Tuesday 6/27/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 6/27/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Greg is struggling to get out of the leaking box in the ground and still not ready to reveal the secret. David tells Dixie that he is determined to find Kate. But tad discovers taht he knows that he's found for her is a dead lead. She tells Tad that she no longer sees him as a hero and she cares about David no matter what he thinks. But she tells both men she does not need them the way they wish that she'd need them. Kendall and Zach work out their issues and make love. JR sounds like he has reformed. Babe trusts her husband. But Krsytal believes he belongs in prison and he is only sweet talking her daughter and scamming her. Krystal and Adam are fighting on behalf of their respective children. Amanda overhaers Jonathan revealing to Erin that he's putting on an act for Lily that he's menatlly challenged. She instantly assumes that he's scamming Lily and intends to hurt her. But he protests to her that he has good intentions for having Lily believing that he is disabled. She needs to believe that he understands her. And he would never hurt her.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Casey laments to Gwen about not knowing how Maddie feels about him when she seesaws back and forth about wanting to be with him. Gwen advises him to keep trying to find out what is going on with Maddie. Maddie talks, albeit generally, with Henry about her relationship woes. Later she goes to see Casey and they end up in each other’s arms promising to find a private place to be together where they can block everything else out. The mystery newcomer, Dallas, is Jessica’s nephew. He is joining the Oakdale PD. He is evasive when Jess questions him about why he left Chicago. He learns from Jess that Henry is Maddie’s brother, although we still don’t know how they are connected. Jennifer checks herself out of the hospital against Lucy’s recommendations to go home with Johnny. Lucy worries that Jen’s health could worsen; she could have trouble breathing and not be able to get help in time. Barbara throws Jen and Johnny a welcoming home party. Everyone is overjoyed as they celebrate, but every so often Jen appears to be struggling. Mike and Katie decide to get off the cruise ship at the next port, but find out noone is able to do that because of a strong storm coming their way. Simon teases Katie about running away from him. Katie tries to warn Vienna that Simon is only after her jewels, but Vienna isn’t really interested and instead implies Simon himself is loaded. Before Katie can dispute that, the boat is rocked violently and everyone is thrown around a bit. After everyone leaves the welcome home party and Dusty is putting Johnny down, Jen is noticeably having trouble breathing.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bridget and Dante are about to consummate their love when Stephanie bursts in on them. More than she ever has before, she rants and raves and is so irate that she looks like she is going to pop a vein in her neck. She compares Bridget to her mother, saying yes when she means no and no when she means yes. She tells the lovebirds they are NOT going to hurt Felicia. Dante can not have his cake and eat it too, not on her watch. He WILL honor his commitment to Felicia. They both say they are sorry but nothing placates Mother Tiger. Dante gives as good as Stephanie does but he ends up leaving at Bridget's request to fight her own battles. She admits she did lie to Felicia about her feelings for Dante, but now she wants to be honest. And she knows as much as anyone how Felicia doesn't want to marry a man who is in love with someone else. Stephanie finally receives the message and reluctantly says she can not let her daughter marry a man who is not in love with her. And she vows she'll probably never forgive Bridget for this.

Nick and Brooke share their feelings about Bridget and he wants better for her, not to be hurt again. He doubts Dante is the right man for her. He does have some good news as he shows Brooke he has moved on with his life as well. He shows her the divorce papers and it will be final as soon as Bridget signs and the ink is dry. Then he shows her the wedding announcements and she squeals with glee.

Felicia extols the virtues of Dante to Eric who is skeptical. How could his two daughters think this one man is going to marry both of them? In deep denial, she claims Bridget threw herself at Dante and ruined the wedding. But, he really loves Felicia, scars - physical, emotional and all. Later Dante apologizes repeatedly to Eric for causing all of this. He wants to fix it and he will explain to Felicia if she will just slow down a little bit and let him. She blows in on Bridget to set her straight. She WILL marry Dante. Nothing Bridget can say will sway her. But just to be sure, she asks Bridget to give Dante up. Bridget tells her she loves Dante, this is not a fling, it's not a competition, and she can't give him up.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Steve tells Kayla about waking up in a motel room the day he “died.” Abby reunites Jack with Jack Jr. Frankie offers to step aside so Jennifer can be with Jack. Jennifer assures Frankie that she still wants to be married to him. Jack spots Frankie consoling Jennifer and asks Steve to take him back to the hospice to die. Lucas warns Austin that Sami only wants to elope because she’s done something to jeopardize their nuptials. Austin refuses to believe it without proof so Lucas calls Lexie over. Lexie arrives and declares plans to oust Sami.

Shawn blames Bo for Hope fainting. Mimi, Philip, and Belle overhear Shawn proclaim to Bo that he knows how it feels to lose the love of his life. The comment sends Mimi storming out of the room and later asking for a divorce. Philip is furious with Shawn and questions Belle about whether she’d go back to Shawn should Mimi leave him. Patrick asks Hope to confirm Bo’s claim that they are getting reunited. The doctor informs Hope that she is pregnant.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Emily defies Sonny and refuses to leave his side. Emily manages to calm Sonny, who speaks to her as though she's Lily. Carly tells Lulu about her history with Sonny as she insists she can't get involved with his problems again.

