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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Casey and Margo are confused by Maddie’s strange behavior, while Dallas sits quietly by. Holden goes to see Damian about Luke coming home and letting him know he knows he is connected to the Kreeger Foundation, as Ross listens secretly from the other room. Damian tells Ross how to handle Holden. Ross meets with Holden and tells him Lily introduced him to Luke, and insinuates Luke is the only one to blame for Lily’s fall. Luke unbelievably opens up to Jade when he explains how and why Lily fell down the stairs. Surprisingly, Jade offers genuine advice, with nothing for her to gain, when she pushes Luke to talk to his dad. Dusty rushes Jen to the hospital where he finds out Lucy released Jen when medically she shouldn’t have. Lucy is wracked with guilt over not trying harder to keep Jen in the hospital. Maddie and Casey try to get some alone time on the rooftop before they go to find a motel, but when Casey kisses her, Maddie has some flashes, freaks out and tells Casey she is breaking up with him. Damian manipulates Luke into staying with him and away from Lily when he implies to Luke that Holden doesn’t want him around; an emotional Luke ends up believing him. Bob tells Jen’s stunned family that her viral pneumonia has turned into Cardiomyopathy – heart failure. They are desperately trying to treat her, but if her tissues and organs don’t get enough blood, her body will begin to shut down. Jen tells Dusty she can’t wait to go home and to be with him and Johnny, unaware of how serious her condition is.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Felicia has just left and Dante tells Bridget it hurts now but Felicia will get over this and they can all get on with their lives. Nothing is going to stop them now, they are free to love each other. They cover each other with kisses which leads to their taking each other's shirt and dress off and he carries her gently to the bed. He definitely has Roman hands and they find delight in discovering each other.

On The Marlin, Brooke fills Nick in on the activities at the private dining room with Ridge. How she felt sorry for him. She will always love him but she had to make him see that he had to let her go and get on with their lives. Ridge pretty much tells his mother the same thing - it's over for good.

Barely finished, Nick shows up at the door at a very awkward moment and needs to see Bridget alone. He is reluctant but manages to sign the divorce papers and she kisses him and wishes him well with his life with her mother. This is what they both wanted! Stephanie surprises Brooke by showing up at the boat, hoping she can find one last word to get her to stop this ridiculous marriage. She implies she knows about the two strikes and not wanting to be a third. Brooke assures her that she IS following her heart and it's leading to Nick. She wants her to drop all of this as they have the photo shoot tomorrow and all need to get along, no stunts. She nor Nick will stand for that. Later Stephanie fills Massimo in and tells him she has a PLAN.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn tries to convince Mimi that he loves her but Mimi locks herself in the bedroom. Belle pledges her loyalty to Philip. Shawn asks Belle to talk to Mimi but Belle tells Shawn that he must be the one to set things right. Philip overhears Belle say this and apologizes for doubting her. Shawn tries to talk to Mimi again but Mimi declares herself a fraud and throws off her wedding ring. The mystery stranger watches from Sami’s fire escape and calls Lexie on her cell phone. The caller doesn’t identify himself or herself to Lexie but forces her to keep quiet about the real blackmail agreement. Lexie returns to the group and backs up Sami’s claim that she didn’t ask for anything in return from the blackmail. Everyone buys Lexie’s claim except Kate and commends Sami for her good intentions.

Jack shares his relief in knowing that Frankie will be here for Jennifer when he dies. Jack is overcome with a severe pain attack but finally falls asleep. Jennifer lies with him and flashes back through their life together. Kayla brings Steve on a tour of Salem’s hot spots special to their past in an effort to help him remember their life together. When none prove successful, Kayla kisses Steve goodnight and the kiss reminds him of another kiss between them.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sonny turns to Jason for help. Carly reluctantly agrees to Jason's request. Sonny sends Emily away. Carly steels herself and stands up to Sonny. Jason is desperate to find Sam. Manny gives Sam the creeps.

