Wednesday 6/21/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 6/21/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Lily is having nightmares about the perv she met in new York. Right at the same time, that guy comes to ask Aidan to help him find his daughter whom his estranged wife took from him. He believes they could have fled to Pine valley. His ex has a friend named Di Kirby and they all used to work for Kevin Sturgis, he tells Aidan. Erin comes by Aidan's office and notices that Aidan is starting a case file for a Thomas McDermott. It sounds like she might be familiar with that name. After jack has found out from Erica that Josh is her son, he goes and warns Jeff about his "son" without revealing to Josh that that he is the son of Erica and Jeff. he tells Erica he does not want Josh to ever be part of his family. He does not trust Josh. And he's very disappointed with Erica for keeping the secret from him. Jack runs into Brooke at the marina and looks like he might be more interested in being with her than with Erica. Kendall admits to Zach that she is not completely ok with his friendship with Dixie and the fact that he never told her about how they met and their private investigation of Greg Madden.. Tad is very upset about his unsuccessful attempts to find Kate. Di tells him she will be there for him no matter what.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Mike has drinks with Vienna, while Simon disguises himself as Katie’s masseur. Katie talks about her life with Mike, but also her previous husbands. Simon pushes Katie to talk about him. She does and it isn’t positive. Finally, Simon makes the big reveal to a horrified Katie. There is an unpleasant conversation before Katie orders him out. Not before Simon steals a kiss. Mike knocks interrupting them. Gwen is upset to hear Casey gave Jade a job. Will explains he asked Casey to do that out of obligation since she lost her job because of him. Gwen is angry at first but she and Will talk it out and she promises him a surprise. She brings him to Carly’s and tells him they can stay there while Carly is in Montana. Maddie is like a dog with a bone when she finds out Jade will be working at Crash. She wants o know what Jade’s scam or angle is? Jade overhears Maddie bashing her. She confronts her and gives up more information about her time with Will on graduation night then she meant to. Lily suffers from a seizure after she sees Luke. Bob explains that the baby is fine, but the longer Lily is unconscious the more problems that could develop. The only thing they can do is wait and talk to her. Holden and Luke agree that he should not be around Lily right now. Damian continues to try to keep Luke in the dark about his role with Ross Kreeger. Luke asks to stay with him during all of this. Damian uses Lily’s latest setback to his benefit.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephen takes Brooke to task for her behavior at the fashion show. He tells her she is going to listen to him whether she likes it or not. He states why he got her the stock in the first place. And chastises her to say no to Ridge like she means it. He tells her she is being poisoned by Ridge, and this is not an vendetta against the Forrester's. He thinks she is in danger and is drowning and doesn't even know it. He asks if she has feelings for the company or the man and he's scared when she informs him it is both. She lashes out that she will not help him fight his battles with the Forrester's. He tells her this is not a tug-of-war. After more lecturing, he tells her she is throwing her life away and that she deserves better. But, she won't have that with Nick if she doesn't give it up with Ridge. Keep pushing and she was going to lose Nick and Stephen says he knows what it's like living with someone who doesn't love you back. He tells her he originally came back to make amends, but he realizes he is hurting her more than helping so he's leaving town. He advises her to marry Nick, be happy and to remember that he loves her. Before he walks out, she tells him she loves him too.

It's Felicia's wedding day and Thorne and Darla have helped get preparations ready. She has flashbacks of Dante and Bridget. She loves her black wedding dress and tells Bridget she knows Dante loved her first and she needs to know if they still have feelings for each other? Dante also has flashbacks. His sour expression shows and his father notices. He confesses to his dad that he's in love with Bridget, but she doesn't want to hurt Felicia. Despite some fatherly advice, Dante rushes out to talk to Bridget. Meanwhile, Bridget fibs to Felicia and says she does not want Dante to be more than a friend. It's her sister's day and they hug. Later she tells Dante she will not hurt her sister and she wants him to leave her alone. She does reveal that Felicia knows they have or had feelings though she did not confirm it. And she means it, they are over! Dante still confesses his love and kisses Bridget just as Felicia walks in on them with the Maid of Honor's bouquet (black, very appropriate).

