Thursday 6/22/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 6/22/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

In the hospital, kendall and ryan bond with baby Spike and are so happy that he's getting stronger, no longer needs his eyes closed and needs no more tubes. they are ready to take him home and she suggests that Ryan moves into Zach's condo across the yard so that he can be close to his baby. Zach agrees but reveals that he is not happy. The Fusion women make it clear to Babe that she is not welcome there. Kendall returns to colleagues and is ready to celebrate with all of them except Babe. Zach finds Jr in the park and tells him that the only reason he is not going after him for what he did to Kendall is because of Dixie. But he'd better leave Kendall alone and stop filling her head with assumptions about him. Josh indicates that he wishes Julia would choose him instead of Jamie. But she only likes Jamie regardless. Still, nobody reveals that they know where Greg Madden is nor do we find out who put him in the box in the ground.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jade has some explaining to do when she lets it slip she spent graduation night with Will. Casey sticks up for Jade when she explains what happened graduation night, which further infuriates Maddie. Will and Gwen learn of Johnny’s illness. Paul wants to talk to Dusty about Emily, but hits a brick wall. Katie forces Simon to hide when Mike surprises her by coming back to the cabin early. Jade tries to warn Will, but he is preoccupied. Jen learns that Johnny’s stem cell procedure seems to be working. Lucy gets Emily into see Johnny with Jen’s blessing. Jen is becoming very indebted to Emily for what she did. Emily asks Jen for their children to be able to spend holidays together and bond; she even defends Paul to Jen. Jen promises to ask Dusty how he feels. Dusty isn’t happy to find Emily with Jen, but Jen defends Emily. Dusty is worried about Jen’s new feelings for Emily. Jen gets even more support when Will joins Jen’s side in favor of forgiving Emily. Paul walks into the middle of this. Maddie worries about Casey’s feelings for her, but he convinces her she is the one he wants, and the two decide to take it to the next level that night. Jade sits at Lily’s bedside wishing her awake and admitting she is the closest thing she has ever had as a mother. Gwen finds Jade with Lily and realizes she isn’t the scammer she thought. Paul thinks Emily is using Jen to get to him and the baby. Jen is strongly considering forgiving Paul, against Dusty’s advice. Simon reveals himself in front of Mike and Katie.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Felicia is crushed as she stands and watches Dante and Bridget passionately kissing. This is her little sister and maid of honor! Bridget finally breaks apart and tells Dante they can't do this; he has to make good his commitment to Felicia. Dino needs both of his parents. He leaves only to find Felicia on the other side of the door. He pretends all is alright and she lets him go without a word, only a glare at Bridget. She does question Bridget why he was there, but Bridget tells her they were only saying goodbye. There are clues here, Felicia speaks little, throws her bouquet down disrespectfully and the tension could be cut with a knife.

Taylor gets a summons from Superior Court but hides it when Stephen comes calling. He tells her that hers was the last face he wanted to see before he left. She's surprised, but he vows to come back any time she needs him. He's only as far away as a ten hour plane ride. They part with a sweet kiss.

The ceremony continues with short vows heartspoken on both sides. Dante can't seem to take his eyes off Bridget. This does not go unnoticed by Felicia, who also has repeated flashbacks of the earlier Dante/Bridget kiss. Dante puts the ring on her finger but she can not do the same. She lashes out that she can not continue and blames it all on little sister who she accuses of making goo-goo eyes to her husband behind her back. This is NOT the day she will remember or tell her grandchildren about. She hits a speechless, embarrassed Bridget with the bouquet and the ceremony comes to a screeching halt.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mimi worries that the failed baby attempt means Shawn will leave her for Belle but Philip refuses to let that happen. Philip uses his family’s foundation to secure an appointment for Mimi with a new fertility doctor and a new surrogate mother. Belle tries to convince Shawn to prolong having children under the claim that he and Mimi should be sure they are a strong couple before a child bonds them but Shawn will not be deterred. Lucas, Austin, and Carrie question Sami about being so upset but Sami claims that she’s upset over Lexie’s infidelity toward Abe. Carrie questions Austin about whether he really wants to marry Sami. Sami remains confident in the face of Lucas’ skepticism. Abe catches Tek and Lexie plotting when to oust Sami and Abe threatens Tek with job termination. Bo tries to use Jack’s return as proof to Hope that they should be given a second chance and Max and Chelsea discuss becoming a couple.

Kayla is surprised to learn that Steve has amnesia. Kayla runs into Steve’s arms but he pushes her away. Kayla kisses Steve to try and help him remember. Jennifer faints in Frankie’s arms when Jack walks up to the altar. Jennifer is furious when Jack reveals that he came back to the house several times between his presumed death and now but never let them know. Jack still wants Jennifer to move on with Frankie because he still expects to die within days. Frankie declares the new marriage to be null and void now that they know Jack is alive.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Ric uses Edward's anger over Justus' death and Sonny inherent guilt over Lily to drive Sonny further over the edge. After a chance encounter with Kristina, Sam moves back to Alexis' house. Alexis questions Alcazar about Justus' murder.

