Tuesday 6/6/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 6/6/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Erica awakens on a park bench, with no clue how she got there. She then discovers that Greg drugged her. She's on the warpath to find him but she's happy about one thing: Kendall has awoken and will be ok. Kendall tells the others that she has to see Spike. Ryan takes her to see her tiny preemie son. But nobody can find Zach. Dixie is also missing. Tad, Di, Jamie and JR are all very frustrated to have lost Greg. But it looks like somebody has knocked him out and buried him somewhere. Del meets Amanda and tells her she cannot trust Greg's surrogacy scheme.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

It is graduation day at Oakdale High; Margo tells Casey she and Tom are allowing him to attend the University of Wisconsin in the fall again, but he declines wanting to stay at home and go to Oakdale U, which thrills Maddie when she overhears this. Will continues to avoid telling anyone the truth about not being allowed to graduate. When he misses the morning meeting with his principal, he is expelled. He still can’t bring himself to tell Hal, Barbara or most importantly Gwen, who continues to heap praise upon him for graduating and doing so well the final couple weeks of school. Barbara presents him with his trust fund, and is extremely nice to Gwen. Hal’s best friend from the police academy is shot and is in ICU, so Will coaxes Hal into going there since he wants less people around when he has to admit about not being able to graduate. Jade offers to help him out of this jam by suggesting blackmail, but Will decides to finally come clean. Jen is upset when she sees Lucy is observing Johnny’s appointment. Lucy puts her two cents worth in when Jen has issues about Johnny’s vaccinations, which really upsets Jen, who tells her that she shouldn’t be involved in his case. Katie has a nightmare; Mike continues to keep her at a distance, as she tries to reach out to him. Mike wants to make arrangements for Nick alone. Katie shows up at the hospital later because he forgot his insurance card, and Mike lights into her about doing as he asked. He cuts himself off before he tells her he blames her for Nick’s death, but Katie is devastated by how deep this goes with Mike. Jen tells Dusty about what happened with Lucy and how uncomfortable she is with Lucy’s access to Johnny. Dusty tells her he got word Craig is trying to block him from adopting Johnny. Dusty promises that Jessica is working to stop him, but Jen can’t help but wonder if Lucy was sent there by Craig to try to insinuate she is an unfit parent or maybe Lucy is thinking of taking Johnny away to raise him for her dad? Dusty promises to get to the bottom of this. He later confronts Lucy and tells her to stay away from Jen and their baby! When Will shows up at the graduation to talk to Gwen, and everyone is fussing over him to get his cap and gown on, they are stunned when the principal approaches him and tells him to get off the property since he was expelled for cheating.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

At Forrester Stephanie demands to know from Brooke where things stand. Stephen goes to see Jackie and tells her that Eric was a fool not to marry her. Nick continues to vent to Bridget at the beach house about his problems with Brooke. Bridget warns that Ridge's heart attack may have brought Brooke closer to him. Nick is shocked when Bridget tells him that Stephanie and Ridge will use his illness to get to Brooke. Brooke tells Stephanie that she is not going to fire them, but she will run things from Marone. Stephanie accuses her of letting Stephen and Nick control her.

Jackie congratulates Stephen for getting Taylor to give up her stock and wants to know how he convinced her. Nick discovers that Bridget is no longer living with Dante. Brooke tells Stephanie that she's sorry that she doesn't understand her decision to work from Marone. Brooke's jaw drops when Steph tells her that Stephen slept with Taylor to get the stock. Nick and Bridget share memories of Nicole and wonder what would have happened if she had lived. Stephen and Jackie celebrate with a bottle of champagne Brooke's victory over the Forrester's. Jackie tells Stephen that she would like to get to know him better then kisses him. Steph admits to Brooke that she has no proof of Taylor and Stephen's tryst. Brooke questions Stephanie's trust when Steph asks again for the stock back. Brooke tells Stephanie that she can't give her what she wants. Brooke tries to walk away as Stephanie throws a letter opener at the door, telling her that she won't let her BETRAY her and her family AGAIN !

