Wednesday 7/19/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 7/19/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erin admits to JOnatahn that she is harboring her friend Annie and Annie's daughter, Emma from a predator. She reveals that the predator's name is Terry. Jonathan remembers that the predator he saved Lily from in New York City was named Terry. ANd he's afraid it could be the same guy. Erica drops the bombshell upon Kendall that Josh is her son, Kendall's brother and SPike's uncle. And that is the reason why his DNA matched Spike. Josh is no biological relation to Greg Madden. At first, Kendall does not believe her but when she does, she agrees with her mother that it would devastate Josh to know that his biological mother intended to abort him. At the hospital, Jeff is very tempted to tell Josh that he is his biological father. Annie has an asthma attack and they rush her to the hospital where Josh, Jamie and Julia treat her. Jeff can tell that Josh is distracted and not thinking. Julia tells Jamie that she knows what Josh is living with right now, with the devastating death of his father. Derek tells Dixie and Tad that he suspects JR of killing Greg. They want to protect JR or whomever may have done it, however.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Vienna comes to the Lakeview after tracking down Simon; Simon makes a clean break with her, which Vienna doesn’t take well. Carly talks to Mike and Katie about her new venture – interior design. Carly meets with a VP of Business Venture from the Oakdale Bank in order to procure a loan; everything works out until they want her husband to cosign the loan. Carly tries to figure out another way of getting what she wants without anyone’s help. Simon eavesdrops on Carly’s meeting with the VP and seems as if his mind is starting to plot something. Margo, Dallas, Henry and Eve all reach out to Maddie in hopes she will open up about what is causing her to act out violently. Maddie admits to being drugged and attacked in Chicago at a Frat party, but tells then she remembers nothing else. Maddie asks Margo not to tell Casey. Eve and Henry promise to get Maddie help, but as they are leaving Margo tells them unfortunately they can’t go because she is being charged with criminal destruction of property. Lucy admits to Holden what she did for Damian. They are interrupted when Bob tells them that Lily’s baby is breach and they are at high risk unless they do a procedure to rectify it. Holden, Lucinda and Damian try to find Luke who is not picking up his cell phone. Kevin and Luke double date even though Luke tries to get out of it. Luke’s date offers him vodka to relax him, which Luke initially turns down. After Kevin asks Luke for condoms though, Luke takes her up on the offer. After she kisses him, Luke bolts though. An intoxicated Luke is racked with images of what has happened over the past couple of weeks as he drives. He listens to his messages and is so upset to hear of his mother’s condition, he drops the phone. When he goes to retrieve it, he looks up and he has veered into oncoming traffic.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

It’s morning, very early, and Taylor has a nightmare of a haunting Darla. Phoebe opines that she doesn’t care if Taylor is honest or good, she just wants her there as her mother. Do not go to the police. Thorne and Stephanie return to his place, only to be faced with all the happy memories, decorations of the birthday party. No more his pretty Darla. A sobbing Hector arrives at Taylor’s to give her the news and she breaks down. He again gives her a good lecture about not going to the police with all the evidence against her. They won’t buy that it was an accident and she will go to jail. At Forrester, Ridge matter of factly tells Brooke that no one will be in the office today; Darla died. She wishes she had known. Not that she could have done anything about it, but she loved her too.

Thorne refuses Stephanie’s offer to go to sleep. He doesn’t think he can stand to wake up without Darla. Instead he focuses on some silly things like always picking up her lost shoes around the place. They have to find a way to tell Alexandria. He spots the video camera and replays the happy bittersweet memories of the party. Taylor shows up unexpectedly and laments how very sorry she is. They both are surprised at the added moments on the tape that Darla made that is even more endearing to Thorne. He is inconsolable and does not understand why this happened. Taylor hugs him and says she can not tell him why it happened, only HOW it happened.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle admits that she still has feelings for Shawn. Philip calls Belle on her desire to keep the baby only because it’s Shawn’s baby and forces her to choose between keeping the baby and keeping him. Philip takes his frustration out by going for a drive but ends up swerving off the road. Hope calls Shawn on how he’s partly happy that Belle is carrying his baby. Shawn urges Hope to use the baby as a reason to divorce Bo but refuses to do the same in his own relationship. Mimi and Patrick discuss what could happen for each of their babies and relationships prior to Patrick going in to visit Hope during her doctor visit. Mimi spots Belle coming to Shawn for a shoulder to cry on and hears her tell Shawn that she feels having a baby with him is right.

Lucas overhears Carrie calling out Austin’s name in her sleep but chalks it up to their recent trauma. Carrie admits to Austin that she overheard his comments at the hospital.

Sami begs E.J. for help against the mystery stranger. E.J.’s advice is to go to the police but when Sami refuses, E.J. implores Sami to tell the truth. Austin fantasizes about Carrie joining him in the shower but he tells the fantasy Carrie that he belongs with Sami. Austin overhears Sami telling E.J. that she can’t tell Austin the truth but Sami covers by claiming that she was plotting with E.J. in order to surprise Austin with a romantic dinner. Sami decides that she must tell Austin the truth. The mystery stranger watches her and E.J.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Noah asks Robin to give Patrick a second chance. Robert and Skye's escape plan progresses even as Lorenzo insists on being part of his child's life. Tracy and Edward bust Dillon and Lulu for having sex, then Tracy begins to question the relationship's veracity. She does not buy that Georgi cheated and confronts Lulu alone. Lulu admits the truth, but her step-monster decides not to tell Dillon. Sam begins work for Alexis. Jason shows up, and Alexis is concerned. Georgi and Diego begin to be more romantic.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Dinah and Mallet argue about taste in food, movies and music. They make up as fast as the fights start. Dinah gets Harley to go with her to a crazed half-price sale of wedding gowns. In the hustle and bustle of the venue, a woman grabs Dinah’s dream dress. Dinah finds out that she is allergic to all types of live flowers and cannot make a decision on the floral arrangements. She gets into a fight with the baker because Ross Marlar had at one time sent the baker’s mother to prison. Dinah smashes pastries in his face. At the police station, Blake arrives and tells her that she got the charges dropped. Dinah runs into the woman who grabbed her wedding dress and is able to get the dress back. As Dinah looks at herself in the mirror and envisioning her wedding, Mallet finds an online blog, the “Springfield Burns”. The headlines read: “Which Spaulding Executive isn’t just shopping for a wedding gown – but for her boss’ husband? What else are they hiding?” He then finds pictures of Dinah and Gus on a bed, kissing.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

