lia while Lia is taking a shower at the country club. Lia puts up a fight but soon she is lying in a pol of blood on the shower floor. Damian puts more distance between Holden and Luke when Luke refuses to move back home. Damian asks Luke to go live in Malta with him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna is adamant that Brooke can’t give up modeling for Forrester. Brooke states that the Bedroom Line will be a success, it just won’t be her face on the ads. Brooke says Nick does have reservations and Donna admonishes her that she was not some sailor’s wife and she couldn’t compromise who she was because of her husband’s insecurities. Nick overhears this and is none too pleased. Alone, Donna continues to goad Nick about Brooke’s career and he advises her it’s not Brooke that he doesn’t trust, but Stephanie and Ridge. And that family is very important to Brooke, so that makes Donna very important to him too, she can stick around a while.

Bridget understands that Dante’s father wants him to look out for Felicia in her bereavement. Their thoughts are of Nicole and little Dino and Dante suggests perhaps it’s time for them to think about having their own baby. She reminds him they aren’t even married and now is not the time for the family to be planning one, but…….there’s nothing stopping them from doing it just backward. Looking over all the condolence cards and donations, Eric laments that Darla and Thorne were a perfect team and Stephanie adds that is not surprising as she was the sweetest girl in the world. Now that she is gone, he is going to need their help. Eric offers that he will run it by Brooke to see if they can get Felicia to fill in and give Thorne some needed time off. Stephanie doesn’t see the need to ask Brooke; after all she only gave her the company in good faith – thinking she was returning as Ridge’s wife. She opines she can’t raise the dead and bring back Darla. She can’t mend Thorne’s broken heart, but she can damn well make sure Mrs. Marone doesn’t end up with their company.

Stephanie is anxious to hear all the juicy details of what Nick really thought of the nude ad. Brooke tells her that he saw it as his wife being manipulated by her ex-mother-in-law. Stephanie hands her a document that asks Brooke to resign as CEO and return all the stock. Brooke replies that she didn’t consider it a gift, but that she earned and deserved it. They go tit for tat, shoving the document back and forth across the desk several times. Finally Brooke dismisses her, but Stephanie has the final word when she says she really, really tried. Now, it’s over.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Carrie imagines kissing Austin as she’s kissing Lucas. Austin walks in unnoticed and imagines he is kissing Carrie before making his presence known. Sami’s attempt to tell Austin the truth is interrupted when Austin leaves to work on his dinner surprise for Sami. E.J. has to convince Sami to still tell Austin the truth but her future attempts also get interrupted. Austin invites Lucas, Carrie, and E.J. to join them for dinner and also invites Carrie and Lucas to stay with them while their apartment is redone ignoring Sami’s objections. Lexie discovers something alarming in Carrie’s test results and calls Carrie and Lucas to come to the hospital right away. E.J. promises Sami that he’ll be around no matter how Austin reacts to her confession.

