Monday 6/5/06 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 6/5/06 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Bianca cannot get Kendall to wake up. She holds her unconscious sister and has a vision of herself and Kendall with Miranda and Spike, at a picnic in the summer, acknowledging that they are all Kane's. Zach is stuck in jail. Derek tells him he will cut him some slack. Josh catches Tad, Dixie and Di in his father's office and demands to know what their problem is with Greg. tad tells josh there are many things he knows nothing about.  Josh protests that Greg is his "family", Tad tells him Greg does not know anything about family. Julia then comes in and works on Josh, convincing him that Tad and Dixie just want to find their daughter and she asks him if he can tell her where his father went. Josh then tells her that Greg left on his private jet. Meanwhile, Greg has Erica drugged on his private jet. He's also drugged Del before Del can stop him. Di, Dixie and tad try and fail to reach Del on his cell phone when he's passed out. Jack, Reggie and Aidan catch Lily and Jonathan right after they've gotten married. Jack tells them he's not going to allow that. But realizing his daughter is 18 and is breaking no laws getting married, he tells them he will accept their marriage and let them live in Greenlee's old apartment. Jamie and JR go looking for Greg. they talk about what Kate would look like now and how they will feel when they see her. They argue about who should get their hands dirty going after Greg Madden. While Greg has Erica drugged on his jet, he has mechanical failure. The guy he calls informs him that whoever serviced it before is responsible for the problem he's having now.  Di finds Del after he's come to. He informs her that Greg left on his private jet. Right after Greg is ready to take off again and kidnap Erica, somebody breaks into his plane and knocks him out.

ATWT Recap Written by Elayna 

Gwen is thrilled about graduation while Will wrestles with his guilt. Maddie continues to hide her disappointment in Will, but is not hiding her displeasure for Jade. The high school principal comes looking for Will, who ducks out. The principal catches up with him at his house though. He tells him he is aware Will bought a term paper and cheated on his Calculus exam; he is no longer eligible to graduate and he will see him and his parents in his office tomorrow morning first thing. Gwen comes home and wonders what is wrong? Will seems to be considering telling her, but she sees his graduation gift to her first. Jack stands vigil at Carly’s bedside; they learn of Nick’s death. Mike and Katie give their statements. Hal decides not to charge either of them. Katie is gravely concerned about the state of her marriage when Mike doesn’t want to be around her, let her touch him or even look at her. Carly counsels Katie to not give up hope. Jack moves home while Carly convalesces at the hospital. Holden comes home to find a comfy Damian sitting with Lily and Luke, and he doesn’t react well. Lily and Holden argue over Damian’s role with Luke now. Holden thinks Lily is seeking out an ally to make Luke question whether he is truly convinced he is gay. Lily asks Holden to allow Luke to decide about Damian since his short visit has brought about a marked improvement in Luke’s behavior. Luke decides to spend time with Damian. Katie and Mike go home; Mike continues to push Katie away, as they lie together in bed, but are miles apart emotionally.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

At Forrester, Nick tells Brooke that because she cannot get the Forresters out of her life, she can't have a life with him, as Ridge stands by listening. Over at the studio, Dante tells Christian to leave after seeing him and Felicia kiss. Stephanie tells Taylor that her drinking must have caused her to turn against her, when Stephen accuses Stephanie of playing the victim.

Brooke assures Nick that she wants a life with him and has come up with a solution. Nick is wary, but Brooke explains that firing the Forresters doesn't make good business sense, but she can can run the company from an office at Marrone ! After Christian leaves, Dante tells Felicia that she has to stop hurting people to keep them from getting close to her. Taylor is insulted by Steph's accusation and shocked when Steph asks her to give her the stock back ! Taylor asks Stephanie to leave and Stephanie berates Taylor for allowing Stephen and Nick to use her. Nick supports Brooke's decision. Brooke tells Ridge that if he doesn't respect her committment to Nick, she will fire him. She asks to be left alone to pack. Stephanie leaves when Taylor tells her that she never wants to see her again, then she cries in Stephens arms. Taylor explains to Stephen that what happened between them was a one time thing and asks if they can just be friends. Stephen reluctantly agrees and kisses Taylor goodbye. Bridget thinks back to her conversation with Ridge about her mother's relationship with Nick and is surprised when Nick shows up to vent to her about the situation with Brooke. Brooke packs a picture of herself, Ridge and the children, when Ridge comes in the office. He tells her that they are so close to having it all ! Dante tells Felicia to let her guard down so that he can get to know her. Crying, Felicia thanks him for being honest with her and embraces him. Stephanie comes into Brooke's office and tells her that she knows she is being manipulated by her father and Nick, and she wants Brooke to decide who's side she is on !

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Marlena blames herself for the miscarriage, as she is grieving like it happened just that morning. John shocks Marlena when he dismisses her affair like there’s nothing to forgive. Chelsea eavesdrops outside Bo’s open window. Bo rushes in to comfort Hope when he hears her cry out to Zack. Bo pledges his support to Hope for the trial and calls Marlena over to talk to Hope. Marlena calls Hope on how Hope sent Bo away upon her arrival when it was obvious she wanted Bo to stay. Marlena begins to recognize the similarities in Hope’s situation with her own affair and sees it as a reason to appreciate John more. Bo runs into John at the docks and they talk over the trial and Bo’s marriage. After Marlena leaves, Hope sees Zack again and Zack convinces her that she should be with Bo.

