Monday 6/12/06 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Kendall and her baby are getting better. Erica tells Ryan that she can see that he is in love with Kendall and urges him to fight for her and get her to divorce Zach.  But he doesn't want to do that. Josh urges Erica to tell him  what they big secret is about his father. But she declines to tell him that he is her son. Bianca overhears their heated conversation and is equally baffled. She informs Kendall about this strange thing going on between their mother and Greg and Josh Madden. Kendall informs Bianca for the first time that Greg Madden performed Erica's abortion all those years ago. Bianca finds that to be an incredible coincidence. Greg remains buried underground. He yells that somebody saves him. But nobody can hear him. JR's trial is underway. He is ready to plead guilty. But Dixie urges Babe to talk him out of it. At first, Babe says no. But she later reconsiders, goes to court and tells the judge that JR did not do it.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Gwen worries about the state of her marriage, as Casey and Maddie convince her that things will be fine. They will help her look for Will. Meanwhile, Will and Jade have just let things get passionate. Will instantly feels guilty after; Jade then offers to help him find his wife. Both Will and Gwen keep missing each other. Jen is concerned when Johnny appears suddenly sick. Bob calls an ambulance; everyone nervously waits for Johnny’s test results. Johnny’s heart, kidney and liver are functioning fine, but there are other disturbing symptoms that cause Bob to want Johnny to stay overnight for observation. Jen and Lucy mend fences during the crisis. Paul loses it and tells Emily to sign the papers to have an abortion after he is sick of her veiled threats. A devastated Emily relents and agrees to give Paul and Meg her baby. Paul and Meg later celebrate. Emily tells Henry of her decision and he tells her that was the smartest thing she has done yet. She needs to think about her baby and how she can get out of the hospital in order to end up not having to give her baby up. Emily wonders if her baby will end up being her saving grace? Lucy is concerned that she thinks Bob feels Johnny might be very sick.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

While visiting Brooke's office at Marone, Brooke reveals to Bridget she asked Stephen to leave town. Brooke explains to her how Stephen and Nick got the stock for her and that Stephen also slept with Taylor. Dante and Ridge look over the new bedroom line designs and Ridge questions Dante's engagement to Felicia. Stephen shows up at Jackie's to explain why he slept with Taylor one night and with her the next.

Stephen is surprised that Jackie isn't angry that he slept with Taylor, even after he reveals that it happened AFTER she signed over the stock. Ridge warns Dante that he should tell Felicia if he's just marrying her because she is the mother of his son. Bridget asks Brooke if she is able to keep things strictly business with Ridge. Brooke assures her of her commitment to Nick as Bridget sees her mother's engagement ring. Bridget congratulates Brooke and reveals that Dante has proposed to Felicia. Ridge tells Dante that he'd better honor his commitment to Felicia. Bridget confides in Brooke that she didn't appreciate Dante when she had him. Brooke tells her to follow her heart and tell Dante how she feels, but Bridget fears hurting Felicia. Ridge shows up at Brooke's office at Marone with the new lingerie for the bedroom line. Bridget sits at home thinking back over her times with Dante and suddenly he comes through the door. Dante tells her that he thinks he may have made a mistake and wants to know how Bridget feels about him. Bridget confesses that she does have feelings for him and they kiss, but Bridget is still concerned about Felicia. At Brooke's office, she warns Ridge that this is not the way she wants to run the company. Ridge shows her the lingerie he wants her to wear in the fashion show launching the new line. Ridge is stunned when he sees her engagement ring from Nick and tells her that she can't marry Nick. Over her protests, Ridge tells her that she belongs with HIM !

Days Recap Written by Danielle

The judge turns down the D.A.’s request for time to look for the disc. Frankie seizes the opportunity to petition for all of Chelsea’s charges to be dismissed due to lack of evidence. The judge declares that without the disc as proof of when Chelsea was negligent while driving, Chelsea can only be guilty of vehicular manslaughter and sentences Chelsea to a large fine, community service, and a revoked license. Billie accuses Kate of messing with the disc but this time Kate is open about her actions. Kate urges Billie to take advantage of the situation and go after Bo. Bo vows to find out who really took the disc when Chelsea assumes he was the one who took it. Hope refuses to believe that Bo is innocent of messing with evidence and declares to Frankie that she’s ready to sign the divorce papers.

Lexie’s cancer tests are negative but she realizes that Sami’s concern is more than simple compassion. E.J. interrupts Sami and Lexie’s argument to give Sami a reason to make a quick exit. Lexie warns E.J. to end all ties with Sami. Tek overhears Sami praying in the hospital chapel about clearing her conscience and confronts her. Sami is wary when E.J. seems vague yet eager about having Sami pay him back for his help with Lexie. Lexie gives in to Tek’s sexual advances. Steve denies being Jack’s brother. Jack is so upset at Steve’s denial that he has a seizure. Belle rushes Mimi to the hospital. Mimi loses the baby and she blames herself. Belle calls Shawn and once at the hospital, he vows to stay by Mimi’s side. After hearing the verdict, Caroline calls Kayla and urges her to come home. Kayla is hesitant to come home because it would remind her of Steve.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Lucky arrests Diego for illegal weapons trade. He does not know that Jason saved his life by shooting the dealer in the leg. Jason does know that Lucky's reactions are off. Sonny gets angry with Ric and declares that he is done with the mob and it takes Emily to calm him down. Patrick does suspect that someone other than Lucky shot the perp, but Lucky's confidence is restored. Alcazar tells Diego he was stupid, but will he will do what he can to keep Diego from jail. Manny watches Sam. Sonny claims that his fit was an act to make a point with Ric. Sam plans an intervention for Jason. Sonny agrees, but Emily does not. Ric suspects he is bi-polar. Robin blurts the truth about John, but Carly bluffs and denies it. Nik believes Carly and says enough tests. However, Jax admits that Nik is the father. Patrick catches Lucky hitting Maxie up for drugs.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Reva is almost run down by a drunken and high Gus, but Jonathan pushes her to safety. He takes her to Cedars for a check up after the near miss and finds a bottle of pills for chemo side effects. After he has to yell at her about what they are for, Reva finally admits she has cancer. He is heartbroken. Later, he realizes he is the only one who knows she has cancer. Gus wrecks after driving high and Dinah helps him by letting the police think she was the driver. She tries to get him to get a grip about his addiction. He tells her to go home and he starts to clean his filthy apartment, looking at the pills from afar.

