Wednesday 6/28/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/28/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica still belives that telling Josh that he is the biological son of herself and Jeff is not the thing to do. Jeff tells her he disagrees and believes that, in time, they could be like a real famliy. Erica notices Jack has been out all night and his boat is gone. She discovers he's spent the night with Brooke on his boat. Zach's hearing starts. Kendall testifies in her husband's behalf although he's told her he does not want her to. JR helps inspire Babe to finish the project that the Fusion women erased from her computer screen. Jr and Jamie reveal that they might very well be the ones who put Greg in the box in the ground.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Holden, with Jack’s help, is determined to find out Damian’s connection to Ross’ foundation. Damian continues to manipulate Luke by trying to casually suggest he stay away from Lily for her best interests. Ross upsets Damian when he calls demanding a meeting because he is worried about the police calling to question him; the foundation should not be aligned with a case involving a hurt pregnant woman in a coma. Damian is angry that Luke is even more confused now. Emma tells Holden that Luke is staying longer with Damian, and he decides to go get his son back. Luke ends up at the hospital and Emma asks him to stay with Lily under the pretense she has something to take care of. Alone with Lily, Luke pleads with her to wake up; he needs and loves her, and will make up for the hurt he caused. Casey and Maddie arrange to find a motel to stay the night in. Maddie wrestles with her feelings. Casey bumps into Margo who has come home early and will be entertaining Dallas and Jess. Casey comes up with an excuse as to why he has an overnight bag. Maddie shows up to meet Casey and is upset to find Dallas there. Dallas doesn’t want her scared of him. Not long after, without a word Maddie bolts, much to the confusion of Casey and Margo. Emily continues to subtly work Jen so she doesn’t forget Johnny is home because of her. Although Emily cares for Jen and feels a bond now between their kids and Jen, she also thinks this is her last hope to keep Paul and Meg from raising her unborn child. Jen’s health seems to deteriorate even though she works hard to hide it. Dusty and Jen argue about him placating her by telling her falsely he would think about his feelings toward Emily. Paul and Meg find out Jen was released against medical advice. Meg reads Jen’s updated tests results and realizes she is getting much more sick, so they rush over to see her. While attending to Johnny, Jen’s health becomes precarious. Paul and Meg inform Dusty about what they have learned. Dusty finally relents and goes to check on Jen only to find her unconscious on the floor. They are unsuccessful in rousing her so Meg calls 911, but Dusty is so concerned he doesn’t want to wait for the ambulance, as he scoops Jen up in his arms and starts to carry her out the door.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget tells Felicia she can't give Dante up. She is apologetic and knows it's her fault, but it's out in the open now and that will be better. In their sisterly talk where they bare their souls, Felicia tells Bridget to stand up for herself. She can accept anything except for Bridget to decide to become a distant relative. She quips she doesn't understand why Bridget goes after all her mother's men. That would be like her dating Massimo. They quibble over Felicia asking Bridget if she was done with Dante and could she have a crack at him. Bridget confides that Dante saw something in her not so ordinary. Dante returns and Felicia unloads on him as well and at first she says he's not going to get out of this wedding and she's not giving the ring back. Later she says she may want it as proof that a drop dead gorgeous guy once wanted to make her his wife. And she remarks they should be grateful to her for getting them off the dime and forcing the issue. Otherwise, they'd still be mooning and making cow eyes at each other until they got bifocals.

Brooke surprises Ridge with an intimate, romantic farewell dinner at the Cafe Russe. She expresses their past shared love and then asks him to accept her future with Nick and to let her go. Surprisingly, he picks up a bottle of champagne and they drink "to happiness" as their song, "Unforgettable" plays in the background. She gives him a half filled wedding album for safekeeping. She says love is like water - it takes the shape you give it. He confides he always wanted her to ask something very big of him so he could really prove himself, perhaps this is it! She asks him to close his eyes and she kisses him and is gone. Forlorn, he tells the waiter no need to wait; he doesn't think the lady is going to come back.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Everyone tries to convince Jack to stay. Jack is shocked when Frankie echoes the sentiment. Abby claims that Jack only wants to leave because he doesn’t like seeing Jennifer with Frankie. Jack agrees to stay when Frankie tells Jennifer to be with Jack.

Steve announces to Kayla his plans to go back with Jack should he decide to leave but Kayla’s passionate plea convinces him to stay and let her help him to regain his memory.

Billie and Patrick discuss the pregnancy news and what it could mean for their separate desires to be with the ones they love. Bo is ecstatic over the pregnancy news but Hope warns that the baby could be Patrick’s. Bo punches Patrick. Hope schedules an ultrasound to determine how far along she is in her pregnancy in hopes of determining the father. Kate and Will arrive in time to hear the confession. Lucas and Austin urge Sami to confess before Lexie ousts Sami. Sami hides in her room to buy time and argues with her mirror image. When Sami continues to stall, Lexie reveals that Sami has been blackmailing her but then gives Sami the chance to explain why.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Justus' funeral is a catalyst. Edward discusses his feelings for Justus and the Wards to Luke, Tracy is grateful for her husband's gift of listening. She, in turn, lets him vent about his past with Laura. Carly realizes Sonny's absence does not bode well for his mental health, and Skye becomes more set in her choice to dissociate from Lorenzo's dangerous world. Robin confronts Patrick about his selfish nature. He responds by reminding her of her superiority complex. Carly goes from the funeral to Jake's where she is able to counsel Lulu more about men, and how to avoid the heart-stopping, but wrong for you variant. Luke visits Laura. Carly tells Patrick about her romantic upsets and that she wants to take him up on his offer. He agrees, provided they don't say the word relationship. However, as they are getting down to things, Robin knocks on the door. Diego talks to Georgi about finding Justus' body.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Reva – Inside the Light

