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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

After Greg's gory death, several people are under suspicion. Jack asks Erica if she did it. She goes into a scenario about how he'd imagine her orchestrating  Greg's death in this manner and tells Jack she resents that he does not trust her, but she regrets that she cannot take credit for burying Greg alive. Kendall tells Zach she knows that he was gone when she was injured and he's been spending a lot of time with Dixie, attempting to get the goods on Greg and find Kate. He tells her neither he nor Dixie killed Greg. He does not know who did. But if he did, he would not turn them in. Babe asks JR. He tells her that he knows she has reason to suspect him and admits he and Jamie had a plan. But he tells her he did not do it. Josh goes and tells Derek he knows JR killed his father and the police must arrest JR. Derek tells Josh they have no proof. Josh goes and attempts to convince Kendall that JR killed his father. He confirms with her that she does not hate Greg. She agrees that Greg helped her to give Spike life and JR almost killed her. And he reminds her that the Chandlers are above the law. Colby tells Adam and Krystal she believes that JR did it. She finds out for the first time, from her dad, that Greg Madden took Kate from Dixie and Tad. She admits she already knows about JR's violent history and observes that Josh has the hots for Babe. And she concludes that JR would want to hurt Josh and his father for that. Krystal concludes, to Adam,  if JR is capable of something like that, then she's going to get herself, her daughter and her grandson away from him. While JR is in the park, talking to Babe, he gets a call  that tells him that somebody knows he did it.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jennifer dies imagining she is dancing with Dusty on their wedding night. The Munson/Ryan family and friends mourn the loss of Jennifer. Emily asks Paul for a chance to watch her child grow up. Margo encourages Maddie to be honest with Casey about her secret. Maddie is still afraid and ashamed to tell anyone what happened to her. Dusty says a heartbreaking good-bye to his beloved Jenny.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Nick explains to Brooke that he knows she wants to be respected and that's all he wants too. She opines she feels like she is always apologizing for things she does that she doesn't feel is wrong. The wedding guests wait it out at Chuck's with Jackie sure that Nick will see this is all of Stephanie's doings. Ridge reveals to his mother that Brooke will hold him to blame, but Stephanie says she will take responsibility for the ad. Massimo phones and says the wedding is only on hold, no one has left and it has not been cancelled.

Brooke and Nick duke it out verbally and he points out that no man would want his wife plastering her naked butt all over Los Angeles. She laments that sex sells and the slogan was only tongue-in-cheek. Nick says he is going crazy and feels like just going off to Fiji.....alone. She tells him he still can. He doesn't want to have to draw a line in the sand, but they can't go on like this. He doesn't want those people messing with their lives and she explains those people are very important to her and that's not going to change.

The Justice of the Peace tells them he has to go, but Nick tells him not so quick. They follow him up the hill to the pavilion and they exchange vows. When its done, Brooke squeals with delight. Jackie calls Stephanie and expresses pleasure at the results. Stephanie then breaks the news to Ridge but vows Brooke will be back. Nick can not make her happy. The honeymooners slip off to sea.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Pre-empted today

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Georgi lays into Lulu with Dillon looking on and trying to defend his step-sister. Carly discusses involuntary commitment for Sonny with Lainey. Sonny has figured out that Max wants Carly. Jason insists that he will not take Sam back. She vows revenge, then goes to apologize to Alexis. Carly turns to Jason for help with Sonny. Diego refuses to be Georgi's rebound guy. Elizabeth fends off concerns about Lucky's problem.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Josh receives a Medal of Honor from an army lieutenant that his father H.B. earned but never received. He wants to share it with Reva, but when he goes to call she doesn’t’ immediately answer and he winds up sharing it with Cassie instead and the two share a pretty intimate moment. At Cedars, Tammy asks Lizzie if she’ll have her as her Lamaze coach. Lizzie is ecstatic that someone has shown her some concern with no ulterior motive. Jonathan goes to Cedars and finds, saying he needs to speak to Lizzie alone. Once alone, he threatens Lizzie and tells her that if Alan comes after Tammy her whole family will regret it. Lizzie breaks down and hysterically says everyone hates her and the baby, Jonathan feels the baby kick. Lizzie and Jonathan share a light hearted moment and bond over the baby. Reva, in Minnesota, sets Collin up on a date with a nurse. Collin winds up kissing Reva, he’s drunk when it happens. Olivia finds out from Frank that Ava said that she slept with Buzz. Olivia denies it, but says she did consider it but thought better of it, she didn’t want to hurt Frank. Frank asks Olivia for space and she agrees then goes off to see Ava. She winds up threatening to take Coop away from Ava. Frank and Buzz scuffle on Harley’s rooftop, Frank eventually tells Buzz to stop denying his feelings for Ava and go after her. Jonathan goes to the Spaulding mansion and pushes Alan’s buttons when he is affectionate towards Lizzie, apologizing for his behavior and bringing her flowers. The war between these two is clearly on.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

