Tuesday 7/18/06 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Lucy calls Damian when she sees Holden is not at the hospital, so Damian takes Luke there to appear as the empathetic, caring and supportive dad. Lucy has reservations about what she did after talking to Holden about Luke and tells Damian not to involve her anymore. Luke continues to believe Holden doesn’t want anything to do with him, which Damian gently enforces. Luke gets roped into a double date with Kevin. Casey tries to get Maddie to explain why she is so angry that she would destroy Lia’s car. Maddie is about to tell Casey what happened to her in Chicago when Margo and the police show up. Maddie is arrested and at the police station Margo questions her, but Maddie is still unable to open up even after Margo admits to being sexually assaulted as well. Henry learns about Maddie’s extra curricular activities. He makes a pleading call to someone for them come to town as soon as possible. Gwen and Casey talk about what is going on with Maddie. Emily is overjoyed to be released, but Paul threatens he will do everything in his power to make sure she is locked up. Paul demands to know why Dusty let Emily go? Dusty tells him simply he did it for Jenny. Emily asks Tom to see Daniel. Meg doesn’t understand why Paul can’t let this go with Emily; he can’t always win and control everything, but Paul will not accept Emily in his child’s life. Meg is worried about how obsessed Paul is becoming and she feels he is neglecting her in all of this. She isn’t sure if they will make it if he continues acting the way he is. Emily thanks Dusty for forgiving her, but he tells her he will never forgive nor forget; he did it only because Jen asked him to. Barbara tells Dusty each day she is going to do something for Jen; today she gave Will his trust find in her honor. Dusty tells her he did the same thing that day; he tells a horrified Barbara that he let Emily go because Jen asked him to.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Sally and Thorne keep vigil over Darla and Sally keeps good thoughts and laments that Darla’s going to make it, placing a rosary in her hands. Stephanie urges Lt. Baker to do all he can to find the person who hit Darla. Hector arranges for a friend to fix Taylor’s car, good as new. He wants them all to make some decisions before any more is said. He reminds Taylor she could go to jail for a long time since this is her second DUI. Phoebe begs her mom not to leave her again; this WAS an accident. Lt. Baker shows up at Taylor’s, still wanting more questions answered. Taylor is hysterical and of no help. Phoebe covers and keeps her from saying too much. Lt. Baker picks up the empty wine bottle and espouses a quick warning about drinking and driving.

After a kiss from Thorne, Darla’s eyes suddenly open. He is overjoyed and tells her just to rest; everything they need to say has been said. Stephanie tells her that they are so blessed to have her. And she has such strength. She’s the best Mrs. Forrester ever! As the memories come flooding back for all of them, the monitor falls to zero and they realize this is the end. Stephanie cradles Thorne’s head but he is inconsolable, breaking down in sobs while trying to be strong. Grief-stricken, Sally looks on through the window.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kayla meets with Stephanie at the Brady Pub to ask Stephanie to give up racing but Stephanie is outraged at being asked. Steve tells Stephanie to follow her heart even if it means racing. Stephanie tells Kayla and Steve about her attraction to Max but only refers to him as a fellow racer. Frankie confronts Jennifer about her desires to be with Jack. Jennifer tells him that it’s okay to leave if he wants but Frankie agrees to wait. Jack calls out for Jennifer. Chelsea and Max attempt to make love on the beach but that gets interrupted when Max realizes neither of them brought a condom. He sees it a sign that they aren’t supposed to be together but Chelsea lies to Max about wanting to be exclusive with him. Philip pleads his case for abortion but Shawn and Belle are still against it. Philip warns Belle that he will leave if she goes through with having Shawn’s baby. Shawn does his best to comfort Mimi after she runs out Belle’s loft in tears.

Lucas, Sami, Austin, and E.J. rush Carrie to the hospital where she and the baby are deemed fine but kept overnight to rest. Lucas pulls Sami aside to commend her for saving his life. Lucas leaves Austin alone with Carrie and Austin uses the time to plead his feelings to a Carrie that he believes is sedated. He walks away without knowing that Carrie heard every word. Austin has E.J. take Sami home and while they are in the apartment, the mystery stranger slips another note under Sami’s door threatening to expose her. E.J. rushes off in search of the stranger but comes back claiming to have been unable to find anyone.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Carly remains conflicted over her feelings for Sonny. Sonny fears therapy will change who he is and that he might not want to be with Emily any longer. Carly wants Emily to stay with Sonny because she is afraid of falling back in love with him. Sam accepts Alexis' offer to work in the District Attorney's office. Ric and Sam are frustrated over their roles in Sonny and Jason's lives, respectively.

