Wednesday 7/5/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 7/5/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

A medical examiner does a thorough autopsy on Greg and concludes that he was smothered, dehydrated, drowned, electrocuted and died an agonizing and degrading death. Josh is very upset and determined to find out who did this to his father. Tad, Di and Del sound like they are not very surprised that this happened to Greg. They're upset that he's dead and cannot tell them what happened to Kate, but not surprised to find out what happened to him. Dixie is upset also but does not sound surprised by how he died. Josh informs Ryan, Kendall and Zach what happened to his father. Kendall sounds surprised and does not believe Greg, in spite of his wrong doings, deserved to die this way. But Ryan and Zach do not seem moved nor surprised. Colby comes to live with her father and reveals she no longer wants to live with Liza. She looks like she will be a real handful to Adam, Krystal and JR.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Simon realizes that they are on the other side of an island that houses a resort when he is almost knocked out by a golf ball. Katie becomes frustrated with the stranded island life; she wants to stick by Simon’s side suddenly if he can get them out of this. Simon decides to keep quiet about what he learned in hopes the more time they spend together, the closer they will get. Mike is extremely worried about Katie’s welfare when they find a shark bitten life preserver with a piece of Katie’s clothes on it. Vienna lays a kiss on Mike. She later wonders if Katie was the one true love of Simon’s life and even though Katie pretends to hate Simon now, maybe she still is fighting loving feelings for him as well? Holden asks Jack to drop the case of him looking into Ross’ connection to Damian; he needs to focus on getting Luke away from Damian and not bringing to light anything further that may shed negative light on Lily. Luke talks to Kevin and then is forced to go along with his friends when they tease Kevin and him about being girlfriend/boyfriend because of how close they were talking. Damian is irked to overhear this. Damian comforts Lucy about the decision she made for her patient. Everyone prepares for Dusty and Jen’s impromptu wedding. Jen asks Dusty to invite Paul, Meg and Emily. Jen promises Emily she will do everything she can so their kids grow up together. Everyone tries to accept the fact that Jen is dying, but Dusty seems to not accept this, as it is even apparent in his vows. Lucy secretly watches as Dusty and Jen marry. Afterwards, Jen tells Dusty they need to talk about what wasn’t in their vows. What could they have left out? Jen responds, “the truth.”

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

On her wedding day, Brooke finds a ball and a chain at her front door from Nick. Her thoughts go back to earlier, happier times with Ridge. Mass and Stephanie check with each other about the display of the nude shot on the wedding grounds. Stephanie gives Bridget one last chance to change her mother’s mind from making this mistake. Her heart should be with Ridge, he understands her. Bridget asks her to just accept this; Nick and her mom are in love and they want to get married and there is NOTHING Stephanie can do to change that. Nick checks in with Brooke and tells her he’s marrying this hot chick today. Then he notices a couple of men changing out the billboard at the site and wonders what they are doing and if they can hurry it up so not to disrupt the wedding. Ridge shows up at Brooke’s and says he TRIED to stay away, he couldn’t. He feels like she is drowning, to marry a man and have to live by his rules and who wants to change her into someone else. She walks out on him when he tells her she needs to be honest with herself before it’s too late.

Bridget meets long gone brother, Rick, and Dante at Chuck’s. Brooke shows up and tells them she truly believes this marriage is going to last forever. Jackie is emotional too with Nick as he dresses in his Naval dress whites. Despite his father’s support for his #1 son, he got the girl and he’s not going to let Massimo ruin his wedding. Ridge tells his mother he can’t force Brooke to see what she can’t see. She only hints that she promised him that she’d make things right and she’s not going to stop until she does. Brooke tries on her dress and asks Bridget if it is too much? Nick can be pretty old-fashioned, but she can’t be someone she is not. Bridget assures her she is okay with this marriage; not to worry about her feelings. Bridget is the first to spy the billboard, then in unison – Jackie, Dante, Rick and along comes Nick. but, before he can turn his attention to what they are gawking at, Brooke arrives in a white horse driven carriage and he goes to greet her. From their limo, Massimo and Stephanie lament that Nick might be so busy that he won’t see the ad. But, just as the ceremony starts, he stares right at it, then to Brooke who has a panicked look on her face as he asks “what is THAT?”

