Thursday 6/8/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Thursday 6/8/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Jack is very worried about Lily and Jonathan getting married. Erica is supportive to her husband and tells him that maybe it will turn out better than he fears. Erin and Aidan come to visit them and seem to be ok with it. Ryan also admits that the reservations he once had about his brother and Lily are no longer there. Ryan and Zach inform Kendall that it was JR who caused her injury, in an attempt to kill Babe. She tells JR she will never forgive him. She also finds out that Zach got in trouble in his attempt to get the doctors to take the baby too soon. Julia and Jamie have dinner together. They admit that they like each other but she is having slight reservations over the fact that she is older than he is. JR is ready for his court hearing and preparing to go to prison. Babe is very upset that the man she loved and the father of her child is going up the river for trying to kill her.

ATWT Recap Written by Terri

Meg is at the hospital being told by a friend that she doesn't need a license to become a private duty nurse, when she runs into Paul who admits he is there to talk Emily out of having an abortion. Emily tells her mother that she has changed her mind about keeping the baby, but is waiting to see Paul. Lucinda tells a shocked Lily and Holden that Damian has rented the Fairwinds estate and plans to be in Oakdale for awhile. At the Lakeview, Damian talks with Luke and convinces him that he is there to help him to convince Lily to accept his lifestyle. At Crash, Gwen is anxious because Will hasn't returned her calls and berates Maddie for not telling her about Wills' cheating. Meanwhile at Hal's, Jade watches as Will proceeds to drink beer after beer while feeling sorry for himself. Jade finally convinces him that she will drive him over to Crash to talk to Gwen.

Gwen apologizes to Maddie for not telling her about Will's failure. Holden and Lily argue about Damian staying in town. Paul tells Meg that he is going to try to convince Emily to keep the baby. When he goes off to see Emily, Meg asks her nurse friend for a big favor. When Gwen steps outside for some fresh air she runs right into a drunk Will. Will asks for her forgiveness, Gwen gives it to him, but wants him to commit to continuing his education, as Jade listens out of sight. Holden storms off to the Lakeview in search of Damian and finds him sitting in the lobby. Damian accuses Holden of being the cause of Luke's assertion that he is gay. Lucinda warns Lily about the danger of siding with Damian against Holden. Paul tells Emily that if she wants to have an abortion he will support her, but she should reconsider. Emily shows Paul the consent papers for the abortion and Paul convinces her that if she keeps the baby, he will be sure to let the child know that she is a wonderful person. Holden and Damian continue to argue over Luke and Holden punches Damian just as Luke walks in. Emily is close to handing over the abortion consent paper to Paul, when they spot Meg in uniform taking care of a patient. Emily angrily accuses Paul of sending Meg to the psych ward to spy on her. Will tells Gwen that he doesn't want to go to school and asks her if she is still with him. Gwen reluctantly tells him that she doesn't know because she doesn't know who he is anymore.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

Brooke and Nick continue to celebrate their engagement from the night before. When Nick goes upstairs to get ready for work, Brooke places a call to Stephen, demanding to see him to discuss his tryst with Taylor. What Brooke doesn't know as she tells her father of her engagement, is that Stephen is in bed with Jackie ! Stephen tells Brooke that he will be over to see her soon. The other newly engaged couple, Dante and Felicia, discuss their happiness. Bridget talks to Christian at the hospital about her breakup with Dante. Christian, sensing that she regrets turning Dante's proposal down, encourages her to go to Dante and tell him she wants him back before it's too late.