Carly can't resist going to check on Sonny and is affected despite herself when she sees Emily comforting him. Mac lays a guilt trip on Alexis for setting Manny free to begin with.

Jason tries to trigger Elizabeth's memories of her abduction in order to figure out where Manny took Sam. Sam glimpses the depths of Manny's madness. After speaking with Carly, Lulu has doubts about going through with her plan to break up Dillon and Georgie.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Dinah has a nightmare about her and Mallet’s wedding where it ends with them fighting about his obsession with Harley and them falling off a balcony. Harley comes back to town, visits Dinah who tells her that Gus has been clean for over a week. She asks Dinah not to tell anyone she is in town. Gus tries to get Frank to give him his job back and tries to get Mallet to hit him for almost getting him killed. Gus begs Mallet to punch him and Dinah does it instead. Then, she tells Gus to go find Harley and quit bugging everyone. Marina thinks she has Alan-Michael right where she wants him while he is setting her up. Buzz tells Olivia that she deserves to be happy and she has doubts about living with Frank.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Vincent tells Natalie that he has called her out to ask her about committing the perfect murder. He is interested in forensics. She can't believe that he has called her out for this. He suggests that they talk about this another time over dinner maybe. She reminds him that she is seeing someone. He doesn't care. He promises not to tell if she doesn't. Spencer tells Blair to move in with him. She says that she can't. Her kids are confused and she doesn't want Todd to get angrier than he is. He is thinking of suing for custody. Spencer feels then that the perfect solution is for her to marry him. That would solve all her problems. Blair starts fast-talking. She tells that she just can't… She needs time for herself. He won't rush her then. Evangeline has come to see Todd. She will not help him take Blair's children. He sees that she is turning on him too. She can see through him. He backs people into a corner and then beats them into his will. She wants to help him but not like this. He asks her if she was helping him when she got him convicted? When she got him death row? Was she blind then, he asks? Natalie goes to John at the station and tells him that she lied before and that she was with Vincent that morning. He is angry that she lied to him. She knows that she was wrong but he did her a favor and she felt that she owed him one. John warns her that if she ever lies to him again, they will be over forever. She understands. Starr gets her cellphone and heads into the bushes where she makes a call. "Dad is it true that you are home? Mom is making us stay at Aunt Dorian's." Todd tells her that he will be right over and hangs up. He shows up at the house later and Starr runs to him, hugging him tightly around the waist. Blair turns and locks eyes with Todd's.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Alistair continued to work to get the chalice to release the power of God on him, but the more the cup glowed, the more upset Norma got, thinking it was harming her "Daddy". She finally decided to save him, and tackled him to the floor, stopping the chalice's glow and angering Alistair. Edna noticed JT snooping around and tried to get him to share what he'd found with her, but he wasn't about to. In the nightclub, Luis beat Alistair's location out of Spike, then they all left to find the old man. Jessica stayed with her new hubby, but it was clear that she wasn't as happy to be married to him as she'd let on in front of the others. Theresa told Ethan what the nun said, but he still believes Gwen. They, along with Chad and Whitney, went to join Luis and Noah in the catacombs, searching for Alistair's secret room. Finding it, Luis was surprised to find Beth, alive and well, and tried to choke Marty's location out of her.

Kay wants nothing more than to go to bed and make love to her "fiance", Miguel, but Fox and Siren are determined not to let that happen. Miguel was determined to do whatever it took to help Kay get her memory straight, and swore he wouldn't let anything happen as they slept in the same bed. Unsure of the truth of this, Fox kept an eye on them, while Siren and Tabitha watched him. Julian talked Rebecca into divorcing him so he can marry Eve, and promised her the moon. She agreed, surprisingly. Eve was thrilled when Julian told her the news, but the joy was short-lived as she recieved news from the hospital. TC spent the day at home, drinking, then got in his car to go somewhere, and wrecked it. He is in the hospital, and they don't expect him to live.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Ashley and Nikki try to reach Victor but they get no answer. Ashley turns the conversation back to business. "Do you want your company to be successful? Working with Jabot could bring you profits." Nikki is suspicious of Jack now that he has stolen her company, and doesn't trust him anymore. Ashley suggests that she give it a moment to see how things go with Jack as a leader. Nikki asks Sharon to go and check at the house to see if Victor is okay. She finds him sprawled out on the ground. She calls an ambulance and then tells Nikki who rushes out to be with Victor. Ashley decides that she is coming as well. Victor gets up off the floor, not believing that he was unconscious just now. Sharon tells him that he was. He wonders why that happened. The cops tell Brad that whoever broke into his house knew what they were doing. He is confused as to why someone would take the extra step of damaging his things in the house. The cops have no answer for that but caution him to change the locks and call the insurance company. Brad says quietly to himself that whoever did this was lucky that he wasn't there when this happened. Sharon drives Victor to the hospital and the doctor asks him questions. Victor says that he was exercising when he went unconscious but can't remember exactly what he was doing. It is for this reason that the doctor decides that tests are necessary. Brad goes into the closet and takes out a picture. He opens the back of the frame and pulls out a picture of the same baseball team that Paul has. Brad has a flashback. He found a body and rifled through the pockets finding ID. Brad also has a picture of a boy in a baseball uniform stashed there…

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