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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

JR is ready to confess and go to prison. Babe has a dream that she gets back with him. He comes to see her and humbles himself to her. Dixie wants to find her son and talk to him before he goes off. But Adam tells her that it's all her fault that JR lost it and attempted to commit murder. JR talks to Dixie and, for the first time, humbles himself to her. And it looks like they may have reconciled. And he asks Adam and Krystal to be nice to Dixie, let her visit and see little A. He apologizes to Krystal for the way he's treated her daughter. He then visits with Jamie before going to the court house. It seems everybody is supportive of him and respects the fact that he's owning responsibility for his actions. Only David Hayward is happy that JR is going up the river. After Madden's boathouse restaurant gets blown up, Tad finds Zach and tells him he believes he did it in order to impress Dixie. But he cannot prove it. Right when tad and Zach are arguing, Del comes and informs them that it was he who caused the explosion. He tells them he did it in order to prevent Madden from leaving on his boat. He protests to Tad that only he can bring Madden to justice. Josh gets injured from the explosion and Julia and Jamie suspect him of helping his father with the dirty deeds. They inform him what they know about Greg's plan to inseminate so many women. He does not buy that. He tells Jamie he bets that he (Jamie) is responsible for the explosion because of the problem his family has with Greg. Jamie and Julia privately realize that they both have motives and means to get revenge on Greg. When Greg is buried in the box in the ground, the mysterious voice tells him he won't get out until he tells them where Kate is. Josh privately talks to Dr. Joe and tells him he knows that his father and Erica have some sort of secret. And he needs to know what it is. He seems to know that Joe knows something. Greg still refuses to tell anybody where Kate is. And it's still a mystery who put him in the box in the ground. Dixie asks Babe to stay behind when going to JR's trial. She tells Babe that she (Babe) is the only one who can "save" her son (JR).

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Gwen and Will continue to argue about his refusal to continue his education. Dusty, Jennifer and Barbara celebrate Johnny's upcoming adoption at a restaurant with Bob and Kim. At the hospital, Emily demands to know if Paul put Meg on the psych ward to spy on her. Luke breaks up the argument between Holden and Damien.

Gwen tries to convince Will that it isn't too late to make things right. But in Will's drunken state he wants to know if she will stay with him regardless. Gwen tells him that she doesn't know if they have much of a marriage if they don't communicate. Lucy and Lily walk in the restaurant and congratulate Jennifer and Dusty on the adoption. Visibly uncomfortable, Dusty and Jennifer are glad when the two of them go to their table. Holden demands that Luke go home with him. Luke agrees, telling Damian they will continue their talk later. Paul takes Meg into the hallway and blasts her for coming to the psych ward. Meg explains that she doesn't trust Em and wants to keep an eye on her. The principal interrupts Gwen and Will telling Gwen that she is being paid to sing at the party and telling Will that he has to leave. Will becomes belligerent with the principal and an embarrassed Gwen tells him to leave as she goes back inside, crying in Casey's arms. At the restaurant, Dusty and Jennifer get the adoption papers by messenger and are ecstatic that Johnny is legally Dusty's son. Jade follows Will to the foot bridge and tries to cheer him up. Casey and Maddie convince Gwen to sing. Paul tells Meg that they should pretend to be having problems in order to give him a chance to convince Emily to keep the baby. Meg is hurt and walks away. Paul goes back into see Emily and she sees right through his scheme. Lucy has trouble concentrating on dinner with Lily as she watches the adoption celebration. Lily receives a call from Damien demanding that she come to the Lakeview right away. At home, Holden is relieved when Luke tells him that he doesn't quite trust Damien either. Luke tells Holden that even if Damien had raised him, he'd still be gay. At the footbridge, Will thanks Jade for cheering him up and as quick as that, they begin kissing and undressing each other. When Lily arrives at the Lakeview, Damien convinces her that he is making headway with Luke. Lily doesn't want to take sides, but Damien asks her to have lunch the next day so she can meet someone that can help with Luke. Paul tries to convince Emily that Meg doesn't want to raise the baby, but when Meg comes in Paul calls Emily's bluff. As Meg and Emily stand there in shock, Paul confesses that he loves Meg and if Emily wants to have an abortion it's fine with him ! As they are leaving the restaurant, Jennifer notices that Johnny is listless and has a fever. Bob springs into action, and after checking the baby says that they have to get him to the hospital RIGHT AWAY !!

