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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Everybody is happy that both Kendall and the baby are going to be ok. But Ryan makes it clear to Bianca that he is sad that Kendall has chosen Zach. Bianca concludes that she can tell that Ryan is in love with Kendall. Somebody has locked Greg in a box underground. He hears a voice and pleads that they let him out, reminding him they will never find out where Dixie's baby is if they let him die. Tad and Dixie discover that somebody has taken all the information that she and Zach have uncovered about Greg. David tells Dixie he will help her and Tad does not know what he is doing. She tells David that this is between her and Tad because they are Kate's parents. Erica finally tells Jack what Greg did to her. He's ready to call the cops. But she kind of does not want him to do that.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna

Carly gets released from the hospital; Jack and the kids come dressed up bearing a gift knowing they are heading over to Gwen’s graduation; Carly is thrilled by this. The principal kicks Will out of the graduation ceremony in front of everyone. Gwen immediately defends him and chastises the principal for insinuating Will cheated. Will is forced to admit to it in front of everyone. A stunned and heartbroken Gwen and Will talk about why he did it. Gwen lashes out at Jade. Carly lends her support. Dusty tells Lucy to keep her distance from Jen. He thinks she may be working for Craig by trying to discredit Jen or him. They argue about the type of person he must think she is to agree to do that for her dad. Lucy calls him on the fact she feels this anger may be residual feelings from the fact she left town and him a couple of years ago. Dusty promises that is old news. He will not let her hurt Jen or Johnny. Jade comes looking for Will, who is on the verge of losing it over the mistake he made. His solution – he wants to get drunk. Gwen tries to reach Will after the ceremony but Will doesn’t answer. Luke and Lucy discuss her feelings for Dusty; Luke thinks she still loves him. Carly continues to love the fact Jack is back home; Jack seems to be comfortable with this as well, but he also seems conflicted. Dusty and Jen receive great news; Craig lost his petition to block Dusty from adopting Johnny. The papers will be sent over to them later today for him to sign making him Johnny’s legal guardian.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

Brooke stares at Stephanie in shock after Steph threw the letter opener at her. Stephanie apologizes profusely, but Brooke is wary and tells her that old habits die hard. Bridget tells Nick that he should be able to handle loving her mother. Nick tells her that he will always love her and he wants her to find happiness. Felicia watches as Dante plays with Dino. When she takes the baby off to bed, Dante stares at the engagement ring that he tried to give to Bridget.

At Forrester, Stephanie continues to apologize to Brooke. Brooke stands firm on her decision to run Forrester from an office at Marone. Reluctantly, Stephanie agrees to let Brooke do things her way as long as she agrees not to close the door on coming back to the Forrester family. Ridge walks in as the two are embracing and after Brooke leaves, Steph voices her concerns about Nick's influence over Brooke. Felicia tells Date that she wants to be a better person. Dante presents her with (Bridget's !) an engagement ring and proposes. Dante tells her that he loves her because she intrigues him and is the mother of his child. Felicia accepts his proposal. Brooke arrives home and Nick comes in. Telling her that he cannot accept her decision not to fire the Forresters, Nick asks Brooke what she wants. Steph and Ridge continue to plot on how to get Brooke back into the fold. Ridge tells his mother that he is going to launch a new collection of Brooke's bedroom line and it will be just a matter of time before he and Brooke are back together. Brooke tells Nick that she wants to be with him and have a life with him. Nick pretends to be disappointed, but to Brooke's delight he presents her with an engagement ring and proposes. Brooke happily accepts, unaware of Ridge's plan to win her back !

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Shawn shows Lucas and Carrie his new engine but Max ends up being beaten by E.J. on the track. Max immediately vetoes E.J.’s request to see Shawn’s engine design but Shawn allows him to see it anyway. Max reacts angrily when he overhears E.J. offer Shawn twice what Titan is paying for the design but Shawn turns E.J. down. Sami is accidentally delivered Carrie’s wedding dress and when Carrie sees Sami holding it, she flashes back to when Sami stole her dress to marry Austin. The flashback causes Carrie to faint and when she comes to, she claims she was upset because Sami allowed Lucas to see the dress. Lucas pulls Sami aside to accuse her of ruining Carrie’s wedding and Carrie and Austin use the time alone to talk about their feelings.

Kate shows Chelsea an interview she gave the morning paper on Chelsea’s behalf. Chelsea tells Kate about her latest changing email activities. Kate brings Chelsea to the police station and once Chelsea walks away, a police officer approaches Kate with an offer to buy Chelsea’s freedom. Bo calls Hope to talk but doesn’t understand why she is so upset over the email. Jennifer comforts Hope and then tries to convince Hope that Bo still wants to be with her. Hope believes Chelsea’s claim that Bo wants Billie instead. Billie stops by to see Bo and he fills her in on the latest failed attempt to reconcile with Hope. Billie blames Chelsea and then herself but Bo dismisses both claims without knowing the real reason behind the guilty feelings.