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Caroline helps Carrie get ready for the wedding. Carrie tries on the dress but finds she’s now lost weight since her last fitting. Caroline re-alters the dress in time for the wedding and gives Carrie a bracelet sent by Carrie’s mother to wear on her special day. The mystery stranger is almost caught in the room with Mimi and Belle’s Petri dishes. Shawn calls Dr. Jaynes and learns that both Belle and Mimi’s eggs have been successfully fertilized. Max and Stephanie decide to race but it ends in a draw. Each strip off their race suits to reveal wedding attire and is surprised to learn that they are both headed for the same wedding. Lucas overhears Austin and Billie talking about still having feelings for Carrie but Austin assures Lucas that he will honor Carrie’s choice. Tek questions Lexie about exposing Sami but Lexie won’t give any details as to why she didn’t expose Sami. Roman convinces Abe to talk to Lexie but Abe ends up catching Lexie being comforted by Tek. Kate tries to get Lexie to tell her the truth about Sami but Lexie refuses. Kate lets Sami know that she heard Sami’s intended voicemail message to Lexie. Billie tries to warn Kate about meddling but Kate still vows to expose Sami.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

After someone, either Jason or Lucky shoots at Manny and he falls to his death, Jason is rushed to surgery because Manny managed to nick an artery. Alexis is relieved that he is dead, but feels guilty because of how Sam berated her over how she treated Jason. Ric comforts and defends Alexis. Carly and Sonny hear about Jason and rush to the hospital, where Sonny blames himself for not killing Manny long ago. Jason makes it through surgery. Lorenzo takes steps to assure that no one can connect him to Manny. Sonny believes that Jason died on the table and decides to get revenge on Alcazar. Maxie expresses concern about Lucky's drug dependence. Carly stops Sonny from killing her other ex-husband. Lucky is on top of the world, feeling like he's come full circle by saving Jason's life. The autopsy shows that no one shot Manny. There is no bullet wound. Diego pushes Lorenzo to take advantage to sieze control of the territory. Ric asks Sam to consider that Alexis and Jason both tried to control her. Alexis suppresses the autopsy. Alan vows to find out who is stealing drugs. Carly comforts Sonny and promises that things will get better.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Gus explains to his rehab group that Harley doesn’t trust him and he doesn’t trust himself. Buzz helps Gus build the house. Harley wafts back and forth about Gus building the house without a contractor. Mallet and Dinah pitch in to help build the house as well. Mallet tells Gus that if he lets him help and they do a decent job together, maybe they can be partners again. Rick, who mistrusts Gus, has Mel draw up a custody amendment and gives to Harley, who refuses it and tells him to get out of her house. Later in the night, Frank, Coop, Mallet, Dinah all pitch in to help build the house. Rick comes back and Buzz tells Harley that Rick might be reconsidering what he said about not wanting Jude to stay with Harley and Gus. A storm rolls in and Harley and Gus try to place a tarp on the roof only to get caught in the storm. Later, after all have worked day and night, Harley and Gus kiss and she asks him to move in the house with her and the boys.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Kelly is at Duke's grave. She talks to him, telling him that the baby is his and not Kevin's. She has no idea how she is to feel. She would like to be happy but she can't be. She hears something behind her and turns to find Kevin walking up behind her. He asks her if she is there to tell Duke how much she loves him. He tells that he comes there everyday, and that he keeps hoping that one day he will come and Duke will not be there. Viki keeps telling him that Duke's death serves a purpose but he can't see what that purpose is. There is just nothing left now that Duke is gone, Kevin says. Kelly tells him that he is wrong. There is something left. David gives John and Michael the confession they asked for. David explains that his father had an operation set up and he did the collections. He took a gun with him to be like his dear old dad. He showed up and Thomas just appeared. David admits that he shot the man unintentionally and that he did say something about his sons…that he had boys like him, and they were waiting for him at home. Rex and Adriana are about to make love. He can't. He would be doing this with a lie between them. He tells he made sure everyone heard that they were going to a certain inn, but in fact he had taken Adriana elsewhere. The trick worked. The stalker showed up and they chased him, but he hasn't been caught. Adriana has no problem with making love under these circumstances and so they do! After David confesses, John tells him to change his plea to 'guilty'. David will not do that. He will deny everything that he has just said, in fact. Michael wants to beat him up but John intervenes. John says that he will be at the courthouse at 1pm and expects to see David there. Afterwards, John can't help that feel like he doesn't have the whole story still. David heads home and packs his bags…

