Monday 6/26/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 6/26/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

David tells Dixie he will help her find Kate and has no intention of judging her for anything that she's done. She finally agrees to trust him and they kiss. Zach, Tad and Kendall all wonder where Dixie has gone with David and why she's chosen to be alone with him. Kendall asks Zach about the "feelings" he may have about Dixie. Jonathan and Lily are happy together and run into Amanda. Erin comes by and privately talks to her brother after deciding that things are not working out with her and Aidan. He can tell that she has some serious issues and is not ok. Right then, Amanda comes and overhears their private conversation which reveals that Jonathan is not the same simpleton guy whom Lily believes he is. Greg is stuck in the box, soaked in rain and suffernig in agony. JR tells Babe that he is willing to trust her.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Katie runs into Simon again and he tries to apologize but she won’t accept it. He tries to appeal to their shared memories, and although she seems slightly affected, she tells him she doesn’t want anything to do with him ever again. Mike is annoyed that she keeps seeing Simon so he wants them to get off the cruise ship at the next port. Simon tells Vienna he had closed himself off to love but maybe now he should allow it back in. Maddie runs into someone leaving Casey’s house that clearly leaves her unnerved. Casey and Maddie try to take advantage of his empty house, but Maddie is shaken and preoccupied with her run in with the mystery man. When Casey and she are trying to get romantic, Maddie sees flashes of a purse dropping onto the floor and a poster in a darkened room. She tells Casey she can’t do this and runs out, leaving a confused and hurt Casey behind. Barbara goes on the attack when she finds Jade at Carly’s where Will and Gwen are staying. Both Gwen and Will defend her to Barbara. Jade later promises Will that after how Gwen defended her for no other reason then just being nice to her, she will never tell their secret. Will seems to believe her and his face shows the extreme relief. After collapsing, Jen is diagnosed with viral pneumonia. She has to stay in the hospital for a bit to be monitored. When Jen hears Johnny’s body is accepting the stem cells and he has been cleared for release tomorrow she puts up a fight wanting to make sure she gets to go home with her son. Dusty wants her to not worry about it after he is told Jen should remain calm and stress free. Jen asks Dusty to reconsider his stance on Emily and when he refuses to, she gets upset, Dusty promises to think about it, but he later tells Paul he only said that to appease Jen; he has not changed his mind on wanting Emily locked up, much to Paul’s relief. Jen explains to Lucy why she is adamant about leaving with her son when he gets released.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Day after the non-wedding, Bridget laments to Brooke that she really loves her half sister and how can something feel so right for her and be so wrong for everyone else?

Brooke understands, but vows to do whatever she can to support this relationship including marriage. Bridget assures her she is over Nick and while she will always care for him, she knows there is no future with him.

Dante has intentions of letting Felicia down easy, but she jumps to the wrong conclusion, mushes and gushes and he can't do it. She makes honeymoon plans and says it doesn't matter where the wedding is - Vegas, Justice of the Peace or Italy. Stephanie and Eric talk to Dante too and Eric deals his hand that he doesn't want either of his daughters to be hurt. Stephanie hammers it home more that there isn't even 'a choice'. Bridget will never make him happy. If Nick is free, he will always be a major issue in their relationship; first in Bridget's heart. Stephanie voices her doubts to Felicia but Brooke interrupts and they tell her the same thing - Bridget is too irrational to make decisions like this. Felicia states she has no intentions of backing off. The wedding is still on and Brooke and Bridget are both delusional if they think she is going to let Bridget steal Dante and their son.

Bridget quizzes Dante about telling Felicia the truth and then ends up seducing him by saying that she wants him and only him for all her make love to her NOW.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Bo rushes Hope to the hospital. Patrick shows up to check on Hope but ends up with an earful from Bo. Hearing Hope talk of her marriage troubles reminds Lexie of her own and she urges Hope to forgive Bo. Patrick promises to step aside if Hope should choose Bo. Patrick gets to go see Hope first and Bo overhears her talking to Patrick about their future.

Sami suggests that they all head to Vegas to elope but Austin refuses to forgo a proper wedding. Lucas questions why Sami is so panicked and thinks he knows the reason why. Jack returns to his own bed and finds it decorated for Jennifer and Frankie’s wedding night. Jack asks Jennifer to let him die while allowing herself to be happy with Frankie. Max and Frankie argue over what to do now. Kayla offers to help Steve remember his past. Frankie asks Jennifer to decide on their future.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Carly attempts to seduce Patrick, mainly to get under Robin's skin, but backs out. Jason and Alexis freak when they discover Sam has been abducted by Manny. Sonny has a flashback to the night Lily died. When Ric gets him home, Sonny has a fit, smashing glass and anything breakable. Then, he picks a fight with Ric. Lulu witnesses the car hallucination event, and warns Carly.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Lizzie has abdominal pain and Tammy takes her to Cedars. Tammy tries to phone Jonathan, against Lizzie’s wishes and realizes that Jonathan left town. Alan tells Beth that he made Jonathan an offer he couldn’t refuse and that he is gone for good. Lizzie arranges for the hospital to phone Coop who comes to the hospital with Ava. He tells Lizzie that he still feels like the baby is his.

