Thursday 6/15/06 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Jeff martin comes back to town knowing that Josh is his son. He meets Josh but does not reveal it to him. He runs into Erica who tells him it will ruin Josh's life to find out that they are his parents. He asks her what would be wrong with that. Does she think it would be better for Josh to believe that lunatic Greg and his deceased wife are his parents? Erica still will not tell Kendall or Bianca or anybody that Josh is her son. Kendall tells Simone and Danielle that she will never forgive JR for almost killing her son. And she needs their help in running Babe out of Fusion and out of their lives. They tell her they are with her. Jonathan has recovered from his brain malfunction and is back to full capacity. But he tells Erin he will fake being impaired for Lily. She means more to him than any goal he had before his brain tumor. He was not happy when he had full brain capacity. He urges his sister never to tell anybody that he is back to the old Jonathan. Jr and babe are attempting to get their lives back to where they were before. jamie then tells JR that he needs to talk to him about greg. While Greg is stuck in the box in the ground, he tells the voice he hears that he will let them kill him before he reveals where Kate Martin is or tells them anything else they need to hear.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Casey and Maddie are relived to see Will and Gwen at CRASH. On the cruise ship Mike questions Katie about their being there with Nancy. The librarian confronts Jade and tells her that she knows that she helped Will buy the biology paper online. Lily and the Director of the "camp" try to convince Luke to go, but Luke thinks Lily just wants to be rid of him. As Maddie and Gwen go off to find something for Gwen to wear for her perfomance at CRASH, Casey questions Will about where he was the night before. Mike is impressed by Nancy's suite on the ship as she and Katie exchange sly glances. Luke contiues to resist Lily's attempt to get him to go to the "camp". When he storms out of the room, the director convinces Lily to let him talk to Will alone. Lily agrees and heads off to the library. When she leaves, the director places a call to Damian and tells him that Luke is suspicious. Damian insists that the director not let on to Luke about his involvement in setting this up.

At the library, Jade and Lily have a heated exchange and Lily discovers Jade has been fired. Damian runs into Lucinda at the Lakeview and Lucinda warns him to stay away from her family. On board the ship, a porter arrives with Mike's luggage and Katie tells him that they are going on their honeymoon. When Maddie and Gwen come back to CRASH, Will tells them that he is headed over to sign up for summer classes. When his cell phone rings and he sees it's Jade, he lies to Gwen and tells him it's Barbara. Lily uses the library computer to look up the "camp" and is shocked to discover that it is really a "deprogramming" site. Lily hurries out to get to Luke and runs into Damian, whom she accuses of lying to her. The program director convinces Luke to go to the "camp" by painting a pretty picture of fun. Luke tells him that he can't go until he talks to Holden and the director tells him that Holden doesn't know about it ! At home, Will looks over the books from school when Jade shows up. Jade tells him that she's been fired and asks him to get her a job at CRASH, but he refuses. At the library, Damian won't let Lily leave hoping to give the director time to whisk Luke away !

Katie surprises Mike with a honeymoon cruise but he isn't happy about the surprise. Jade gets fired from the library for helping will cheat at school. Will feels guilty for not telling Gwen about his one night stand with Jade. Lily does some research at the Library and discovers that the camp that Damian wants to send Luke to is to straighten him outso she starts to rush home to stop Luke from g9oing to camp. Damian stops Lily from leaving the library because Luke s already on his way to camp. Jade asks Will to help her get a job at Crash but Will doesn't want Jade anywhere near Gwen.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

At Forrester, Ridge is puttint the finishing touches on the lingerie for the fashion show when Stephanie shows up. Ridge complains to her about Nick. Stephen calls Taylor from Marrone and tells her that Stephanie is telling everyone that they slept together. Just as Stephen is asking her if they can remain friends. Taylor tells him that there is someone at the door and she will call him later. Taylor opens the to find Brooke there, who apologizes to Taylor for her father's behavior. Nick enters his office and finds Stephen there and immediately berates him for sleeping with Taylor and then Jackie. Stephen tells Nick that a bigger concern is the fashion show that Ridge is planning and Brooke's involvement. Taylor tells Brooke that her involvement with Stephen had nothing to do with the stock. Stephen continues to warn Nick about the danger of the upcoming fashion show to his relationship with Brooke. Ridge shows Stephanie his plans for wooing Brooke back during the fashion show with a kiss at the finale, but Steph is wary.

