Tuesday 7/4/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 7/4/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

A strange teenage runaway girl runs through the park and discovers a bloody hand buried in the ground. The cops come and discover that Greg has been buried alive. They take the girl to jail. She makes a call. Adam Chandler rushes to see her and bail her out and it turns out that she is his estranged daughter. Greg looks to be dead. Josh rushes to save his life but it looks hopeless. Tad watches unseen. Right then, Dixie gets a call from a little girl whom she believes is Kate, who calls to her mommy. It turns out that it's a strange child playing on the phone. But it's too coincidental. Di witnesses the call and tells Dixie she mustn't ever give up on finding Kate. Jamie tells David Hayward he better leave Jamie's family alone or Jamie will kill him. It looks like Jamie has some sort of trick up his sleeve. Tad comes and informs Dixie that Greg is dead. That makes them both afraid that it means they will never find Kate. Kendall and Ryan both lie awake in the hospital room near Spike. And they hide their feelings for each other.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Damian gives Luke a new convertible as a present, pretending it is solely because Fairwinds is isolated and this will give him more independence… little does Luke know this is more manipulation on Damian’s part. Mike fears Katie has gone overboard when the captain of the cruise ship brings him a piece of Katie’s clothes attached to a life preserver; Mike vows revenge because he blames Simon for this. Katie wakes up on an island as Simon is stroking her hair. An angry Katie leaves to go collect firewood. Simon warns her where to build her fire, but she won’t listen. A minute later, what Simon had cautioned her about happens. A golf ball just misses hitting Simon. Simon realizes they are not far from civilization. Susan tells a hopeful Emily about Jen’s condition. Emily is stunned and heartbroken for her. Dusty tells Paul he doesn’t want him near Jen since he and Meg told Jen about her condition. Paul is devastated to hear he is not on the list of people Jen drew up to have at her wedding. Jen asks Hal to bring Emily to her wedding. Jen, with Gwen’s help, records a video diary for Johnny. Paul confides in Meg about the fact he may never be able to see Jen again or get to say his good byes. Dusty has found a specialist in Texas for Jen. However, Bob has terrible news for him when he has to tell him that they won’t accept Jen because her condition is too far deteriorated. Dusty directs his frustration subtly towards Lucy when he remarks coldly she never should have been released so early to begin with. Damian later consoles Lucy. Everyone gathers for Jen and Dusty’s wedding, but Jen explains someone is missing. They think she is talking about Kim who is bringing Johnny, but Jen corrects them when she tells them it is Paul who is missing.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke works at home with final plans on the wedding at Marina Del Rey. Stephanie is dismayed when Brooke tells her she made her decision and they aren’t using the poster with "Brooke's Bedroom.....or nothing at all." Stephanie begs her not to let Nick’s jealousy get in the way of her success, their success! This is the 4th of July. Where is her free spirit? Surely she is not going to walk away from who she is? Brooke reminds her that Nick is only re-acting to what she and Ridge have been doing to break them apart, so she does not blame him. Stephanie warns her one more time, if she marries Nick, she will regret it for the rest of her life. Christian questions Felicia how did the art gallery awards ceremony go last night? Great; too bad his date didn’t make it. Turning into a human lobster; that is nothing compared to what is going to happen today, she boasts. True, Bridget is walking around, stiff and red, everything hurts. With the previous oil and now vinegar to soak in, she feels like a salad. Before Dante leaves, she gets some crème which she assumes her dad sent. Felicia tells Christian that poor little Bridget is going to get creamed! Bridget slathers the crème on her face; it feels so good. At the studio, Dante meets with the gallery owners and Felicia is only too happy to fill them in on their initial meeting and humiliate Dante at the same time. Dante finds Bridget rigid, drooling, her face won’t move. He calls Christian. Felicia has confessed to him that she sent Felicia some Botox so she won’t feel a thing. He reprimands her that she stop these stunts right now.