Helena leaves Nikolas with a warning as she makes her intentions regarding John perfectly clear. Nikolas plans on leaving the country with John. Patrick is surprised by Carly's behavior and insight. Patrick seeks out Robin. Diego and Lulu step up their plan to break up Georgie and Dillon.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Lizzie is discharged from the hospital and tells Ashley that she can have Jonathan. Jonathan text-messages Tammy. Gus throws a fit trying to find a tool and Rick sees this. Rick then tells Harley that he will take her to court if she lets Jude around Gus. Reva has surgery and while under the anesthetic, she talks to Josh. After she tells him about the cancer, he gets hurt and angry and tells her that she should have told him. He tells her that life can go on without Reva Shayne. After the surgery is over, Colin tells her that he got all the nodes. She wants to phone Josh. Josh breaks a frame holding a picture of Reva and prepares to leave for Oklahoma for the duration of the Veterans project. Lizzie arranges for Ashley to give Coop a note. Lizzie goes to the roof of Cedars, ties a belt around her waist and waits. Ashley after hearing that Jonathan is gone, tears up the note. Lizzie waits for Coop on the roof, belt around her waist and looking down below.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Adriana sits in the diner thinking that she is alone. The stalker enters and sits behind her. He takes out the half-a-picture that he has of Rex and uses a knife to jab the picture to the back of his leather seat. Adriana has no idea what goes on behind her. The stalker then calmly gets up and walks out. Nash is in bed sleeping. Claudia hears him calling out for Tess and goes to him pretending to sound like her. They start kissing and Nash tells her how he is glad that she was able to make it to him. Claudia responds and that is when Nash opens his eyes and sees her. "What the hell are you doing?" he asks jumping away from her. The woman that Rex is talking to doesn't want to help him with the forgery unless he has big money. Rex can't afford what she is asking. He presses her and so she looks at the papers. Her faces changes and she declares that the docs are real. She gets up to leave now. He knows that there is more to this. He is suspicious now of her behavior and accuses her of recognizing this person's work. Citizens of Llanview have had their names written on a piece of paper. Soon enough, all the names on a list get a call from a number that they can't recognize. The text message which comes through on their cellphones tells them to head to the Country Club in half an hour and to come alone. Evangeline, Viki, John, Natalie, Rex and Adriana are some of the people expected to show. The secretary comes to her boss reporting that she has had all the messages sent and that delivery has been confirmed. Todd thanks the woman for her work as he sits peacefully behind his desk rubbing his palms. Everyone he has contacted, should be at the Country Club in just about thirty minutes.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Alistair pulled Beth and Fancy aside as his goons tore into Luis, Ethan, Noah, Edna, Norma, Paloma, and Simone. Both women begged him to stop the goons, but he refused. Paloma and Simone ran to get the police, who totally ignored them since they are paid by Al. They went to a local lesbian bar and recruited the women there, who hate Al, to help, which they did willingly. They arrived and began battling with the goons as Al stood with his daughter and granddaughter, afraid of what will happen to him if the lesbians get to him. Theresa met up with Whitney and told her of the picture she took of Gwen paying JT to keep him quiet. When she tried to show her, however, the phone was dead. This was Gwen's opportunity to protect herself yet again, and when Whitney left to go pray, she attacked Theresa and managed to destroy the phone.

Whitney's return cheered her up, tho, when she was told the Virgin Mary appeared to Whit and told her a miracle would happen that would let her be with Chad and Theresa be with Ethan. Chad caught up to the fleeing JT and demanded the chalice. JT told him of a document he found showing Liz and Al are his real parents, so he and Whit aren't related at all, since Liz is adopted. They reunited, happy with the future they see before them.

Siren conked Kay over the head with a baseball bat in an effort to knock her memory back, but it failed. She explained that she's swatted a fly with the bat, and Kay got scared and fell, hitting her own head, and everyone believed her when she produced the fly. There was a moment when Fox thought Kay remembered being engaged to him, but it was over almost before it began, when she told him Siren is strange and thinks she's a mermaid.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick and Phyllis are on the plane. He has noticed that she has been crying as she has red, puffy eyes. She tells that she felt a lot of emotions the night before. He apologizes for having kissed her the night before. He wants to know what she is feeling. She says that she has been a terrible, hormonal mess and that there is a reason. "I'm pregnant." Nick takes the news well that Phyllis is pregnant. Phyllis is glad. She tells that the baby could also be Jack's. He will not judge her for sleeping with Jack. Phyllis plans to have the baby and raise it in Genoa City. They know that Sharon will hate this. Nick takes her hands promising to be with her every step of the way. Victoria is kind of concerned about this break in. She wants to know the reasons behind it. Brad poo-poo's it all as a random break in. Victoria suggests that they call Paul to look into it. Brad doesn't want that. She can't understand why. The police bring Victoria's purse to her. They tell that a waitress named, Jana found it in a garbage can and Victoria's necklace is in it. She is grateful for that. Brad is alone in the house now. He goes to the closet and gets an envelope out of his suitcase and takes the picture of he in his baseball uniform out of the envelope. He takes the picture to the fireplace and burns it. As it burns, he travels back in time and thinks about the body… He dragged it … and dragged it…and dragged the dead weight… Nikki has Victor at the doctor's. They find nothing but the doctor wants more tests. Victor will not allow that and leaves. Nikki apologizes to the doctor who tells her that his head injury could be dangerous and cause personality changes. Nikki goes home and remembers Victor walking Victoria down the aisle, buying the puppy, giving her gifts, and hiring his enemy to work in their company…

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