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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica tries unsuccessfully to get tad to persuade Jeff never to tell Josh that he is their (Erica and Jeff's) son. Tad tells her there'd be nothing wrong with Jeff embracing his son. He has a daughter, out there, that he cannot even find. Nobody has heard from Greg still. Kendall goes to Fusion and is ready to run Babe out of her company and her life. Simone and Danielle side with her. Erin tells Babe she's concerned about how she has defended JR. Babe tells Kendall that she is in no position to judge JR when her own husband (Zach) has enough secrets. JR informs Kendall that Zach hid his mother and never told her. Jamie and Julia are wondering what to tell their co-workers about their relationship. JR and Jamie are out investigating Dr. Madden but still cannot find him.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At Forrester, it is spit and polished and ready for the big fashion extravaganza featuring the re-launch of Brooke's Bedroom line. Ridge boasts to Eric that he is counting on it also reuniting he and  Brooke. He will sweep her off her feet and it will be a kiss like the fashion world has never seen. Meanwhile, not a happy camper, Nick tells Brooke that he doesn't think the CEO of a company should be prancing around in her skivvies. She proclaims it is just her business, selling an image. Dante's family attend and they are beaming with pride. Bridget walks by and she and Dante exchange a look. Stephen keeps hounding Nick that Ridge is up to something; they should keep their eyes on him. After Bridget wishes her mom good luck, Dante goes straight to Bridget and asks to talk to her. They become a little too close which Felicia oversees. But Bridget is reminding him that he has a son with Felicia and he did ask her to marry him, he HAS to. Stephen has Jackie meet him in Brooke's office and is determined to find some clue to what Ridge is planning. Smirking, Ridge delights in telling Nick that only Forrester personnel belong backstage and he should leave. He can have someone escort him to his seat. He flaunts the "it begins with a kiss" slogan to him. Nick takes his place alongside Bridget and Felicia as Ridge introduces Brooke as the woman with the heart and soul of Forrester Creations. Stephanie is very supportive and encourages Brooke, and Brooke is eating it up, she is in her element. Jackie and Stephen figure out the showstopper will be Ridge's piece de resistance and this is when he will make his public move. Nick is very uncomfortable and vows to Bridget this will be Brooke's last involvement with the company. Several times Ridge keeps telling Brooke how gorgeous and what a knock-out she is. He swells with pride and tells his mom that Brooke and Nick's relationship is about to be blown to bits. 

Days Recap Written by Danielle

E.J. accompanies Sami to the “Dance at the Docks” since she’d rather not attend Frankie and Jennifer’s party. E.J. ends up teaching Sami to tango so well, they win the contest. Kate vows to Austin that she has no plans to sabotage his relationship despite her attempts to convince Austin to dump Sami. Kate later spots Sami and E.J. dancing on the docks and revels in her plan working so well. Patrick stops by the party and Frankie holds Bo back from going after him. Billie adamantly defends Bo’s innocence to Patrick but won’t explain why she’s so confident. Billie later lets it slip to Austin that Kate will soon be regretting her actions but quickly covers it up. Shawn and Mimi spot Holly, their surrogate choice, smoking and drinking at the Brady Pub. They confront her and call off the deal.

Jack and Steve head back to Salem. Hope and Kayla help Jennifer bring home her gifts and they talk of loves lost and try to convince Hope to reunite with Bo. After Hope leaves, the doorbell rings and Jennifer is surprised at who she finds at the door. Hope walks along the pier and is grabbed by someone. Abe calls the hospital and learns that Lexie never was paged for an emergency. Lexie decides that she must tell the truth but Tek talks her out of it. The mystery stranger leaves Abe the note claiming that Lexie wanted Abe to meet her at the motel. Abe walks in on Tek and Lexie making love.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

