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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Babe does not tell Kendall taht she knows that Josh is Erica's son. But she appears very confident in telling Kendall that she must realize taht Zach and Ryan are just as capable of murdering Greg Madden as JR is. JR runs into Erica at an AA meeting. He does not reveal to her that he knows her secret but asks why she is there and if she has any business judging him. Jamie is very angry at Josh after Josh has convinced Joe that Julia was negligent in treating Annie with the prescription. He tells JR he wants to go after Josh. JR does not reveal to Jamie that, unknown to him, JOsh is his(Jamie's) cousin. Jonathan finds out that Annie's predator ex husband is the same guy who almost raped Lily in New YOrk. He informs Erin and RYan. RYan lets Annie stay at Zach's vacated condo. They all msut keep the secret for Annie. Jonathan goes and informs Aidan that this Terry guy whom has asked AIdan to help him find his daughter is the same perv who Lily met in New York.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Holden and Luke argue because Luke ran his car into a tree while he was drinking and driving. Lily and the baby's condition improves but then gets worse again putting further distance between Holden and Luke and drawing Luke closer to Damian. Margo and Casey persuade Lia to drop the charges against Maddie. Maddie and Casey are eager to talk to each other but Margo,Henry, and Henry and Maddie's sister Eve don't think its a good idea. Carlyrefuses to go into business with Simon because she knows that Simon is only using her friendship with Katie to stay in Katie's life. Carly informs Katie that Simon intends to put down roots in Oakdale. Katie rushes to tell Mike about Simon but Simon arrives first to tell Mike the news. Mike punches Simon in the face a few mintes after Katie arrives home.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The first ten minutes are missing and will be filled in later, due to breaking Houston news.

Donna excuses Brooke to go to the office since she had dropped in on her unexpectedly. Brooke okays it with Nick for her to work at Forrester today only. Donna makes a big deal out of Brooke posing nude in the magazine ads and Nick not approving. She tells Brooke she can’t believe she gave up her passion for HIM. Brooke explains that she is NOT leaving Forrester and her modeling days are over. That seems a fair compromise. Hector continues to explain to Taylor how this was an accident waiting to happen. And he’s not going to let her throw her life away over this. She continues to berate herself that she should have been more responsible. He feels he is just as guilty as he since he knew she had a drinking problem and did nothing about it. But, he’s going to get her the help that she needs now. Otherwise, her fragile daughter will be devastated. There is NO turning back now.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

E.J. argues with Sami over telling Austin the truth. Sami and E.J. try to deduce the identity of the note writer. The mystery stranger continues to watch as Sami and E.J.’s conversation becomes more heartfelt with hints of E.J.’s feelings for Sami. Carrie and Austin discuss Austin’s bedside declaration. Carrie asks Austin to reconsider marrying Sami while he still has feelings for her but Austin sticks to his decision. When Austin returns home, a tearful Sami tells him that they need to talk.

Chelsea and Max have breakfast together. Chelsea kisses Max when she spots Stephanie watching them through the window. Philip crashes Max’s racecar. Stephanie discovers him and calls for help. Mimi shares harsh words with Belle by agreeing with Philip’s side of the argument. Belle worries when she can’t reach Philip. Stephanie reaches Belle through Shawn to inform her of Philip’s accident and Belle, Shawn, and Mimi rush to the track. Mimi and Philip hear Shawn blurt out to a hysterical Belle that he loves her. Stephanie also calls Max but Chelsea turns Max’s phone off when she sees that it’s Stephanie calling. Max discovers letters from the court threatening contempt if Chelsea continued to blow off her community service requirements. Stephanie finally finds Max in person to tell him about the accident and though Max is upset at Chelsea for turning off his phone, he still rushes back to the track with Stephanie.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Carly sets out on a mission to expose Ric's misdeeds. Carly shares her suspicions about Ric with Sonny and Emily. Sonny summons Ric to the house. Carly warns Emily that therapy won't change who Sonny really is. Ric spins a tale to Lainey.

