Tuesday 6/13/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 6/13/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Babe interrupts JR's hearing and confesses that JR is not guilty of the charges and she made it all up. She and Dixie tell everybody that J.R. will not change or become a better man by being locked up in prison. And it will only hurt little A. Adam agrees and wants his son off the hook. But everybody else believes he needs to own responsibility for trying to kill Babe and almost killing Kendall and her unborn baby. Kendall, Erica, Bianca and Ryan watch the television coverage of his trial from the hospital television and are outraged. They go to court and tell everybody that JR must not get away with what he has done. He agrees and is ready to enter a guilty plea but suddenly changes his mind and pleads not guilty. the judge then dismisses the case. Everybody is very upset. Greg stays buried in the ground. Nobody has come to save him or even knows where he is. He believes he will die soon but tells the martins and Erica that he has saved Josh from knowing them and he does not apologize. And he tells Tad and Dixie that he has saved Kate from knowing them. And that is his last will and testament that he will take to his grave. Jonathan has a seizure. Lily, Amanda and Josh take him to the hospital. He recovers and admits that he feels "normal". Right when Lily is telling Amanda how she knows that since Jonathan's new state of being since his brain surgery, they are meant for each other. They are both broken pieces who belong together. but right after Jonathan recovers, he seems to turn right back into the same person he was before he had the brain surgery. How is that going to affect Lily?

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly is happy Jack is back at home with her, but he wants to talk. Gwen interrupts when she shows up looking for Will; he never came home and she thinks he left her. After Jack leaves, Gwen and Carly talk about Will and Jack. Carly tries to make Gwen see why Will did the things he did. She is also more determined once and for all to put her marriage back together. Will and Jade discuss him cheating because Will is riddled with guilt, and he wants to tell Gwen. Mike tells Katie that Nick’s family doesn’t want him attending the funeral; Katie again tries to reach out to him. They seem to be making some headway when Lucinda arrives with royalty payments for Katie for her writing Oakdale Confidential, and this causes Mike to leave abruptly. Emily tells Susan the baby has changed her. Susan tells Emily there has been a court date set up for her. Jen and Dusty are devastated by Johnny’s test results. It appears he has a rare blood cancer. Katie finds Mike and they talk; Katie suggests they take their honeymoon in order to get back to the way things were. Mike can’t agree to that right now, but he wants that too; it is just going to take some time. Katie sends him home and promises to catch up with him after she takes care of something. Gwen finds Will at home packing because he claims that is what she wants. Gwen tells him she loves him and doesn’t want him to go. Jack is shocked when he comes home and finds Carly there in her wedding dress; she wants him to ask her to be his wife again. Susan tells Emily about Johnny’s condition.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

At Marone, Ridge continues to plead his case for reconciliation with Brooke that is, until Nick walks and tells Ridge to get his hands off of her. Dante's family arrives at Stephanie and Eric's to meet the Forrester family. At the beach house, Dante and Bridget profess their love and Dante decides to call off his engagement to Felicia. After Nick puts Brooke out of the office, Nick and Ridge have a heated confrontation.

Felicia excitedly introduces Dante's family to her Dino, her parents, Thorne and Darla. Dante's family is impressed that Felicia arranged their visit as a surprise for Dante. Felicia calls Dante and asks him to come to her parents house. Dante tells Bridget that he is going to tell Felicia that the marriage is off. Bridget is concerned about Felicia's reaction. Ridge continues to taunt Nick. Nick doesn't believe it when Ridge tells him that Brooke will be modeling lingerie for the new Bedroom Line. Bridget finds Brooke in Nick's office. Bridget excitedly tells her that she and Dante have made a commitment to each other, but she is still worried about Felicia's feelings. Brooke assures her that Felicia will move past this. Bridget warns Brooke that she should be aware that Ridge isn't going to give up on trying to win Brooke back. Brooke advises Bridget that she should go over to Stephanie's to be at Dante's side when he tells Felicia. Dante arrives at the Forresters and is delighted and surprised to see his family. As his family praises his choice of Felicia, Bridget arrives and is as surprised as he is at the family reunion. Felicia tells everyone present how much she loves Dante that stuns everyone by announcing that she has moved the wedding up to this week ! Bridget and Dante share a horrified look !

