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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Casey reveals to Margo Liat thinks that Maddie was the one who burned her sweater. Margo is worried and encourages Henry to talk to his sisterand figure out what is bothering her before her acting out gets dangerous. Maddie mixes up memories of her attacker and Casey and when she sees Casey and La together she takes a knife from the counter at Crash and holds it while she stares at Casey and Lia. The jdge thinks Emily should stand trialand Dusty arrives after the hearing is over and demands to speak to the judge.Carly tells Mike and Katie about Jennifer's death and that makes Mike realizehow precious life is so he gives Katiea duplicate of her wedding ring that she lst on the island and vows to never lose her again. Simon arrives in Oadale and checks into the Lakeview because he is going to stay for a while.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hector and his paramedic buddy attend to a bloody Darla. He dispatches critical information back to University Hospital and tells them he is bringing a pedestrian in. He tries to get information from a hysterical Taylor and Phoebe. Thorne stands by frantically trying to elicit some glimmer of information. Hector offers him to ride in the ambulance and for Taylor and Phoebe to follow. The honeymooners return home and can't wait for Hope to tell them everything she did while they were gone. And Bridget inquires of Mrs. Marone if the honeymoon was everything she thought it would be? Nick tells Hope he can just call him Nick now, he's going to live there with her and her mommy. Ridge laments to Thomas that neither Taylor nor Phoebe are home and he is rightfully concerned when Thomas shows him the empty wine bottle and reveals that his mother has been drinking more lately and not just a glass of wine at dinner. Phoebe reaches him by his cell and he tells her to sit tight, he'll be right there at the hospital.

Phoebe tries to comfort her mother who is a basket case and keeps berating herself for this being her fault. Christian tells Thorne that Darla has a skull fracture in addition to lacerations and a broken arm and leg, ribs, and the next 24 hours are critical. Ridge offers his support and questions Taylor and Phoebe. Hector checks with the license bureau and finds Taylor charged with a previous DUI. Thorne pleads with Darla not to leave him; they all love her so much. Alone, Taylor confesses at Darla's bedside that it was her fault. A stricken Thorne walks in. How much, if any, did he hear?

Days Recap Written by Danielle

E.J. overhears Sami voicing her fears about the truth coming out. E.J. convinces Sami to let him read the note. Billie and Austin discuss Austin’s lingering feelings for Carrie and Austin offers to set Billie up with E.J. Billie is against the idea but agrees to think about it. Carrie faints but blames it on lack of eating when Lucas wants to take her to the hospital. Lucas gives Carrie his father Bill’s old baby rattle. After some more lovemaking, they sleep through their curtains catching fire from a lit candle.

The mystery stranger continues to watch undetected from behind the curtain. Belle and Philip are called back to the hospital to join Mimi and Shawn where Dr. Jaynes tells them about the possible mix-up. The lab tests the catheters used in the implantation and discover that while the right embryos were implanted into the right women, the incorrect sperm was used resulting in a Shawn and Belle parented baby and a Mimi and Philip parented baby. Mimi notices that Belle isn’t as horrified as everyone else when they learn the news. Hope first learns the identity of her baby’s father and then calls Bo and Patrick in to declare that Patrick is her baby’s father.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

