Wednesday 7/12/06 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

The Fusion women are setting up the new bar. Babe hires Amanda to attract business. Kendall and the others tell her she cannot do that. But Kendall concludes that Amanda could be useful in that she might be able to offer information about Greg, from when she worked for him. Kendall then goes and takes Spike to see Josh and asks him to find out once and for all if her baby is the biological offspring of Greg. JR and Jamie reveal that they might very well be responsible for Greg's death. But they catch Josh looking like he might be messing around with Colby. She tells them that it was she who attempted to seduce Josh. Josh believes that they set him up to get him falsely accused of statutory rape. JR gets another call from the extortionist and agrees to meet them in a dark alley and give them the money. Jamie goes with him. And when they get there,they discover that Colby is hiding herself and watching them there. They conclude that she must be the extortionist. She concludes that Jr must have killed Greg if he is willing to pay off an extortionist.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Dallas hears that Maddie may be leaving town and he tells Casey having time by herself with no pressure may be what she needs. Casey offers to slow things down with Maddie if she will just talk to him. Maddie tries to open up to him as they admit neither one’s feelings have changed. When Casey reaches for her hand and tells her they will just have fun with no pressure, Maddie has another memory that sends her fleeing Java. Lia flirts with Casey and then asks ‘permission’ from Maddie to go for him since Casey supposedly implied they were over. Hal tells Parker he wants him to live with Carly again. Tom tells Susan that Emily will not be coming back to the hospital after the hearing tomorrow – it will be to jail or another secure facility. Jen’s memorial concludes; Dusty tells Lucy that she is the reason Jen died. Lucy is racked with guilt. Damian comforts her. Emily and Paul have it out, as she pleads for him to include her in her child’s life. Paul tells her he is filing for sole custody. Dusty ignores Emily’s pleas to talk. Meg seems to be reconsidering how they handle Emily’s involvement in her baby’s life. Paul doesn’t want to budge and feels he needs to protect his child. Meg can’t live with not giving Jen her dying wish. Barbara gives Will access to his trust fund again thanks to what she learned from Jen’s death. Barbara toasts her beautiful daughter surrounded by family and friends; Dusty sits alone at the church mesmerized by Jen’s photograph.


In loving memory of Benjamin Hendrickson 1950-2006

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge continues to apologize for how things turned out. He wishes he could change it. She cries to him that looks like Nick and Brooke are the only ones who ended up with any real happiness. It seems so damn unfair! He only wants the best for her and that includes a man who will love and cherish her… that won’t let her down the way he did. Interrupted by Thomas, Taylor scoots them on their way to the party. Stephanie talks to Phoebe, who shares with her that she’d like her dad to move back home. Stephanie admits too much may have happened for that to be a reality. When Darla returns home, she finds the place lavishly decorated by Sally and Thorne and she can’t possibly express all her love for them. The guests arrive and even Sally and Stephanie hug and make nice. Most don a big red rubber nose and join in on the festivities. Stephanie tries to cheer Ridge up and they agree they will have to learn to live with Brooke’s choice. Stephanie opines that she will not let Brooke keep the company; she won’t let it be hi-jacked. But, Ridge doesn’t feel that fighting over the company is going to help anyone. And he tells his mother that after what he did to Taylor, he could never judge her again.

Phoebe calls Taylor that she is having difficulty because of fog, but dismisses Taylor’s wish that she come back home, and heads to toward the party. Shortly thereafter, she has a flat and calls home again. Taylor tries to give her instructions of who she should call for help but the line goes dead. She repeatedly calls Phoebe’s name to no avail. Phoebe is being confronted by a scary, shadowy figure who asks if he can help. Taylor panics and grabs her purse, phone, jacket and flies out the door. Everyone is having a great time playing, singing Happy Birthday, making a wish, blowing out the candles on cake, taking pictures, and wondering what is keeping Phoebe. Darla gathers everyone and makes a loving speech. Only now does she think she is deserving of the love and acceptance and happiness she has found with this family in abundance.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Lucas surprises Carrie by romantically decorating the apartment for their wedding night celebrations. Sami and Austin spend the evening at Club Dune. Sami asks Chelsea to be in her wedding party and offers to help Chelsea get Max back in exchange. E.J. approaches Austin at the club and urges him to get married soon before someone steals Sami away. Austin suggests putting Sami in charge of E.J.’s account to make sure she stays focused on the company. Sami receives a note from the mystery stranger and is horrified by its contents. Chelsea follows Max to Club Dune to check up on his date with Stephanie. Max doesn’t buy Chelsea’s claim that she came to the club to meet up with Sami. Chelsea purposefully bumps into the waiter so he ends up spilling a drink on Stephanie. When Stephanie returns from cleaning her dress, she has ink on her hands that she can’t explain away.