Reva tells Josh that she has to go to Minnesota for a possibility to get back with WSPR and plans to visit Marah, too. Josh is heartbroken that she is going again and realizes that she is hiding something. He becomes angry when he realizes that Billy is going to help her. Cassie admits to Blake that she has feelings for Josh. Josh tells Cassie it is up to her and him now. Josh phones Marah and realizes that Reva lied to him about possibly visiting Marah on her trip. Reva is crushed after Josh storms out; looks at a picture of Josh before she leaves and says, “I’m gonna beat this thing, Joshua”.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Blair is home alone. She thinks about the night before and overhearing David and Spencer talking. Suddenly she realizes that Todd is at the house. He has come there to reclaim his home. He asks her where she was the night before. She admits that she was with Spencer. "See…that wasn't so hard was it? Get the hell out of my house," he orders. Blair says that she still loves Todd but confirms that she is with Spencer still. "Get out!" Todd orders. She starts heading to the stairs. She wants to get some things for the kids. Todd points a finger at her, so that she knows that he is being serious. He tells her that he will never allow his children to go anywhere near the likes of Spencer Truman. Blair goes to see Bo who is still hanging out at the station. She tells that things are getting worse and that Todd is talking about getting custody of the kids. She has to get more information on Spencer and make things right. She tells Bo that she overheard David talking to Spencer the night before and he confessed to killing John's father. Todd calls to find out about getting full custody of his children. As he talks, he gets so angry that he slams a picture of Blair that he sees into the wastebasket in front of him. After that call, he calls David. They have some business to finish up and he invites the man over to talk about that. David comes for his two million but Todd won't pay that out until he gets information on where his kid is. Spencer gets a call from the man from Kentucky who gave him the bodies. He is calling to make sure that his sister will be taken care of like Spencer promised. Spencer assures that all is fine. The man promises that he will keep his mouth shut as they discussed his would. "Good man," Spencer says smiling.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Alistair continued working to dechipher the magic words on the chalice, as Beth and Edna argued about everything under the sun. The chalice caught Norma's eye as she was trying to fix herself a drink, and she grabbed it. Alistair chased her down and a tug-of-war insued, with Norma having the time of her life, playing with "Daddy" again. Al was not amused. As they tussled, JT snooped, and came up with something that convinced him Alistair really is the evil person everyone says, and even worse. Luis and Noah try to figure out why Jessica married Spike, figuring he must have her drugged up again. Noah tried to get her to back him up with Fancy, tell her that he and Maya never were a couple since it was all an act, but she refused to do so. Since she's married to Spike, she can't let on that he was working with Alistair, and all the evil things he did. Luis attacked Spike, demanding he tell him where Alistair is hiding.

Ethan asked Gwen again if she ever knew JT and if she gave him the story of Ethan's paternity, but she again swore none of it is true. Whitney tried to get Theresa to see that getting Ethan back, as the nun said she will, may not be as good as she thinks, since there will also be a lot of pain, but Theresa only cares about being with Ethan, figuring the other stuff will work itself out. Fox, Eve, and Miguel try to figure out why Kay thinks she and Miguel are engaged, and why she doesn't remember being in love with Fox. Ivy is thrilled, of course, but Siren is beside herself, swearing to make Kay sorry for what she's doing. Tabitha is just perplexed by it all.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Carmen is walking by. She hears Brad talking to Neil. He tells the man that there has been a decision made that Neil is to be taken off the Global project and put on other projects. Neil feels like he is being pushed out. He talks to Carmen later and learns that only Brad and Victoria were in the meeting when this was decided. Nikki comes downstairs and finds Victor on the phone. She overhears his conversation. He is talking to Ashley and telling her to be extra nice to Nikki as she wasn't happy with the transfer of interest to Jack. Nikki blasts him when he gets off the phone and refuses to stay home with him that day as she clearly has to be at work to protect her company, thanks to him. Neil goes to Brad upset at not being included in executive meetings when he clearly is an executive. Brad figures out that Carmen had to have been the one who dropped this information. He calls her in his office later and tells her that she will not be privy to information in future. He warns her that if she leaks information again she will never work for Newman, ever again. Nikki, Jack and Ashley are in a meeting and Jack and Ashley put through everything that they want without any input from Nikki. She gets angry but Jack will do as he wishes. He leaves the room. Nikki tells Ashley that she doesn't want this tie-in idea with Jabot and she should stop it. Ashley will not listen. Jack makes the decisions now! Victor sees everything blurry and falls to the ground. He can't move his body, but gets his cellphone out and he dials. Ashley's phone rings but she is arguing with Nikki and ignores it. Later, he tells Nikki that Victor phoned her. She goes to the voicemail but only gets dead air. Nikki rushes to call home, but the phone rings and rings. Victor can't answer as he is unconscious. Zapato licks his face.

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