Monday 7/3/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 7/3/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

There seems to be a mysterious earthquake right where Greg is buried. Greg is afraid he will die when rubble falls upon him while he lies in the box in the ground. Kendall and Ryan both rush to the hospital to be with Spike. Zach accompanies them. Dr. Joe tells them they can take him home the next day. Many people seem to find themselves in the park right where Greg is buried. Jr and babe want to renew their vows. Dixie reveals to David that she may have given up hope in finding Kate and asks him to find her a baby to falsify to Tad that they've found Kate. Tad is equally hopeless. David tries to console Dixie while Di tries to console Tad. But both Tad and Dixie can only think about Kate. A mysterious young woman runs through the park and screams when she discovers a hand rising from the ground where Greg is buried.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

A violent rocking boat causes Mike and Vienna to get stuck in his cabin. The captain later helps them get out, only to share bad news with them; a witness saw a petite blonde and tall dark gentleman go overboard. Katie and Simon are stuck holding on for dear life to a life preserver as they head hopefully towards an island for refuge. A food fight sparks unresolved feelings for Carly and Jack. Jess interrupts them and wonders if the divorce should proceed? Carly reluctantly is the one to say the divorce is still on, as Jack seems to be less sure. Will tells Gwen that Jen is dying; he laments he should be the one dying since he, Paul and Barbara always do the wrong thing and they are fine and here Jen finally gets Johnny back and now she is dying. Gwen and Will comfort one another. Dallas confronts Maddie on the rooftop about him not being in Oakdale because of her, but she obviously hasn’t dealt with being sexually assaulted yet. She shouldn’t’ be keeping that from Casey. He can still help her put away the man that stole her innocence though. Maddie pulls away as Casey walks in demanding to know what is going on? Maddie covers by claiming he has no right to ask since they are not together anymore. She also drives home the fact when she lies by claiming she doesn’t love him. Bob tells Jen’s devastated family that her condition is irreversible; her organs are shutting down. Barbara offers her organs, but Bob informs her it is too late. She has a very short time to live. Jen wants to get married that day and they start to make plans. Dusty continues to be in denial about Jen’s condition, insisting she will get better.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As Ridge and Brooke re-hash the photo shoot, Stephanie secretly ponders her good fortune and knows it will be the beginning of the end for Nick and Brooke. She incorporates Massimo's help in getting an ad agency to get this out to print, outdoor billboards, TV and Internet all over the world by tomorrow! She takes delight in telling Nick about the shoot and how revolutionary Brooke was. She hears again that he does not like his fiancée parading around in her lingerie for all the world to see. Stephanie points out that this is a woman who is not afraid of scandal and thrives on her sexuality. Nick and his dad exchange some sharp words and Mass tells him don't say he didn't warn him. Dante and Bridget drop Dino off at Felicia's. He makes sure she knows that his sculpture won and she will be at the ceremony. She invites them to stay by her pool rather than fight the traffic to the beach. While alone, she puts baby oil in the bottle of Bridget's sun block and tells Christian it's just a little prank, but poetic justice. Bridget burned her so now it's her turn.

Brooke mulls over the photos but stuffs them away when Nick enters. Brio asks for Brooke's approval and she dismiss the second shot (nude) and goes for the first set. Brooke tells Ridge that Nick has had to put up with enough scandal and marriage is a compromise. He tells her she should not let Nick clip her wings when she is beginning to soar. Bridget finally realizes she is a human french fry and can't stand to have Dante touch her. Ridge has flashbacks of his beach wedding to Brooke and knows Nick will never understand his Logan. Excitingly, Brooke shows Nick where they are to marry near the marina, a place he loves, understands, and they fell in love. She can't wait to be Mrs. Nick Marone.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Austin questions whether Carrie would be marrying Lucas if she weren’t pregnant. Carrie vows to stand by Lucas but Austin urges Carrie to reconsider before they officially marry. Carrie decides to tell Austin the real truth as to why she chose Lucas. Lucas takes up Austin’s offer of spending the night prior to his wedding at Sami’s apartment but Lucas ends up accusing Sami of not wanting him to marry Carrie. Sami claims to solely desire Austin. Sami questions whether she and Lucas would have gotten back together if Carrie and Austin hadn’t come back to town but Lucas doesn’t even want to consider the thought. Lucas overhears Sami making a desperate phone call to Lexie but buys her claim of calling the hairdresser.