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Austin stands up to Lucas on Sami’s behalf. Will shocks Sami with his prophecy of doom for her wedding to Austin. Lexie tries to use the romantic emotions of the wedding to convince Abe to give them a second chance but Abe refuses. Lexie anxiously waits to seek her revenge on Sami. Tek pulls Sami aside as she arrives and warns her that Abe already knows about the affair and Lexie plans to reveal all.

Being in Jennifer’s wedding party reminds Hope of her own wedding to Bo and she fantasizes about it being her and Bo’s wedding now. Despite everyone’s fears, Abby refrains from stopping the ceremony. Jennifer and Frankie exchange emotional personal vows. Kayla is so bothered by the reminders of Steve that she has to leave the ceremony. Steve agrees to Jack’s suggestion of taking a walk alone around the church grounds and ends up finding his own grave marker. Kayla fantasizes about Steve appearing to her but faints when she turns around and sees Steve truly standing before her. Jack recognizes the music and the flowers decorating the church doors as Jennifer’s favorite things and faints when he looks through the front window. Jack peeks through the church doors upon coming to and confirms that it is Jennifer and Frankie’s wedding. Once the couple is pronounced married, Jack throws open the back doors to reveal his presence.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny hires the Haunted Star to give Emily a nice night out. Luke advises him on the dangers of bad boys and angels becoming involved. Nik warns the new nanny about Helena while the psycho granny in question listens on via a bug. Carly flips when Jax gives her control of the hotel, as she realizes it means he is leaving forever. Sonny becomes upset when he sees Nik and Emily together. She has to fight Nik to keep him from having Sonny arrested. Patrick points out to Robin that she's judgemental, and she is forced to agree. Max has a hard time keeping Sonny from having Nik killed.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Ava leaves a goodbye note for Coop and packs her bags to leave Springfield. Coop searches frantically for Ava. Ava ends up going for a drink with Colin who is sad about a patient he is treating. Jonathan and Coop have words and Jonathan tells him that he did a favor for Coop adding that now he can have Ava. Frank helps Coop search for Ava by placing a city-wide search. They keep missing the other. Ava goes to Towers, stalling leaving Springfield. Beth finds her and suddenly realizes that Ava doesn’t know Coop and Lizzie didn’t marry. Ava tells her that she thinks she will go to England and Beth offers to get her to the airport – NOW. At the airport, Ava pauses before boarding and hopes that Coop will come. After boarding, Coop runs to get on the same flight, but is too late. Lizzie phones him and tries to get him to come back to her. Suddenly, there is commotion at the gate; security brings out a handcuffed Ava. Coop tells her that he didn’t marry Lizzie. She tells him that he better not leave her and says, “I’m going to make sure you don’t get away from me”. She handcuffs him to her as they kiss…

Josh sees, hears, and talks to HB. He shows HB the plans for the project. HB smokes his cigar and tells Josh jokes and tells Josh he is proud of him. Reva cannot take a trip to Chicago with Josh and arranges for Cassie to go in her place. Josh cancels the meeting, very disappointed that Reva cannot go again. RJ gets in trouble at school for fighting; reason: he doesn’t have a father and needs to make a volcano for a science project. RJ asks for Josh to come to the school. RJ’s counselor thinks Josh and Cassie are married because Josh speaks so highly of Cassie. Josh helps RJ build the volcano. Afterwards, a storm comes up and Josh starts to leave. Cassie goes outside with him and thanks him again for helping RJ today. Josh tells her that he enjoyed it and it was good for him, too. He leans in to kiss her on the cheek, she moves her head and their lips meet. Josh and Cassie’s kiss lingers. Afterwards, Josh looks sad and confused.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Jessica has tried everything and yet she can't remember the things that everyone expects her to. She goes to see Leeds and he just lies there unconscious. He has little effect on her. She then goes to the bar and meets Rose. She gives the woman a pep talk and leaves. She feels the memories trying to return but they don't. She can hear her child voice in her head… but that is all. Antonio leaves Jessica with her parents and goes to see Leeds. He tells the man that Jessica is over him and able to get back to her life now. The man flatlines. The nurses try to revive him but he dies what seems to be a peaceful death. Antonio knows this man will never have peace…even in death. Adriana is on her way to the fight. She catches Daryl following her and freaks out. He tells he was just making a delivery to Rex. She calms down and they go to the fight together. While the fight is taking place, Daryl turns to Adriana and remarks that the fighter 'floats like a butterfly'. Adriana turns to him in horror. He is confused by her look. Claudia arrives. Nash pitches his idea but she can't get that kind of money now. She is scared of getting ripped off again. Nash shows her the note her dad left him. She worries that he could be making this up. She decides to give him the money if he proves her father sent the note. Later, she smiles over getting Nash back from Tess! Cristian is fighting. He is doing a great job of holding his own. He takes a hit and the ref starts counting. Daryl sees that Rex might have known what he was doing when me placed his bet on the other guy. Cristian gets up though and starts fighting again. The crowd loves him. Soon he takes another hit and sends him to the mat again.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

