Monday 7/10/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 7/10/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Still,nobody knows who buried Greg alive. JR gets a call by somebody telling him that they saw him do it. Babe asks him what his call was about and he does not tell her. ANd he lies awake remembering being told that the person saw him. Kendall agrees with Josh that if JR did this to Greg, they won't let him get away with it. Josh informs Kendall that it's possible that Spike is not Ryan's child, but instead, Greg's own sperm donation. She does not like the thought of that. Josh still does not know who his real biological parents are. Tad tells Jeff he should tell Josh that he's his father. But Jeff does not. Zach reveals to Erica that he he and Dixie found out that Josh is her son. Ryan meets Erin's mysterious friend, Annie. SHe sounds like she might be the estranged wife of that pervert who Lily met in New York. And it sounds like Annie and Erin have a secret they are not telling anybody.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Mike desperately hands out pictures of Katie on Magique island unaware Katie is just on the other side. The lead investigator promises they are searching by air and water. The golfer goes back to see Simon and he tells her that he and his wife are acting out a remote island fantasy and they don’t needs to be rescued. Simon continues to deceive Katie since he knows they are a short walk to help. Katie and Simon reach an understanding after he pretends to be hurt by her actions. Mike receives bad news when the investigator tells him there was a ferry crash nearby and they need all the rescuers that are looking for Katie and Simon. When that same golfer overhears Mike and Vienna talking about an Australian, he stuns them when he tells them that he is just on the other side of the island acting out a fantasy with his wife. Carly decides to lay down some ground rules when Jack shows up unannounced. They also fight about her allowing Jade to live at her house. She tells Jack in no uncertain terms he gave up the right to have any input in her life when he left her. She needs to figure a way to get on with her life however Jack can’t seem to walk away from her, as the two fight a strong pull towards each other. Jade worries that she will have to find another home after Jack finds her living at Carly’s. Dusty won’t leave Jen’s room or let anyone take Jen away to prepare her for her memorial. Hal and Barbara try to talk to him but he won’t budge. Paul is the one who gets Dusty to let Jen be taken from her room. Paul tries to reach out further but Dusty rebuffs him. Will and Gwen set up the church for Jen’s service. Jade brings daisies after Will tells her a story about him and Jen when they were children. Barbara thanks Will, and Gwen especially, for all they have done recently. When the CD player breaks and they won’t be able to play Jen’s CD’s, Barbara asks Gwen to sing for her daughter.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

On their honeymoon, Nick starts in on the Lord and Master thing and delights in telling Brooke she is lucky he is letting her keep the name Brooke, now it’s Marone. She likes the sound of that. He threatens to make her cook and clean until he says stop……since it’s their wedding night, STOP. Bridget and Dante return to the beach house to find Felicia in a foul mood. They have forgotten it’s their night for Dino and she chastises them and then firmly reminds them his name is Dominick. She asks Dante if he was going to fall in love with a spoiled brat, why not her? She warns him she hopes he is prepared to be thrown aside like that wet towel - when Brooke goes back to her brother and Nick is free. Then she has a confrontation with her mother, Stephanie, for barging in without asking. Mainly she just wants to badmouth Bridget again, about wanting something so desperately until she has it, then desperately wanting something else. She laments that she’s only loved two men in her whole life, and Bridget ends up with both of them! Dante is only a security blanket for Bridget; she’s still mooning over Nick. She confesses to her mother that she knows she needs to grow up. She is not in competition with Bridget. It’s just that she expects to wake up dead every day. So she thinks she has to have everything now, this minute and she doesn’t.