John and Natalie are at the courthouse. David hasn't arrived. Michael and Marcie arrive as well with Thomas and see that David is absent as well. Marcie is to take the baby to meet with social services later, but for now she has the child with them. They all will wait a little longer to see if David shows up. David goes to see Dorian. She is surprised to see him. He tells that he is leaving for good this time, and only came to say goodbye. He tells that he confessed and that John is waiting for him to show up at the courthouse, only he isn't going to do it. He can't. He isn't that kind of man. Dorian gets angry shouting at him that she didn't fall in love with a coward. Court starts and David still hasn't arrived. Hugh hopes that the judge will wait a little longer but the judge only gives 2 minutes and then closes the window of opportunity for David to change his plea. Hugh tries to get more time but the judge won't allow it. He also remarks that he has looked at the case notes and that Hugh hasn't got a lot. It looks like David might just walk. Rex and Adriana are have the time of their lives, making love and being free from the stalker. They make love all day. When the food comes, Rex checks the man's ID before letting the food in the room. Rex comes over to Adriana to elaborately serve her the food under the covered tray. He removes the cover and a butterfly flies out from the plate at Adriana. She lets out a blood-curdling scream. David arrives at court much to everyone's surprise. He sits in the witness stand and tells that he is changing his plea to guilty. "I was the one who shot Thomas McBain."

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Pre-empted today

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

The car has come to a stop, one way or the other. Sharon is awake and she looks over at Phyllis who has her head facing her window. "Phyllis… Are you alright?" Phyllis takes her hand and rubs her stomach. Sharon calls out to her again and finally Phyllis responds. Sharon shows the relief on her face. Phyllis talks to Sharon but she doesn't move otherwise. Paul arrives to see Brad as asked. Brad has questions about files that needing checking. Paul gives him details. Brad isn't really interested in all that. He wants to know why Paul did a background check on him. He suspects that Victor was the one who asked him to do it? Paul will not answer. He turns to leave now but Brad stops him, telling that Paul can't leave until Brad tells him he can. Kevin and Colleen have words, and Jana overhears it. Kevin has been thinking and he decides that he has to think about giving up some of his work at the coffeehouse. Jana suggests that he hire her as manager so he can work at Jabot fulltime. Later, Colleen returns to her table and finds a note, 'Watch your back'. She turns around and sees Kevin wiping down a table, paying no attention to her. Sharon wants to get moving. She tells Phyllis to get out of the car so that they can walk up the road to get the cellphone working or get help. Phyllis can't move. She tells Sharon to go ahead. Sharon doesn't want to leave her there alone, or go out in the dark herself. Phyllis starts shouting that she can't move, because she is pregnant and she isn't sure if her baby is hurt or now. Sharon gets quiet and gets out of the car to walk off alone for help. Brad calls Paul in and asks him why he was being investigated. Paul will not answer those questions and warns to just leave things as they are. Brad goes to Victor's house and Victor admits to doing the investigation but then dropping it. Brad is curious about the paper trail. Victor tells that he gave his copy of the report on Brad to JT. Brad demands a copy of the report and Paul delivers it, telling that Brad should have just left things alone.

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