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa and Whitney were still celebrating the fact their dreams are both coming true. Theresa can't wait to tell Ethan that he's Little Ethan's true father, but first she has to find him. They search Rome for Ethan and Gwen, and finally spot him at a sidewalk cafe. Luis and Fancy continue to chase Alistair and Beth, as they managed to escape from a deadend once again. Al thinks he's lost them, but then hears them closing in on him. He runs into an area where lions are caged, and, after hiding Beth and Marty in another room, he decides to let them go, hoping they'll make a meal of Luis and Fancy. Luis is on the phone with Sheridan, keeping the video on so she can see their chase, and she gets a full view of the lions that are chasing her true love and her niece. Chris, having been exposed to the viewers as one of Alistair's hired hands, stands by, probably hoping the lions will do their job.

Kay still hasn't regained her memory, and still believes she's engaged to Miguel instead of Fox. She does remember something about the sexy ad campaign Miguel and Siren posed for, but nothing else. When Miguel steps into the shower to get ready for work, she sneaks in to join him and is seen by Ivy. The "loving" mother then sends her son Fox to retrieve her makeup from the bathroom, where he sees Kay and Miguel in the shower. Siren is just as upset as Fox at the fact Miguel has to act like he's in love with Kay, and Tabitha is hoping she won't cause any more problems because of it. Tabby has other matters to worry about, tho, since Sam told her the fire marshall wants to investigate the fire at her house because it just doesn't seem like it started the way Fox figured it did.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Lauren comes home and Michael is in a big rush to get her out of the house to go eat with him somewhere. Lauren wanted to stay home with him. He gives in and tells her about his arrangement for Nick and Phyllis to visit and talk about the baby at their place. Lauren gets angry and walks out to return to work. Lauren drops merchandise when she turns in the boutique and finds Sharon standing behind her. Sharon is upbeat and talks of how she and Nick have been getting along so much better. She tells how they are even thinking about having a baby. Lauren is at a loss for words. Sharon worries that she is chattering too much and apologizes. She buys a gift for Nick and leaves. Nick thanks Michael for the use of his place, and can't wait to get the testing done. "Why?" Michael asks. "So you can go to church, light a big fat candle and thank God when you learn that it is Jack's?" He leaves and Phyllis comes over. She and Nick talk. Jack says timidly that it might be the best thing if Jack is the father, since she and Jack have been getting along a lot better. She disagrees. Nikki isn't happy when she can't find Victor. He returns announcing that he went riding alone. She makes him take his medication and then Katherine comes over for a visit. She thinks that Katherine is overreacting and soon leaves. Victor comes to watch Nikki play the piano later and he gets the empty noise in his head, and when he looks at Nikki, she is like a ray of sunshine…he smiles. Michael makes his mother get the letters that he wrote to his father as a kid. The man just disappeared and Michael's letters were returned unopened. He left after Gloria started carrying on with Tom. Michael doesn't even know if the man is alive. Lauren suggests that he look for his father and Michael plans to do just that. He plans to find out all he can about Lowell Baldwin.

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