Thursday 7/13/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 7/13/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Emily tries to escape the hospital to avoid the hearing but Susan makes her see reaason and takes Emily back to her room. Casey uses Lia to make Maddie jealous while Maddie gets good memories of Casey mixed in with memories about her attack. Maddie burns things that Casey gave her and causes a fire at Crash. Paul and Dusty both struggle with their desire to do as Jennifer wished and getting revenge against their common enemy Emily. Damian uses Lucy to further distance Luke from Holden. Luke tells Kevin he is gay in a suble way but Kevin doesn't get it and Luke is determined never to tell Kevin how he feels about him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy continues to be freaked by the mysterious stranger by the side of the foggy road. Taylor is driving like crazy trying to find this location. The birthday party for Alexandria continues as she opens her presents. One is a pretty pink sleeping bag and Grandma Sally suggests they have a sleepover at her house. Clarke, the clown, shows up and charms them all with his shenanigans. The party breaks up and they all tell Darla how special it was. She tells them to drive carefully, it’s foggy out. Thorne drives Sally and Alexandria home and Darla says her final good-byes. Then she makes a video tape for Alexandria to view in years to come. Steffy calls about her plight but tells Darla not to come, her mom is, but Darla rushes out anyway.

Thomas and Ridge discuss his and Taylor’s situation and they hope things can be worked out. Alone, Thomas spies the empty wine bottle that he knows his mother left. Unwisely because of the fog and heavy traffic on busy highway, Darla still attempts to change the flat tire. She has trouble with one lug nut and strains and strains to loosen it. In doing so, she pulls and lunges backward into the lane just as Taylor comes barreling down the road. Darla flies up on her hood and the two women lock eyes through the windshield. Her motionless, bloody body lies on the ground with Taylor panicking and in shock. Steffy also is speechless and then a third party comes along just after Hector and his paramedics discover the accident. It’s Thorne who is devastated when he realizes it is his sweet Darla.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Dr. Bader is able to fit Hope in for an ultrasound. While they wait for Hope to be prepped, Shawn shares some harsh words about Bo’s record as a father. Shawn argues with Caroline about Bo once Bo and Patrick join Hope for the ultrasound. Hope is forced to have a blood test to determine paternity. Shawn pulls Patrick aside to thank him for his support and it makes Bo furious. Mimi shares her worries about the implantation with Bonnie. The nursing staff tries to determine whether the dishes were switched prior to the procedure. The nurse drops the tray and Mimi worries that her reaction at seeing Mimi a moment later is too foreboding. Dr. Jaynes, after learning of the mismatch from the nurse, approaches Mimi and Shawn with the news. Chelsea pretends to be having a great time at Club Dune to make Max jealous but Max doesn’t buy her act. Abby pleads with Max to keep after Chelsea but Max is too annoyed with Chelsea’s antics. Max heads outside and Stephanie surprises him with a kiss. Max pulls away from the kiss because he still loves Chelsea. A few blunt words from Abby and the realization that Max truly left sends Chelsea running back to Max with an apology.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason admits he was wrong to try and keep Emily and Sonny apart. Emily convinces Sonny to give therapy a try. Sonny promises he will never stop loving Emily. Sam remains angry at Jason for refusing to let her back into his life. Carly is grateful for Jason's friendship. Max, Patrick, Nikolas, Ric and Lucky each have their own fantasy involving Carly. Lucky has a surprise for Elizabeth.