Taylor visits Nick and tells him that Ridge usually gets his way and with Stephanie helping him, he might have reason to be concerned. And Brooke is still seeking approval from the entire family so she might be somewhat vulnerable. He also assumed she knew about his mother and Stephen. She’s surprised but said she knew from the beginning it wasn’t going to work out for them. Nick tells Brooke that the honeymoon is set but he’s as mum as she is on the wedding plans. But, he’d like to talk to her about work. He feels he has been a good sport, and suggests it is time that she start her own company thought she opines that Forrester IS her company. He still questions her role at Forrester, being CEO yet modeling in her underwear to get them rich. He doesn’t care about the money, and she doesn’t want to be ‘taken care of’.  Stephanie walks the grounds of Burton W. Chace Park with Mass and tells him the outdoor photo is the key. He points out where it should be so Nick will be at the ceremony and look right at it. There should be fireworks – they should explode and so should their marriage.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Steve accompanies Kayla to a 4th of July celebration at the pier. Kayla uses the location to remind Steve of their past romantic moments near the water. Frankie has the whole Deveraux family attend the celebration and they join Steve and Kayla for a picnic. Max invites himself as Chelsea’s date to the celebration but washes his hands of her when she dances with the DJ to make him jealous. Max takes a drive in his racecar to let off some steam but ends up getting sideswiped by Stephanie driving her own racecar.

Carrie reconsiders telling Austin the real truth and stands by her choice to marry Lucas. Carrie comes to Lexie to talk over her conflicted feelings and Lexie assures her that she should be marrying Lucas. Sami confronts Lexie at the hospital but Lexie refuses to say why she lied for Sami. Kate overhears them talking and demands to know the truth but Lexie defers the demand over to Sami. Kate follows Sami home to pursue her quest for the truth but instead Austin stands up for Sami and brings her to see the fireworks at the pier.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sonny pulls back from making love with Carly and accuses her of trying to break up him and Emily, which results in an argument. Carly and Sonny work together to assure Michael and Morgan that everything is fine. Carly promises Sonny that he will never be alone. Manny warns Sam that he'll kill her if she doesn't cooperate. Elizabeth creates a diversion to allow Jason the chance to escape from the police station and later stops Lucky from arresting Jason.

Manny is about to tattoo a message on Sam when Jason bursts in with his gun drawn. Anna comforts Robin over her break up with Patrick. Robert confronts Patrick. Anna makes a mysterious phone call. Dillon realizes Lulu was a virgin before they slept together. Lulu covers her hurt when she senses Dillon still loves Georgie. Dillon and Lulu are filled with regret. Georgie is devastated when she learns Dillon and Lulu slept together.

GL Recap Written by Siri

At the Bauer BarBQ, Rick talks with Michelle and his dad. Later, Jude wants Gus to be his partner in a race, but Rick takes Jude away from him. Coop and Ava arrive, she reveals her gorgeous body in a bikini and Lizzie makes gagging noises in disgust. Beth and Blake avoid Rick. Leah fakes being sick when she realizes that Mel will work instead of going to the BarBQ. After Mel and Rick examine her at the hospital, both realize she is faking and Mel comes back to the BarBQ. Alan tells Reva that she and her family will not have anything to do with the baby. Josh tells Cassie that it is easier to miss Reva now. He makes a toast to Ross at the Bauer’s and Cassie is very impressed with him. They look into each other’s eyes. Frank tells Olivia that he realizes their relationship will not work. Later, she turns to Buzz and they kiss passionately. Jonathan barges in at the BarBQ, rips up Alan’s papers and tells him that he and his family are stuck with him for Alan has threatened his (Jonathan) mother and his family.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Adriana and Rex head to the inn. He has her blindfolded and he turns off the lights before allowing her to see the room. She is glad to be there and they start kissing. The stalker is at a phone booth calling the inn. He pretends to be Rex and gets information on their booking at the inn. When he has all that he needs, he drops the phone and runs off. Spencer and Blair are at a table in the Country Club. Todd appears asking Blair to dance. She does and can see that he is still smitten with her. He says that he is over her an only wants to make her hurt as badly as she hurt him. She peers at Spencer from time to time and Todd takes that to be Blair still trying to please the man, even while she is in his arms, saying that she is sorry for all she has done. Kelly freaks out. The test is positive. She is pregnant with Duke's son. She goes running in the night and ends up in the park. Hugh appears and she tells him her situation. He sympathizes. She now has to worry about Dorian finding out and how she is going to have to deal with that. Hugh takes her cellphone and saves his number in there. She can now call him anytime she wants. Day or night! The stalker arrives at the inn. He goes to a door and gets his tool out to break in. Rex and Adriana are about to make love. Adriana thinks that she hears something. Rex jumps out of bed and goes running to the door. Four kids have entered the room in the dark. Rex grabs his gun and aims. The lights go on and it appears that the kids have come to the wrong room. The stalker gets the door open. He enters, but sees quickly that there has been some mistake. There is a man in there, and when he sees the room has been broken into, he gets up and gives chase. The stalker runs out. He makes his way back to the phone booth where he got his info for the butterfly couple and the takes out his anger on it, kicking it and punching it, then he just leaves.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Luis and Fancy, with the help of a couple Interpol agents, break into the hotel room where Alistair, Beth, and Marty are, only to find them gone. Luis finds the hidden passageway they escaped through, and they give chase. After a while, the agents have to leave on another investigation, but Luis and Fancy continue to follow the trail. When they pass the hiding Al and Beth, Al throws something and hits Fancy in the head, knocking her out and keeping Luis busy as they escape again. Theresa and Whitney are happy for each other that the old nun's predictions seem to have come true, but Gwen works on Ethan's sympathy to ensure he will never leave her, no matter what information Theresa comes up with. Paloma, Simone, Noah, and Chad find the hidden room where the stolen artwork was left, and they decide to get it back to the Vatican, where it belongs.