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Belle eavesdrops from her open window as Shawn and Mimi talk on the fire escape. Mimi admits to Shawn that she used to wish she were Belle. Kate spies on Sami pulling away from E.J.’s advances but also notices that Sami is throwing herself at E.J. Kate rushes back to Austin’s apartment to offer him a deal partnering with Basic Black to use E.J. as a spokesperson for both companies. Sami hates the idea of working with Kate once she hears of the deal but has to live with it when the backing of Basic Black helps convince E.J. to take the deal.

Bo decides to send Hope a new email asking Hope to forgive Chelsea and work on preserving their marriage. Chelsea overhears Hope talking with Jennifer and pretends to be talking with Max on her cell phone about how Bo is only placating Hope so she’ll go easy on Chelsea at the trial all with the plan to have Hope “accidentally” overhear. Chelsea sends Bo away with a fake emergency call from the station and swims out to Bo’s boat so she can change the email before Hope reads it. Hope reads the altered email, which now claims that Hope must go easy on Chelsea or lose Bo, and declares the marriage over.

GH Recap Written by Lisa

Sam tries to goad Jason into making a declaration of love. Jason fights his feelings for Sam and refuses to put her at risk by having her in his life. Sam is hurt when Jason admits he might not know what love is. Ric admits to Alexis that he wants to eventually become Sonny's right hand man in order to control him.

Jax and Carly have a change of heart about telling Nikolas the truth about John after Helena arrives on the scene. Jax vows that Nikolas will never find out that he's John's father. Nikolas rejects Helena's plan for him to impregnate a suitable mother in order to give her an heir. Lucky accuses Elizabeth of sneaking away with Patrick and later takes more pills. Emily, Elizabeth, Lainey, Kelly and Robin end up drinking at Jake's. Robin is mortified to learn everyone knows she is sleeping with Patrick.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

Mallet has Dinah checked out at Cedars after the car incident and tells her that he wants to find who sent the threatening notes. A beautiful woman visits and Mallet tells Dinah she is his possibly his new partner, Brooke Pearson. Dinah is obviously jealous. The car mechanic told Mallet the brakes had a slow leak and no tampering evident. Cassie fantasies about Josh rubbing her shoulders. Cassie asks Colin out on a date. Reva is shocked and afraid that Colin will tell Cassie about her cancer. Reva arranges a meeting with Jonathan and Lizzie telling them they need to tell about Jonathan being the father of the baby. Jonathan goes with Tammy to see the nursery and he cannot take his eyes from the baby items. Lizzie freaks seeing this and phones Beth for help. Lizzie, trying to scare Coop, starts to climb on the bar for a cup; Jonathan sees this and runs to “catch” her. Lizzie is irritated that he caught her and not Coop. Coop is frightened and tells Jonathan he was glad he was here. Jonathan tells him it was okay for Coop would have caught her if he hadn’t been preoccupied (looking at Ava). Beth tells Lizzie that she will help her with the problem.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

John and Natalie have finished making love. John has a dream of David killing his father. John wakes up in a start. Natalie comes out of the bathroom to see if he is alright. She questions him about his dream.  Nash lets Tess know that he is leaving .Tess begins to cry and begs him to stay. He shows her the note that he had found in Brennan’s crib. He assures her that he will be back. Cris takes Vangie to see a psychiatrist. Dorian visits John to talk to him about David. David has a visit from Adriana.

