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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

After Josh has used his own DNA to do the test on Spike, (He's unable to use Greg's since Greg has been cremated), he finds out that he and Spike have the same genetic markers. He and Kendall conclude that that would have to mean that Spike is Josh's brother, and Greg's biological son. They still have no clue that Josh is not Greg's biological son in the first place and that he is Erica's son, Kendall's brother and Spike's uncle. Kendall is devastated to believe that Spike will not be able to recognize Ryan as his father. Zach hears that and goes to tell Erica that she must tell Josh and Kendall the truth because of this. But she tells him there's no point in doing that. IT won't help Josh to find out how he was really conceived. And it's still entirely possible that Spike is Greg's biological son. Ryan has refused to get the DNA test, so they still cannot confirm whether he's Spike's father. But since he knows the truth about Josh, he might reconsider in order to prove that Spike might very well be his child, after all.

Erin's friend, Annie, admits to Ryan that she is on the run because her ex husband and father of her daugther is a sexual predator. She admits that she is ashamed that she never saw the signs until it was too late. Ryan tells Erin that he kind of questions Annie's story and suspects that she might have stolen the child, in conjunction with Greg's plan. Right then, a woman who owns the Confusion Bar does not respect Jonathan or Lily and refuses to hire them. But Amanda is on their side and wants to help them. Unknown to everybody, the predator whom Lily met in New York (Annie's ex) is spying upon her through the window. Babe tells JR that she has proof that he buried Greg in the box in the ground. He tells her he did not. But the CD in his drawer points to him and she tells him he's gone too far. Josh goes and digs up his father's grave believing that Greg impregnated Kendall. He dumps the ashes in the ground, very upset.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Barbara gives a stunned Will and Gwen access to his trust fund. When they see the size of the check, Gwen and Will dream about what they can do with the money. Gwen and Will thank Barbara for this, as Will reaches out a bit to her. Maddie watches Lia kiss Casey while brandishing a knife. Jade interrupts and Maddie is able to cover, but Jade is more and more suspicious of her behavior. Jade asks Casey if the police know more about the fire and if they will arrest the person? Casey wonders why she cares? She thinks she knows who started it. Outside, Maddie sees Lea’s car and goes into a trance as she envisions Casey and Lia kissing inside. She stabs at her car seats as she sees herself fending off someone in a darkened room in the same stabbing motion. Lia sees Maddie destroying her car and Casey rushes to her side. A freaked out Maddie yells for him not to touch her. Casey tells Gwen to call his mother. Simon approaches Lucinda about a job, but hides when Katie and Mike appear. Lucinda thinks Simon is back for Katie but he claims he is back to settle down for good, but it has nothing to do with Katie; Lucinda is suspicious. Simon sends back Katie’s ring with a cordial but simple note, and Katie sees this as a sign that he is now accepting they are together forever; Mike is skeptical. Emily seems ready to plead guilty when Dusty barges in on the proceedings wanting to be heard. Paul tries valiantly to stop him, but Dusty will not be deterred. He tells Tom if he goes to trial, it will be without his testimony. Tom reluctantly admits without Dusty they have no case. A desperate Paul tries to stop Emily’s imminent release by tearing open his shirt to reveal his bullet wound scar, which Emily gave him. Meg testifies on his behalf and she is convincing as a nurse, but when Cass questions whether she actually saw Emily pull the trigger, the case falls apart. The judge reluctantly drops the charges on that count as well and sets Emily free. As Emily and Susan celebrate, a determined Paul threatens that he will not let her hurt their child, but Emily orders him out of her way since he can’t touch her anymore.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

In Darla's hospital room, Taylor continues to bemoan the fact that she was the one responsible for the accident and she is sorry. Hector checks and finds Taylor has had a prior DUI and he tries to shield her from this investigation. He wants to whisk her and Phoebe home before Lt. Baker can pry. Taylor is livid and doesn't want to go, insisting they return to the hospital, but he tells her then be prepared to face jail time. She should not have been driving with a suspended license and then drinking as well. She confesses to Phoebe she had been depending on alcohol too much and had done nothing about it. Over Phoebe's protests, Taylor still repeats that this was her fault.

