Monday 6/19/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 6/19/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

At Fusion, Kendall, along with Simone, Danielle and Erin, tell Babe she is not welcome in their company or anywhere around them. JR enters and informs Kendall that Zach has been doing many secretive things behind her back, including helping his mother to hide. He then tells Babe that she should let the Fusion women buy her out, start her own company and wash her hands of them and their contempt for her. But she doesn't want to do that. Kendall reveals to Simone that she might believe JR that Zach is not to be trusted. Tad and Dixie are still in conflict about how to find Kate and agree that their relationship is over. She admits to Tad that Zach is her friend but he does not trust Zach. he concludes that when he finds their daughter, he will raise her alone without Dixie. Jamie and Julia go at it in a hospital room and Josh notices them. Josh and Jamie get into an argument. Joe then tells his two grandsons they must change their attitudes if they expect to have careers in medicine. Erica reveals to Jeff that she has not told Jack, nor anybody else, that Josh is her son with him. He asks her why it would not benefit their son to know that he is not genetically predisposed to Greg. She tells him that Josh has his own problems and she thinks it would be best for all involved to let the past stay where it has been.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Jen tells Paul and Meg about Johnny’s condition and also Emily and his unborn child’s role in helping Johnny get better. Paul is torn because he was not consulted. He wonders what Emily’s motivations were behind having this risky procedure? When Jen staunchly defends Emily, Paul feels there is going to be problems down the road now. Meg tries to remind him that Dusty will never forget what Emily did to him. Johnny’s surgery is finished and now all that is left is to wait. Jen and Emily seem to be forming a bond. Katie is irritated over the non-stop partying going on next door. She and a socialite take a dislike for one another. Little do both of them know, there is a common bond, which connects them. Katie, Mike, Simon and Vienna have near misses. Simon is sure he hears Katie’s angry voice at his door, but when he goes to see, she is gone. Lily is rushed to the hospital unconscious after falling down the stairs. Holden doesn’t understand how Luke could be that angry with his mother to cause her to fall down the stairs? Luke is racked with guilt over his mother’s accident and terrified she won’t wake up. He is also worried about how Holden now feels about him because Lily is seriously hurt. Lucy tells them that the while the baby’s heartbeat is strong tests show there is brain swelling and internal bleeding. Holden holds vigil at Lily’s bedside; Damian offers Luke a place to stay because Luke feels as if he blew his family apart and they may not want him around anymore.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

The show begins and Brooke prances up and down the catwalk in her lingerie. Ridge continues to gloat what a team they are and how great she looks. Meanwhile, Nick seems even more uncomfortable with each outfit, not liking her displaying her assets in front of Ridge and everyone else. Jackie and Stephen rush backstage and try to convince Brooke from parading out in the showstopper. The Forrester's protest and Brooke refuses to listen. She just hears the wild applause from the press and the crowd. Stephanie and Eric pat Ridge on the back for his success and urge him to take his bows. Then he bestows THE KISS much to Brooke's surprise, but she does not resist or reproach him. She glances at Nick in the audience who's about to explode. Stephen is livid and calls Ridge a sick bastard. Brooke orders her father out. She is just happy her line is such a big hit. Nick bursts in and must be restrained as he attacks Ridge. Bridget and Felicia discuss the kiss. The press picks up on Felicia's and Dante's intentions to marry and his being the father of her child. They start taking pictures and asking questions. Bursting with pride, Dante's mother encourages this. But Bridget is very uncomfortable when Felicia insists she be in the pictures as well. Jackie rebukes Eric for his compliance with Ridge and the kiss. He is unapologetic and thinks the relationship should be able to tolerate a little kiss. Stephen and Ridge argue and Stephanie joins in. Brooke tries to calm Nick down. It's all about publicity she exclaims. It's selling lingerie and should be a little bit scandalous. She assures Nick she loves him and he should keep her public persona separate from her real self. He disagrees and wants her to choose between him and Ridge. He maintains she has made a fool of him and she finally admits she may have gotten caught up in the moment and apologizes. Bridget has a flashback of Dante asking her to marry him and she clearly regrets saying no. Only to be made worse when Felicia thanks Bridget for helping her with the press about her own wedding to Dante.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Max brings Chelsea back to the docks and tries to sober her up. Max and Chelsea argue over Chelsea’s lack of wanting to better her life and Chelsea storms off. Chelsea returns home and vents to Abby but soon Max joins them at Chelsea’s window. Abby leaves Max and Chelsea alone to talk about becoming serious daters. Abby reveals that she’s been eavesdropping when she emphatically tells Chelsea to accept Max’s offer. Sami and E.J. continue to dance the tango. Sami spots Austin, Carrie, and Lucas walking up and is so distracted that she falls into the water. E.J. dives in to save her. Sami tries to leave before she’s spotted but it’s too late. Sami explains the situation and Austin believes her but makes her show off her new skills by dancing with him. Bo turns out to be Hope’s captor and has taken her to the Horton Cabin. Hope is furious and storms out. Hope is forced to return when she discovers that Bo removed the spark plugs from the motor. Bo explains that he brought Hope here to work on their marriage and asks for forgiveness but Hope says no. Bo pleads his case but throws Hope out of the cabin when she can’t believe he didn’t switch the disc.