The mystery stranger watches as Belle gets implanted with her embryo. Shawn and Mimi’s surrogate gets implanted as well. The mystery stranger then switches the Petri dishes so the staff gets the impression that they accidentally implanted the wrong embryos into the wrong women. Philip gives Belle his sister Isabella’s ring because Victor wanted Isabella’s namesake to have it. Steve pushes Kayla away because he doesn’t feel right about making love to a wife he doesn’t remember. Jennifer is having a hard time accepting Jack’s impending death. Lexie comes over to check on Jack. Jennifer and Abby pray by Jack’s bedside. Meanwhile, Frankie convinces an old doctor friend to include Jack in his latest clinical trial.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly fights her impulse to go back to Sonny's, and fights Ric over putting Sonny away. Nik returns home. Lucky's euphoria continues. Skye turns to Robert for help in getting away from Lorenzo. He agrees to help her vanish. Ric, Max, Patrick, and Coleman share opinions of Carly. When Lucky and Nik arrive, talk turns to Emily as well. Carly is disappointed that Nik will not let her and the boys see John, while Helena makes plans to see the baby despite Nik's refusal to let her in.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Tammy and Lizzie - Inside the Light

"Three's Company"

Jonathan tells Alan that he will back off him and Tammy or else. Lizzie disappears in the park after she overhears Jonathan tell Alan that the next time he will take her further away. Alan fights with Jonathan and then sends two thugs to beat up Jonathan. Lizzie goes to a Family Planning Center and tells the worker she is ready to do this. Tammy tells Jonathan that he needs to find Lizzie and make things right. Tammy and Jonathan find Lizzie at the Beacon. Lizzie tells them that she doesn’t want the baby anymore and things are okay now. Jonathan and Tammy are horrified. Lizzie tells them that she could never abort her little girl but will place the baby up for adoption. Alan tries to get Lizzie to come back home. Tammy tells Jonathan and Lizzie that this cannot go on any longer. She suggests they move in together. Jonathan and Lizzie agree.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Spencer and Blair sit at their table. Blair wants to celebrate while Spencer wants to just head upstairs. She tells him to go and get her jacket out of the car. He heads out. While alone, she drops a little something into his champagne. When he returns, she makes to toast, to looking at him with new eyes. He drinks to that. Jessica has the baby in bed. She comes to Antonio now in a sexy dress. She wants to take advantage of the alone time. "Jess?" Jessica is hurt that Antonio has to check to make sure that she is herself. He just remembered that Tess likes to use sex to get what she wants and that was what Jessica was just doing. She fears that when she fully integrated, he will not like the part of her that is Tess. Natalie is doodling when John comes to her in bed. She tells him that she has been recreating the scene of the crime and that is doesn't fit that David made the shot from where they all think that he did. The shot came from elsewhere in the area. John smiles at her. He loves it when she uses those big forensic words. Blair has Spencer in bed and groggy. She turns on her recorder and asks him questions about his life. Did he play sports? Did he get straight 'A's'? Was David smart? Spencer laughs at that question. Blair tells that she is tired of talking about David now and wants to talk about Todd next. Spencer lets on that he fell for Blair and just had to have her. She wonders what kind of things he did to get her. He laughs evilly, in his part dreamlike state. He tells that she wouldn't believe the things that he did to get her to be his own. She plays titillated and urges him to tell her more about things he did to get her.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Once again, Theresa backed out of telling the truth. Ethan's admission that he advised a friend to sue the mother of his illegitimate child for custody seems to have scared her into keeping the knowledge of Little Ethan's paternity to herself. Ethan is confused when she fails to tell him the earth-shattering news she promised, but he can't get Whitney to tell him what it was. Gwen doesn't care, she's just busily gloating over the fact she's won again. Luis and Fancy missed Alistair, Beth, and Marty by a few seconds, then set about trying to find them again. They asked for help from the local polizia, not knowing whether they'll get it or not. Noah encounters Esme, who tries yet again to get him up to her room for some hanky-panky. He's not interested, but he does get upset when he sees Fancy hanging all over Luis. While he questions Luis about his intentions toward her, Esme does the same with Fancy, sure that she's in love with her aunt's ex.

TC continues to improve, and the doctor has given him a clean bill of health, pretty much. Eve is thrilled, but Julian is worried and unsure of what her obvious feelings for her ex might mean to their marriage plans. When he learned from Sheridan that Alistair has been trying to kill Fancy, he contacts his office in Rome to have them find and protect her, then ordered them to find Whitney and Simone and get them back to Harmony to be with their father. Ivy and Sam continue to wonder just how Tabitha's house was rebuilt so quickly, but Endora zaps up President Carter and a group of others to explain it all. They aren't really sure they believe that, tho. Siren feels Endora's wrath when she threatens Tabby. Fox almost told Kay the truth about being engaged to him, but he caught himself just in time and stopped. However, when she let it be known that she and Miguel are taking a trip to be alone for a few days, his anger was hard to hide. Another warning to Miguel to keep his hands off Kay was in delivered through clenched teeth.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Colleen comes to Lily at the boutique to show her a note that she found on Lily's car. It says, 'he is lying to you'. They don't know what that means and will not tell JT, as that might stop him from going on his trip to Ohio to find out about her dad. Sharon tells Nikki the news of Phyllis's pregnancy. Nikki's mouth drops. She tells Sharon that she too had to deal with having Abby in Victor's life and Ashley. Sharon isn't sure that she can deal with that. Nick tells his father about the pregnancy and admits that he wants the child to be his. Phyllis comes to Nick asking about business, but he knows that she is there to ask about the DNA test and he tells her before she asks that he hasn’t received results yet. He isn't sure what is going to happen when they get the results but he knows, no matter what… He loves her! Nick moves close to Phyllis and touches her face. Nikki walks in and finds them like this. She wants to talk to Nick and so Phyllis walks out. He tells that he isn't sure that he wants to continue in his marriage. Nikki begs him not to make any decisions until they have the test results. Sharon comes to Nick and tells that she has decided to tough it out with him and accept the baby. He nods at her apologizing again for all the trouble. A deliveryman arrives and hands Nick an envelope. Nick reads the address and puts it in his pocket, telling Sharon that it is about business.

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