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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Carly and the kids are back from Montana. Jack offers to take care of JJ, Parker, Sage, Natalie and Faith, but quickly becomes overwhelmed and Carly steps in. A food fight ensues and Jack being touched by Carly’s words to Faith about Lily brings them again closer together. A storm hits the cruise ship Mike, Katie, Simon and Vienna are on; Katie goes on deck to get some air and Simon follows. Katie wants him to stay away and when he doesn’t, she moves towards the railing to escape his blatant come ons; however a wave violently rocks the ship sending Katie overboard. Simon calls for help, but then dives in after her. Maddie confuses Henry when she tells him she wants to go away for the summer because her and Casey are over. Henry tries to dissuade her, which sends Maddie off in a huff when he doesn’t understand what or whom she is running away from. Casey goes to the Lakeview looking for Maddie but bumps into Gwen instead and tells her the details of Maddie and his strange break up. Gwen offers to talk to Maddie. Bob thinks Jen should go home so she is comfortable, but Dusty thinks that would be giving up so he wants to call in specialists. Jen’s family is stunned and heartbroken, as it seems Jen’s condition is dire. Jen makes Meg and Paul explain what everyone is keeping from her. Jen learns of her heartbreaking condition. Dallas surprises Maddie when she is on the rooftop; he tells her what is happening between them needs to stop; they need to talk about what happened. Will heads home to tell Gwen the news and finds her, Casey and Johnny huddled together. Jen tells Dusty she knows there is no time for her so she tells him what she wants; she wants them to get married.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Before the photo session, Brooke and Nick are all smooch, smooch. No matter the paycheck, he hates the fact of her in lingerie with all the world gawking. She assures him after last night, Ridge's attitude has changed and he realizes it is over. She knows she has two strikes from Nick and doesn't want a third. She vows Ridge will not come between them. She even hints at a surprise for Nick at the ceremony.

Ridge works out with Thorne dogging him that he should take it easy. Ridge confides in him that it is over and he had it all and let it go. But, if she ever changes her mind, he'll be there. Stephanie confides to Massimo partly what she is up to. She thinks she can get something from this shoot that will put a finish to the Brooke/Nick relationship. Nick gets word that business is hurting because with no explanation some ports are delaying their shipments. He promises he'll look into it. Jackie drops in and is surprised that he sent out the announcements until he says he pulled strings and the divorce is now final. He remarks that Stephanie and Ridge are like two snakes in pit and he wants to get Brooke out of there before they strike again. He will not put up with a strike three. After this, she will fire them all or she will quit Forrester for good.

Ridge shows up at the photo shoot after all. Brio's camera clicks away at some sexy, provocative yet tasteful photos. Then surprise to all, Stephanie suggests some without lingerie - nude; "the essence of Brooke......wear Brooke's Bedroom.....or nothing at all." Brooke throws herself into the project and enjoys herself. Mass tells Ridge to keep the faith and be strong. Brooke is just being stubborn. Stephanie looks at the computerized photos and knows she's struck gold, a whole new ballgame. This is Nicky's strike three and Brooke will be all Ridge's.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn calls Bonnie over to talk to Mimi. Belle tries to talk to Mimi but both Bonnie and Mimi send Belle away. Philip demands that Shawn stay away from Belle but Shawn vows that he’s committed to Mimi. Bonnie claims to Shawn that Mimi’s reaction was due to hormones but Mimi decides she must now tell the truth. Before she can do so, Shawn gets on one knee and proposes again which Mimi accepts. The hospital calls both Belle and Mimi to let them know that their harvested eggs are ready for fertilization. The mystery stranger switches the labels on Belle and Mimi’s respective Petri dishes. Max and Frankie discuss their respective love lives over breakfast. Chelsea tells Abby that she plans to turn down Max’s request to go steady in favor of playing hard to get. Max brings Chelsea flowers but is so hurt by Chelsea’s cold turn down that he leaves the Pub. Steve tells Kayla that the kiss didn’t spark any memories but asks to know more about Stephanie. Steve asks to meet Stephanie but Kayla is worried that she can’t reach her.

Sami cooks breakfast for Lucas, Austin, and Will. Lucas apologizes to Sami for accusing her of misdeeds. Sami is so distracted by Lucas’ apology that she burns breakfast. Austin, Will and Lucas tease Sami as they reveal that they made reservations at the Brady Pub knowing that Sami would ruin breakfast. Carrie brings Roman and Kate to the Brady Pub to go over wedding details. Lexie pulls Roman aside to ask him to talk to Abe on her behalf. Kate answers Lexie’s cell phone when she leaves it behind and pretends to be Lexie’s voice mail so she can hear Sami admit that Lexie covered for her. Lexie urges Sami to forget about trying to find out why Lexie covered for her and be glad that she got to stay out of trouble. The mystery stranger watches Carrie and Roman walk along the pier. Kate questions Lexie about her mysterious phone call but Lexie brushes her off.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Robert tries to tease/threaten Luke into staying in Port Charles. Lulu and Diego's plan goes into motion, leading to Dillon exploding when he sees Georgi and Diego on the verge of skinny dipping. Patrick denies having any feelings for Robin. Carly begins trying to save Sonny. Their verbal sparring ends in a kiss. Anna is sent to Port Charles. Holly calls Luke for help. In the hopes that if Jason is unable to take the "bait" Manny will let Sam out of the trap, Alexis jails Jason.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Reva wakes from surgery insisting that Collin allow her to call Josh. He stops her by saying that if she calls Josh will come running to her. Lizzie goes out onto the Cedars hospital roof in hopes of getting Coops’ attention and winds up in danger when the scaffolding she’s on breaks from the building. She’s eventually rescued by Gus. Tammy goes to meet Jonathan in the islands, unaware that Alan has been there to persuade Jonathan to sign over custody of the baby. Alan offers Jonathan a weekly bank deposit and the house. Tammy is not aware the house is a gift from Alan, provided Jonathan signs away his rights to his grandchild. Jonathan lies to Tammy saying he mortgaged the bar to buy the house. Tammy tells Jonathan that she had to take Lizzie to the hospital but that everything with the baby is fine. Gus is at Cedars for a Narcotics anonymous meeting when a nurse tells him that someone is on the roof about to jump. Gus eventually rescues Lizzie with Harley looking on. Gus and Harley talk at their shell of a house. Alan and Beth agree that there can’t be anymore episodes like that from Lizzie and that maybe Lizzie isn’t fit to raise her own child.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