Stephanie is called and she in turn calls Sally and tells her to call Clark and she will pick them up and take them to the hospital. Thorne fills them in on what happened and he is angry at the 'sick bastard' who hit his wife and left her for dead. Lovingly, Sally sits by Darla's bed and recounts happier times and that she has a secret for her. She confesses when Darla is better, they are all going to resurrect the Good Ship Spectra for one last hurrah. And she can't do it without Darla. So they are going to take a little trip down memory lane and then she wants her to open those baby blues and give her one of those sweet, silly smiles. Will she do that for her? Smile, smile, smile!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo still wants to reunite with Hope and raise the baby as his own. Hope instead asks for time away from Bo. Billie overhears Patrick calling Bonnie with the news. Bo tells Billie that he still plans to stick by Hope and Billie urges him to save his marriage. Jack is admitted to the hospital to begin the new drug trial. Frankie stays by Jennifer’s side for moral support but is saddened to hear Jennifer say she can’t live without Jack. Jennifer gets Jack to squeeze his hand upon hearing her voice. Hope stops by to show her support for Jennifer and tells her the news about the pregnancy. Philip questions why Belle is so calm about the embryo switch up news. Mimi worries that having a biological baby with Belle will send Shawn running back to her. Philip accuses Belle of being happy about having Shawn’s baby. Philip suggests terminating both pregnancies but Belle and Shawn immediately veto that idea.

E.J. reads the note and discovers that it merely threatens to expose Sami for blackmailing Lexie, not the actual requirements. Sami admits to having requested something from Lexie in the blackmail and burns the note. Sami takes E.J. up on his offer to take care of the note writer for her. Austin spots the fire coming from Lucas and Carrie’s apartment and bursts into to rescue them. He is able to wake Lucas but has to carry an unconscious Carrie from the apartment. Lucas tries to walk out on his own but passes out on the living room floor. The fire alarm alerts Sami and E.J. and together they discover Lucas and help carry him out of the apartment where Sami revives him. Austin is able to revive Carrie.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly tells Jason that she is fighting against going back to Sonny. In session, Sonny tells Lainey about his past with Carly, particularly how he once shot her. Lainey implies that perhaps he might be using Emily as part of a pattern he continues to repeat of loving Carly, leaving her, finding someone else, then returning. Sam flirts with Ric, subtly. Then, she and Alexis talk about the Cassadines, and how Stavros used to try to kill Alexis for fun. Helena visits baby John. Carly almost catches them. Sonny seems certain he is not merely reacting to Carly, but loves Emily. Liz begins to wonder about the truth about Manny's shooting. Colleen worries that she can't obey Helena and stop Carly from becoming part of John and Nik's lives. Emily visits Nik, who notices how natural she is with the baby. Sam tells Jason she wants him to hurt the way she does. Sonny apologizes to Carly.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Alan arranges for the psychiatrist and two guards to bring Lizzie to the mansion. Jonathan crashes through a window at the mansion to rescue Lizzie as Tammy tells Alan that he will not take Lizzie anywhere. Alan feigns that he is apologizing to Lizzie and hands the keys to the Penthouse where she, Tammy and Jonathan can live. The three go back to Tammy and Jonathan’s room, keys in hand. Alan and Beth listen via walkie talkies Tammy, Jonathan and Lizzie’s conversation. Josh admits he has feelings for Cassie, but they both decide they must put this behind them and forget this. Both of them look sad and confused. Reva starts the stem cell treatment and Billy calls Josh. Josh tells Billy that Billy is responsible for Reva now. Reva appears uncomfortable during the treatment and looks longingly at a picture of Josh as Billy goes to a bar and motions to the bartender.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Spencer shows up early for the board meeting. Todd is there and Spencer can't understand that. He says that he has information that the board wants to hear and so he will be permitted to sit in. John visits David who thinks that he shot the gun and then dropped it. John tells that he found the gun and that it had blanks in it. David realizes the truth. He didn't kill Thomas McBain and John agrees. The board meeting starts. The first item to deal with is welcoming the newest member of the board. The door opens and Todd walks in. David feels like John and Natalie are playing a trick on him. He is sure that he is the one that killed Thomas McBain. John and Natalie feel differently and that David may have been followed that day. The sound of the gun going off may not have been his own. Evangeline gets a call. She has an appointment to see a doctor the following day about her eyesight. They may be able to help her. Spencer explains to the board that the picture that was taken of him when in his home was unauthorized and that the TV was too loud. No big deal. Todd disagrees and asks the board to consider this carefully as they are a business too and need to have the backing of the public. Spencer is told that he is being put on probation. After the meeting, Spencer pulls Todd close to him and warns that this fight isn't over. Dorian arrives at the office and attacks Kevin for treating Kelly badly. Clint arrives and Kevin walks out. He tells Dorian to get out. She can't see how he could let their relationship be affected by this, as she always talks to Kevin that way. "He is my son!" Kelly is going to burst and she tells Blair about the baby. Blair feels that Kelly worries too much and is sure that Kevin will be fine when the time comes for him to find out. David is alone now. He starts freaking out. "Guard! Guard!" he shouts. "I need to make a phone call. I need to call my brother." He thinks about the rubber bullets…