As Alistair continued to get closer to getting all the words from the chalice he needs to rule the world, Luis, Chad, Noah, Fancy, Theresa, and Whitney try to get into the cage he's in. He mocks them, saying they have no chance of getting in, but they continue to try anyway. Eventually they manage to get in, and Al uses the fragility of the chalice to keep them from attacking him. However, when Luis remembers watching Marty burn in the taxi, he stops caring what will happen if the chalice is destroyed by Alistair and jumps on him, choking the life out of him. JT, in the meantime, found a tunnel out of the cage, and took off, with Theresa, Ethan, and Gwen in hot pursuit. Theresa caught him and demanded he tell the truth about who gave him the story of Ethan's real paternity. Gwen let him know that Theresa no longer has the 10 million dollars she promised him, but Theresa simply called on his "better angel" to do the right thing and tell the truth for once. He seems to be willing to do just that.

Kay and Tabitha were backed into a corner by the wrench-weilding Siren, and she was ready to pound them to a pulp. Fox and Miguel, hearing the commotion, ran in to see what was wrong and found the women cowering from Siren, with Kay shouting about the wrench behind her back. However, Endora had zapped it, and Siren pulled a pie from behind her. The men were confused by Kay's actions, with Fox wondering why she is so determined to keep Miguel and Siren apart. Endora zapped the pie into Sirens face, and everyone blamed Kay, thinking she threw it. Miguel told her to stay out of his business and took Siren upstairs for a shower and a night of love. That was interrupted, however, by the crying Maria, and Kay and Miguel bonded over their child. Fox went on to bed, while Siren vowed nothing will stop her from bedding Miguel tonight.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Sharon has gotten up early. She thinks about the night before and getting close with her husband. Nick comes down remarking that she is up early. She has her back to him when she tells him that he shouldn't get any ideas from what happened the night before. She says that one good night doesn’t mean that everything is suddenly going to be great for them. Jack accepts the offer to buy Victor out of NVP. Victor feels terrible that he hasn't told Nikki about not feeling well and about selling out to Jack. Jack tells that Nikki should just go to the meeting in Arizona and they can tell her about the transfer later. As for Phyllis he doesn't care when she learns about this. Victor at that point is easily convinced not to tell Nikki or Phyllis anything. Nikki finds Jack and Victor together in the office. She wonders what they were doing as she finds them together constantly. Jack tells they were looking over her material for her trip. He leaves but cautions her not to let Victor talk her out of canceling the business trip. Nikki smiles as Jack leaves. She turns to Victor now. "Please let Phyllis go in your place," Victor begs. "Stay here with me." Phyllis has a presentation to do. She walks into the boardroom as Nick is leaving and they discuss her idea. He stands close to her as he looks over the plans she has. She tells him how the masseurs will be a little more medically inclined and will leave the body satisfied when they have finished with the client. Jack suddenly walks in asking if he is interrupting when he sees them standing close. Nikki has decided to give Victor what he wants. She tells Phyllis and Jack that she will be staying home more after her trip. Phyllis gets upset but Jack is fine with that. Later, Nikki enters the office and searches for a piece of paper. She opens a drawer and finds many, many, many paper snowflakes…She pulls them out, to look closer at them while the color drains from her face…

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