All have arrived now for the meeting at the Country Club. Everyone seems surprised that everyone else is there. Evangeline finds this very strange. She wonders aloud who it was that called them all there. Todd arrives and announces that he is the culprit. He just wanted to thank everyone for helping to save his life. David moves forward curious then as to why Spencer isn't there. Blair comes to Spencer's place using her key. She calls out for him but no one answers. She goes to his computer and starts snooping. He surprises her by coming up behind her, joking that he might think she were spying. She says she was looking for a site for something for Jack's schooling. She can't pony up the name for him and he tells her that he has been feeling funny about her lately. Blair gets a text message and leaves Spencer to go to the Country Club. She arrives and finds the Country Club full of people who all stare at her strangely. Todd calls out to everyone announcing that she is there. Spencer walks in behind her. "And look! She brought a date!" Blair too is surprised to find that Spencer has followed her to her destination. Todd thanks everyone, one by one for helping to free him from being killed by the state. He even offers to help David find his freedom for his part in all this. Lastly, he tells Spencer that he doesn't mind him fighting for Blair. He says that the man can have her, and that she is only the consolation prize. He only cares that Spencer never get his hands on his kids. Natalie has a moment to herself and she goes over to David and asks him to please tell John the truth about his father being killed. She knows that it won't hold up in court if he confesses now. David goes to John. "Spencer had nothing to do with it. He didn't kill your father. It was me. I killed your father."

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

The fight in the plaza roared on, with the lesbians and good guys finally winning out over Alistair's thugs. The old man cursed after them when they ran away with their tails between their legs, but laughed at Luis' certainty that now both Al and Beth were going to pay for the things they've done. It turns out he had a reason, since he had the plaza rigged, and at the touch of a button on a remote control, a huge explosion and bright light flared. When it was all over, and the good guys picked themselves up off the ground, Al and Beth were nowhere in sight. His voice over a loudspeaker ridiculed Luis, tho. Chad and Whitney were thrilled, letting the old nun know her prophecy came true, and they really aren't siblings at all. Theresa chased JT, and after catching him, settled for some shocking news in place of the evidence of Gwen and Rebecca's guilt in outting him - Little Ethan is Ethan's son, not Julian's!

Kay continued to try to make love to Miguel, who almost gave in to her charms despite fighting it as hard as possible. Endora helped, by sending a surge of energy into the bedroom that knocked him out of the bed. Siren was angry that Kay was with Miguel, so she decided to strike back by seducing Fox. She began singing her siren's song, and he fell under it's spell, making his way like a zombie to her room. Despite all Tabitha and Endora could do, there was no way to stop his trek to Siren's bed. Kay's amnesia may have cost her the man she loves and is engaged to forever, since making love to a mermaid will keep him from ever being with a real woman again.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nikki plays sad music on the piano. She tells Victor that she is sad as he will not get the proper tests that he needs. She tells of her conversation with the doctor and how Victor could be in bad shape and they not know of it. She also tells that Victor is refusing tests. Victoria starts in on him about this and he tells her sternly that he will not do anything more testing and that is that. Nikki can't stop asking Victor to go to the doctor again. He will not do it. She has more memories of how Victor used to be vicious and cutthroat with everyone including her. Finally, Victor agrees to go to the doctor again but only if more symptoms occur. He puts on the music and takes Nikki in his arms. Suddenly he falls unconscious to the floor. Nikki can't revive him. Nick and Phyllis talk on the jet. Nick wants to do something for Phyllis but can't let go of the idea that the baby could be Jack's. Phyllis is sure the child isn't Jack's. Nick promises to help her in anyway that he can. He knows that there are ways to test an unborn baby for paternity and he wants them to investigate that and do it right away. Sharon visits with Brad she tells that she has gotten her marriage back on track and realizes that everyone needs a break from Nick and Phyllis's affair. When Nick and Phyllis arrive at the office, Sharon greets them both nicely, and hasn't a drop of animosity in her voice about them being alone on the jet and away overnight in a motel. She needs no big explanation from them. Brad is alone. He goes to his laptop. He reads a newspaper article 'Family slaughtered in Parma…' There is a picture there of a female beside the article. The door opens and Victoria and Abby arrive. Brad says that he was just on the police website checking to see if other houses in the neighborhood have been broken into. "I will do anything to protect my family…"

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