Tuesday 6/20/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 6/20/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica drops the bombshell upon Jack that Josh is her son and Greg violated them both. Jack is very disappointed that she's kept that secret from her. Ryan drops some heavy construction equipment at Fusion and JR "almost" gets injured but it misses him. He then tells JR that life is full of surprises and he must know that in a moment's notice, he could find himself lying in a hospital bed in a coma. Babe asks Ryan if he is threatening her husband. He says no. But he reveals to Kendall that he wants to give JR many more sleepless nights. Kendall reveals to Ryan that she has doubts about whether she can trust Zach. She goes to talk to Dixie who assures her that she knows Zach loves only Kendall and she (Dixie) and Zach are just good friends. David reveals that he might know where Greg is and is confident that he can help Dixie find Kate and win her over. But he knows that he will need Josh's help in order to find Greg. Del reveals to Dixie that he might know where Greg is and appears confident that everything will work itself out. Greg remains buried in the ground and it's still not revealed who put him there.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Damian continues to keep Luke in the dark about his role in Ross Kreeger trying to take him away. He pretends he knew nothing about Ross Kreeger and thinks Luke should stay away from Lily under the pretense that she remains unstressed. Luke ditches Damian and heads for the hospital. Bob tells Holden and Lucinda Lily’s pregnancy seems to be proceeding normally, but he is concerned about Lily’s health. He fears she may not be coming out of her coma soon. He is transferring Lily to a private room. Lucinda asks how Lily fell and Holden is evasive. Will is concerned about Jade’s new desire to work at Crash, with his help. He decides to ask Casey to help him with that. Casey doesn’t understand at first, but Will explains because of his decision to cheat in school Jade got fired, and he has a weird sense of obligation to her now. Casey wonders what Jade is holding over him, and is even more confused when he sees them hugging. Carly calls Jack to come over; when he does, she explains she understands she misread the signs he was giving her, so she has packed all of his stuff up and she wants it gone by days end. She is going to Montana for a visit and taking the kids. Carly is all business and Jack is not sure how to take this. Gwen interrupts them; she is excited to tell Carly she and Will worked things out, but is upset to see Jack in the process of moving out. Gwen tries to convince both to not give up, but is unsuccessful. Carly offers Gwen and Will her house while she is in Montana. Carly hands Jack the signed separation papers, and mentions that they should move forward with the divorce. Holden sees Luke at the hospital but is concerned he will cause Lily stress. Holden and Luke go over the events leading up to Lily’s fall again. Katie and Vienna almost come to blows, and Simon hears Katie’s voice and finally sees her from afar. He hatches a plan when he finds out Katie has a masseur coming to her cabin. Simon shows up in the masseurs place. Casey tells Jade she has a job at Crash, just as Gwen is walking in. Damian shows up at the hospital to keep Luke away from Lily, but Holden sees and confronts him. Luke sits with Lily and she wakes up.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke questions Nick if he can handle the kiss splashed on all the trade rags around the world? His answer – he takes her in his arms and kisses her passionately. As they talk about what just happened on the runway, he tells her the Forrester’s are like the Bermuda Triangle and she will only get sucked under if she doesn’t stay as far away as possible. He demands no more working at Forrester Creations. Good naturedly, they argue and she reminds him she never said she would leave Forrester Creations, but rather work out of Marone office. He doesn’t see it that way with Forrester already showing up at her office and wanting her to try on his panties! Once more she tells him she can handle Ridge. Nick just doesn’t get it that such a strong, talented woman could let this family control her. Felicia coos to little Dino about what the wedding will be like. Only Stephanie comes in and throws a damper on the plans; she is happy for Felicia but she thinks Dante and Bridget have feelings for each other. She advises Felicia to talk this out with Bridget beforehand. Bridget tells Ridge that her mom won’t be working long at Forrester Creations if he keeps playing games like this. THE KISS – that humiliated Nick in front of the whole world. He laments Nick is not his concern; it’s hers!