Before Nick leaves for the office, he notices a full page ad in the paper of Brooke in lingerie, advertising the Bedroom Line. Brooke is shocked that Ridge put the ad in the paper without her permission and assures an angry Nick that she will speak to him about it. Stephen arrives and Nick tells him that Brooke did not fire the Forresters. Felicia and Dante discuss Bridget's possible reaction to their engagement. Felicia is concerned, but Dante is confident that she will be happy for them. Alone with Stephen, Brooke demands to know if his "affair" with Taylor is over. Stephen tells her that it is, but it had nothing to do with obtaining the stock. Convinced by Christian to go see Dante, Bridget bursts into his bedroom and apologizes for turning him down. Dante tries to tell her about him and Felicia, but Bridget kisses him as her cell phone rings. When she answers, Felicia happily tells her that she and Dante are getting married. Devastated, Bridget mumbles congratulations to her sister. Brooke berates her father for his interference in her life. Despite Stephen's pleas that he was just trying to make things up to her, Brooke demands that Stephen LEAVE LA immediately !

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn refuses to let Mimi attend Chelsea’s trial and enlists Belle’s help in surprising Mimi with a day of shopping. While shopping, Mimi reads her horoscope that warns of a lie coming back to haunt her. Fueled by this, she tells Belle that she doesn’t deserve to have Shawn’s baby.

Chelsea lets it slip to Billie that she’s been working to keep Bo and Hope apart again but explains it away. Frankie agrees to Bo’s request to stall on serving divorce papers. Chelsea learns that her judge is going to be the toughest judge in Salem but refuses to take Frankie’s advice of pleading guilty in exchange for a lighter sentence. Jennifer and Frankie convince Hope to give Bo another chance to talk before signing the papers. Hope decides to wear to court the dress that Zack gave her for a past Mother’s Day present. Kate turns down Officer Michaels’ offer to destroy the security camera footage at first but changes her mind when Chelsea gives her a frantic call for help. Sami eavesdrops on the call after snooping through Kate’s office for an explanation as to why Kate suddenly wants to work with Sami. Officer Michaels sneaks into the evidence locker but by then the footage was already being delivered to the prosecutor.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sonny eases Emily's fears when she suggests he could be suffering from a treatable mental illness. Emily is shocked when Sonny makes a slip of the tongue. Sam pretends to be in danger in order to trick Jason into coming to her rescue.

Carly is up to her old tricks as she wants to make sure Jax remains John's father. Elizabeth asks Jason for a favor.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Lizzie finds Coop’s journal in his room and one entry reads that he is sad that he cannot share his life with the woman for whom he cares: Ava. Frank asks Olivia to move in with him and she tells him she cannot; not now. They make love and he is very content. Later, she goes to CO2 and tells Buzz that she blew it with Frank. As Buzz and she are talking, she touches his face and Frank walks by just in time to see this. He looks sad and hurt and walks away. Beth bribes Jonathan with a $100,000 check to leave town. Josh finds the check, tears it up and tells Jonathan that he cannot leave town, then proceeds to find Beth and bawls her out for trying to bribe his family.

Reva, at the hospital, eavesdrops on Lizzie’s conversation with the sonogram nurse. She phones Buzz, disguises her voice and leaves a message for Henry Cooper that Lizzie’s sonogram has been canceled. She phones Jonathan to come to the hospital now. Jonathan arrives, walks into Lizzie’s room and Reva shoves a chair under the door, preventing him from leaving. He sees the monitor during the sonogram and says, very intrigued, “Is that the heartbeat”?

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Blair sits by Todd’s bedside and tries to persuade him to open his eyes, and talk to her. She wants to know where she stands with him. Starr visits him and gives him back his wedding ring. Blair tries to coax him to put it back on, and let them be a family again, but Todd refuses. Vangie and Cris have a confrontation with Vincent. Vincent lets Cris know that he owns him now. Vincent tells his goon to take care of Vangie while he and Cris go to the gym. Cris raises objections, but Vangie talks him into doing as Vincent says.