B&B Recap Written by Terri

Brooke continues to berate Stephen for coming back and interfering in her life. Dante tries to explain to Bridget why he asked Felicia to marry him. Stephanie bursts into Nick's office at Marone and he tells her that he has not interest in what she has to say. Felicia and Eric talk about her engagement to Dante, but Eric is concerned that Dante just recently asked Bridget to marry him.

Bridget is reeling from the news of Dante and Felicia's upcoming marriage. Dante tells her that he loves Felicia because she is the mother of his son and he thought since Bridget had rejected him, she would be happy for him. Bridget although deeply hurt that Dante gave Felicia the ring he was going to give her, tries to see things from Dante's point of view. Stephanie criticizes Nick for teaming up with Stephen and trying to force Brooke into firing the Forresters. Felicia convinces Eric that Dante makes her happy and Eric gives his blessing. Jackie arrives at Marone and Stephanie wastes no time telling her that Stephen slept with Taylor. Jackie is shocked, but quickly turns the tables on Stephanie pointing out how she is manipulating Brooke. Bridget makes her way over to Stephanie's in search of Felicia. Finding her sister, Felicia assumes that Bridget is there to offer her congratulations. Bridget accuses her sister of using sex to connect with Dante. Felicia reminds Bridget that she and Dante share a child and they want to build a life together and asks for Bridget's support. Bridget torn between her love for her sister and her hurt over losing Dante, tells Felicia that she is in her corner. Stephen continues to plead with Brooke to see that he has changed and he just wants to be a good father to her. Brooke tells him it's too late, and as Stephen is comforting her she has a childhood flashback and physically throws her father out of the HOUSE !!

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Mimi collapses into Belle’s arms unable to catch her breath. When Mimi later reveals she is nauseous, she feels a bit relieved by Belle’s suggestion of morning sickness. Belle takes Mimi to the Java Café for tea but just as Mimi is about to confess yet again, she is overcome with severe cramps. E.J. brings an unsuspecting Sami to Lexie’s office where he announces that he plans to donate his last race’s winnings to breast cancer research. E.J. asks Lexie to be the face of the breast cancer awareness campaign in order to convince her to get retested. Lexie looks mortified as she reads her new test results. Jack’s doctor tells him that the procedure isn’t working after all and there’s nothing they can do to save his life now. Jack recognizes the new orderly as his brother, Steve.

Billie questions Kate about helping Chelsea but Kate brushes off the concern. The judge enters the courtroom and declares that there will be no trial but will instead hold an informal hearing to get to know the case. Hope is called to the stand first by the judge and delivers an emotional testimony in favor of a severe punishment for Chelsea. Bo takes the stand next and asks the judge to punish him rather than Chelsea. Officer Michaels reveals to Kate that she was able to put the right evidence label on a blank disc and slips Kate the right disc in exchange for a cash payment. When the blank disc is played in court, the judge orders a full investigation as to how the evidence was tampered with. Officer Michaels brings the judge the computer access record from the evidence locker and announces to all that Bo was the last to gain access to the locker.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny buys Mike a baseball glove just like one Mike once bought him. Later, he calls Emily "Lily". Sam turns to Jason for protection. Nik gets the test results that say that Jax is the father of Courtney's baby. Alexis worries about possible conflicts of interest between her and Ric's jobs. Maxie gets Lucky more drugs. Robin is disgusted with Carly's lies and on the verge of revealing the truth. Sonny explodes over Ric's plan to get the business back.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Dinah and Mallet ponder matrimony nervously, while trying to decide which is the target of the threatening notes they’ve received. Gus begins to wonder where Harley has gone, he goes to Buzz hoping to find information. Buzz enlightens Gus on Harley’s needs, saying Harley looked at Gus as her “safe place” and she no longer has that. Buzz warns Gus to clean up his act and stop using drugs or risk losing Harley and the boys. Jonathan bursts in on his baby’s sonogram and he and Lizzie discover they are the parents of a baby girl. Lizzie threatens to tell Tammy that John is the baby’s father if he doesn’t back off. Jonathan tracks down Coop with Ava and angrily tells him to step up to the plate and do the right thing for his child. Coop and Ava break things off. Coop proposes to Lizzie. Reva learns her cancer has spread into her blood stream but insists she’s going to fight it because she plans to spoil her grand daughter. Reva argues with Jon about his role in the baby’s life and accidentally step into the path of a speeding car.