Nick heads to his office and straight to the booze only to be surprised by Massimo waiting for him. He gives him advice again to let Brooke go, it’s going to happen with Ridge. He might be able to salvage something with Bridget. Nick tells him the one winning and standing at the end will be the one who can adapt better to the change. As suddenly as he appeared, Mass is gone. Bridget shows up saying he text-messaged her, but he confesses he didn’t. He confides in her that he still loves her mother and supports her. He just needs to make sure she knows that. Ridge waltzes right on into Brooke’s house and though she lightly chastises him, he asks doesn’t she want to celebrate? When she mentions being tired and going to bed, he’s all for that too. She wants to slough all of this off until tomorrow, but at the Marone office via tele-conference. He calls Nick a control freak and tells her he loves her more than he ever has and one day away from her is a day wasted. With that magnificent figure in front of him, how could he not be inspired? She tells him again that is the problem; he keeps pushing the limits and getting away with it. Nick calls to tell Brooke that he is looking at a picture of her. She’s beautiful and happy and he wants to keep it that way. They agree to see each other tomorrow. Brooke warns Ridge that if he tries to take advantage again of them working together, that’s it. He’s outta there. Very seriously, he tells her they will never be over. It’s going to happen and the sooner she realizes that, the better off they will be. He leans in and kisses her cheek and caresses her face.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami eavesdrops as Carrie defends her against Lucas’ attempts to badmouth Sami to E.J. E.J. calls Sami on her eavesdropping making her presence known to everyone. Lucas and Carrie insist on seeing the pictures from the photo shoot and Lucas taunts Austin with how the chemistry between Sami and E.J. is obvious in the photos. Austin makes Sami come with him to the wedding. Bo discovers that Hope spent the night in a chair outside the cabin. Hope admits to Bo that she couldn’t stand to leave him and agrees to talk more after the wedding. Jennifer, Jo, Kayla, Alice, and Maggie all try to talk to Abby but Abby chooses only to attend the wedding out of support for Jennifer not of the union. Celeste stops by to baby-sit and learns of Abe finding out the truth. Abe remains cold to Lexie. Celeste deals her tarot cards and foresees several poor souls affected. Lexie heads to the wedding vowing to seek revenge on Sami.

The wedding caterer leaves Chelsea alone with the case of vodka and she helps herself. Jack decides to call Jennifer first to lessen the shock as he and Steve are driving back to Salem but Chelsea answers the phone. Chelsea doesn’t believe that it’s really Jack calling especially when he adds that he’s headed back to town with Steve. Jack has Steve stop at the church before heading to the house. Max talks with Frankie about being monogamous with Chelsea but while at the wedding, Chelsea asks Max to give her time to think over his offer.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Alcazar takes control of the situation and later tells Diego he disposed of Justus' corpse at the Corinthos/Morgan warehouse. Alcazar is unaware that he lost his bracelet at the crime scene. Jason blames himself for Justus' death. Edward unleashes his pain and grief on Jason after learning about Justus. Jason has Sam escorted out of the penthouse as he is unable to force her out himself. Lainey is unable to give in to her emotions. Manny toys with a tattoo needle gun.

Jax defends Carly when Nikolas goes on the attack after they accidentally crash John's party. Jax later tells Carly that he is leaving Port Charles. Nikolas and Robin bond over John. Lucky tries to rationalize his actions after he confiscates the drugs from the dealer. Maxie believes she knows Lucky better than Elizabeth does.

GL Recap Written by Siri

At the wedding, Jonathan catches Lizzie as she almost faints. Tammy gets irritated and leaves. Lizzie admits to everyone that Jonathan is the father. Coop finally tells Lizzie it is over and leaves. Lizzie vows to Beth and Alan that she will get Coop to marry her. Buzz tells Coop there is someone for him; Ava. Jonathan tries to get Tammy to forgive him and she tells him forgiving him is nothing for he is going to have a baby.

Billy takes Reva to a cancer support meeting and she sees Suzy’s dad (the little girl whose mother has breast cancer she met a few weeks ago). The worker tells Reva the mother died. Reva makes Billy take her home. Billy gets Reva to vent about having cancer. Josh decides not to go to San Francisco and apologizes to Cassie about the kiss. They both appear uncomfortable with the other. Josh goes home and Reva tells him that Jonathan is having a baby with Lizzie. He tells Reva that she looks exhausted and that he will rearrange things to help her. She lovingly asks him “Don’t you realize we have lived together long enough to know there is nothing I cannot handle”? Josh just looks at her and says nothing.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

