Friday 6/23/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 6/23/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Josh gets into a brawl with JR at the hospital. Joe and Jeff(grandpa and daddy) tell him he's on suspension because his behavior was out of line for a doctor. He tells them he believes they are judging him just because he's Greg Madden's son(so he still believes). He also asks them what his father's big secret is with Erica. Joe, jeff and tad do not know what to tell him. At Fusion, Babe tells the others that she disapproves of them opening up a bar. But kendall tells her they can authorize it and reminds Babe about what she enabled JR to get away with doing to her and to her son. Ryan asks Zach what the big secret he uncovered with Dixie about Greg was, and why didn't Zach tell Kendall? Zach is not about to reveal taht he and Dixie found out that Josh is Erica and Jeff Martin's son and Greg never told any of them that. Nor does he reveal that he and Dixie discovered that Greg wants to breed all the babies that women give up for adoption and make them into doctors. Still in the ground, Greg is remembering telling a multitude of babies in the maternity ward that he has bred future doctors and they are all his.

Di goes to meet with Aidan and reveals that she knows the "perv" who Lily met in New York. His ex wife is a friend of hers. Lily and Jonathan still assume that that man is gone and she'll never have to see him again. . Josh comes to see Babe on the roof. She tells him she needs his help in finding out where his father hid her husband's sister. She sounds like she might appreciate him. JR comes to see them together.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Paul continues to press Dusty to not be taken in by Emily. He offers his help and suggests an alliance. Jen and Dusty become at odds on how to handle Emily. Dusty still wants her to pay for her crimes, while Jen now thinks Emily is redeeming herself and shouldn’t be locked away from her children. Emily sees Daniel before Tom and Margo take him on a vacation. Maddie and Casey decide to meet up at Casey’s house later in the evening for a night of romance… too bad Tom and Margo have not left when a scantily clad Maddie shows up. Tom and Margo have another talk with Casey, but decide he is trustworthy and will be careful. Gwen tells Jade she can stay with her and Will for a while. Will is stunned when he comes home and finds Jade in the livingroom wearing pajamas. Will and Gwen have a talk about Jade’s new living arrangements; she thought Will wanted to give her a chance, but Will who doesn’t want a daily reminder how he cheated on Gwen balks at Jade staying with them. Deciding it would look suspicious if he doesn’t give in, Will finally agrees. Mike is dumbfounded when he comes face to face with Simon on the cruise, but is angry to find out Katie already knew he was aboard. Katie explains how Simon tricked her and she didn’t say anything to keep the peace. Mike and Katie make up. Later, Katie goes to the bar to get some food and sees Simon there alone playing the guitar. When Maddie comes back to Casey’s house, where he has it all set up romantically, she runs into someone from her past. Jen asks Tom when Emily’s hearing is? She is strongly considering making a statement on her behalf. Dusty is stunned and they start to fight, which ultimately leads to Jen collapsing.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Dante tells everyone to settle down; the wedding is not ruined. But, Felicia declares that it is. She can not go on today and bolts from the room with Dante in pursuit.

Felicia places all the blame on Bridget and indeed Bridget walks in on the middle of the discussion and Felicia accuses her of being Bridget, the martyr, and throwing herself at her fiancée on the day of their wedding. Stephanie overhears and Bridget confesses that yes, she kissed him, but it was a goodbye kiss. She was giving him up to Felicia just like she’d done everything else. Everyone has a different version and feels like the victim. Bridget rants the most and tells Stephanie to SHUT UP. She blames Felicia for not questioning Dante’s love, but she also blames herself for not being honest with Felicia about her feelings for Dante.

Brooke enters Nick’s office and thanks him for calling her and saying he was still committed to their life together. Still, they went to bed alone and she didn’t like that. He tells her they have some decisions to make. She apologizes for not really trying to stop Ridge from kissing her on the runway. She justifies that she was only thinking about the line and what was good for Forrester, instead of just thinking about Nick. He tells her that he doesn’t blame her for any of this, but he doesn’t want any more of this drama. She asks if he’s giving her an ultimatum? No, just a discussion. He doesn’t know what sort of stunt Forrester will pull next.