Patrick and Robin are honest with each other and leave the Metro Court together. Anna plans on meddling in Robin's relationship with Patrick. Tracy has tough advice for Lulu. Georgie makes her stance clear with Dillon. Dillon confronts Lulu.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Blair has Spencer at a table in public. She prods him to tell her more about his life as John suggested. She offers a secret first telling of how she pretended to be pregnant when married to Asa. Spencer tells a story of the old gang and brings up Lenny the Forger. He explains to this guy that this man could forge anything… Letters… Documents…You name it! Claudia is standing around the bar. A drunk comes on to her and John comes to her rescue, kicking the man out. Claudia gets angry with John for doing that as she can take care of herself. She is in an ugly mood and explains that is because her father just died. He tells that his father is dead too. She finds him cold. He suggests she get a shrink. She says that she has had shrinks. He feels then that the money was wasted. John is at the club and sees Spencer and Blair talking. He has a moment with Blair and warns her again to stay away from Spencer. He knows that man is dangerous and more than ever he is convinced that the man killed his father. He can't tell Blair why right now. She goes back to Spencer and gets him to leave with her now. John tries to follow, but Claudia stops him asking where it is that he thinks he is going. Todd has burst into Evangeline's apartment. She is about to make love to Cristian. He tells Evangeline that he knows that she has been feeling bad and that she doesn't have to jump into bed with this guy because of it. Cristian gets angry and orders Todd out. He shoves Todd and they get into an argument. Evangeline freaks out and makes her way out to the hall. She comes to a door and enters. She then topples down some stairs. Antonio wants Nash out. He will go but first he wants his daughter. Antonio is ready for that and tells that he has lawyers on retainer and that Nash will have a hard time explaining to a judge why he killed Reston. Nash leaves and immediately gets on the phone. "It's me. I need your help. I need you to help me do a kidnapping!"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Miguel and Kay arrive at the Inn for their romantic get-away, and as soon as she can, Kay slips Miguel the Lust Potion. It starts affecting him right away, and he rushes her upstairs, announcing to one and all that they are going to make love. In the room, however, he remembers Fox's warning and snaps out of it, at least until Kay starts putting the pressure on, hot and heavy. At Tabitha's, Siren finishes her stew and urges Fox to eat it so he'll be under her spell. Endora tried to zap it, but couldn't, as Siren has a protective spell around it. However, Fox wasn't impressed with he stew and declined to taste it, while Sam couldn't resist. Once he'd eaten it, he became a madman and began yelling for Ivy. When Tabby got in his way he almost went for her instead, but she reminded him he wants Ivy and off he went, extra stew in hand.

Theresa explained to Pilar that Little Ethan is really Ethan's son, and Pilar urged her to tell him the truth so they can be together. Theresa won't even try, tho, for fear he will take the boy away and give him to Gwen, as he did Jane. Pilar continued to tell her she needs to tell him the truth, but she won't do it. As the head of Crane Industries again, the work has already piled up for her and she tries to catch up on her laptop, but the feed from her spy camera on Gwen's laptop comes in and she watches heartbroken as Gwen lives the life she wanted to have. Luis, Chris, and Fancy try to keep Sheridan calm while waiting for the ambulance to come, but the pains continued and got worse. She finally lost the baby, and the others could only watch as her heart was ripped out once again. Later, Chris and Luis talked in the living room about Alistair's influence, even from beyond the grave, and Luis lets him know he will recognize those who worked for Al when he sees the Omega symbol on them.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Sharon is in the car with Brad, hugging him. Brad has his back to the window. Nick sees Sharon with Brad. She doesn’t let go of the man but holds him tighter as her eyes lock with Nick's. He turns and walks off. Victoria is in the office and can see that Nick is in a foul mood. When she asks about him, he tells her that she shouldn't worry about that and that she doesn't really want to know. Sharon and Brad are still kissing in the car. She suddenly pushes him off her and tells her that she can't do this. He can't understand. "Nick was just here and he saw us together." Drucilla yammers on about Prague and how she and Neil have to go their together sometime. Meanwhile, Carmen sits listening to music at her place while she dreams of her kiss with Neil in the basketball court that day. Sharon explains how Nick said he wanted to stay with her but now she just wishes that she had a chance to be with Brad like she did in the beginning. "Wouldn't you just like to drive off right now and never look back Brad?" ? She knows that their families mean too much to them for them to do that. Brad says that it is funny what a person will do in order to protect their family. Neil lies saying he has a business meeting and goes to Carmen's place. He tells that Dru is back and that they can't see each other as much, only at the office. She understands. he returns home and he and Drucilla look out the telescope together. They see a star and Neil closes his eyes, making a wish. Drucilla wants to know what the wish is but Neil knows that you shouldn't tell if you want it to come true, not even your wife. Victoria sees Brad enter the office. Brad is short-tempered with Victoria. She wants to go out for dinner as she is too tired to cook, so he agrees to go out for dinner. She wants to leave her car and go with him, but he insists on meeting her at the club later. Nick has something to tell Victoria about Brad when she finds him at the Athletic Club, but he doesn't get the news out, as Brad has just entered the club.

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