Lulu turns to Carly for advice and later makes a confession to a disbelieving Dillon. Robert is a thorn in Anna's side as she tries to make inroads with Alcazar. Alcazar knows Anna is up to something.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Blair is with Spencer trying to get him to tell her something criminal that he did for her love. He babbles but really says nothing. She goes on about how Todd was a liar to her, not like Spencer who is open and she wants him to keep being that way. Spencer tries to talk about something. "Todd…Margaret," he says. Suddenly, he looks at her strange. He doesn't feel right. "Did you drug me?" Todd shows up at Dorian's place. Dorian says that Blair is sleeping and she gets in his way when he tries to get up the stairs to get the kids. She threatens to kill him before letting him up the stairs. He realizes that it wouldn't be right to wake the kids and drag them out into the night. Spencer freaks out when he realizes that Blair has drugged him. He stumbles into the living room and starts tossing furniture around, and knocking things over. The room is in a shambles. "You did this to me? I loved you and this is what you do?" He chases her into the bedroom and climbs on top of her, choking her. She is doomed, but suddenly, he falls over exhausted from the drugs and he passes out. Blair opens the door to Todd who sees the suite trashed. He goes into the bedroom and finds Spencer passed out. He also sees the tape recorder that Blair had partly hidden in her purse. He confirms that she is fine, and then uses his picture phone to take pictures of Spencer passed out and the wrecked apartment. Once out the door, Todd calls the paper. "Stop the presses. I have the front page story for tomorrow." Rex sneaks into Adriana's room and they make love. He goes to start the shower for them. While gone, the stalker enters the bedroom and covers Adriana's mouth while brandishing his knife in front of her. Rex returns to the room and he and the stalker fight. The stalker overpowers Rex and cuts him superficially on the chest.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

As Noah stated he believes Luis is in love with Fancy, Esme said the same to Fancy in regard to Luis. Both denied they are in love with each other, although Fancy's denial didn't quite ring true. Theresa decided not to tell Ethan about Little Ethan's real paternity, even tho Whitney tried to talk her into doing so. Her fear of losing her son the way she did their daughter is greater than her belief that knowing he is Ethan's son will cause him to divorce Gwen and get back together with her. Gwen was happy that Theresa had nothing earth-shattering to tell them, but Ethan realizes there is something more, and can't stop wondering what it is, too Gwen's exasperation. Theresa figured her predicament was what the e-mail she'd received en route to Rome meant, then wondered about the part that said someone from Harmony would die in Rome.

Sheridan can't stop worrying about Luis, Fancy, and Marty, and having heard nothing only makes it worse. She swears to have nothing more to do with anyone who helped her father in any way, which makes Chris fear losing her, since he was doing just that. Julian tried to reassure her by saying he has people looking for her loved ones and they will protect them once they find them. Eve told TC the same about Whitney and Simone, and said Julian has a Crane jet waiting to bring them home once they are found. TC was grateful, but still resentful of his ex-wife's lover. He managed to have a bad pain in his head right as Eve and Julian were leaving to go to dinner, causing her to run back to his side until the doctor said he would be ok. Julian was suspicious of the timing, but said nothing. Later, as he and Eve danced, he was again upset at Eve's memories of dancing with TC, but said nothing.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Daniel is in the lunchroom, packing up to head out. Brad walks in and learns that Daniel is on his way to the loft to stay with Colleen, while JT is out of town. Brad asks where JT has gone. Daniel thinks that he heard Cleveland mentioned. Brad hightails it over to Colleen's place and asks about JT's trip. She tells that he is chasing a bail jumper. The phone rings and Brad finds it funny that no one answers it. Later when he is gone, the phone rings again. Lily answers angrily demanding to know who it is. "You can't run from the truth," a voice whispers. Daniel arrives and the girls are really shook up. "What is wrong?" he asks. "I don't appreciate you telling my dad that JT is in Cleveland!" she shouts. JT can't understand the anger in her voice. He demands an explanation but Colleen won't give him one. He leaves angrily and goes to the bedroom. Phyllis goes looking for Nick and finds the envelope from the lab on his desk. Sharon walks in and thinks that Phyllis has run off with the results. She tells that they are gone and so is Nick. Nick sends Sharon and Phyllis a message saying that he needs time to think about this before talking to them. Phyllis calls the lab but they won't give her information. Brad returns to the office. He thinks about how he got that kid's ID off him, compared their pictures and then ran off leaving the kid concealed. He takes the baseball picture out and slowly tears it to pieces. He drops those pieces in the garbage now. Next, he reaches for his cellphone. He dials. "Hi, it's me. We have a problem."

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