With Dante's family being appalled, Sally, Eric, Thorne, Darla, Ridge all discuss what's happening and realize there is going to be an explosion with Stephanie vowing to help her daughter and Brooke on her way to champion Bridget. Ugly words are spoken and accusations hurled about Felicia taking off her clothes to hook Dante and wearing a ring that was meant for Bridget. And Felicia spits that Bridget was still hung up on Nick and wouldn’t give Dante the time of day if she had any hope there.

Stephanie gives Bridget a tongue lashing about being like her mother and always wanting her way. Brooke rebukes her for talking to her daughter that way. Felicia lashes at Bridget that this is not a game. She does not get to have a do-over. She had her chance and blew it. Dante has little to say but he does steer Bridget out of the room. He follows her to Stephanie/Brooke’s office where she professes her undying love for him and that she wants to share a life with him. Again, with no regard to who might come walking in, they seal it with a passionate kiss.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mimi accidentally refers to Shawn as Claire’s father yet again but covers by claiming she was talking about Shawn making a baby with a surrogate if this new egg harvesting procedure doesn’t work. Mimi and Belle go in to have their eggs harvested by Dr. Randall Jaynes. The doctor was only able to harvest one egg from Mimi compared to the several harvested from Belle.

Chelsea admits to Abby and Max that she talked to Jack but didn’t believe it was really him. Kayla’s kiss does not help Steve remember her. Steve refuses to give Kayla false hope of the life they once shared. The rest of the remaining family members meet Steve and re-introduce him to everyone. Kayla is afraid to question Steve about his life while away from her. Jack apologizes to Frankie for arriving on their wedding day and does his best to hide the oncoming pain from the rest of the family. Bo uses Hope’s fond words of their love to Steve to remind her of how they belong together. Hope faints into Bo’s arms. Lucas questions Austin as to why he chose to marry Sami this time. Austin believes Sami’s changed but Lucas won’t believe that. Lucas asks Austin if he would have even considered marrying Sami if Carrie hadn’t chose him instead. Sami eavesdrops as Austin admits that he would have married Carrie if she’d chosen him. Lexie corners Sami outside the church and Sami swears to never writing the note. Lexie doesn’t believe her and vows revenge despite Sami’s attempts to threaten her. Sami lucks out when Lexie is called away to treat Jack. Lexie wants to take Jack to the hospital but Jack refuses.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Georgi resists Diego's advances. Alexis agrees to let Sam move back in and gets police protection. Ric continues to probe Sonny about Lily's death and play on his fears for Emily, who is not in danger at the moment, except from a hangover due to another girl's night out with Lainey, Robin, Liz, and another doctor. Lulu and Diego plot to bust up Georgi and Dillon. Skye asks about the deal Lorenzo made to free Diego. Max and Ric argue over what is best for Sonny, who goes to the bar to make sure Emily is safe. Skye walks out on Lorenzo right before Jason arrives, threatens Alcazar, and is informed that Manny is still in town. Even as this is being said, Manny is sneaking up on Sam.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Josh is angry when Reva once again cannot join him on a meeting, insisting on completing items on her “things to do before I die” list. Josh storms out. Billy and Cassie commiserate over Josh and Reva and Cassie tells Billy she’s interviewing for a management position at Towers. Reva finds out her chemo isn’t working and her cancer is spreading, her only hope is treatment at a Minnesota clinic. Cassie interrupts her interview to help Josh secure a business deal building veterans facility in Springfield for Jeffrey. Tammy and Jonathan meet at the Light house, each discovers they were sent a note, Tammy believes Reva set them up. Nothing between them is solved; Tammy says she needs more time away from Jonathan to think about things. Jonathan finds out that Alan has had Doris to let him reopen Outskirts. Jonathan makes a deal with Alan to help him get Tammy back, and agrees to leave town. Lizzie goes to Tammy under the pretense of apologizing for sleeping with Jonathan. Tammy realizes that Lizzie really wants her to help break up Coop and Ava. When Tammy reads her the riot act, Lizzie doubles over in pain and Tammy doesn’t’ believe her.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Rex is about to lose consciousness. Adriana is shouting for the masked man to leave Rex alone but he will not stop. Adriana then finds the courage to go over behind the man and pull him off Rex, relieving the pressure so that Rex can be freed. The man gets up and runs off. Adriana pulls Rex from the pool and holds him in her arms while he tries to get a breath. Spencer arranges for David to come to his room to talk. He gives Blair pills and tells her that she will get a good night's sleep. She spits the pills out and pretends to be sleeping later when David shows up for his little visit. Spencer tries to convince David not to plead guilty but David will do it. He wants to face what he has done and he will admit to the shooting. Spencer says that he has been covering for his brother for twenty years and that there isn't any reason for him to be giving himself up this way. David tells him not to worry as he will be confessing but not about anything that Spencer has done in the past. Spencer gives all the reasons why he feels that David should trust him and do as he says to be free. David can't help it. He doesn't trust Spencer. Spencer is sure that if David pleads guilty, they will both end up in jail for twenty-five years, but if David does as his brother tells, Spencer can see David going free for the crime of shooting John's father. David gives in. He will do as Spencer tells him and plead 'not guilty'. Spencer is pleased. He says that he did what he did because he cares for his brother and he still does. David isn't sure about that. He leaves the apartment now. Blair has been listening the whole time. She hears that the meeting is over and she runs to the bed and fakes sleeping. Spencer lets David out and joins Blair in bed.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fox, Siren, and Tabitha walked into the laundry room and found Kay locked in a passionate kiss with Miguel. Fox was confused, Siren was hopping mad, and Tabby - she just figured Kay had finally made her choice. Once Kay stopped kissing Miguel, she went into convulsions, causing the others to call Eve to check on her. Ivy arrived and was thrilled at finding out what had happened, especially when Kay came out of it at last and professed her undying love for Miguel. In Rome, Whitney took Theresa to see the old nun, who told her that she sees her and Ethan together, but also that she will be in much pain. Theresa figures that's par for the course, and if she's with Ethan, the pain won't matter. Paloma and Simone were searching the sleezy hot spots in Rome, looking for Spike and Jessica, and when they found them, they were stunned by her actions. They called Luis to come help, and he, Noah, and Fancy arrived a few minutes later. Luis jumped on Spike right away, ordering him to tell them where Alistair is hiding, and willing to beat the answer out of him if necessary. Noah told him they would have him escorted back to Harmony to stand charges on all he's done to Jessica, but Spike's reaction stumped him. Jessica provided the answer: they are married, and she can't be forced to testify against him.