Lucky warns Jason he is going to investigate Juan Escobar's murder. Jason tries to ease Elizabeth's fears when she worries that Lucky will be able to build a case against him. Jason refuses to admit to Elizabeth that he killed Manny. Maxie tempts Lucky with more pills and is pleased when she sees him taking them. Emily tells Nikolas she regrets the mistakes she made in their relationship.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Tammy takes Lizzie for an outing. Alan finds Lizzie and tells her that he hopes Jonathan doesn’t consider her an albatross ruining her life. Lizzie asks Tammy about Jonathan and Tammy tells her that Jonathan will come around. Reva has the chemo and afterwards, phones Jonathan and asks him to be with Josh today (it is their anniversary). Cassie goes to Jeffrey’s room and they kiss. Josh sees her as she leaves Jeffrey’s room and looks bothered. Alan continues to eavesdrop on Tammy, Jonathan and Lizzie’s conversations. Billy, who dodged a bullet at the bar by not drinking, goes to be with Reva. Colin tells Billy that he needs to get a bone marrow donor list for Reva. Reva tells Billy to remember not to tell anyone about her illness. Billy finally makes the decision to call the family. As he watches Reva through her hospital window he says, “Sorry darlin’. This is a no brainer. I will do what it takes to save your life”.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Evangeline has been alone for too long. She gets her cane and starts walking through the park, trying to find her way. Cristian has been gone too long. Someone walks by her and trips over her cane. She loses it and stoops to try to find it. Someone picks it up and hands it to her. It is Todd. He hugs Evangeline and sees her relief at finding someone she knows. Cristian returns and both men argue over who is to take her home! Evangeline leaves angrily on her own. John goes to talk to George about his having seen David with the gun the night of the shooting. The old man's memory is fuzzy but he looks at the gun anyway… David is ranting in the jail for his brother. He gets Spencer in to visit and tells him that he is innocent and that Spencer knows it. "I was shooting blanks like Kevin Buchanan and you knew it. You were the one that gave me that gun!" Blair is in the park and hears Todd and Cristian sword-fighting over Evangeline. Todd tells Cristian that he wants to be a good friend to Evangeline, but Cristian feels that he has more to offer. He walks off. Blair comes over and asks Todd about his pulling out all the stops for Evangeline lately. "Are you falling for her? What are you going to do to get her?" Todd walks off. "I will be damned if I let you go off with another woman." Cristian is still at the park with Evangeline. He tells her that he has a chance to fight and possibly get the money that she needs to get her eyesight back. She gets really upset at that point. It isn't about the money but about the way that she feels. They are controlling and she doesn't like it. A friend happens by and Evangeline takes the man's arm and asks him to take her to a cab. "Cristian don't follow me," she warns. Spencer tries to get Blair to go with him on a trip with the kids but she begs off. John makes a visit to George the eyewitness and he confirms that this underground gun was the gun that David was seen with. David thinks as hard as he can and he suddenly realizes that Spencer was in the alley with him the night of the shooting. That is it. "I have to find out now who really did kill Thomas McBain.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Noah tried to comfort Theresa the best he could, and it seemed to help some. She is still hurting because of her decision to let Ethan go for good, tho. Gwen woke up and realized Ethan is gone, and went on the warpath, sure he's with Theresa. When she saw Theresa and Noah hugging, she thought it was Ethan and went into Gwen gear again, jumping on her, knocking her down, and choking. Noah stood up for his friend, tho, and got Gwen to leave her alone for now. When she went back to the hotel after Theresa told her the news, she ran into JT and promised to send him money again. Ethan had come back to the hotel earlier and had a heart-to-heart with Fancy about their lost loves. She told him about Alistair, Beth, and Marty's deaths, and then tried to make him see he should follow his heart and go be with Theresa. He agrees, but won't do it.

Luis struggled with the decision of whether to tell Sheridan Marty is dead or not, and finally told Chris instead. Sheridan was listening, tho, and realized from Chris' reaction that her nightmare had been real. Luis then explained what happened to her, and apologized for letting her down once again, but she was too upset to care about his feelings. Fancy came in later and tried to convince him that he will find love again, but he doesn't think it will ever happen, much to her disappointment, as she's obviously falling in love with him.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Sharon is pissed. Nick hasn't called her since he left and she can't believe that he did this to her. Phyllis has barely hung up the phone when she realizes that Nick is there in the room staring at her. He tells that she doesn't have to take the test as he has the results. Brad drops in with a box of things that Colleen had left in her room. Soon all Brad does is ask about JT and his trip. Colleen tells she hasn't any info on his trip. "I am the father." Phyllis is speechless. She and Nick decide to talk privately. On the way out, Brad sees them walking off. When they leave on the elevator, Jack exits from the other elevator. Brad calls Sharon and tells her that he saw Nick with Phyllis. Sharon understands what that means if he went to Phyllis first. He must be the father. She feels that Nick going to Phyllis first means that he has made some major decision about things. "I am at the bank, I have the money. Do you want to be there when I do this thing?" Kevin asks. Daniel says that he is with Lily but wants to hear how things turn out later. Lily is getting strange vibes. Daniel says that the thing with Colleen is making him nervous. She hopes that is what it is. She knows that secrets between people that love each other causes problems. JT makes a connection. He looks at the crime scene pictures from the family slaughter and finds the same baseball picture with Brad in it hanging on the wall. He calls a neighbor and has the woman come over. She tells how the son was violent all his life. When presented with the baseball team picture she easily picks out Brad's face as George Kaplan. Colleen comes to see her father. She has to come clean. She tells him that JT and Paul are investigating him in Cleveland. He tells her that he knew they did a background check and that there is nothing to be found. "I was there. My father died from alcoholism and I left, never to return. That is all there is to it," Brad says smiling.

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