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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

After JR has pleaded innocent and Babe has dropped the charges against him, the prosection gives up and the judge dismisses the case. This makes everybody very upset except for Babe, Dixie and Adam. Kendall takes the stand and says she knows that JR confessed to her that he intended to kill Babe and she unfortunately got caught in the cross fire. And that is why she and her baby almost died. But her testimony is discredited because she was unconscious and unable to have heard him tell her that. Bianca urges Babe to know that JR will never change if he keeps getting away with his crimes. But Babe tells Bianca that she won't give up on him or take little A's father from him. When Babe, JR, Krystal and Adam return home, Adam is happy and wants the four of them to go on a trip and celebrate. Nobody else is celebrating however. JR is not happy even though he got away with attempted murder. Dixie is still adamont that her son deserves another chance. But Kendall and her family and everybody else believes that JR belongs in prison after what he did.

Lily and Amanda wait for Jonathan while he is in the hospital. Josh treats him and concludes that nothing is wrong with his brain. At that point, we see Jonathan back, the way he used to be. His stuttering and his mental disability is gone but he's not the nasty, mean person he used to be. Lily is happy that he is ok and does not notice the change in him. Jonathan secretly reveals to Erin that he is back, the way he used to be. He realizes, however, that Lily does not want him to change. He loves her more than anything. And he will let her believe that he is the same person she fell in love with and not the jerk she used to know and dislike. Jeff Martin comes back to Pine valley. Although Joe has not told him that he has a son that he never knew about, nor does he tell Josh, he introduces them

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Damian introduces Lily to Ross, who runs a program for teens. Damian and Ross sell it as a positive program that gives guidance and nurturing to teens. Lily becomes sold on this if Luke agrees. When Lily goes to call Luke to come home, Damian clearly reminds Ross that Luke’s enrollment in this program is not voluntary and he expects him to show Luke the error of his ways. Luke comes out to Lucy after she sees him with Kevin. Jen and Dusty struggle to cope with what is happening to Johnny. Emily learns of Johnny’s illness and the possibility of stem cells being harvested from her unborn child, and decides she will offer this to Jen and Dusty. Susan is against this, but Emily thinks this will save her. Jen and Dusty want to know the catch, but Emily assures them it is just simply she wanting to make up for what she took from them. Jen can’t turn Emily’s offer down, and Emily directs her mother to get the ball rolling. Will is packed and ready to leave Gwen thinking that is what she wants. Gwen reaches out for Will, but he is racked with guilt and wanting to tell Gwen about his one night stand with Jade. She keeps interrupting him, explaining she wants to forget about each of their mistakes, move forward and start over. Will decides he can’t tell her. Will goes looking for Jade and tells her that he and Gwen got back together. He asks Jade to keep their one night affair a secret. She agrees and tells him the librarian was suggesting she may have been involved in helping Will cheat, can he keep their secret too? They both agree to keep each other’s secret. Jade appears sad about his and Gwen’s reconciliation even though she attempts to hide it. Carly greets Jack in her wedding dress. Jack sadly explains while he thought he could forget the past, he can’t and if he has any hope of keeping his self-respect, he can’t stay married to her. Carly gives up and tells him angrily that she is done begging for his forgiveness and trying to win him back. She tells him to leave, and this time when he comes looking for her, she won’t be waiting. It isn’t a threat it is the truth this time. Through a tear streaked face Carly tells a devastated Jack to leave and after he does, she locks the door behind him.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

At the Forrester home, Bridget and Dante exchange uncomfortable glances as Felicia continues to talk about her upcoming wedding to Dante. At Marrone, Nick is alone raging about Ridge and kicks a hole in Ridge's portrait as Brooke walks in. Nick accuses Brooke of giving Ridge mixed signals and can't believe that she's going to take part in the lingerie show. Brooke reminds Nick that his divorce will be final soon and they will be married, and so will Dante and Bridget. Dante tells his family and the Forresters that he doesn't want to move the wedding up, as Stephanie welcomes him to the family.