“Finish Line”

Reva lurks about Springfield watching Josh and writing a note telling him she loves him and that she is having surgery in Minnesota. Billy takes her to the cancer center and she makes him leave her there. Later, Billy prays to G-d to bring Reva home. Reva meets a brusk woman named Tracey who has cancer, too. They bond and during the night, Tracey dies after her battle with cancer. Colin happens to be the attending physician for Reva. She gets him to help her with her 10 things she wants to do before she dies. One of them is to kiss David Cassidy, the singer. At a club, that plan fell through and Colin sings Karaoke to Cassidy’s song, “I Think I Love You”. Reva is elated. Colin helps Reva make a tearful goodbye video for her children and Josh. Then, he takes Reva to the car race track where she meets the racer, Travis Kvapil who lets her work with the pit crew. She dons a racing suit, takes the car around the track several times, speeds like a demon, and stops short of the checkered line. Colin applauds her, she lifts her visor and all you can see are her dark eyes, looking at the…..Finish Line.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Starr runs to her father and hugs him. Jack comes to his father asking if they are going to hate each other forever. Blair assures him that his parents will always love him. The kids go to change and Todd tells Blair that he wants his kids. She tells that she was confused and made some mistakes. "Blah blah blah," is all that Todd says. When she asks him if he is going to hate her forever he tells her 'yes'. Todd tells Blair that he is going to get it all back. He is going to get his newspaper, life and children. He will let her have the kids for now but he will be back for them. He hates that she has turned Jack against him. He can tell that the child doesn't care about him anymore. He says that the second she moves in with Spencer… She blurts out that she can't do that. "Why?" he asks her. Claudia comes to see Nash. They talk business but she hasn't committed yet. Headlights show in the window and Claudia hides. George arrives telling that he sees that Nash has new equipment in the field. He warns that it could set on fire. George warns that if Nash sees his daughter again he will be sorry. Claudia makes a sound in the back and George demands to know what the noise is. Blair and Todd have gotten into a heated argument. He starts shouting at her uncontrollably and suddenly he starts kissing her passionately and hard! She asks him what that is all about, but the kids have returned and he doesn’t answer. Jack is dressed in scrubs and Blair tells him to get up to the house and take that off. When the kids leave, Todd admits that he does still have feelings for her… Adriana is at the diner. Rex is arranging for her to get a bodyguard but not before the next day. He has to go and meet someone who may have a tip for him regarding Bo and so he warns Adriana to stay at the diner until he gets back. She does. Someone watches her from the window and comes into the diner, sitting behind her at a table while she works on her laptop.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fox confronted Miguel about what he's doing with Kay in bed, saying he could try harder to keep her off him if he wanted to. Miguel tried to argue, but didn't have any real answer for that charge. Siren kept Kay company while Miguel and Fox talked, and came up with her own cure for Kay's amnesia, something she got from an old Lucy show; she'll hit her on the head with a baseball bat. Tabby is worried about what's going on, but has no idea how to control things. Eve and Julian sat with TC as he struggled to live. Eve has the full story on his injuries and the prognosis, and she's decided she won't leave him to die alone. Julian agrees she should stay at her ex-husband's bedside.

Luis tried to get either Beth or Alistair to tell him where Marty is, but neither would do it, and Fancy and Beth traded slaps. Al warned Beth she should never touch his granddaughter under any circumstances. While they were all arguing, JT took off with the chalice, leaving Al without his powers, and once Theresa and Gwen realized he was gone, they slipped out to find him. Gwen caught up to him first and gave him the money she brought for him to disappear with, but Theresa managed to get a picture of them together as proof of their conspiracy. Gwen and JT chased Theresa through the catacombs to retrieve it, but her screams for help were heard by those on the streets above them who were holding Al and Beth captive. However, Al only had to speak and help was all around him, in the form of his bodyguards.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

The weather is bad. Nick and Phyllis sit on the jet and decide they have to go and find rooms. The pilot will not risk putting the jet up in the air again. Nick says that they have to find rooms, but wonders if Phyllis will be okay if he can only find one for them to share. She is fine with that but wonders if he is. Nikki makes an appointment for Victor with the neurologist. When Nikki is out of the room, Victor cancels it. Nikki overhears the call and asks him why he has done that. He insists that nothing is wrong with him and refuses to go to the appointment. Nikki stomps off but returns soon telling that she fears coming home and finding him collapsed in the house again. "Please Victor," she begs. "Will you go to the appointment?" Nick and Phyllis end up at PéPé's Roadside Steakhouse. A handsome stranger hits on Phyllis and when Nick returns the man leaves. Another man dying to dance with a redhead asks Phyllis to line dance with him and off they go to the floor. Nick watches smiling and then cuts in. The music gets soft and Nick and Phyllis hold each other while slow-dancing. They share a passionate kiss, but that is all and then she is gone to her room. Ashley shows up late for Jack's birthday party. Will enters and sees her. She tells that she is there for Jack's party. She heads back to the party and then Jill enters for her date with Will. They go over to wish Jack a happy birthday. Paul can't help but notice that Ashley can't take her eyes off Will and Jill. Later he tells Ashley that they aren't going anywhere and they should just be friends.

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