David slowly puts it all together. When he ran off from the shooting, he ran into Spencer. He realizes that his brother was there and he in fact set David up with the blanks… The men don't know it but there is a microphone near David's cell and Hugh sits in another area listening to their conversation. "Did you do it?" David asks. Spencer tells him to pipe down as someone might be listening. David will not. Hugh waits holding his breath. Spencer just tells David he is on his own now and he leaves. Blair goes to John and begs him to help. He doesn't want to. Blair is in danger with Spencer. She tells that Evangeline has got Todd's eye. John cares for Evangeline and has to admit that her dealings with Todd has only gotten her in trouble in the past. Todd has a meeting with a doctor that will try to help Evangeline with her blindness. Nora is doing great! She has been working hard and can stand and take steps. She will be going home soon. Roxy and Paige talk about getting second chances and Roxy offers the woman a job at the salon. The bartender at the bar where they are asks Roxy if she would like to make $50 working that night as the waitress can't make it in. Paige grabs an apron and gets to work. John can't work with Blair on this. She is in danger. John senses that she is pushing this thing for some reason. She tells that Todd is falling for that uptight defense attorney, Evangeline. John cares for Evangeline but knows that her and Todd has always meant trouble for Evangeline. Hugh plays the tape for John. On it, David confronts his brother, telling him that he must have been at the scene of the crime before the shooting as David ran into him." Todd goes to see Evangeline at her place and knocks. She is about to make love to Cristian and they both have their tops off. Cristian knocks over a tray inside and Todd panics, busting the door open. He finds Cristian and Evangeline standing half-dressed before him. John takes the tape and plays it for David. He asks David is he really believes that Spencer shot his dad. "I do," David says.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

The travelers from Rome arrive back in Harmony today. Whitney and Simone go to the hospital to see TC, who has suffered a stroke and can barely talk now, and Julian, Eve, Chad, and Miles are there, too. TC apologizes to both daughters, and they forgive him. Whitney and Chad explain their new situation to their parents. Julian and Eve are sad to learn Chad isn't really their son, but happy that he and Whit can be happy now. That is, depending on who's on the other end of the line that Chad keeps assuring he will continue to see after marrying Whit. Theresa arranges for Ethan and Gwen to go with her to see Little Ethan first, since he really missed Ethan. Gwen overheard Theresa say Little Ethan should be calling Ethan Dad, but thought it was because Theresa had wanted to marry him.

Jessica arrived home to her Dad's happy greeting, until Spike walked in and told him he married his daughter. They wanted to live with Sam, but he refused to allow it until Ivy told him if they live there, he can keep his eye on her and protect her. Noah arrived, not knowing about the arrangement, and attacked Spike. He was already upset because Fancy refuses to listen to him and he believes she's now in love with Luis. Fancy and Luis arrive at Sheridan's cottage after she was released from the hospital, and Luis apologizes for failing to save Marty. She ends up having more contractions and everyone is afraid she might lose the baby. Kay and Miguel get ready to leave on their romantic vacation although Fox is very upset about it, but Miguel promises nothing will happen. However, Kay found some Lust Potion in the attic while retrieving a suitcase and snuck it away from Tabitha to use on Miguel. At the same time, Siren stirred up a batch of stew that will put Fox under her spell if he eats it.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Brad has a list of hotels for Cleveland and he calls them looking for JT and Paul. He finds the hotel they booked into and hangs up quickly. Next, a woman and man arrive with a briefcase of money for Brad as he requested. They open the case and show him the money. Neil walks in while Brad is talking to the banker and he is introduced to her. Alex calls Daniel and wants more. Kevin isn't worried. He feels Alex will not take this further. He isn't sure if he can get more money should they need it. Sharon almost faints while talking about Phyllis and Nick being parents of her child. She decides to stick with Nick and knows that she can only stand this situation if Phyllis has another father figure for the child. She feels that if Nick stays out of it, Jack and Phyllis will have a chance. Brad is on the phone talking about the 'situation'. He turns loud and boisterous when Victoria walks in. He ends the call, turning the list of hotels face down. "I have to go out of town for a few days," he tells his bride. She hates sleeping alone in that big bed and suggests going with him. Sharon thinks about how Phyllis said that she wants to raise her child herself and she thinks that it is a trick to get Nick to want to see her more. Kevin goes to his mother and tells her that he needs $25,000. She forces him to tell the whole story. He does. She feels that this is actually Daniel's problem. Kevin can't ignore it as he has a lot to lose as well, although it wasn't his idea. Meanwhile, Daniel has gone to Jack and told him what has happened. As far as Kevin is concerned he says that he was only helping a friend. Jack is quite sure that there will be no easy way out of this. Sharon is sure that Phyllis will never be out of their lives. Nick disagrees. Sharon storms out and Brad follows her. He finds her shouting and banging the steering wheel when he gets in the car. Soon they are kissing and tugging each other's clothes. Victoria is on her way down. Nick sees the car and walks up to it. He stares in the window and sees his wife's face over the shoulder of some man in a love embrace.

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