Chelsea watches jealously as Stephanie consoles Max after seeing his totaled car. Stephanie helps Max try to salvage his car. Chelsea voices her claim that Stephanie is after Max. Max and Stephanie confront Chelsea about disconnecting Stephanie’s call to Max and Max throws her out of the garage. Chelsea is hurt when Abby doesn’t take her side. E.J. spots the car leaking gas but doesn’t tell anyone. Mimi rushes off past the car after hearing Shawn’s outburst just as the car explodes. Mimi ends up unscathed but is still furious with Shawn. Lexie deems Philip curable once he arrives at the hospital and convinces him not to take his anger out on Belle. Belle overhears Shawn pledging his loyalty to Mimi but then Mimi later overhears Belle profess to Shawn that she wants to be having his baby more than anything.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Alan is serious about finding who is stealing drugs. Emily encourages Nik to date Robin when a surprise message from Dr. Scorpio interrupts Nik and Emi's visit. Robin is mystified by a bouquet and semi-romantic note signed as from Nik.When the two get together, they realize that Anna set them up to make Patrick jealous. Patrick turns around and gives Liz flowers to make Robin jealous, but it only makes Lucky that way. Alexis has doubts about arresting Jason, due to his tie to Sam.She does ask Ric to help find evidence on him. Carly is on to Ric and wants Jason to help take him down, but not kill him. Robin goes to dinner with Nik while Carly uses Patrick to distract herself from Sonny in the same restaurant. Alexis realizes Jason's file is gone. Jason confronts Ric with the dress. Ric denies nothing. Sonny relives more memories of Carly. Lucky has had it with Patrick and Liz, and tells Maxie so.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Josh and Cassie come close to kissing in his car. They decide to try and stay far away from each other but acknowledge there attraction and their feelings for one another. Tammy and Harley are held captive by “robbers” and Gus walks in, Harley and Gus fight them off, Tammy is injured and taken to Cedars. Cassie and Josh’s intimate moment is spoiled by news of Tammy’s hospitalization. Lizzie tells Jonathan that she thinks that he’s beginning to care about her and the baby. Jonathan denies it and says Tammy is his only concern. They are interrupted by a call from Remy saying Tammy is in the hospital, they rush over. At Cedars, Jonathan and Lizzie learn that Tammy has a brain contusion. Jonathan tells Lizzie he knows Alan has something to do with Tammy being injured. Lizzie doesn’t think so. Later Alan lets Lizzie know he knows about Tammy’s injuries and Lizzie accuses him of being behind it. At first Alan denies it then he threatens to hurt Tammy and Jonathan further if Lizzie doesn’t move back home. In Minnesota, Reva learns that Billy’s marrow is useless due to years of alcohol abuse and when he suggest she call Josh she goes on a rant about fighting cancer alone, an it not being Josh’s problem. Colin tells Reva to wake up and says they are out of options. Reva calls Josh. Jonathan sees Alan outside of Tammy’s hospital room and glares at him.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Evangeline has been found and taken to the OR. They wheel her into the operating room. Cristian warns Todd that if anything happens to her, he will pay for it dearly. Michael comes out with news. Claudia uses a kiss from John to make a pushy guy leave her alone. Natalie walks in as the kiss is happening and isn't pleased. When John isn't nearby, she warns Claudia not to try that again! Rex has gone for pizza. He gives Adriana his gun and will be back in ten minutes. She is alone when she hears a noise. She grabs the gun and aims it at the door…waiting… Soon she calls her mother and whispers that she is fine but maybe not for long. Nash has Bruce on board with his plan, and now he goes to Claudia and asks her to keep Antonio busy. She figures out soon enough that he is going to kidnap Jessica and the baby. Todd has an idea. He tells Michael that now is the perfect time to have Evangeline's eyes worked on. Michael is mortified by the idea. He can't do it anyway without a consent form. "I have one." It is the doctor that Todd has flown in. He has a consent form from Evangeline's mother and her sister is on the way. Evangeline goes into distress and they use the paddles on her but nothing seems to be working. Adriana is on the phone still with her mother who is furious that her daughter has been left alone. As they talk, the door opens and Rex comes in with pizza. He shouts that they are alright and then he hangs up the phone. What Adriana heard outside while Rex was gone was a branch on the porch that was blowing in the wind. They set the table for pizza and when Adriana opens the curtain, what she sees makes her scream! Claudia asks Antonio to baby-sit her for a while to keep her from drinking. He does that, sitting with her and talking. She warns him that he shouldn't underestimate Nash when it comes to getting what he wants. Meanwhile, Bruce and Nash arrive at Jessica's apartment and kick the door in. Bruce grabs Jessica and Nash grabs the baby. Jessica begs him not to do this. "The three of us are heading out of town," Nash snarls.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Luis, Chris, and Fancy try to console Sheridan after she loses her baby, but she's too upset to calm down. Losing two children so close together may be more than she can handle. In the living room later, Luis tells Chris about all the people who worked to help Alistair with his Omega plan, and says when he finds any of them, he will kill them. Chris, who was one of them, looks worried. Meanwhile, the document he dropped that connects him to the plot still lies under the end table beside where the two men are seated. Theresa is at the Blue Note, talking to Noah, when Chad and Whitney show up. Noah and Whitney both told Theresa she will find the right man for her soon. She's not so sure. Eve and Julian show up, and they invite Chad and Whit to join them. When Whit notices Simone and Rae smooching at the bar, Eve seems upset, but gets over it quickly and invites them to join the group, too. She is just happy both daughters are happy and loved. She gets called away to go to the hospital to check on TC, leaving Julian feeling alone and worried.

Sam and Ivy tear the house up while he's under the influence of Siren's Lust Stew, and Ivy is thrilled with the "new" Sam. Rebecca is impressed, also, when she stops by for a visit and witnesses the goings on, especially when the naked Sam blithely walks in, grabs Ivy and throws her down in the hallway to have his way with her. Fox gets more and more worried about what's going on with Miguel and Kay on their trip, and decides to go make sure nothing is going on once he reads Kay diary. Endora zapped it to the table beside him so he couldn't miss it, then zapped him so he'd read it. Siren, angry because Sam ate her stew instead of Fox, learns where he's going and decides to swim to where Kay and Miguel are so she'll be there to take advantage of Miguel's unrequited lust. However, Fox and Siren are too late, as the deed has been done.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick is about to tell his sister about something but Brad arrives. Victoria tells that Nick wants to talk to her privately. Nick promises that it won't take long. Brad tells him sternly that he will be the one to handle this. He reminds Nick that this is his wife. Nick sits alone after they are gone and Jack comes in congratulating him on being the father of Phyllis's child. He smirks that he knows that is what Nick and Phyllis wanted all along. Brad tells Victoria that he found Sharon upset and they were in the parking garage and things got out of hand. They kissed and then things went further than they should have. Lauren comes to Michael's office. She knows that he is having dinner with Phyllis but she has plans for him for afterwards. She knows that if he is to find his father, he can't do it staying in town and so she hands him some plane tickets. Paul is really worried. He has been trying to get to JT but hasn't heard from him. Colleen tells that she knows about the investigation and that she told her father about it. Paul is furious with her but she couldn't lie to her dad any longer. Meanwhile, in Cleveland, JT's room is a shambles. The furniture is overturned and everything has been ransacked. Victoria isn't pleased with Brad and can't stand to look at him. She leaves. Sharon starts to apologize but Nick isn't mad. They agree to separate. Brad apologizes to Victoria and tells her that he doesn’t love Sharon. She decides that they can move on together then. Brad makes a call. "I have the money… Yes, I was careful." Paul arrives at JT's room. He finds the room a mess and everything destroyed. He goes to the wall where the details of the case was pinned and it is bare. Paul calls Colleen and gives her instructions to fax his notes to him. She can tell that something is wrong as she knows that JT has his notes with him and should be able to provide his copy. She starts getting hysterical… JT is out cold. When he wakes he finds that he is battered and bruised with cuts to the face. He hands and feet are bound, and he is gagged. He is in a chair and the only light is the one that hangs from the ceiling.

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