At Emily's insistence, Sonny goes to see Lainey, where he relives memories of Carly. Carly and Jason realize that Ric set Sonny up to break down. At the ceremony, Lucky gets his award and promotion, and attributes his strength to Liz. This makes Maxie so angry she refuses to give him his drugs, but they wind up kissing passionately. Sam looks for a job.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Reva wakes up refreshed and works in the garden of the home Billy found for her. Billy is protective of Reva and thinks she shouldn’t get her hopes up when she says she feels that she’s in remission. They plan a nice day together but Colin comes with the news that Reva’s cancer is spreading and they must try the new technique they discussed. Reva returns to the clinic where she reminisces about her wedding day to Josh at Cross Creek. She then asks Colin to tell her if there comes a point where she should give up fighting and he says he will. Alan finds out that Lizzie is moving in with Tammy and Jonathan and calls him psychologist friend to the mansion to talk to Lizzie. Lizzie goes ballistic and Alan has him leave. Alan later tells Beth that he plans to find redemption in the child Lizzie is having. Beth is skeptical of Alan and the way he’s acting. Lizzie shows up at Jonathan and Tammy’s hotel room and learns that Alan has had the bank foreclose on her penthouse. They decide to stay in the hotel room which is now overflowing with Lizzie’s things. Tammy discovers she’s allergic to Roxie, and Jonathan and Tammy go to pick up allergy medicine and lunch leaving Lizzie and Roxie alone. Alan’s doctor shows up with goons and they take Lizzie from the hotel room. Cassie admits to Josh she has feeling for him and he says the feeling is mutual.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Rex and Adriana head out of town. Rex hasn't told anyone about their location, not even Bo. He has rented their place under a fake name and he even hired people to drive several cars out of town to confuse the stalker if he were watching them. Spencer remembers accusing Blair of drugging him, but not of wrecking his suite. He worries that he might have hurt Blair. She shows him the newspaper with his passed-out picture on the front. She says that she is fine but he hates that she shies away from him when he goes to touch her now. She goes to the police station to talk to John and try to get him as a confidant for her undercover work. He won't do it and orders her to let him take care of Spencer. Spencer walks in wanting to report a crime. He says that he was drugged and that he knows who did it. Todd walks in behind Spencer and he quietly tells Spencer that he could have written about how he killed Margaret instead of how he trashed his suite. Todd gets information on Spencer. "Seems that the hospital board isn't happy to see their top surgeon in the paper and they are meeting about it." John and Natalie are at the crime scene and they look at David's sketch and use it to figure out where it is that the gun should have been dropped. They get men to jackhammer a hole in the ground and John uses his hand to dig around. He finds the gun and a bullet that holds his interest.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

While Gwen and Ethan spend the day making love in their hotel room, Theresa worries Ethan might be the one from Harmony who is going to die that the e-mail warned her of. She called him to make sure he's safe, and was told he's fine, spending some alone time with his wife. The call affected the two differently: he dreamed of making love to his real love, Theresa, while she decided it is finally time to stop trying to win him back. A talk with Whitney and another with the old nun do nothing to change her mind, and when Ethan comes across her while on a walk to clear his mind, she seems ready to tell him she's through with him. Esme continues to tell Fancy she's really in love with Luis, and it seems to be causing her to believe it, too. Luis, however, can only think of getting Marty back to Sheridan so they can reunite. When Beth calls him, he sees a chance to find them, especially when Interpol manages to trace her call back to the train she, Alistair, and Marty are on. They get a helicopter to follow the train, but find someone else has the same idea, using a weaponized drone, and it launches a missile at the train as Luis and the others watch in horror.

Chad and Whitney talk about their future together, happy they can finally be a real family, but when Whit goes to say a final prayer, Chad calls someone and tells them he'll be getting married but that won't keep him from being with whoever he was talking to. Is Chad really a two-timer? Pilar and Katherine meet in the hospital while visiting the still ailing Sheridan, and the claws come out. That is all set aside, however, when Sheridan dreams Marty is in danger and goes into a seizure. Meanwhile, Chris got a call from Alistair telling him to do what he'd been hired to do, or he and Sheridan will pay, so he gets a file full of documents and begins burning them. However, one page falls and goes under a table, where it remains. Chris' duplicity may be discovered yet.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Victor is alone with Abby when he reaches for a graham cracker that has fallen into the fireplace. He doesn't feel the heat on his hand and holds it in there too long. That freaks Abby out and she starts screaming. Victoria comes and drags him to the doctor. He has testing and it is epilepsy that he has. The doctor gives Victoria instructions to deal with it and medication. JT tells Colleen to tell Daniel everything. Another note comes to the mailbox. Daniel takes it and goes to see Kevin. They agree that this is Alex. The kid that they used to drug Lily and make her sick so that Kevin could be a hero later on and the town would love him for saving Lily. The stalker isn't after Colleen. He is after Lily! Phyllis wants the results. She gets Jack to agree to do the testing and they go together. Jack thinks about the good times and holds Phyllis's hand. He thinks of the bad times and then pulls his hands from hers. He can tell that she would rather be with Nick than he. He feels that he has wasted enough time on this DNA stuff and he gets his coat and walks out before doing the test. Kevin and Daniel are upset. Lily has no idea that they were behind her getting drugged so that Kevin could look good saving her. Alex knows the truth but they wonder if he would tell anyone as that would send him to jail as well. Kevin has his new job and reputation at stake. Daniel has his marriage at stake. He wife has no idea that he has anything to do with her being drugged and almost dying. Daniel gets a call from Alex. He heard Daniel married Lily. He talks about how she looks great in that clingy black and white dress. Daniel realizes that Alex must be with Lily now and demands that she be put on the phone. Alex says that he can't do that right now as Lily is busy. He hangs up. Neil comes over to talk to the boy. "I didn't know that you and Kevin were still friends," he says.