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Kayla wrestles with the decision of whether or not she can face going home as she flashes back through her life with Steve. Caroline convinces Jennifer to call Kayla and she is able to convince Kayla to come home. “Nick” continues to deny that he is Jack’s brother. Jack threatens to call Kayla to prove to “Nick” that he is really Steve but since he can’t reach Kayla without calling Jennifer, he refuses to do it. Jack asks “Nick” to take a DNA test and “Nick” agrees. Celeste foresees trouble for Abe and Lexie. Lexie turns down Tek’s latest advances and tries to use meeting Celeste as an excuse to leave but Tek refuses to give up until he is called away by Abe. Celeste sees through Lexie’s lie about not being with Tek moments earlier. Lexie vows to Celeste that she is ending things with Tek.

Abe brings Officer Michaels down to the evidence locker to prove that Bo is innocent. Abe also calls Tek in to help with the investigation and Tek reveals that there is footage from the locker’s video surveillance camera. Tek is shocked at what he sees on the footage. Bo and Jennifer try to convince Hope not to sign the divorce papers. Billie plays dumb when Patrick asks if Bo really stole the disc. Hope stops Chelsea outside the courtroom to promise to try and forgive Chelsea even though she doesn’t feel justice was done. Chelsea runs off and Billie and Kate echo Hope’s sentiment of turning Chelsea’s life around. Frankie tries to convince Chelsea to now tell the truth but she refuses. Bo accuses Patrick of switching the disc but neither Hope nor Patrick believes Bo’s claim. Abe rushes to the courthouse to tell Bo and Hope about the video surveillance footage and unknowingly keeps Kate from rushing off in an attempt to destroy the disc.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sonny dismisses Emily's claims that he isn't acting normally. Ric questions Lainey about bipolar disorder later uses the information to push Sonny's buttons. Emily voices her fears to Lainey, who advises her to convince Sonny to get the help he needs. Sonny's mood darkens when he learns Nikolas is John's father as he believes he will lose Emily to Nikolas. Jax takes sole responsibility for perpetuating the lie about being John's father. Nikoloas thanks Robin for telling the truth.

Patrick accuses Robin of exposing the lie in order to get back at Carly. Jax and Carly are heartbroken over the prospect of losing John. Carly wonders why Jax ended up throwing everything away by admitting the truth. While speaking with Jason, Elizabeth begins to suspect that Lucky could be addicted to painkillers. Sam learns that Alexis had Jason arrested for going ahead with the surgery that saved her life.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Tammy throws Lizzie a combo bridal/baby shower. Jonathan, thinking Lizzie is drinking alcohol at the shower, slaps the cup from her hands as the guests look horrified. Buzz finds out that Coop is marrying Lizzie and goes ballistic. Alan gets him to give Coop a Bachelor Party and the two start to plan a way to stop the wedding. Coop tells Ava this is his last night of freedom and tells her goodbye. Frank comforts Ava.