The mystery stranger watches Belle, Philip, Shawn and Mimi wait for news about their fertilization. Belle and Philip learn that their chances are good. Bo is sure that the baby is his but Hope doubts that even if it was, their marriage may not last. Bonnie eavesdrops as Billie talks with Patrick about the possibility of him being the father. Bonnie urges Patrick to marry Hope confident that he is the father. Shawn and Mimi learn of Hope’s pregnancy by overhearing Patrick. Shawn blames Bo for Hope ever having been with Patrick and orders Bo to stay out of Hope’s life regardless of the baby’s paternity. Hope learns that the ultrasound machine is broken and her appointment will have to be rescheduled. Billie consoles Bo, as Hope talks with Shawn alone. Bonnie advises Billie to go after Bo. Bo scares Billie with his vows to do whatever it takes to get Patrick out of the picture.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Anna orders Robert to make Patrick pay for hurting Robin. Sam manages to break away from Manny, get to the phone, and call the hospital, but Manny stops her. Liz stages a disturbance to allow Jason to escape. Hoping to get Carly to leave, Sonny kisses her, then pulls back and refuses to cheat on Emily. Dillon is apalled to learn that he was Lulu's first lover. Lulu regrets what happened. After talking with Robin and Patrick, Anna and Robert realize that the kids are in love and denial. Robert also realizes that there is more to Anna's visit than meets the eye. Jason bursts in on Manny before he can mark Sam.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Colin gets Reva to go to a cancer support meeting and she agrees only if he streaks naked down the hospital corridors. During the meeting, she opens up to some ladies and realizes she needs to get home to Josh. Afterwards, Reva makes Colin streak naked and he does it, but is mortified. He tells her later that her lab results look “promising”. Tammy finds Alan’s papers making Jonathan give up parental rights and tells Jonathan she doesn’t want to live this way. Alan tells Coop that Lizzie made up the “accident” on the roof and Coop tells Lizzie goodbye. Lizzie is mad at Alan and at the Bauer’s house, she tells him that she will prove to Coop that she is domestic and maternal. Alan, after trying to contact Jonathan on St. Gabriel, arranges for a jet to fly down and make Jonathan tow the line. Josh has a fight with Billy and tells him that he (Billy) may love Reva, but she will dump on Billy like she has dumped on him. He tells Billy and Cassie that Reva is now on her own.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Lindsay is coming to see Nora. She gets to the doorway and sees that RJ is there beside Nora's wheelchair having a very passionate kiss with her.  Lindsay leaves the doorway unseen and mad.  Hugh asks what happened and Lindsay says that she will have to get a limb chopped off to compete with Nora it seems.  Kelly is in the bathroom doing her pregnancy test.  She hears Kevin calling out for her. He gives her a box of baby clothes from the house that was left behind.  The box from her pregnancy test falls out of her bag. Kevin picks it up. She tells that the test is Adriana's and that he should keep the secret of her having it.  Kevin really thought for a minute that Kelly was pregnant but will buy her story.  Bo wants to have another stab at a relationship with Paige, and she is excited about it at first but then decides that she can't do it as Matthew has been thorough enough and she might go away for a long time.  Hugh comes in telling that the authorities are outside the door and they have questions about Thomas McBain's death.  Bo leaves to get her a lawyer.  Jessica is worried. She sees Antonio falling headfirst into the role of father to Brennan but she knows that Nash will return and claim his child one-day.  Antonio is talking about adoption and getting attached and he acts like Nash is gone forever.  Jessica and Clint know that isn't the case.  Nash sees that Claudia isn't in the house. He finds her on the porch with the laptop.  She says that she is shopping online.  He looks at the monitor and sees that she is researching personality disorders. He gets angry and tells Claudia that she is spinning her wheels.  He is going back to his family. Even if Tess isn't out yet, he will wait for her to come back for him.  "You and I will never be an item."

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Chad and Whitney happily celebrated the news they aren't siblings by spending the day in bed. Theresa forced JT to prove the news he gave her, that Ethan is really Little Ethan's father, not Julian. She can't wait to tell Ethan the news. Luis and Fancy tracked down Alistair and Beth to her hotel room, and are trying to get them to open the door and give him his son, who is still with them. Norma and Edna found a new career as entertainers in Lesbian Bars. They were a big hit, with Norma doing the singing and Edna on the piano.

Kay continued pledging her love to Miguel, who responded in kind. He's finding it hard to follow Fox's orders not to make love to her, tho. He tries to remind himself he's only there in an effort to help her regain her memory, but it's getting harder to care. Meanwhile, Siren's song is affecting Fox, but his love for Kay keeps blocking it. He just can't quite forget he loves and wants Kay, which upsets Siren very much. Tabitha sees what's happening and calls on Endora for help, but the child is so upset with what's going on her magic gets away from her and she sets the house on fire.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nikki panics. She tries to revive Victor but can't get him up. Finally, he stirs and asks what happened. She tells that he collapsed and she runs to the phone. He sees what she is about to do and runs to her, slamming the phone down. He begs her not to call anyone. She can't do that. She is his wife and can't stand around watching him like this. Jack and Phyllis are in the lunchroom talking business. She confronts him on manipulating to get the company. He denies doing that, saying that the idea was Victor's. Sharon breezes in and announces that she and her husband are having a special dinner that night. She also drops the bomb that Jack has hired her as spokes model for the company. Phyllis stays very quiet. The doctor explains what is going on with Victor and how they start trying to fix it. He has a prescription for the man and Victor takes it. He is cautioned that he isn't to drive for the next little while. If he follows the doctor's directions then he should be able to carry on as usual and his life will not be disturbed. Jack and Phyllis have dinner but it isn't about work like she thought. He tells how he realizes that he wants Phyllis in his life as a friend and that he has been acting badly towards her. Victor and Nikki arrive and Nikki and Phyllis marvel at the camaraderie that the two have together. Victor wants to go to Africa, and maybe take the whole family with he and Nikki. Nick and Sharon have their fancy dinner, but it is at the coffeehouse which the location of the place where Nick proposed. They dance to music from the jukebox, have a man from the Colonnade Room who brought the food take their picture, and they look at pictures. Sharon has been thinking and wants to know if Nick would mind having another baby with her.

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