GL Recap Written by Siri

Everyone is gathered at Towers for Lizzie and Coop's wedding. Frank and Olivia debate whether or not the wedding will take place. Marina arrives and flirts with Alan Michael but later admits to Frank that she's playing him for information for Harley. Coop remembers his time with Ava but then tells Lizzie that he's put his feelings for Ava behind him and that after their wedding he'll be focused on her and the baby. Jonathan and Tammy celebrate their leaving Springfield by making love. They are later interrupted by a phone call from Collin who is caring for Reva at Cedars. Reva has the flu and with her immune system compromised by chemo, it could be devastating. Jonathan makes an excuse to go see Reva without Tammy. At first Jonathan believes that Reva is fine when he hears she has the flu, but once he sees her he knows how serious things are. Jonathan asks Reva what he can do to help, and she says acknowledge his daughter. Jonathan goes off to do so, but tells Billy of Reva's condition. Reva and Billy share a tender moment when he tells her he knows about her cancer. Tammy finds Ava in Company's freezer and takes her to the wedding. Jonathan stops the wedding and tells Coop that he and not Coop, fathered Lizzie's baby. Tammy hears the admission.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair is in the morgue over Margaret's body. Suddenly Margaret grabs her wrists and taunts her for sleeping with the man who tried to kill her husband. Blair starts screaming and doesn't stop. Everywhere that she turns, Margaret is there. Finally, Blair makes it to the door and when she opens it, Spencer is there. He wonders what is wrong. She says that the morgue was just creeping her out. Jessica is to go to the appointment that day to see the tape. She worries so. When alone, she begs Tess not to interfere and to let her watch the tape and deal with it on her own. Antonio assures her that he will be with her every step of the way. She turns to him suddenly. "I have made a decision. I will not watch it. Not today, not ever!" Adrianna gets the paper in front of Rex's door and finds a gift-wrapped box there. It is from the stalker. She wants to open it although Rex worries that there could be a bomb in there. They find a note inside. "Fly carefully Butterfly as your wings are delicate'. Rex wants her to stay inside and tell her mother but she won't do that. She has a shoot to go to and she will not miss it. Blair sees Kelly alone at a table and she rushes over to talk to her while Spencer waits. "What are you doing with him?" Kelly asks. Blair says that Todd will have nothing to do with her and he wants her out of his life. Besides I am not really with Spencer," she hisses. "What?" Kelly asks. "Shhh! Nevermind." Blair says. "Everything okay over here?" Spencer asks leaning over the ladies as they sit. The man from Kentucky arrives looking for the DA. Hugh and John take the lieutenant and seat him at John's desk. They show him a picture of Spencer. "Is this the man who took the bodies?" The man puts his glasses on. "No, that isn't him." He looks across the room. He points. "It's that guy over there!" Bo and Hugh turn to see that the man is pointing to Bo.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Gwen arrived in Rome today, bringing bad news for Theresa, and loving being able to tell her about it. Since Alistair is still alive, Theresa is no longer in charge, and Crane security won't keep searching for JT, among other disasters for her. Ethan simply refuses to believe Gwen is anything but angelic, even tho he sees and hears her bedeveling Theresa. Fancy doesn't want to believe her Grampy is in Rome, causing problems for everyone, but when Luis figures out where he probably is and wants to go get him, she wants to go with him. He isn't happy with that, since he plans to kill the old man and she won't like seeing that.

Whitney shoots at Alistair, and he falls to the floor, but when they finally get around to turning the figure over, the man is gone, and so is the chalice. The Pope comes in and lets them know they have to find him and the cup, or it will mean the end of the church and mankind, too. Alistair headed to the monastery with the blind monks, and reveled in possessing the chalice and the power it will give him. JT showed up, surprised to find Al instead of a priest, then asked for help getting away from Theresa. Al seemed distracted by the thought of once again having his young, sexy wife in his bed, and enjoys the thought of what it will be like with all his new powers.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Phyllis walks into the Athletic Club and Ashley is there. "Can you get me that information that I need from NVP?" Ashley asks. Phyllis says that she would have to wait as Jack has been getting in her way lately. "Perhaps you are in over your head," Ashley says. "It isn't like moving items around on a website." Phyllis finds that rich coming from her after the way her lab has been run lately. Colleen comes to see her father for Father's Day after visiting with John. He tells that he took Abby out for a ride and was thinking about Colleen when she was little and the bike that Victoria got him as a present. Colleen realizes that her father hasn’t ever spoken about his past with her before. "I want to start a genealogy tree," she says. JT sneaks into the office and gets on Brad's computer. He tries to guess the right password and finally he gets in. However, before he can go anywhere… "What are you doing on Brad's computer JT?" Phyllis asks. He says that he came in as an alarm went off and he is checking it out. He logs off and starts leaving. "Aren't you going to leave a note for Victoria or Nick?" He says he will just give them a call. Brad talks to Colleen. "Our family came from Italy and we changed our name when we got here to reinvent ourselves… My father wanted that." Colleen wishes that she had know her grandparents before they died. Victoria is in the doorway and she wrinkles her brown. "You never said that your parents were dead! I even offered to send them an invitation and you never said anything." Brad continues. "My mother died when I was very young and my father was an alcoholic. I learned to take care of myself from a young age and continued to do so." Colleen is confused. She goes to work and JT is there. "Why did he tell Victoria and I two different things about my grandparents? And if my grandparents are dead, then why didn’t he tell Victoria that when she tried to invite them to the wedding?"

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