Reva phones Josh at the cabin and tells him that she cannot be there for the interview. Billy tells Cassie that he knows she has feelings for Josh. Cassie fills in for Reva during the interview and gives Josh high praise. Jonathan shaves Reva’s head. Reva goes to the cabin after the interview wearing a red wig. As Josh is cooking dinner, she looks in a mirror at her bald head and says, “No, I won’t do that to you”.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Margaret's memories come flooding back. She remembers everything now as she sits in the back of the van and she realizes what Spencer has done to her. She now talks as if she is the Margaret who she was before. "Don’t worry…mommy's coming," she promises her child…wherever he is. "And mommy is going to get daddy back!" The signature on the reports Bo's signature on it. He finds it even hard to deny that it really is his signature. Whoever has done this is ingenious. This turns the focus on Bo now. Bo has been after Spencer from the start and now it looks like he fixed the case so that Truman might end up guilty. "If anything else shows up that is incriminating," Bo says. "I will turn in my badge." David confesses everything…to Blair. He tells her about Margaret, Paige's and what Bo's involvement. Blair plays the act of loyal girlfriend, saying that she will not believe anything that David says. He has no proof. She runs back to Bo who is angry to see that Blair is still working on the case when he told her to forget about it. "David confessed everything to me," she reveals. Spencer finds Blair in the hall of the hospital. "I thought that you were with Jack." Blair says she wasn't. "I lied. I wasn't with Jack." Spencer looks at her shocked. "You lied to me?" She admits it. "I was with David. He told me everything." Margaret pushes the medics and finally they call the commissioner to tell him that Margaret remembers everything. Bo tells Hugh and John that they have a big break in the case. Margaret shouts at the driver to hurry and get her back to Bo. The driver looks at Margaret and the van swerves and crashes. Margaret is unconscious with blood coming out of her nostrils after the crash.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Ethan saved Theresa from being hit by the cement statue JT pushed off the scaffolding, but he ended up being hit and knocked out by it. While Theresa tried to revive him, JT escaped, hoping neither the IRS, Rebecca, nor Theresa would catch up to him, since he's in a world of trouble either way. Back at the hotel room, she called Crane security and offered 50 million dollars to anyone who finds JT and brings him to her. Luis tried to save Marty from the burning cab, but was blown back when it exploded, then realized there was no way he could save his son now.

Chad, Paloma, and Simone, along with the old nun, try to get into the Pope's chambers to save Whitney, the church, and the world from the evil monk. Whitney won't believe they are telling her the truth, however, and holds them at bay as Alistair starts a fire that will melt the chalice and release all it's secrets, making him God on earth. Noah tries to save Jessica after he finds out that Lena, Spike, and Maya are all in cahoots, but he was unable to do it by himself. Now he's tied in a chair and both he and Jessica are about to die. Kay tries to talk Miguel out of making love to Siren, but he remains adamant that it's his life and he can do what he wants. She seems to give up, to Fox's relief.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jack is making moves on Carmen. She knows that he used her the other night to make Phyllis jealous. He admits it. "But after that first date, I realized that I am really interested in you. Look at you. You have Katherine and Jill waiting for your every word…Victor thinks that you walk on water. Quite frankly, that is the definition of 'smoking hot' if you ask me!" She is smiling now. "Actions speak louder than words." They kiss... Later while kissing her, he pulls off her clothes. "Dad can I download some rap music?" Nick tells him that he will check the band out and let him know later. Noah goes to his mother downstairs. "Mom can I download some music?" Sharon gives approval. Nick hears the music booming though the house and is disappointed to hear that Noah has tricked his parents to get what he wants. They suspend his computer privileges for a month. Nick and Sharon see that the Cassie thing is happening all over again and the decide to work together this time. Kevin has a date with Jana and Gloria hates that. "She is just a waitress. You should be dating better girls." Kevin can't believe her. He goes to Jana and takes her out that second. They head to play basketball. He shows her some moves. "I also box," he says. "I took it up once when I challenged by brother to a fight." She knows that it must be hard getting along with your brother when you both have different fathers." Kevin looks at her strangely. "Who told you that we had different fathers?" Kevin and Jana play some more and Jana shows that she has skills defending the ball. "Where did you learn that?" he asks. "My mother?" Jana slips saying that his mother's mouth scares everyone off at the coffeehouse. She quickly apologizes but Kevin doesn't mind. Jana wonders what Gloria thinks about her. "She thinks that you are very sweet," Kevin lies. Gloria wants more for Kevin. Gloria talks to Jill who seems to be having a terrible time getting things done at the office now that Phyllis is gone. Gloria says that she should ask Kevin to help her. She logs on to one of Kevin's computers and shows Jill the website that Kevin has put together. "You know if you had something like this on Jabot's site, you could just click on one of these links and you could read every little ingredient that Ashley has in her creams." Jill likes this idea. "Tell him to get me a resume."

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