OLTL Recap Written by Glynis

Blair goes to Bo and asks him to use her as an undercover person to find out what Spencer has been up to. Bo will not risk that. He knows that Spencer is cold and evil and that Blair could get hurt. "You are a monster!" Margaret shouts at Todd. She has a memory of them fighting in a field and she feels that everything that has gone wrong is his fault. "No, you are the monster!" Todd shouts. "Get her out of here!" John grabs the woman and pushes her out the hospital room door. John is about to leave. "John! Wait," Todd says. I need to talk to you." Spencer is alone and he tries not to worry about Margaret as she won't remember him. He remembers what he did to her. He tied her up and prepared the syringe. She thought that he was going to kill her but he told her back then that there were many ways to get rid of a person without actually killing them. He assured her that Todd wouldn't be with Blair as he was going to have her for himself. Bo sets up his surveillance equipment in the hospital in spite of Hugh's concerns about entrapment. As they talk, they see Blair hovering around Spencer's office door. John is with Todd when he gets the call to get Blair the hell out of there. He goes to get her and she fights him at first, banging her hand into Spencer's door. Spencer hears the noise from inside his office but when he goes to see who is there, no one is there. Next Margaret arrives with an officer behind her. Blair sees her on the monitor now and understands that Margaret is wearing a wire and she almost screwed things up. Margaret looks up into Spencer's face…she whispers loud enough for him to hear…"I remember…"

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Kay's insistence that Miguel not make love to Siren sparks Fox's curiosity, and he questions her reasons for being so upset about it. Kay assures him she still loves and wants to marry him, but worries about Miguel because Siren is a mermaid. Fox is speechless. Meanwhile, Miguel and Siren bet busy on the beach, but when her feet land in the water, they turn into a fishtail again and bother Miguel when they touch his legs. In Rome, once again Luis has Beth in hand, but let's her go to save Fancy's life. He realizes Beth poisoned the champagne Fancy is about to drink, and he let's go of Beth to go tackle Fancy. This results in a passionate kiss between the two, followed by a dressing down by Luis as he lets her know how upset he is that she refused to follow orders and stay at the hotel. Beth rushed home to get Marty and leave Rome before Luis could find her again. Theresa remains hot on JT's trail as he tries to get away from her and leave Rome. Gwen and Rebecca are listening in on his cell phone as he tries to lose her, but she is determined to catch him and prove to Ethan that she didn't reveal his paternity. Ethan followed behind, trying to get her to stop chasing JT, but when her tenacity pays off, he seems shocked by what the man has to say.

Spike seems to have the upper hand, with Noah unconscious on the floor and Jessica at knife point. However, just as he is about to force her to do his bidding, Noah revives and goes after him. He manages to get Spike under his control, then calls Lena to tell her he found the man she ordered him to find. The problem is, once he takes Spike to her, she is planning to kill Noah. Paloma, Simone, and Chad put the ripped-up painting together, then figure out the message hidden on it when Chad finds the black light and uses it. They don't know what it means, but figure it must have something to do with Whitney's quest at the Vatican, and they begin to make their way there. At the same time, Alistair and Whitney arrive at the Pope's quarters, go inside, and enter the word into the keypad. However, when Al grabs the chalice, it knocks him across the room, causing him to curse and go ballistic on Whitney, which shocks her.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Michael and Phyllis are at the doctor's office waiting to make sure that she is going to be okay. The doctor tells that spotting is something that happens sometimes during a pregnancy and that there may be nothing to worry about. She will check things out anyway and make sure that Phyllis is just fine. Colleen tells Lily how JT has been acting. She needs Lily's help. She got some software that allows you to see what someone is doing on a computer. She will get Lily to download the software and have Lily make a disc. Then she will get JT to check his messages on her computer and the password that he uses to do that will be recorded. She can then use that password to get into his private laptop. Sharon tells Nick not to use Noah to get what he wants. He wants his family. "We belong together. We have been through every problem that we have faced in the past." She tells him that they are not going to get past this problem. "Where would we be had I not forgiven you when you went with Cameron?" Sharon has no answer for that. He walks off. Michael goes to pick up the salads that were forgotten when he went to get the takeout. While gone, Phyllis tells Lauren that she can't lie to her anymore and that she is pregnant. Lauren is surprised to hear that the baby could be either Jack's or Nick's. Phyllis is happy to see that Lauren doesn’t judge her and is in fact supportive. She offers to go with Phyllis to get her amnio test as a friend. Lily gets a surprise party. She sneaks the CD to Colleen. "You keep my name out of it if you get caught right?" Lily asks. Colleen tells her not to worry. JT finds the girls with their heads together and wants to know what they are doing. He sees the CD but Colleen lies about it. Later he sees her put the disc in her purse. When she movers away from her purse, Daniel moves closer to it.

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