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Luis is devastated at having watched his son being blown up in the train he, Beth, and Alistair were trying to escape Rome on, and he spent the rest of the time wondering how to tell Sheridan. Noah tried to talk Fancy into coming back with him, but she refused, and he thinks it's because she's now in love with Luis, who says he won't even try to get Sheridan back now. Fancy tries to comfort Luis, and when Sheridan calls via her laptop, she urges Luis to tell her what's happened. Theresa had it out with Ethan, telling him she is finally giving up on him and wants nothing more to do with him. He is stunned, and obviously upset at losing her, but when he tries to comfort her, she begs him not to touch her and to just go away and leave her alone. He does, reluctantly, and Noah arrives in time to hold her as her heart breaks and the tears pour out.

Chad is still talking to the person on the phone when Simone arrives to tell them about TC's accident. He thinks she might have heard him, but she didn't. Later, the phone rings while Whitney is there, and she answers. No one responds, although she can hear the person breathing, and Chad is visibly upset when he hears about it.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victoria is upset over her father having epilepsy. She will not leave him alone at the house. She leaves the room for a minute and Victor is gone with the car. She rushes to Nikki's office and tells that Victor has epilepsy. Victor meanwhile has gone to the Athletic Club and visits with Jack there, talking about Phyllis's paternity testing. Daniel rushes home to find Lily. She isn't anywhere. He and Kevin talk about where she could be. Suddenly she walks in the loft. Daniel hangs up and runs to her, hugging her. Kevin talks to Jana in the coffeehouse. Suddenly, Alex walks in. Kevin's face gets grim. "Hey Kev! How's it going?" Kevin sends Jana home and Alex is quick to get to the point. He reminds Kevin of that stunt that they played on Lily. He can see that Kevin is doing well, but warns that all that can be gone in a second. Kevin isn't afraid of the kid and tells him to get out or he will call the cops. Alex calls Daniel while he is with Lily. He tells that the kid had better come to meet him right now. Daniel fakes that he is talking to Kevin as Lily is with him. He pretends to have something that Kevin wants. He hangs up and soon phone Kevin telling that he found the thin that Kevin wanted. Kevin smells a rat and will be right over. The boys meet Alex. He wants $10,000. "We have no money!" Alex doesn't care. "You took things too far!" Daniel says. Alex reminds them that they were the ones who initiated the plan to make Kevin a hero. "Go ahead Alex, no one will believe you over us." Maybe not before, but they will now. Alex plays the tape he just made of their conversation about the crime. "I'll be in touch," Alex says.

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