Nash and Claudia visit her father. An argument erupts. Nash gets a call from Jessica to tell him that the paternity test shows that he is the father of the baby. Jessica deals with the news particularly well. She decides that Nash has to know right away that the baby is his. Antonio is not phased by the results. He has Jessica back and he will not lose her again. He will raise Brennan like he has been raising Jamie and it will not be an issue. Of this he is sure. Starr comes to see her father for the first time since he has been awake. "I knew that you would come back to me," she says. She hands him his wedding ring. "I saved it for you." Blair tells Starr that she has to head home now. Starr leaves. "Put it on Todd…I love you and I know that we can be a family again." She reaches for his arm but he pulls it away. "No we can't!" Nash gets a call from Jessica who tells that the baby is his. He is happy that she has called him but sad to hear that Tess is gone. "I want you to know that we will be raising this baby," she tells. Nash thanks her for calling and then hangs up. A few minutes later, he calls Clint. "I will be back for my daughter. You can't really think that Antonio is the best thing for her." Blair watches as Todd talks with Evangeline through the glass window to his room. She makes a call. "I need to talk to you. I am putting my family back together and I am going to need your help to do that.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Beth and Spike zeroed in on Fancy, with Beth snappily telling Spike to kill her or else. He wasn't too sure about it, since Fancy is Alistair's favorite niece, but Beth convinced him it was Al's idea and he tried to do as he was told. Fancy was lucky, however, and finally Luis stepped in and inadvertently stopped the plan dead in it's tracks. Beth was furious and decided to try it on her own by poisoning Fancy's drink, but that hasn't worked out yet, either. Luis caught Beth, but her excitedness at watching Fancy drink champagne alerted him to the fact something was going on. Noah got upset at seeing Luis with Fancy again, but she planted a huge kiss on Luis just to make Noah angry. It worked.

Theresa spotted JT and chased him around the party, but when she finally caught him, he managed to slip away. As she chased him some more, Ethan spotted her and went to help. Simone, Paloma, and Jessica continued to search for the paintings, but found nothing. They split up, with Paloma and Simone finding the room Whitney and Alistair were in. He tore up the painting after Whitney showed him the clue - "agape" - and they snuck out a hidden door as the two girls came in and discovered the torn-up painting Alistair had left on the floor. Jessica, meanwhile, spotted Spike as he left Beth, and when Noah came up she told him which way he went. They followed, and Spike ambushed them, knocking Noah out and grabbing Jessica. Kay and Tabitha talked about whether Siren is a mermaid, and the old witch's actions proved Kay's suspicions were true. However, she became worried when Tabby told her the Mermaid's Curse is true, and if Miguel makes love to Siren he will never be with a human woman again. While they talk, Miguel takes off with his woman to find some privacy.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jill tells Ashley about the idea that Gloria had for making a line for the woman who can't afford Jabot's products currently. Ashley hates that idea, and remembers that Jill and Katherine shot down that idea when Jack suggested discounted items. "It would take a year to put this idea into play for forget it Jill. I will deal with Gloria. "Michael and Lauren talk to the doctor about the procedure that Lauren will be having. When asked about the sex of the child, Michael and Lauren tell that they don't want to know that right now and are only concerned about the health of the child. Nikki walks into the office and finds Ashley yukking it up with her husband and she doesn't like it. She tells Victor how she feels later. Victor goes to see Ashley and tells her that from now on she is to use Jack as her contact for the work to be done with NVP. "Was this Nikki's idea?" Ashley asks. Victor just says that this is Nikki's company and she wants things done a certain way. Gloria goes to see Kevin. "How well are you doing here Kevin? You are turning a tidy profit, I can tell. I also know that you are selling coffee over the internet. What are the numbers? I want to know that Revenue and Expenses…" Kevin agrees to show her the books if she really wants to see them. Phyllis has dinner with Neil. He notices that she isn't drinking her alcoholic beverage. She suddenly bends forward but protests when Neil demands to know what is wrong. "I am fine…I am fine…" She leaves Neil promising to have dinner with him again soon. She rushes upstairs in the club. Soon she comes downstairs and calls Michael. "Something is wrong. I am on my way to the doctor."

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