Taylor assures Brooke that her relationship with Stephen is over and warns her not to trust Stephanie's turnaround. Ridge calls Brooke on her cell and asks her to come in for a fitting and she agrees as taylor gives her a knowing look. Stephen warns Nick not to let Stephanie divide and conquer the two of them. When she arrives at Forrester, Brooke calls Nick to tell him she is there for a fitting and wonders how he feels about it. Nick tells her that it's ok. Brooke walks into Ridge's office and he hands her the lingerie to try on. Alone, Taylor reminisces about the good and bad times with Ridge and wonders who she has become without him. Stephen is appalled when Nick tells him that Brooke is in a fitting with Ridge. In Ridge's office, Brooke reluctantly models the lingerie for Ridge. Ridge seductively adjusts the lingerie, complimenting Brooke on her beauty. Ridge shows her the poster for the theme of the fashion show -- THE POWER OF A KISS. Brooke is shocked to learn the new bedroom line has been totally approved of by Stephanie. Ridge tells her that the fashion show will be a day they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mimi and Shawn decide to look into surrogacy and learn that the woman they consider using is actually in the hospital today so they can meet her. They decide that Holly is the perfect choice. Lexie reconsiders sleeping with Tek but then agrees to meet up with Tek after Jennifer’s party. They continue to be watched by someone in the bushes. Lexie joins Abe at the party and Abe promises to do whatever it takes to be intimate with Lexie again. Tek sends Lexie a secret text message to get her away from Abe. The mystery voyeur drafts a note to Abe.

Kayla uses her return to Salem to try and reunite Bo and Hope. Jennifer considers canceling the joint bachelor and bachelorette parties due to the turmoil in their families. Hope refuses to allow that even though it means running into Bo. Chelsea and Max celebrate Chelsea’s new freedom by attending the “Dance on the Dock.” Max accuses Chelsea of being the one to switch the disc and then questions her lack of concern for Bo’s welfare. Abby joins them at the docks but a now inebriated Chelsea suddenly decides she’d rather be at Jennifer’s party which Max and Abby are unable to prevent. Abby tells Jennifer that after the wedding happens; she’s on her own. The DNA results come in and prove that Nick is Steve, Jack’s supposedly dead brother, though Nick has no memory of being Steve. Jack begs Steve to go back to Salem and reunite with his family but Steve only agrees to go when Jack agrees to go back with him.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sonny refers to Emily as "Lily." A manipulative Ric steps up his plan to drive Sonny over the edge. Jason is concerned for Sam's safety. Sam moves into Kelly's after condemning Alexis for her previous actions. Lulu and Dillon are no match for Luke and Robert. After fighting, Luke explains to Robert why he treats Lulu the way he does.

Alexis learns the Alcazar family is practically untouchable in a court of law. Alcazar prepares to pay the price for helping Diego. Manny is out for revenge. Justus tells Lainey why he's superstitious about the number twenty-nine.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Reva coughs and looks ill. Josh remembers his and Cassie’s kiss and tells himself that it was nothing. He asks Reva to go with him to San Francisco and she tells him she cannot. He tells her something is coming between them and leaves. Jonathan keeps looking at the sonogram picture. Lizzie finds the picture and demands that he burn it and to stay out of her and Coop’s life. Coop asks Tammy to keep Jonathan away from the wedding and she tells him that both of them will not be attending. Tammy and Jonathan plan to leave town together, leaving everyone behind.