Dante's cousin corners Bridget and asks why she is so sad. He wonders if she doesn't like Dante. She tells him that she likes him very much and excuses herself. Dante sees Bridget go upstairs and follows her and Steph notices it. Nick questions Brooke about the sudden change in the relationship between Dante and Bridget. Brooke explains that Dante was just on the rebound but he loves Bridget. Alone, Bridget tells Dante that she can't go through with it and that he must marry Felicia, but Dante tells her that he can't do it and that it's not too late for them. Over her protests Dante kisses her passionately and leads her into a closet, when they hear Thorne and Darla in the hallway looking for them. Bridget tells Dante that she can't do this to her sister, and tells him to go back downstairs. Dante's parents present Felicia with some lace from Italy as Steph goes to look for Dante. Steph finds Dante and questions him about unresolved feelings for Bridget, but Dante avoids answering her. Bridget tells Dante that they must hide their feelings, but Dante insists on telling the truth. Nick tells Brooke that he should have told Bridget sooner that he wasn't coming back to her. As they embrace, Brooke looks nervously at the computer screen where Ridge has put up a poster of her with a note that he is looking forward to their first fitting. Bridget makes a toast to Dante and Felicia. Felicia and the others think she is talking about the baby but she is really talking about her love for Dante. Dante hugs her and she whispers goodbye in his ear.

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Sami is jealous when she catches one of the female models flirting with E.J. and demands a new model. When the model storms out, E.J. suggests that Sami take the model’s place in the photo shoot. Kate surprises Sami when she walks into the shoot, sees the chemistry between Sami and E.J., and agrees that the model change was a good idea. Bonnie rushes to Mimi’s side once she hears of the miscarriage. Lexie tells Mimi and Shawn that Mimi is unable to carry a pregnancy to term and suggests surrogacy. Bonnie offers to be the surrogate but Mimi and Shawn laughingly turn her down. Belle and Philip meet with Lexie for fertility tests to try and determine why they are having a harder time getting pregnant than they did with Claire. Bonnie eavesdrops as the tests reveal that Philip has low sperm mobility.

Abe brings Bo, Hope, Kate, and Billie to the evidence locker where Tek shows them the surveillance footage. Bo looks even guiltier when the footage only shows him dismissing the guard and slapping at the grate containing the camera. Bo defends his actions but no one believes him. Billie threatens to tell the truth but Kate vows to deny it if she does. Hope rushes to Jennifer and Frankie’s house to vent and sign the papers. Bo rushes there to try and talk to Hope but Hope still insists on signing the papers and slams the door in Bo’s face. Tek learns from Abe that he plans to spend the evening with Lexie so Tek rushes to call Lexie for a quick rendezvous beforehand. Tek has Lexie meet him at a motel but they are watched from the bushes.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sam is no more willing to let Alexis back into her life than Jason is to let her into his. Sonny apologizes for panicking and tearing the dress of Emily, contriving a feeble excuse about fearing the dress was a sign that she would marry Nik. Jax and Carly mourn the loss of John, who goes home to Wyndermere where Nikolas has hired Colleen as a nanny. Emily assures Sonny she will not marry Nik again to be John's mother. Carly vows to avenge their loss by ruining Robin. Alcazar allegedly wants to meet to discuss a truce with Jason, but Manny is behind it. Jason goes to see if Sam's telling the truth when she claims someone broke in while Justus meets Lorenzo's person, Manny. After Emily goes to work, Sonny is angry about the dress again, and accuses Ric of buying it for her. Colleen is a plant from Helena.