Skye turns to Jason for answers about Alcazar. Manny lurks outside Alexis'. Emily, Robin, Lainey, Elizabeth and Kelly remember Justus. Robin warns Nikolas that Carly will come after him and John. Carly's anger towards Robin ruins her chance to have a visit with John.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Dinah follows Mallet to Towers after she finds a motel key in his jacket. He talks with Regina again and she tells him that she still would like to have him. He tells her that he is engaged, as Dinah watches Regina hold Mallet’s hand and listens to their conversation. Finally, Mallet lets Dinah know he knows she followed him, they have a small fight and both think the other might be getting cold feet about the marriage.

Marina attempts to spy on Alan-Michael and ends up sleeping with him. He asks her if this means she will accept what he must do to get Spaulding Enterprises back and she tells him no. Gus tells Buzz he has been clean and sober for 5 days. Lizzie tells Ava that Coop still loves the baby and Coop tells Ava that he does still care and is confused. Lizzie vows to get Coop back. Jonathan tells Reva what he did at the wedding and she tries to convince him that baby needs him. Jonathan asks her if she is afraid to die and that he doesn’t want to lose her and Tammy, too. She tells him that she will stick around for a while for he needs her just like that baby needs him.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

John and Natalie are having a night out. They see Spencer with Blair and Dorian and decide that isn't a good area for them to be in. They turn their heads and they see David walk in to the establishment. They had no idea that he was freed. David walks over to Blair and tells her that he thought that being with Todd was her biggest mistake, but that he can see now that he was wrong. John and Natalie talk about how David could have gotten out of jail. He obviously got bail somehow. John desperately wants to know who would put up that kind of money to get him out. He and Natalie decide to fish around and find out. John and Natalie decide to head out. As they are leaving, they bump into Vincent and Natalie. Natalie is surprised when she realizes that John knows the man. Vincent pretends that he doesn't know Nat but she tells John straight off that Vincent was the person who gave her the information that helped find John's father's killer. Rex and Adrianna are at the pool. They fall in after play-fighting. Afterwards she tells him to go get them some towels, he leaves. That is when Adrianna is attacked by a man dressed in black wearing a ski mask. She struggles and screams. Rex returns. Adrianna is pushed out of the way. The man overpowers Rex and ends up leaning over the pool, holding Rex's head under the water. David is surprised that Spencer was the one to put up the bail money for him. Spencer says in front of Dorian and Blair that he didn't go a good job helping to raise his brother and wants to help him now, even for the trial. David tells him that he did shoot a man with two kids and that makes him guilty.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

A cave-in and an electric shock felled almost everyone that was onscreen today. Alistair caused the cave-in in the catacombs after Fancy made Luis let him go. She didn't want her Grampy hurt, even tho he has hurt everyone they know, including her. While Luis, Chad, Fancy, and Noah dealt with Al, Theresa tried to get JT to tell Ethan the truth again, while Gwen tried to keep him from doing so. Whitney came to get Theresa and take her to the nun, but when the cave-in hit, all of them were buried under rubble. Upon awaking, Gwen was angry that Ethan's first thought was to make sure Theresa was safe. After everyone was up and around, Theresa and Ethan searched the remaining rubble for JT, and found he had somehow escaped. Ditto for Alistair, to the consternation of those who'd been detaining him. Both he and JT ended up in another room in the catacombs, glad to be alive and free.

Beth was pressured by Edna to get money from Alistair for her and Norma, and after realizing her mother could alert Sheridan and Luis to the fact she and Marty are still alive, she agreed. A faux "Brokeback Mountain" scene between Edna and Norma was sickeningly funny - sort of. In Harmony, the electric shock was deliverd to Miguel and Kay. They were in the laundry room, washing Maria's soiled clothing and bedding after a night of caring for the sick child. The washer malfunctioned, and in trying to get it to work, Kay managed to shock both of them. Upon awakening, she pulled Miguel into a passionate kiss.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Brad is in the office alone. Sharon comes in to visit and learns that he is going on another trip soon. She wishes him luck and slowly walks out. Brad turns to his computer and types a couple of keys. His face quickly changes as he looks at the monitor. "What the hell?" He calls Nick and fills him in. Nick and Brad talk and they decide that Nick will have to go on the trip in his place. Nick understands and will start getting ready for his trip to Arizona immediately. Brad is puzzled over his computer being hacked. No one has his password, not even Victoria. Whoever did this wanted his personal files. Nick is concerned. He will have it taken care of. Michael visits Phyllis. He tries to impress on her how important it is for her to tell the men in her life that she is having a baby. She is scared of the truth. Michael leaves the office and meets with Jack. He doesn't like being put in between he and Phyllis. Jack cares nothing about that and asks if his papers for the transfer are ready. The go to see Victor and hand him the papers to sign. Victor asks for a week to read the papers over but Jack pushes and even offers his own pen for the signing. Victor is left alone to read the papers over briefly. He tells Jack and Michael later that he doesn't want to do this but he needs to spend more time with Nikki and this is the best way to do it. He signs. Nikki is in the lunchroom telling Sharon that she won't be going on the trip after all. Sharon knows that Victor is going to love hearing that. She remarks that it is too bad that Nikki had to cancel that important trip. "I didn't cancel it," Nikki says. "I sent Phyllis instead." Sharon's face turns white!

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