Tabitha's house burns as she, Endora, Fox, Siren, Kay, and Miguel try to get out any way they can. Tabby and Endora get out quickly and wait at Sam's house with a suspicious Ivy. Siren, who's legs turned into a fin again, dove from the bedroom window into a neighbor's pool, then waited for her legs to appear again. Fox ran out the front door, but Miguel, Kay, and Maria were trapped. Going out on the roof, they toss Maria to Fox, and then they both jump, too, with Fox and Sam breaking their fall. Kay expressed her love for Miguel, and thanked him with a kiss, while Fox looked on sadly and Sam became very confused. TC took a turn for the worse, going into cardiac arrest, while Eve and Julian went through the mess he left at home. She found a letter where he apologized for all the rotten things he did to his family, and it touched her heart. She still can't contact their daughters to let them know he's dying, and he may never get to see them again before he dies.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Gloria and Kevin enter the kitchen and Gloria is beaming over her son starting that day with Jabot. Ashley and Jack roll their eyes. Gloria gets the boy a new leather briefcase for the job. Ashley tells her brother later that she hates seeing Gloria and her family take over the company like this. Jack tells her that if she wants to change things over at Jabot, all she has to do…is do it! Kevin heads to the new job and can't believe his office when Jill takes him to it. She gives him an assignment and expects to see a working model at the end of the day. Kevin heads to the computer but can't work. "Access Denied". He tries to get a password, but the IT department can't do it without paperwork done first. He asks Ashley for help but she says that he has to handle it himself. Jill suspects that Ashley isn't playing fair when Gloria comes to ask for help in getting Kevin set up. Ashley denies that she would do anything to hurt Jabot. When alone she gets on the phone and calls her contact in IT. She tells that she needs something else done. A woman appears in Kevin's office with yet another stumbling block to getting a password, however she rushes out when Jill appears. Jill learns that Kevin is still having difficulties and tells him that he has to understand how to deal with IT who has a language of their own. Kevin can't wait any longer. He calls Michael for help. Kevin finishes his work and hands it in on time. Ashley is sour-faced. Michael and Kevin high-five in the hall. "All that I had to do was tell Phyllis that you were having trouble and she did it all!" Phyllis has terrible morning sickness, and Sharon notices that she is pale. She has ginger ale in her office and takes Phyllis there to get it. Jack has made some decisions about NVP. He needs Sharon to go on a trip and wants to send Phyllis with her. Sharon is strangely fine with that. Nick hears about this trip and grabs the phone as soon as he is alone. He calls to make an appointment for a DNA test.

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