David is being arraigned. John and Michael arrive just in time. David's lawyer tries to get David's case heard elsewhere besides Llanview but Hugh stands up for John and Michael being able to see justice done in Llanview. When David tries to get bail, Hugh tells how David was picked up in Thailand when they found him. Bail is then set at one million dollars. Blair is in bed with Spencer. When she feels that he has fallen back asleep, she gets up and checks his phone in the other room… She then goes through his pants to find his wallet so that she can rifle through that. "What are you doing?" Spencer asks suddenly behind her. She turns guiltily to face him. Todd is dressed. He is ready to get out of his room and continue his life. Kelly arrives and tries to talk him out of leaving the hospital but he has to go. He wants to start paying back everyone that wanted to see him dead. She brings up the subject of Blair and how she made a mistake thinking that he was guilty. She tells that Blair still loves him. He seems disinterested in talking about that. Adrianna finds her mother talking with her hired spy at the restaurant. Dorian wants info but the man really has nothing for her. "Are you spying on me?" Adrianna asks walking up. Dorian and the man fake that their talk had anything to do with her. Dorian has questions about the shoot but Adrianna ducks them all and ends up leaving. Someone follows her out of the restaurant. Jessica is confused. She doesn't have Tess's memories after having watched the tape. The doctor tries to hypnotize her. Jessica still doesn't have Tess's memories and feels in fact that she is dead. This perplexes the doctor. At the end of the session, nothing has changed. Jessica makes a decision. She wants to meet with this man…she has to.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Alistair is getting awfully close to ruling the world. The magic words he needs from the cup are appearing, one by one, and the characters looking for him are nowhere near being able to stop him yet. JT is waiting for Gwen to bring him the money to get away before Theresa finds him, but he can't get out of the locked gate to the place where Alistair is burning the chalice to get it. Gwen was almost discovered sneaking around the Blind Monk's Monastery when she tried to smash a statue over Theresa's head, but managed to sneak out of the church and pretend she just arrived right after Ethan did. Edna and Norma are running a pizza restaurant in Rome, as improbable as that seems, and they had a couple of surprise guests drop by today - Beth and Marty, escaping Rome on a motorcycle.

Kay demanded that Tabitha dispense of Siren, but the old witch told her she can't do anything since the mermaid is Endora's creation. However, when Siren opened her mouth once too often, Tabby's anger got the better of her and she zapped her away to the sewer - for a few minutes. Endora, not willing to let her disappear and chance having Kay leave Fox for Miguel, brought her back, and she was not a happy fishy when she got there.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick and Sharon are getting ready to take Noah over to the barbecue at Brad and Victoria's house. Nick is quiet. Sharon wonders if he wants to forget about going over to the house. He says that he doesn't mind going over there as he will not let anything get in between he and his sister's relationship. He suggests that maybe Sharon is the one who doesn’t want to go over there. Victoria has an extra set of wedding pictures for Brad's family. He tells that he has no family or friends. Abby wants to play charades. She knows her father doesn't know how to play and she offers to teach him. Victoria is astonished at the fact that he doesn't know this game. She really wants to know more about him and suggests finding whoever is left of his family. He tells her sternly to drop it. Daniel meets Lily at the club. she has received the bills for their tuition and she sees that they will be paying for school forever. She decides that she doesn't want to go to college. He doesn't like that idea. She wants to get into fashion and create things with fabrics. She might even go to design school instead. Daniel still is unhappy. She jumps out of her chair angry that he isn't happy for her making this decision. Daniel tries all afternoon to reach Lily but can't get a hold of her. Neil comes home to find Lily sitting on the couch. He is happy to see her and promptly invites her to dinner. She will stay for dinner and asks if she can stay for breakfast as well. Neil asks what is wrong but she won't get into it. Neil notices that Lily avoids Daniel's call when her phone rings. He doesn't push and tells her that she can stay over if she likes. Phyllis comes to complain to Victor about Jack. Jack is there and an argument arises. Victor kicks them out and plays with his snowflakes for a while. Nikki and Phyllis decide that Jack has to go. Meanwhile, Jack has been called to Victor's office. Victor wants to talk about the fighting with Phyllis. Jack feels that he is about to be fired. Victor isn't going to do that…instead he offers Jack access to buy him out of NVP!

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