Alistair and JT make it to Al's hidden lair, a room built into the catacombs that looks just like his library back in Harmony. He works at translating the magic words on the cup, but gets interrupted by the arrival of Beth, Edna, and Norma. He is upset at seeing them, and more upset at their actions, but he handed Edna a ton of money anyway. She was more interested in the cup, but he quickly got it out of her way and set about finishing the translation. Having completed it, apparently, he claimed to have the power of God and can now vanquish all his enemies. While all this is going on, Ethan and Gwen hightail it back to the hotel and spend the time in bed. Gwen is thrilled she no longer has to worry about Theresa getting the proof she needs to show Ethan Gwen and Rebecca outted his paternity.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Ashley puts her foot down. She doesn't want Kevin in the company. Jill says that they could at least see what he has to offer the company first before shooting him down. Jill knows that Ashley told her father that she would keep an open mind. Ashley knows that Jill got that information from Gloria. She tells Jill that it is times like these when she really misses having Jack around. Phyllis sees that Nick isn't comfortable with her being on the same plane alone with her. She suggests that he take a commercial flight. He reminds her that this is his family's plane. She isn't leaving as she was there first. They settle in then for a bumpy ride. He tells that he is sure that Sharon will be fine with this mix up as they didn't plan it. Victor decides that since Nikki isn't going on her trip, he will share the news with her that he has. He hand her a folder. "What? You sold my company out from under me?" He says he thought she wanted more time. She did and was going to cut back as she promised but he didn't even give her the chance to do that. He has given Jack control over her company, not to mention Phyllis and herself. Jack meets with Sharon. He offers her a job as spokes model for NVP. She knows that Phyllis would hate that. He tells of his recent coup, and how he wants her on board. Later, Sharon tells Nikki that Jack offered her a job and she took it. Nikki wonders how she is going to deal with Phyllis everyday. She figures if Jack and Victor can work together, then so can she and Phyllis. Nikki decides to go and see Victor at the club where he said he would be for dinner. She walks in and Gina directs her to Victor's table. Nikki freezes when she turns the corner. Victor is sitting with Ashley, Jack and Carmen and they are smiling at each other, sipping champagne.

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