Thursday 7/6/06 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

It looks like many people are suspects in Greg's murder. Erica sounds surprised when Jeff informs her. Again, he wants Josh to know that they are his parents but she does not. Jack asks her if she had Greg killed. Dixie finds Zach at Kendall's right after they've brought Spike home, and Zach has a private conversation with her outside. Kendall asks Zach if he and Dixie put Greg in the box in the ground in order to get him to tell them where Kate is. Josh comes to inform JR and Babe that his father was killed and points his finger at JR. Babe asks JR if he did it. Colby is comfortable living with Adam and certain that he will bail her out of trouble. Krystal, however, tells him that he needs to discipline his daughter and not vilify Liza for the problems Colby had living with her mother.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

The Munson Ryan family gathers at the hospital to each say a tearful goodbye to Jennifer. Dusty finally is able to let goo of hope once Jennifer asks him to help her face death. Jennifer forgives Paul and asks him to not waste time in life and forgive and love everyone. Maddie is determined to leave Oadale rather than tel anyone she was sexually assualted in Chicago. Casey is determined to find out what is bothering Maddie and he is sure Dallas knows the truth. Dallas soesn't give away Maddie's secret to either Casey or Margo. Maddie remembers more about her attack and turns to Dallas for help.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bewildered by the half naked ad of Brooke displayed on the kiosk on the wedding grounds, Nick bolts and she follows. All the guests decide to go wait at Chuck’s. And they all know to blame it on Stephanie. Massimo and Stephanie marvel in their good fortune. Ridge sits with Brooke’s photos and she walks in and tells him she could not go through with the wedding. She can’t love someone who doesn’t love her the way she is, like Ridge does and always will. He wakes, it’s a dream. Brooke really isn’t standing there.

Brooke follows Nick to the boat. He glares at her and she tries to explain. This is about business and has NOTHING to do with "us”. He shouts he did not sign up for a naked pin-up girl. She has let them manipulate her again. She explains that she thought she could handle it, but she realizes now she should have listened to Nick. Stephanie ran the ad to hurt them, but it doesn’t have to. He still wants her to fire them or give the shares back. He’s tired of them degrading her like that. She disagrees, Stephanie was wrong, but she doesn’t feel exploited or degraded, she even felt proud of the photo. He’s even more outraged when he finds out she okayed the photos and Ridge was there when she posed almost nude. She didn’t ask him to leave. Dante tries to reassure Bridget that it is a tasteful ad and Nick will just have to get used to it. Bridget seems to be leaning toward Nick’s side and that he will feel this is a betrayal.

Stephanie gloats to Ridge that the wedding is off. And now Brooke has a choice, a controlling Nick or Ridge. Nick can’t get over that Ridge was there when Brooke posed. He sees this as a pattern and one of the reasons why Ridge hasn’t given up. He doesn’t think she gets it and she doesn’t think he does. Nick laments this was the beginning of their life together and he wants her to leave Forrester Creations and those people behind. She claims she tried to live by his rules to make this relationship work. He vows he wants her to be happy; he wants to make her happy. She asks can he accept her the way she is? That’s who is she and she is not going to change. She is proud of who she is and she wants him to be proud of her too. Is she the woman he wants to pledge the rest of his life to? If not they need to end it now.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Pre-empted today

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Jason understands Alexis' implied threat after she tells him the truth about Manny's death. Jason tells Sam they have no future together. A nervous Maxie faces Alan's questions. Maxie pulls Lucky into a kiss. Patrick and Elizabeth ponder who might have stolen the drugs. Alcazar warns Skye that he will be a part of their child's life. Anna and Alcazar prove to be worthy opponents. Robert shares his suspicions about Anna with Robin.

GL Recap Written by Siri

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Blair comes over to see Todd, mad as hell. He has overstepped. She learns that he is planning on having the children move in with him. She will not have that. Todd is planning to take full control of the kids. Blair knows that Jack will be confused over this change in his living arrangements. Todd rethinks and decides then that he will take Starr immediately and she can keep Jack…for now. Claudia is ready. Nash gives her tips on how to make the deal. She will do it but wishes that Nash weren't so happy about hurting her father this way. She decides to wear the necklace that Nash gave her as a gift long ago. She shows up at her dad's office for the meeting to get the deeds. Her father sees the necklace. Later when alone, he makes a call ordering that his request be put into action NOW! David bumps into Paige. He tells her that he is taking off and she should too. John will not let them live a normal life. Bo is nearby and he listens. Paige wants him to face what he did. That is what she is going to do. It also is the only way that he can ever fix things with Dorian. He goes to get his suitcases to leave but when he picks them up, he hears Paige's voice and ends up flinging the bags at the wall. Evangeline has a great session with Anna. She learns more about using a cane and finds things that she thought she couldn't locate before. She and Anna go to the hospital and Bo is there. He is pleased as punch when Evangeline lets on that she will agree to be lead counsel on his case, if he will still have her. Paige and Bo talk. He learns that she is going that very day. They are coming for her. She isn't sure what will happen next but she knows that she hasn't been loved like he has loved her in her life. The officers arrive for her and Bo kisses her madly one last time. "Don't fall for any doctors while I am gone," she warns.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Pre-empted today

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Brad is in the office looking around. He thinks back to the break in at his house… He calls Jamie in and gives her an order to get a dedicated line for his office. She asks if something is wrong with the phones in the office. He doesn't give her an answer but just orders her to do it. Nick is trying to get away from Sharon so that he can go and get his DNA test. She wants to be with him though, since Noah is at a friend's for the night. Phyllis has an idea and comes to Sharon telling of a meeting that has suddenly come up that they have to go to. They will have to drive there together. Sharon sees that it is important and decides to go. Victor looks up. A shiny figure shape-shifts in the air and seems to move towards him. Victor put his hands out as if trying to touch the orb. Nikki enters the room. "Victor!" Nikki shouts. "What is the matter?" He tells that everything was fuzzy and that he can't understand. "I am calling the doctor!" Nikki heads to the phone. Brad gets his credit cards out and has them all canceled. Later, he looks at Midwest Financial Corporation's webpage and wonders who is looking into his credit rating. He makes a call and cancels his bank accounts. Finally, he decides to call Midwest Financial Corporation. He listens, then hangs up. "That son-of-a-bitch!" he shouts. Phyllis and Sharon drive in circles trying to find their destination. They can't. When Phyllis finally gets the right address, she gets the map out and tries to find the location. Sharon gets impatient and starts grabbing for the map. While doing so, the car swings out of control. The women scream as the car slides out of control!

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