Tuesday 7/11/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 7/11/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Adam reveals that he believes that JR is probably the one who buried Greg alive and is worried that the cops will nail JR. He tells Dixie that after she caused JR to become a total basket case, she can make it up to him by confessing to the crime and taking the rap for him. But JR tells his mother he won't let her do it. She tells him she will not abandon him nor let anybody get him in trouble. He tells her he loves her. But he's having recurring nightmares about himself being buried alive in a box in the ground, like Greg was. Colby walks into Babe and JR's room, probably to steal their money or credit cards, while they sleep. She tells them she's sleep walking. They don't buy it. Babe attempts to talk some sense into her. But she sneaks out with Babe's driver's license and believes she can easily steal Babe's car and pass for her. Kendall expresses to Ryan and to Zach that she's worried about what it will mean if Spike is Greg's biological child. She's afraid he will sense the very same thing she sensed from her mother, knowing she is the product of a rape. She's afraid that Spike will hate her for that the same way she hated her mother. They encourage her not to worry and believe that Spike will love all three of them as his family. Krystal tells a very depressed Tad that she won't let him give up on finding his daughter nor let him blame himself. And they end up sleeping together, right where Dixie can see them.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Just as Simon and Katie are agreeing to a truce, Mike rescues Katie from the ‘deserted’ island. Katie defends Simon at first thinking he must not have known they were near a resort, plus he kept her safe. Then she steps on the golf ball and realizes he had lied to her again, as she whips it angrily at his head. Mike punches Simon as a warning. Later, Simon finds Katie’s wedding ring in the sand. Margo tells Casey to talk to Maddie and not let her run away from him. Casey guesses Margo knows what is going on and it has something to do with Dallas. Gwen sees Maddie at Jen’s service and asks her why she broke up with Casey. Maddie doesn’t want to talk about it and tells Gwen Will needs her more. Maddie ignores Casey at the service, but when she leaves upset, Casey follows her and tells her he loves her; Maddie tells him not to touch her again. Dallas tells Jessica that he took a call for help in Chicago from Maddie. Later, Casey and Dallas confront Maddie. Parker is angry with God for letting Jen die and for breaking up his family. Carly comforts him and Jack is moved by her words. The three of them attend the memorial together. Meg and Paul talk about forgiveness, and Meg convinces Paul to attend Jen’s memorial. Dusty tells Lucy he blames her for Jen dying. Some of Jen’s family and friends speak at her memorial; Emily shows up; Dusty gets up and angrily speaks about the fact Jen should not have died over a mistake and then he walks out. Gwen sings at the memorial, as Lucy approaches Dusty standing alone outside.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tries to work but his concentration is on the newspaper headline, “Shipping Magnate Marries Fashion Diva.” He laments to Thorne he always thought Brooke was just punishing him being with Nick, but guess the joke was on him. Phoebe has returned from London and she and Thomas try to cheer Taylor up and champion the cause for their dad to come back home. Thomas is worried about Taylor’s drinking and she says she is too, but vows to pour it all down the drain and be the mom he remembers and deserves.

Darla drops in and is very warm and loving to Ridge as she sees how much he is hurting. It’s Alexandria’s 4th birthday and they invite Ridge to come to her party. Then she drops in on Taylor who has just started pouring the bottles of wine out. They end up hugging and vowing to be better friends and there for each other. Taylor passes on the party since Ridge will be there. Ridge is delighted to see Phoebe and they discuss her mom. She makes it clear she knows they both still love each other. He should come home. He says the same as Taylor, it’s not that simple.

Thorne tells Darla he has never been more proud of her than today with her big heart with Ridge. They speak of Taylor, but how she was treated by Ridge and she doesn’t think she will ever take him back. Ridge stops by to pick up Thomas for the party and ends up apologizing profusely to Taylor.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Carrie and Lucas receive a congratulatory telegram from Mike. Austin imagines himself in Lucas’ place as Lucas and Carrie share their first dance at the reception. Carrie and Lucas cut in to dance with each of their old flames and Sami is moved to tears by Lucas’ proud words of her. Kayla suggests to Steve that Stefano was at fault for erasing his memory and brings him into the private room in hopes that lovemaking will spark his memory. Roman warns Kate not to interfere with Sami’s life anymore. Kate admits that she wants to break up Sami and Austin but claims that she does not plan to follow through on that desire. E.J. complains to Sami and Austin that their wedding plans interfere with his company launch so Austin agrees to postpone the wedding. While talking alone, E.J. admits to Sami that Austin wasn’t the company member responsible for him choosing to sign with their company. E.J. questions Kate about why she currently hates Sami but Kate leaves without telling him anything.

Bo accompanies Billie to the reception while Patrick brings Hope. Bo assures Hope that no matter who the father is, he will always love her. Abby urges Chelsea to reunite with Max. Max tells Chelsea he loves her but Chelsea continues to play hard to get. Max warns that he won’t wait around for her and Chelsea is annoyed when Max rushes off to be with someone else. The mystery stranger continues to lurk around the hospital. Mimi and Shawn’s surrogate, Lauren, gets into a car accident on the way to the hospital but later arrives safe and sound. Both Belle and Lauren prepare for implantation.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Ric clashes with Jason and Carly when he tries to reclaim his role as Sonny's protector. Sonny is grateful for the help Ric has given him but believes Jason and Carly are the ones who should help him from here on out. Sam surprises Ric when she pretends to agree with his unflattering assessment of Jason. Carly tells Jason it was no accident that Sonny's condition took a turn for the worse when Ric was around. Carly wonders why Elizabeth is so interested in helping Jason.