Jack finds Phyllis in the office. She tells him that the results came in and Nick left town without telling her the results. Jack finds Nick to be a real piece of work. Phyllis has a favor to ask.

Neil is working and Carmen calls.

"I am glad that you changed your mind about the concert," Carmen says. "I am flexible." He noticed. "You took a long lunch yesterday."

Carmen thinks back to making love with Jack at lunch the other day.

They decide to meet soon.

Victor talks to his vision. "It is so nice to see you," he says. The glowing vision sits on the couch before him. It is a woman.

She quickly fades.

Victoria and Abby enter the house. "Why are you talking to yourself Victor?" Abby asks.

Victor says that he was only talking to Zapato. Victoria tells that Victor sounded like he was talking to someone.

Victor calls for the dog and he comes running.

Abby and the dog go out.

"I am worried about you dad." She has to admit that he looks fine and so Victor asks that they not talk about his health.

Jana introduces Kevin to Fiona who does readings. "Pick a card," the woman says.

Kevin picks the sun coming through the trees. Fiona tells that is a rebirth. "Something from your past has come back and you need to deal with it before moving on."

Daniel wants to do something about the calls that Colleen has been getting.

He calls the phone company.

Lily checks the mail and finds that one envelop has no address on it.

Colleen opens the envelope. 'He lied to you and he is still lying;' She is puzzled. "What does that mean?"

"I want you to take a paternity test," Phyllis says. Jack finds it funny that she is turning to him when Nick doesn't come through for her. He agrees to take the test. She has made an appointment for Jack to take the test that afternoon. She says that she was reluctant to tell him about the baby as she feared that he would take her baby. He can see that she really doesn't know him at all.

Colleen talks to JT about her problem.

Daniel and Lily watch Colleen pace and talk on the phone.

"JT says that I should tell you everything," Colleen tells Daniel. "My dad isn't really Brad Carleton. That is a fake identity."

Carmen comes to Phyllis asking if she should wear her jacket with the dress that she has on, or not. Phyllis is reluctant to give any fashion advice. "Are you still seeing Jack?" Phyllis asks. "Why are you interested in him again?" Phyllis says that she is very single right now.

Victor is visited again by the vision. She talks to him for a while, but then leaves quickly when Abby enters the room.

She sits with the dog on the couch.

Victor goes over by the fire.

Abby turns and finds Victor with his hand in the fireplace. "Victor! Be careful!" Abby shouts. "You will burn yourself." Victor says that he will be just fine. She can't stand watching him with his hand in the fire like that. She opens her mouth and makes a bloodcurdling scream.

Victor comes running and Abby tells what happened. She sends Abby off with the dog.

"Dad why are you acting so scary?" He dropped a marshmallow and was picking it up. "I think that we need to go to the doctor," Victoria says. "I will not go to the doctor!" Victor says angrily. His hand is burning red and Victoria knows that has to hurt.

Colleen tells all about her dad. Daniel wants to takes things seriously and not flippantly like the girls have been. "None of us are safe."

Kevin continues his reading on the patio with Fiona and Jana. "The first card, the Underworld represents your past… Your present is a Chariot…That means victory. Your future is the tower. A big change is coming your way. You need to be very careful." Kevin tells the woman that this could be a fortune for anyone.

He reenters the coffeehouse, and looks a little shaken.

Jack and Phyllis end up on the elevator with Neil and Carmen. Neil mentions out of the blue that he and Carmen are going to see Joshua Redman. "Nice," Jack says. Phyllis gets off the elevator first. Neil and Carmen are next to exit. Jack gets off alone…

Victoria gets Victoria to the doctor for his burned hand.

Dr. Morris tends to him.

Victor turns his head to the side.

He sees the glowing woman smiling at him from the wall.

"He is doing it again," Victoria says. "He is seeing something that we can't." The doctor is glad this is happening during the testing.

Neil and Carmen are at the coffeehouse and the fortuneteller tells Carmen that she is doing well, but came from humble beginnings. "You will find your soul mate. True love will be yours."

Daniel goes to the coffeehouse and shows Kevin a note. "Alex?" Kevin asks. "This isn't good." The boys worry that Alex will reveal that they played a trick on Lily and almost killed her to make Kevin look like a hero. They wish they knew what Alex is up to. He could get arrested as well for what he did. Daniel thought that some jerk was just harassing Colleen, but the truth is that Lily is the one in danger. Daniel is scared for her.