Coop and Ava say goodbye with a passionate kiss and Lizzie witnesses this. He realizes what he’s done and leaves. Lizzie tells Ava that Coop will not remember her name after the wedding. Beth gets her chauffeur to place Ava in Company’s meat locker to keep her away from the wedding. Reva becomes more ill, gasping for breath and goes to Cedars. Colin tells her she has the flu and starts barking orders to the nurse, “We don’t have time to waste”.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Margaret is in the examination room while all wait. "Spencer," she whispers to Michael. Spencer tries to get in the room but Bo stops him from going in there. While Spencer is in the doorway, Margaret flatlines. Michael grabs the paddles. It doesn't work. Margaret never recovers and is pronounced dead at 8:53pm. Evangeline freaks out shouting for justice as they all know that Spencer killed her. Evangeline, John and Rex go to see Todd to tell him the bad news. "She's dead," John says. Todd laughs. He is sure that this is a trick. "Again? Margaret needs to take that trick on the road." Evangeline tells him that they will get justice no matter what. "Get out!" Todd shouts at the group. John and Evangeline walk out. Rex tells Todd that they will get Spencer, just not right now. Todd is very unhappy that Margaret has died and it seems like Spencer is going to get away with his crimes. He gets out of bed with much difficulty and heads out. Blair is down in emergency with Bo and he tells her that she has to stop playing this game with Spencer. She won't. Someone has to get Spencer for what he did. The door behind them flies open and they turn to see Todd holding on to the wall, trying to stand up. He falls and is bleeding all over. Todd has to have his injury looked at. Spencer and Michael get him into an examination room and then Spencer leaves Michael to take care of him. Blair comes in and goes to Todd to assure him that he will be okay. "I don't want you here," he tells her. Michael tells her that she has to go now. She walks out and tells Spencer that Todd just told her that they are finished for good. Bo goes to Paige's room and he tells her sleeping form that he knows now that she was trying to protect him and that he knows everything now. "I really need you now Paige. Margaret is dead." He kisses her lips and then heads to the door.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Alistair is reveling in the fact he will soon have the power to rule the world, while Chad, Whitney, Paloma, Simone, and the old nun listen and cringe. It seems he holds all the cards, but once Whitney had enough of his taunting, she strode over to grab the chalice from the fire. He stopped her, but Chad jumped in, knocking the gun Al held away. Al tossed him across the room, again bragging about how powerful he was already, but Whitney picked up the gun and pointed it at him. He laughed, saying she was too weak to kill him, but she pulled the trigger. Luis tried to hold it together as Sheridan gushed about him having found Marty, then finally let her know he didn't have him. Fancy warned him not to tell her Marty died until they get home, and he had to listen as Sheridan assured him she is positive he will find their son and then they'll all be together. After hanging up, Fancy did her best to console him.

Theresa told Ethan that if the Crane security guards don't find JT and bring him and the proof Gwen and Rebecca are the ones who outted Ethan's paternity to her, she will give up on ever getting him back. She is too tired of trying, plus having to run Crane Enterprises at the same time. He isn't sure he believes her, and doesn't seem to want it to be true, anyway. JT runs from someone who is following him, determined not to be caught. Sam relented and put Miguel in jail as Kay had asked, arresting him for public indecency. Siren saw Kay lurking behind a rock and realized she's the one who caused it, then went over and knocked her to the ground. At the jail, Miguel explained Kay believes Siren is a mermaid, and Sam didn't want to believe it, but when he asked her, she was so sure of herself that he agreed to suspend his disbelief.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Kevin is acting out. Father's Day isn't a good day for him. Michael tries to stay positive but Kevin can't remember any positive memories about Father's Day. "There was the time that Tom smacked my for screwing up when I made him breakfast, and there was the time he thought he flushed the goldfish but was too drunk to notice it wasn't in the house." Kevin goes and gets Tom's ashes, gets his mother and brother to say a few mean words to them and then he rushes to the sink to pour Tom down it with water. Michael freaks out! Neil is alone looking at family pictures on the mantle. Drucilla calls and he talks to her nicely, but he can't really have a great Father's Day as this year is different somehow. He then gets off the phone quickly. Devon arrives and gives Neil soap-on-a-rope and a mug. He also gives him Drucilla's present that she had sent for him for Father's Day. Neil can't help but laugh when he sees the lime green gelatin inside. "Private joke," he tells Devon. "We had a lot of those." Nick wakes to pancakes that Noah has made for him. Sharon comes down and then they all head to the main house to be with the family. Sharon seems back to normal and she tells Nikki and Brad the good news. When alone in the house, Sharon gives Nick his Father's Day present from her. "It is an empty album. I want us to fill it up with new memories." Phyllis is in the office. Jack talks mean to her but gushes over Carmen when she arrives for work. Phyllis is unhappy to learn that Jack and Carmen have been working on ideas without her input. Jack tells her to do some work that he has decided needed to be done. He then invites Carmen out to eat with him and to talk business. They walk out together leaving Phyllis alone to do the work. All are at the ranch. Victor surprises Nikki with a new puppy named Zapato. He offers to get Zapato's brother and sister when Noah shows interest. Nick and Sharon eye each other nervously. Nikki gets Victor tickets to Vegas and he wants to leave right away but Nikki declines that offer. Abby comes over and gives both her dads miniature ducks that she made herself. While playing alone with Abby later, Victor experiences pain in his head. He rubs it and closes his eyes as he talks with Abby and no one notices.

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