Patrick witnesses Lucky and Maxie's moment of passion on the docks and accuses Lucky of being ready to cheat on Elizabeth. A "distraught" Maxie spins a story to Robin to try and do damage control. Robin mistakenly comes to believe the worst about Patrick. Patrick doesn't tell Elizabeth about Lucky and Maxie. Tracy and Robert fear Lulu will end up with a broken heart. Lulu is crushed when she overhears how Dillon really feels about her.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Buzz and Olivia decide they cannot be together. Buzz tells Frank that he and Olivia will not be together. Lizzie calls Jonathan to come help her and he helps her escape from her room through the bedroom window to his car. Remy and Marina go swimming alone. Lizzie visits Beth and appeals to her to help mend the rift between Jonathan and Alan. Beth tells her that they do not want her and Jonathan around Lizzie and the baby and that if she tries to do so, will regret it. Jonathan phones Alan and tells him that Lizzie is at the far end of the lake on a road. Alan is horrified and threatens Jonathan. Jonathan goes back to the car to Lizzie and she is no where to be found.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

John is alone at the crime scene. He can almost see his father laying on the ground before him. He hears a noise and turns pulling his gun and aiming, all in one fluid movement. Natalie is behind him. "John! When is this going to stop?" she asks him. He keeps trying to find answers, he admits, but he wonders if he really wants to get them. Bo wants to talk to Blair and they meet for a drink. Spencer arrives and sees the two together. "Jealous Spence?" Todd asks. Spencer leaves him and heads over to the table, surprising the two. Blair thought that he was visiting his brother. Bo quickly leaves. Spencer tells that Paige has been taken away. Blair finds that sad. Spencer says that it must be hard for Bo finding out that someone that he loved has been keeping secrets from him. Blair talks to Todd but he finds it unhealthy for people that have broken up to keep talking. She warns him that it may get to a point where they can't turn it around. He is already there. Todd spends the whole evening watching Blair and Spencer. Spencer decides that he is ready to go. Blair isn't. In fact, she has ordered champagne for them. Spencer smiles and gloats at Todd when the bottle arrives. John replays the scene as he has been told it ran. David is up against the fence, he turns and lets off a shot. In John's mind, he sees David holding the gun by his side. He realizes what it was that he has been missing. They never recovered the gun from the shooting. That can mean something. John replays the scene repeatedly, while Natalie watches from a distance. John wonders if he were the age that David had been, would he have taken the gun with him. John looks around. He stoops. He sees some leaves. He brushes them away and finds a sewer there. He looks beyond the grate and sees endless darkness. They try to see what is in there but retrieve nothing.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Just as Theresa was getting ready to tell Ethan and Gwen that Little Ethan is really his son, a man stops Ethan to thank him for the legal advice he gave him. Ethan explained that the man had an affair with a woman who became pregnant, then demanded he divorce his wife and marry her. Ethan advised him to come clean with his wife and stay with her, then sue the woman for joint custody so she can't keep the boy away from him. This upset Theresa, especially when he says that's what he would do should the occasion arise in his marriage. Gwen, of course, was thrilled. Luis and Fancy manage to escape the lions by lowering a gate and slipping under it. Beth fell while running away with Marty and sprained her ankle, and Luis had to choose between finally getting his son away from Beth or saving Fancy yet again, and of course he chose Fancy. Meanwhile, Beth and Marty met up with Alistair and got away. Sheridan, watching it all on her cell phone, became more and more upset, to the point she began having contractions. Chris took her to the hospital.

Eve was very upset when the doctor treating TC told her he was in a coma and would probably never awaken from it. She blamed herself for it all, while Julian became upset about it. He told her that TC made his own decisions, and none of this is her fault, but she simply argued with him. TC began to move and came out of the coma, and Julian went to tell the doctor while Eve stayed to talk to her ex. Julian returned as she told the man that he hadn't lost her, she was right there with him and will remain with him. Ivy became hysterical when attacked by Endora's Worker Bees, but by the time Sam arrived in the kitchen, they were gone and he wondered about Ivy's sanity. However, when they heard hammering next door and went to check it out, they found Tabitha's house completely rebuilt, and wondered if they were all going insane. Fox told Miguel to keep his hands off Kay and to admit he really wants to be with her. Miguel wouldn't admit anything, and pretended he was really trying not to get to intimate with her. Fox wasn't buying it, tho.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Neil arrives at work in his jeans and casual shirt. Brad isn't pleased. Neil decides that this is what he wants to wear at work that day and that once a week he will be dressing this way. He goes to see Carmen and he offers to help finish off the report they didn't do the night before. Problem is that Carmen already did it herself and Neil listens as she presents it to Brad who is very grateful. Jack finds out from Nick that Phyllis is in the hospital and he hightails it over there to see her. He is very sorry to hear that she is ill and hates that she didn't call him when she first had the accident. He feels that after all that they had been through he would be the one. When he first heard the news, all that he cared about was that she was going to be okay. Jack makes sure that Phyllis's release papers are ready and offers to drive her home but she is fine. When he starts leaving, she calls to him and tells him that she is pregnant. He seems happy at first but then realizes that she told Nick about this first and even got him to do a DNA test for her. That hurts him. He realizes then that she is hoping the child belongs to Nick. Victoria comes to Neil, asking if it would be okay for Drucilla to handle something in Prague for Newman. He says that he will think about it. Carmen asks Neil if he would like to come with her to hear a musician, but then she says that she just remembered that he will be with his wife soon. Neil goes to Victoria and tells her that Dru staying in Europe longer is fine with him. After Daniel arrives, Jack heads back to the office and goes to see Nick. Nick apologizes for everything. Jack finds it funny that this child could just be the thing that brings he and Phyllis back together. He tells Nick to be sure and share the results of the DNA test when they come in.

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