Jennifer slams the door in Frankie’s face when she sees that it’s him at the door because she fears seeing Frankie before the wedding is bad luck. Jennifer rethinks seeing Frankie and lets him inside. Left alone, Kayla laments about not being able to move on with her life. After sending Frankie away before the stroke of midnight, Jennifer asks a heavenly Jack for his blessing and considers a shooting star a sign from him. Steve insists on stopping at a motel for the night with plans to continue their trip to Salem in the morning. While Jack sleeps, Steve looks at Jack’s picture of him and Kayla wondering why he ever left Kayla. Jack’s condition worsens and Steve fears that Jack won’t make it through the night. Lexie has to climb on top of Abe to keep him from choking Tek. Abe is furious to learn that Lexie has been cheating on him with Tek since he’d been back from the island. Abe reveals that he was given a note to come to the motel and declares their marriage to be over. Lexie and Tek assume Sami was the one to leave the note and vow revenge.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Reva has difficulty breathing and Billy gets scared. Colin tells her that she cannot leave the hospital after the serious respiratory event. Reva tells Billy that Jonathan is having a baby with Lizzie Spaulding. Billy sneaks her out of the hospital. At the cabin, she takes off her wig and they hug.

At the wedding, Jonathan tells everyone that he is the baby’s father. Alan tells Beth, who blurts out that she knew this, that she will never lie to him again. Lizzie tells Coop that Jonathan raped her. Coop is devastated. Jonathan tells Tammy about the night Lizzie and he were together. She tells him that she will ensure he stays in town for his baby girl. Lizzie, after following Coop back to the wedding area, faints – right into Jonathan’s arms. Tammy is totally disgusted.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Noah and Theresa got together and told each other their sad stories, with each comforting the other as much as they could. Next, they decided to look for and kill Alistair, then set about figuring out how to find him. At the Vatican, Chad and Whitney, along with the old nun, decided on the same path, while Luis and Fancy, still at the hotel, did the same. Luis wasn't sure Fancy should come along, since his goal is to kill the old lizard and hers might be to keep him from doing that. All three groups realized that Al is probably at the monastery with the blind monks, and will undoubtedly end up there together at some point. Al takes JT to the catacombs, has him light a fire, and sets about burning the magic words out of the cup so he can rule the world.

Jessica tries to keep from falling for Spikes lies, preferring to keep her gun pointed at him. He tried to tell her he really, truly loves her, and says that's why he couldn't kill her. He then tells her Alistair has all the proof of the murders she committed in Harmony, the johns she supposedly killed while high. He says Al will use it to send her to jail, along with her dad, and then says he has a plan to keep that from happening, but she has to put the gun down before he can carry it out. She, of course, fell for it and did as he said. In the hotel, Gwen and Ethan spent the day in bed. After the lovin', Ethan began to question her about whether she really does know JT, since Theresa is so adamant about it. She assured him she never knew the guy, but then, while Ethan slept, she took a call from JT and promised to send him more money so he can get away from Rome and Theresa.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Claudia realizes that Rex is a Private Investigator and she offers him a job getting information on Jessica. Rex accepts. Adrianna is angry that he would spy on his own family. Rex explains to her later that he can control the situation and that Claudia will only hire someone else if he doesn't do it. Claudia warns him that he had better get the goods on Jessica or she will hire someone else! Nash is having a terrible time being without his family. He calls Clint for an update on Brennan and Tess. After he gets that update, he has a strange surreal conversation with Tess about her fears of dying. Nash calls Claudia asking when she is going to arrive at his place. She knows that he wants to get back to Tess. She tells herself that with any luck, soon there won't be any Tess left… Jessica starts the tape and is horrified to see that the little girl on the screen is Tess and not herself. The doctor explains that is Tess on the screen but at one time they believe that Jessica had this same experience. The man in the video tells Tess that they are going to do the thing that they did the last time. They are going to make a movie. Jessica watches the tape as Antonio and Dr. Crosby stand in the back and watch. She listens and watches in horror. Antonio wants to go to her, but the doctor stops him. Jessica can't take it anymore and she gets up to move away. "I don't want to do this!" Jessica shouts walking off. "I don’t want to do this!" the child shouts from the tape. Jessica freezes in her tracks in horror. Adrianna heads to the shoot. She is with the other model who is male. The man is clearly smitten with Adrianna and tries to get her into conversation with him. Rex arrives and is ordered off the set. Rex leaves the area but stays in the doorway to watch. Adrianna and the male model remove their robes and Adrianna panics. She sees the butterfly tattoo on the man's arm. Rex rushes over and sees it too. He grabs the model, holding him in a chokehold as the crew calls for security.

Jill is on the patio talking computer talk. She keeps looking over at the gate at the patio as she talks with Kevin. Suddenly the gate opens and a look of surprise comes over Jill's face. The man who walks in and over to her has a BEATLES book under his arm. "You must be my date for the evening. I guess that you are 'Chick in Charge'," Will says to her smiling. Victor and Jack play with Zapato in the office. Nikki is surprised to find them there. "I want you to come with me to take the dog home," Victor says. "I have a surprise for you and the surprise will need two people. Victor has an instructor over to give them Salsa lessons. Nikki rushes off to change her shoes and that is when Victor has another episode. "I can't remember what just happened!" Nikki is upstairs and so Victor goes to the phone and calls Jack. "I don't know what happened. Nikki is upstairs. We were dancing and then I forgot all the steps. What should I do?" Victor asks. Jack tells Victor that he has to listen very carefully. "I am going to tell you what to do but you have to do exactly what I say for this to work!" Jack tells Phyllis that she has to get the website up and running. She has too much on her plate already. He doesn't care. There is a meeting and he wants the site up before it. "I know you want me to quit but I won't!" He tells her to get back to work or she will be fired. "This is my company and I fully intend to make it a success," she hisses. He tries to apologize later but she will not hear it. JT and Colleen argue. She found JT's doo-hickey for copying files, and she tried to get on his computer and discovered that the password was changed. She pushes and pushes and it is only until after she promises not to tell, that JT shows her a picture of the real Brad Carelton and tells her that her father has been living under this person's identity for the past twenty years.

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