Jax explains to Carly why he gave up John, and wonders about their future.Carly promises that they are not over. Georgi is thrilled when Dillon is there to celebrate her graduation. Sam asks Jason to take her back, now that she knows the truth about her time in the hospital. He refuses. Carly rants to Jason about how Robin has ruined her life again. Lady Jane comforts Jax. Liz is worried about Lucky's addiction. Sam calls Jason to try and convince him to protect her, but he hangs up. Nik turns to Emily with his news and gets reassured about his ability to handle a baby, then goes home to prepare Wyndermere. Maxie's access to drugs is cut off.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Josh sees, hears, and talks to HB. He shows HB the plans for the project. HB smokes his cigar and tells Josh jokes and tells Josh he is proud of him. Reva cannot take a trip to Chicago with Josh and arranges for Cassie to go in her place. Josh cancels the meeting, very disappointed that Reva cannot go again. RJ gets in trouble at school for fighting; reason: he doesn’t have a father and needs to make a volcano for a science project. RJ asks for Josh to come to the school. RJ’s counselor thinks Josh and Cassie are married because Josh speaks so highly of Cassie. Josh helps RJ build the volcano. Afterwards, a storm comes up and Josh starts to leave. Cassie goes outside with him and thanks him again for helping RJ today. Josh tells her that he enjoyed it and it was good for him, too. He leans in to kiss her on the cheek, she moves her head and their lips meet. Josh and Cassie’s kiss lingers. Afterwards, Josh looks sad and confused.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair is with Spencer. He hugs her until her phone starts ringing. She sees that Bo is trying to reach her. She takes the call and when she ends it, Spencer is on her about it. She tries to go to Todd's room but the Head Nurse stops her telling that she isn't allowed in the room. Spencer overrides her order and then demands to know why Blair needs to talk to Todd right after talking to Bo. One of the orderlies wakes and tends to the others. The other orderly is fine but the driver is dead. The man jumps to Margaret's aid after calling the accident in. Rex arrives at Bo's office and tells that he has heard about a crash and Margaret's name was mentioned as the patient in the ambulance. John and Bo rush to the crash site and order the meds to make sure that they keep her alive. Evangeline shows up at the hospital. She tells Spencer and Blair that Margaret remembers everything. "I need to talk to Todd," she says. Spencer says that Todd is resting right now. She says that this news is worth waking Todd up. "Don't you think?" She and the Head Nurse walk by Spencer and Blair and enter the room. Margaret is brought into the hospital and John and Bo are right behind her. They hear the monitors scream. "Code blue!" someone shouts! Spencer and Blair have come to the ER now and they wait with John and Bo for more developments. "Is she going to make it Bo?" Blair asks. "She has to," he says. "…For a lot of reasons." He glares over at Spencer who paces in a corner. Todd is delirious over the idea that Margaret is going to come forward. They don't know what she will reveal yet but one can only hope. "|Everyone knows that he is guilty…everyone but Blair," Todd says. "I am going to show that crazy bitch what Spencer's really about.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Alistair had the chalice under his control, burning in the fireplace to release the hidden message that would give him God's power. Whitney refused to believe he was evil, so she wouldn't do anything to help Chad, Paloma, Simone, and the old nun get in and retrieve the chalice. They managed to get in anyway, and after a scuffle, Chad managed to toss holy water into the fireplace, putting the fire out for a little while. It started again, and thunder and lightening began to strike all around, then an earthquake hit, and in the end, Alistair removed his hood to reveal his identity. Noah managed to escape from Lena after Spike took off with Jessica, intending to have sex with her one more time and then kill her. Lena fought back and almost got the better of Noah and Maya, but a bolt of lightening struck the metal bar she was going to ram through them and killed her. As Noah and Maya were getting ready to go find Fancy and explain all to her, the earthquake hit, knocking Maya off the roof, presumably to her death.

Luis was devastated at losing Marty in the car fire, and didn't know how to tell Sheridan the truth when she called. Fancy warned him to keep quiet until they were home, and he followed her lead. When the earthquake hit, they were startled, wondering what was going on. Spike seemed to soften toward Jessica, not wanting to hurt her any more. He explained he was only doing what Alistair forced him to do. Jess pretended to forgive him, saying she loved him, but once she got close enough to get his gun, she turned on him. Kay asked her dad to arrest Miguel and keep him in jail overnight so he couldn't make love to Siren. Sam refused, saying he couldn't do that. Ivy, seeing Kay's discomfort at the thought of Miguel with another woman, made sure to tell Fox that it's because she wants him for herself. Fox argued, but doesn't seem as sure of that as he let's on. Siren continued to urge Miguel to let loose and make love, but he's hesitating.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Colleen comes home happy that she has her first paycheck. "Celebration is on me!" JT is very quiet. "Hey! Why are you so quiet?" she asks. "I thought that I asked you to stay off my computer?" Colleen admits that she broke into his computer but finds that he isn't all that innocent himself. "Why do you have my father's hard drive on your computer? What are you looking for?" Jack enters the office. He is in a really great mood. "I have done some restructuring. He hands Phyllis a folder. "What are you doing? Are you crazy? You are stealing. Most of NVP's profits go to Jabot." Jack tells her that she isn't part of the financial part of the company and that accounting has put this together and so it stands. She gets up angry. "We will see about that!" Victoria enters the boutique and finds Sharon at the counter. "I found out last night that Brad was in the navy." Sharon had no idea. "Yes! I found his old uniform in the closet yesterday. Sharon knows that Noah would love to hear his old navy stories. They are all going to be at the Father's Day celebration the next day. Victoria worries that Colleen won't want to come to the house. Neil is at the court shooting baskets. Victor arrives to see him. Neil has been thinking lately about his job and things of that nature. "I have been thinking of taking a month off and taking advantage of that jet. I have also been thinking that my greatest accomplishments may be behind me…" Victor tells him that he would hate to see him go but… Jack comes to the court to tell Victor that Phyllis isn't cooperating. Phyllis arrives defending her position in all this. Victor listens to them both and decides that he will support Jack's budget plan as it stands. Phyllis leaves. Victor takes the basketball and shoots. "Good shot Victor!" Jack shouts. Victor turns quickly. "Where did you come from?" Victor says. "I thought that you had left!"

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