Dante tells Bridget that he cares for Felicia but maybe she would let go if they would pick a time and a date and a priest, even in Italy if necessary. Felicia has lost him and now she has nothing and it’s just not right. And Bridget can’t be her mother’s mom. She has to make her own mistakes. Bridget can’t fix everything. Felicia stands before the mirror massaging her stomach scar. She vows she will wake up tomorrow and the day after and the day after. She thanks God for her son, the spare parts and the second chances. Now she needs life and not just a pulse. She wants Dante back and she will never believe they don’t belong together. After making mad, passionate love, Nick and Brooke settle back in bed and look at the stars. She thinks her lucky star steered her right to him. They cuddle and she sighs she feel like she is finally home.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kayla and Steve run into Stephanie when she arrives for the wedding and Stephanie reunites with Steve. Chelsea is jealous of Stephanie with Max despite watching both E.J. and Max go after Stephanie. Carrie originally sees Austin standing in Lucas’ place. Kate interrupts the ceremony to put Lexie on the spot but Lexie covers by giving a speech about not following in her footsteps and being faithful in their marriage. Carrie and Lucas follow through with the ceremony while Kate pleads with Lexie to oust Sami. The mystery stranger watches from behind a curtain as Belle, Philip, Mimi, and Shawn get called to the hospital to meet with the surrogate and begin implantation.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Jason checks himself out of the hospital against physician's advice so that he can help Carly with Sonny, who refuses to check into Roselawn. Tracy freaks out when she finds Dillon and Lulu in bed. She assigns Robert to deal with Lulu. Alexis and the mayor clash over her handling of the whole Manny affair. She goes home and helps Sam make plans for the future. Maxie tries to rile up Lucky's suspicions about Liz and Patrick. Then, she pouts when he expresses doubt, and they wind up kissing. Liz comes looking for Jason, hoping to prevent him bleeding to death.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Jonathan visits Lizzie and sands up to Alan telling him that he will protect Tammy even if it means collateral damage with Lizzie and the baby. Alan tells his chauffeur, who has a record, that he might need his help to teach Jonathan a lesson. Alan has Lizzie locked in her room and arranges for a psychiatrist to treat her. Colin tells Reva he has good news about her labs. Billy arranges to help Reva off clinic grounds. Reva misses Josh. Josh realizes that he likes Cassie around. Cassie has visions of Josh kissing her. Tammy gets into trouble for writing a hot check for her college tuition and a lady at the college calls the police on her. Lizzie calls Jonathan and begs him to come rescue her for he is the only one who can stand up to her grandfather.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Blair sends Spencer and Jack to the house to eat. Blair goes through Spencer's bag to see if there is something that can help her nail him. Someone watches her through the bushes. Starr catches her mother digging through the bag and is curious. Spencer and Jack come back with the food for a picnic. Starr has brought a guest with her. "What a great night for a swim," Todd says. The judge doesn't understand David's confession. There is a lot to consider in his case. The judge doesn't see a need to put the man in jail yet and so Natalie pipes in urging the judge to put David in jail. She is fined $2,000 and threatening with an overnight stay before she sits quietly. David gives up his right to be out till trial and offers to go right to jail. Things get tense and so Blair tells Spencer to leave. After he is gone, Todd starts shouting at Blair and taunting her about loving Spencer. He tries to make her say it, but she doesn't admit to anything. Starr and Jack sit by the pool and hear every word. Finally, Starr shouts at them to stop. She is holding Jack's hand and tells them that this argument is having a bad effect on him. John and Natalie watch David being led out and Natalie knows that he will never be able to pay for what he has done. John isn't happy with this pat ending. He needs to work on this some more. Natalie offers to help him but he reminds her that she isn't his partner and that he will be doing this alone. He walks off ending up at the crime site. He touches the ground with his hand. Spencer goes to his brother in jail. He tells him what a fool he was to have confessed. David doesn't care. He is free and owes no one anything anymore. On the way out, Spencer replays a memory. He was there that fateful night. He was hiding behind a dumpster when David ran by, along the chain link fence. After David had gone, Spencer came out of hiding…

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa finally told Ethan that he is Little Ethan's real father, and he was so happy he declared he was divorcing Gwen and going back with Theresa. Gwen couldn't figure out why he'd changed his mind so quickly, but Theresa was only too happy to explain it.....oh, wait, she was only daydreaming. Never mind. Luis and Fancy ran from the lions Alistair sicced on them as he, Beth, Sheridan, and Chris watched on cell phones. Chris tried to make Sheridan stop, saying it could hurt the baby, but she refused to leave Luis to face danger alone. Beth didn't want Luis to die, but Daddy said it had to be, and as a good little Crane she had to accept it, so she ran away with Marty so she wouldn't have to watch.

Kay continued to pressure Miguel to make love to her in the shower, as Fox watched and fumed. He wanted to go in and stop them, but Sam reminded him Dr. Eve had said it might be bad for Kay to do it that way. He decided to shut off the hot water, which worked well. In the kitchen, Tabitha started mixing up a witch's brew to help them out of their predicament, but Ivy came in and insisted on trying her "soup". Too bad for her, she choked and turned bright green! Tabby finally fixed her by giving her a good, hard kick in the rear, but that didn't keep her from trying to figure out just what Tabby was up to. Endora zapped up some "Worker Bees" to help rebuild their house so the fire marshall wouldn't go snooping around, trying to figure out what burned the house down, and find the Boys in the Basement, among other things.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick and Sharon talk about the accident while in the waiting room. Sharon tells that Phyllis is being looked at by the doctor now. While they are talking, Nick gets a call. It is Phyllis from her examination room. She knows that he is probably with Sharon and she warns that Sharon knows about the baby. Nick nearly drops the phone when he hears the news. Sharon knows that was Phyllis just now. Colleen accuses Kevin of being the one who wrote the note to her. He denies it. Jana comes up and she too denies knowledge of the note. Colleen is sure that Kevin either knows who wrote the note, or wrote it himself. He tells her that is she can't stop acting like this, she shouldn't come there anymore. Paul and JT discuss Brad finding out about the background check that was done on him. They decide that if they are to find out anything, they will have to move fast to do it. They decide there is no option but to head out to Ohio to check more on Brad. Meanwhile, Colleen tells JT that she thinks that the note that she received has to do with her father's identity theft. Carmen is over at Neil's doing work. Neil soon has her watching TV with him and laughing. Drucilla calls. She is returning home the next day. Carmen decides that it is time to leave. She heads back to the office and pulls out Drucilla's Itinerary for her trip. She finds Victoria and tells her that she has an idea for a promotion and that since Drucilla is already in Europe, maybe they could use her. Brad tells Victoria that someone tried to use their credit cards, and so he has canceled them all. It really bothers him that the break-in of his computer, the break in of his house and the background check have all happened at the same time. He gets the Newman tape for surveillance of the office floor, and on it, he sees JT getting off the elevator, looking around and then walking to his office.

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