Jack and Phyllis arrive at the lab to take the test.

Jack remembers when he and Phyllis were told that Phyllis couldn't have anymore children.

Jack was only worried about her being okay and having another child later on.

The doctor delivered the blow and they realized their hopes were over.

Phyllis was delirious.

She and Jack argued.

She was taking drugs and risking her health to give him a child. He wouldn't allow it.

Jack reaches for Phyllis's hand now. She turns to him surprised by the act of tenderness.

"Thanks for doing this for me," Phyllis says. Jack feels that Nick has put her in a bad spot. "You should be furious about this." She will not talk about Nick. "The subject is closed."

Jack thinks about how he bared his heart to Phyllis. "I need you in my life." He kissed her then. She hugs him and then she held his hand and pulled him to the stair. They kissed again and then went up.

Jack looks over at Phyllis now.

She told him back then that she didn't want to mislead him but she didn't explain what she meant.

Jack remembers it all now.

He begged her to tell him what was going on after he found out that he had been a fool…too trusting.

These thoughts make him angry now and he roughly pulls his hand from hers. "If this baby is Nicholas's, do you think that he will walk away from his marriage?"

Colleen and Lily agree not to go out alone. The cops are on speed dial in case they are needed. Colleen needs to get to work now, and so does Lily. They will leave together.

Daniel knows that Alex seems to want something from them.

Neil comes over to Daniel, asking that they talk alone. The two walk off.

"Well, well. I had no idea that you and Kevin were still friends. It is strange seeing you two together." Neil is surprised. Daniel tells that he and Lily are all settled in at the loft. Neil sees the boy is jittery but Daniel shrugs that off. Neil leaves.

Daniel and Kevin talk about what will happen. They both have something to lose in their lives. They have to figure a way to stop Alex from acting out. "I finally meet a girl that I like and she might end up looking at me like a crawled out of a rock." Kevin shakes his head. Daniel can't believe that Lily might find out what he did. "We have to get rid of Alex."

Neil has a reading next. Fiona tells him that he is stable and there are painful truths that are now out in the open. The future brings out the two of clubs. Seems obvious to me… I will leave you two to figure it out." Fiona leaves.

Neil and Carmen laugh. They think they have been duped.

The doctor has finished his testing and concludes that Victor has epilepsy. Victoria knows that her father hasn't shown symptoms like this before. The doctor wants to know when Victor started changing. "It was when we almost lost my mother," Victoria tells. Victor knows that he was very driven in business before, but now… This could have been brought on by trauma. The doctor will prescribe something but Victor refuses to take it. He remembers what happened before with the medicine. The doctor says they have a better idea of what they are dealing with now, so the medicine should work better.

Victoria and the doctor leave Victor for a moment. "I think that it is important to have you know what to do if your father has a seizure. He can lose consciousness and you need to cushion his head and move things out of his way. Put him on his side, in the recovery position and that should keep his airway open. Don't restrain him or put anything in his mouth. Just let the seizure happen. He hasn't had a seizure like that but he could. He is having partial seizures now." Victoria thanks the man for his help and she will talk to her mother about this as well. Dr. Morris will be available if she needs anything.

Victor comes out as Dr. Morris is reentering the office.

Jack feels that he knows what it is that Phyllis wants from Nick. She doesn't want to ruin a marriage or cause pain. Jack knows that there could be a chance that Nick might want to be with her over Sharon. He can see that is what she wants.

"The doctor is ready for you Mr. Abbott!"

Jack turns to Phyllis. He grabs his coat. "Nevermind, I have wasted enough time with this." He leaves.

Neil and Carmen talk on the patio. He tells that he and his wife are having problems but he is still there. "I just enjoy your company," Carmen says. She would like to keep seeing him and she promises that she will not jeopardize his marriage.

Daniel's phone rings.

"How you doing?" Alex asks.

Kevin can tell by the look on Daniel's face that he is talking to Alex.

Alex has heard that Daniel married that babe Lily Winters. "She sure looks good in that black and white polka dot dress that she is wearing. It sure clings to her." Daniel demands to know how Alex knows this. "You are with her? Put her on the phone!" Alex can't do that right now. "She is too busy," he tells before hanging up quickly.

Daniel turns to Kevin now. "He is with Lily. We have to find her!"

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