Coop proposes to Lizzie and Ava witnesses the marriage license. Mallet meets with Regina, the woman who came between him and Harley years ago. He realizes the threatening notes came from a man who was after him and not Dinah. Regina hugs Mallet goodbye and Dinah, lurking in the shadows, watches this and is irritated.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis 

"I remember," Margaret tells Spencer. Spencer tells her that he hasn't ever met her before and knows nothing about her. He tells the guard that he wants to speak to her alone in his office. He takes Margaret inside and asks her why she is making all this up. "I am not making this up," she says. "How could someone make up something like a baby?" Nash wants to head home, but Bruce talks him out of it. "Your daughter and Tess will be killed." Nash thinks how killing Reston will stop all of this from happening. "We will kill his money, use his daughter. Take his power…" Bruce has another thought. "What do you think Tess is going to think about this when she hears how you used Claudia to get what you want?" Spencer continues to deny, deny, deny. "I know that you faked my death," Margaret continues. "I have never seen you before," Spencer says. "Where did we meet?" Bo watches the monitor seeing that things are not going as planned. "Well the police," Margaret starts. "Ah! The police?" Spencer asks rhetorically. Bo can see that Spencer is onto Margaret now. "Get her out of there!" Hugh has the reports. They figure that Spencer might have signed them and if that is the case, they will have something to work with. Hugh takes the papers out of the file and hands them to John. "Spencer didn't sign them. It's the commissioner's seal…it's signed by Bo Buchanan…" Bo grabs the papers to see for himself. Margaret rides the van to the hospital. She sees a picture of herself in the paper that the medic escorting her is reading. The memories come flooding back. She remembers being pregnant…rocking in her rocking chair…looking at pictures of Todd…Spencer ridiculing her…Spencer and Paige helping her give birth… A look of realization comes to her face. "It was Spencer! It was all Spencer!"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Theresa got JT to admit Gwen and Rebecca were the ones who outted Ethan's paternity to the tabloid, but he still won't believe her. Gwen and Rebecca, listening in on the phone, are upset that he knows, but when JT announces Ethan's disbelief, they are overjoyed, and Bex orders JT to "terminate" Terrorcita. He sets about to do just that by dropping a heavy object on her, while Ethan tries to protect her. Luis gets Fancy to drink something that gets the poison out of her, and then they both leave to find Beth and Marty. They find them getting into a cab, and give chase on a motorcycle. It ends when the cab, trying to miss a woman pushing a carriage, rams into a wall and bursts into flame. Luis can only call Marty's name as he watches the carnage. Noah and Jessica finally get Spike to Lena, but when they try to leave, she stops them and lets them know she's been working with Spike all the time.

Chad, Paloma, and Simone, along with the old nun, try to stop The Evil One (Alistair) and The Innocent (Whitney) from getting the chalice, but they are too late. As Alistair revels in finally getting his hands on God's power, Whitney seems not to realize what she's done. She watches him with a happy smile on her face. The nun realizes what's happened, however, and urges Chad and the girls to follow her into the Pope's chambers and set things right. Kay convinces Fox to help her find Miguel before he and Siren make love, which will cause him to never be able to make love to a real woman again. On the beach, once Siren's tail changes back into legs and stop scratching Miguel, he settles down to business, and it seems Kay and Fox are too late once they finally find them.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick plays with his son. Sharon comes in commenting on that wonderful smell. "I am barbecuing," Nick says. He makes a huge plate of chicken but Sharon decides to go out and clear the air. She meets with Jack who explains Phyllis and why Nick was attracted to her. "Phyllis is afraid of intimacy and that is why she was drawn to Nick." Sharon heads home. "I have made a decision Nick. I am dropping the divorce." "I have booked a meeting for you to attend tomorrow," Jack tells. Phyllis says she has something else to do at that time for work. "Well cancel it! That is an order!" Daniel is walking by and hears Jack shouting at his mother. Later he goes in and tells his mother that he knows that Jack's mood has to do with his being angry about the affair. Phyllis isn't worried about Jack. She can handle him and is sure that he will calm down in time. Victoria leaves work early to go and unpack some of her things that she hasn't had a chance to. She is alone in the house. She moves Brad's things to make space for her things. She finds a box at the back of the closet and removes it. She undoes the cheap piece of wire around the box and opens it. Brad enters the doorway and sees Victoria pulling a navy blue sailor suit out of the box, and holding it up in confusion. Colleen is on a mission. Lily is nervous but she supports her friend setting up the tracking software to pick up JT's password when he uses her computer. They are on the patio of the coffeehouse, when JT comes out. Colleen says she sent him a joke and that prompts him to use her computer to log on and read it. That is all Colleen needs. She heads to work and in the backroom read the computer monitor before her. "Oh my God!" she exclaims.

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