David is sleeping. He relives the shooting of John and Michael as he sleeps. He was being chased by the man and then he was cornered. McBain ordered him to stop running and give up and that was when he was shot. John was having a nightmare and he now wakes from a terrible dream that he was having. Natalie is stunned to find him getting his clothes on to get out of there. This is the day when the DNA results come out. Nash tells Tess that he is leaving. He can't stay and he shows her the note explaining what Reston said that he would do to them if they remained a family with Nash. Tess offers to run with him but Nash won't have it and it won't make a difference unless he is away from them. Tess is fighting Nash tooth and nail on the subject of his leaving her. She starts crying feeling that the Buchanan's will eat her alive if she is left alone. Jessica talks to her now. "I can help you Tess. I can be there for you…" Tess turns to Nash now. "You have to go…that is the only way Nash." Jessica is alone with her baby now. She holds the child crying and staring down into her face. "I am so sorry but I have to go. You have a really great family who will look after you. I don't know if I will be back again but when your daddy comes back, you tell him that I tried…I tried really hard." Antonio comes to see what is going on at Tess's place. He walks into the baby's room. "Tess?" he calls. She turns to him and in a couple of seconds of looking into her eyes, he can see that isn't Tess at all. "Jessica?" She smiles at him nodding. He runs to her and they hug as tightly as possible.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Fancy continued to campaign for her plan to draw Beth out so Luis can grab her, but he, Ethan, and Theresa all sided with Luis, saying Beth is too dangerous for Fancy to put her life on the line. As usual, common sense has no bearing on her, and she plans to sneak out anyway. After all, how better to impress Luis, her new heart throb? Theresa decides to go to the Polizia and have an APB put out on JT, taking Ethan with her. Luck seemed to be smiling on her, since once she told the policeman who she was looking for, he told her the man is right there in their jail. He is, in fact, on the phone with Rebecca, trying to get the money to post bail and leave Rome. Rebecca and Gwen, celebrating the fact he'd ditched Theresa and Ethan would never find out what they'd done, became suddenly fearful again, and Gwen offered to pay whatever it takes as long as he gets out of Rome and away from Theresa. Too late? Paloma, Simone, and Jessica decide to ignore Noah's warning to stay in the hotel when they see the painting they almost had in their hands in an add for the art gallery opening. They will go look for more clues. Spike is ordered by Beth to kill Fancy, one way or the other.

Alistair, still posing as the monk, urges Whitney to inspect the painting he took her to see for any clues as to how to deactivate the energy beam that keeps the chalice safe. She can't see anything, since she has no idea what she's looking for. Chad pays a visit to an old friend who happens to be a priest, working in the Vatican. He tells him why he's in Rome, and asks his help, but the friend isn't sure he can do anything. Chad overhears the old nun speaking Italian to the Pope, and his friend interprets, saying she's warning him that the Apocalypse is pending and that Evil has The Innocent at work to destroy the world. Chad recognizes the old nun's voice, and tells his friend that Whitney is The Innocent, which causes the friend to realize he has to do whatever he can to help his friend after all.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Nick and Neil are on the phones in an office drumming up support for the board meeting to keep Brad off the board. They have a couple of people who are willing to go against Victor's wishes on this. Nick is really grateful that Neil is backing him up on this. "Brad can come to family dinners and such but at Newman he has to understand that he is just an employee." Phyllis arrives for work and turns to find Sharon staring at her from across the hall. "Look Sharon. I am not in the mood for anything with you today. I told you that I would be working her and staying out of your way." Sharon says that she actually didn't come over to start anything. They declare a truce and Sharon goes on her way. Nick and Neil work overtime trying to find support to keep Brad off the board. They think that they have done it. Sharon overhears Nick on the phone and thinks that Nick is only after Brad because of his friendship with her. At the meeting it is only Nick and two the outside board members who don't want Brad on the board. Later the family all vote for Brad while Nick stands alone. Brad gets on the board. Jack hears Neil talking about Brad on the board; Drucilla tells him how Victor has given Neil the jet as a present; Abby tells how Victor made paper dolls with her, and how he photocopied Noah's face as well as his own. Jack goes to the phone. "Hello Victor! It's Jack…Is that job offer still open for me? I am thinking that it will help me realize some goals that I have not taken the time to realize." Devon and Daniel have their graduation celebrations and it goes great, with Jack attending. Afterwards, at the house, Drucilla is ready to go. She says goodbye to Lily, asking Daniel to take care of her daughter while she is gone. Drucilla hugs Lily one last time and then she is out the door. Lily cries feeling that she has just said goodbye to her family.

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