GH Recap Written by Amanda 

Dillon gets upset when he sees Diego and Lulu talking. Luke and Robert continue to see who can out freeload the other at the Quartermaines. Nik offers Jax Wyndermere for the christening, but Jax has decided on the park gazebo. While he's there, he takes the opportunity to snatch a bit of the baby's hair, presumably for a DNA test. Emily invites Lainey over to observe Sonny professionally. She then ducks out on a fake emergency so that the other two can be alone. Robert and Tracy have it figured that Luke faked the robbery; something Luke admits to Lucky, and also tells his son that the robbers were robbed. Nik takes the hair to the hospital to get a paternity test. Once Sonny tells Lainey that he is not happy with her giving Emily doubts about his sanity, their lunch goes well. Lainey assures Emily that Sonny is not insane. Georgie and Dillon are jealous of Lulu and Diego, respectively. Tracy hears Luke confess that he set up the robbery, and the supposition that Robert robbed Luke, and so concludes that Robert is the real robber. Emily suspects that Sonny deliberately seemed normal for his informal, secret evaluation.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Mallet, clad only in a towel, is met at his door by a woman who is assigned to follow him around tonight with a camera crew filming for the TV show, “The Law”. The TV show stars Gus, Marina, Frank, and Mallet. Dinah, clad in a towel, too, is all excited and asks to go along. She ends up asking Mallet to let her go patrol and the camera people tell Mallet they want to see him in action on the streets and in his personal life, too.

Dinah gets bored, makes a nuisance of herself and drives Mallet crazy. He collars a perp on the streets and by mistake, the guy is only buying groceries and not drugs. The camera people see Gus in an alley and Mallet makes them stop filming, but they don’t and instead film a drunken-looking Gus. Mallet goes to a church after hearing about a hostage situation and Dinah ends up talking a woman out of killing her ex-fiancé. Mallet is impressed, the two stay to see a bride and groom marry and Mallet ends up asking Dinah to marry him. She says yes. The camera crew continues to film all of this without Mallet and Dinah knowing. Later, Mallet and Dinah nervously ask the other if they still want to get married and they both say yes, but are not convinced themselves. The camera crew continue to film everything...

OLTL Recap Written by Mary  

Dr. Crosby questions Margaret about her past, but with no luck. Bo suggests “shock treatment.” Margaret is confused at first, but soon agrees. Blair is by Todd’s side. She fills him in on everything that had happened to him since the day of his execution. Dr. Crosby, Bo and Margaret visit Todd. Margaret has a flashback of the day when she had kidnapped Todd at gunpoint. She denies knowing anything. Blair vows to make her pay for everything that she had done to her and her family. Blair asks Todd if he will ever be able to forgive her for turning her back on him when he needed her most. Spencer visit David in jail. David blackmails him into helping him beat this murder rap. Antonio, Jessica, Clint and Viki get the results back of the paternity test. Nash is the father. Nash persuades Claudia to help him keep his daughter safe against her father, Mr. Reston.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fancy managed to figure out how to get to the art gallery opening today, although it looks like she will regret it later. Luis thought he had her taken care of, but leave it to her to foil all his plans. Beth and Spike lie in wait for her at the event, in disguise, of course. Paloma, Jessica, and Simone get all dolled up and head to the gallery, but are turned away since they have no invitations. However, they soon figure out a way to get in anyway - they hijack three waitresses, lock them in a closet, and go into the gallery dressed in their uniforms. Theresa finds JT in the jail, then stupidly leaves him alone while she goes and drags Ethan back to see him. However, the money Gwen sent for his bail comes through just then, and by the time she gets Ethan back there, he's gone. Ethan, of course, thinks she was lying, and she is depressed once again. When Ethan invites her to the gallery opening, however, she perks up, and even convinces herself she will still find JT. The fact is, he also has an invite to the shindig, and decides to go check out the women before he hops a plane out of the country, so she just might.

Whitney finds a clue in the painting, but not before Chad sees Alistair as the Monk go by, with the old nun screeching that he's the evil one. Chad gave chase and finally tackled him, but it turned out to be a real monk, while Al slipped away somehow. Beth called Luis to beg him to love her again, and makes the mistake of telling him "Daddy" told her there is nothing between Luis and Fancy, also. Alerted to the fact the old lizard isn't really in a coma, he calls Sheridan to warn her. She goes to the nursing home and pulls the "Alistair" mask off an unknown man, then realizes everyone is in a lot of danger.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis   **One Day Ahead

Jana flirts with Kevin at work and he takes a chance and asks her out. She agrees to go. Colleen sees them acting familiar and doesn't like it. When Jana is alone, she goes to the girl telling her about Kevin trying to kill her and how he is trying to make everyone think that he has changed. Jana has a change of heart and cancels the date. Colleen comes up to Kevin later and gloats right away about the canceled date. Kevin gets angry telling her that she has to learn to get over her feelings for him. "One day you are going to need forgiveness yourself Colleen." Jack shows up for work at the office. He has brought with him his briefcase which holds the paper cutout dolls that he got from Abby. He drapes the string of dolls over his desk and smiles. Nikki and Phyllis are not pleased. Nikki would have liked to have been told about this first, and she can't see how Jack is going to work with Phyllis. Gloria has an idea for a line of products for the woman who can't afford Jabot's main line. Jill likes the idea. Gloria wants to head it up but Jill says that she is way ahead of herself. "I have to talk to Ashley first." Carmen enters the club and sits alone. Gloria goes over to her and tells her that she shouldn't tie herself down too much at Newman as she might be needed at Jabot. Jack and Brad meet in the Newman hallway and Jack tells how he works for NVP now. Brad finds it funny the both of them in Newman again like it was years ago. Jack say that he is there because sometimes the mighty need help!

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