Sami comes up with the idea of using E.J. as the spokesperson for Shawn’s new engine in order to entice Shawn to work with Austin’s company but E.J. turns them down. E.J. catches Sami sneaking a peek through his files. Kate’s car dies and E.J. stops to try and help but is unsuccessful. Kate stops by Austin’s apartment to visit while she waits for a tow truck and ends up arguing with Austin about Sami. Kate spots Sami climbing up to the roof and spies on her as she flirts with E.J.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Sonny tells Emily that gardening makes him feel useful. He does not seem to get that gardening at night in a suit is not normal. Alexis is thrilled with her current life. No one is hurt in the robbery. Yet, Tracy suspsects Luke was behind the crime. Jax and Carly argue over his desire to tell Nik the truth before it's too late. Ric tries to get Sam to like him, despite Jason's poor opion of him. Liz tells Jason he and Sam should be together, and won't let Jason use her to take Sam's things to her, but insists he do it. Helena's arrival gives Jax pause about his confession idea. Coleman breaks the news to Luke that his robbers never showed up with the money, not knowing it's because Lulu took it from Diego. Sam sees Jason when he drops her things at Alexis'.

GL Recap Written by Siri 

The first five minutes of Guiding Light have been inadvertently omitted, with apologies

Jonathan begs Tammy to leave with her now. Lizzie comes rushing to their apartment yelling that she can explain about Ashley and sees her medical records. She tells Tammy that she only went to Ashley’s clinic to have an abortion, this was in the medical record and Ashley told Jonathan about this. She decided not to have the abortion, but was afraid Jonathan would tell Coop and ruin everything. Reva loses RJ and enlists Colin’s help. Josh and Cassie find RJ asleep in Josh’s car. Cassie tells Josh that she wants him to stay away from her and RJ for a while. Josh explains that he was here pre-Richard and post-Richard and loves her and RJ. He tells her that he will always be there for her and RJ. Cassie is still bothered by her feelings for Josh. Rick, out of a job, starts drinking. Leah tries to get her mother to patch things up with Rick. Mel tells Jeffrey that she is worried about Rick going to jail for Phillip. Jonathan tells Lizzie that Reva overheard her tell her mother the baby is his. They agree to not reveal this to anyone. Tammy tells him that he must share everything with her in order for them to make it. Reva goes to the nursery at Company and smiles, cuddling the baby’s stuffed animal.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary 

Blair is glad to see that he has his eyes open, although he isn't reacting to anything. While talking to Todd, she mentions Spencer's name and Todd immediately goes into convulsions with his body contorting like a snake but bucking wildly. When they calm him down, she realizes that it was Spencer's name that caused this reaction. Spencer is in the hall listening and he hears Bo and Michael talking about the case and how Paige will be talking to Bo the next day. After they leave the area, Spencer goes to Paige's room and shows her a document that has her name on it. "It is the document that authorized the bodies to be moved." If you talk, you will drag Bo down with you in the process. Natalie and John have made love. She thinks that finally now he can put this episode behind him about his father. John says that he hasn't gotten justice yet. Roxy gets wind of the affair starting up when she sees them kissing and she tells Natalie that she will never learn. "That leopard will never change his spots!" Hugh makes a connection. He talks to the man in Kentucky who talked to the person that transferred the bodies. He says that the man was someone with authority of some sort. Like a doctor… The man will be coming down and he should be able to make an ID if he sees the guy that he did business with that day.

Blair tries to talk to Todd, but when she mentions Spencer, Todd begins to seizure. Spencer has to save his life once again. Blair talks to Todd, and tells him how much she loves him. Bo visits Paige in her hospital room, and leaves her a card that Matthew had made for her. Upon overhearing Bo and Michael talking about Paige wanting to talk to Bo, Spencer visits Paige, and once again reminds her of the evidence that he has against her and Bo. John and Natalie have finally reconciled.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Siren's "un-finning" seemed like a done deal today, but she managed to wriggle her way out of it. When she jumped from the net after having been found with a tail where her legs used to be, Miguel dove in after her, to keep her from drowning. Kay was beside herself, afraid he would die trying to save something that was more at home in water than he was. As Siren swam, however, her fin slipped off, and when Miguel got her back onshore, she explained it was only a costume she'd bought in an effort to make the photo shoot more exciting. Everyone but Kay bought it, but she was still fuming. Whitney found the challice and Alistair, in his haste to possess it, burned his hands badly when he grabbed it, even tho it was only a virtual reality item. Whitney questioned his Godliness, since he shouldn't have gotten burned if he was doing God's will, but he managed to talk her out of it again and sent her back to find a way to get the cup.

Ethan tried to convince Noah that nothing happened between Luis and Fancy, but no matter what he said, Noah refused to believe it. He is heart-broken that he's lost her. In the hotel room, Fancy decides she has to do something to help Luis get Marty back, and decides to lure Beth out to try to kill her again. Theresa wants nothing to do with such a crazy idea, but once Fancy assures her she'll be safe and Luis will need his son when Sheridan refuses to leave Chris, Theresa agrees to help. She hopes nothing will go wrong, but with Beth, who knows what might happen.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Jack has come to pick up Carmen for dinner at work. They walk the halls to the elevator. "Oh hi guys!" It is Phyllis walking the halls. "Where are you going to dinner?" she asks. Jack shouts over his shoulder that they will be going to the Club as he enters the elevator with Carmen. Jack has Carmen out for dinner and he keeps apologizing for treating her badly when they first met. She wants him to stop that as she understands that he was only worried about the family business. He finds it interesting that she is working with Victor now. "I am curious," he starts. "What is your take on him?" Jack watches fascinated from his table as Victor helps the waiter pick up silverware that he has dropped. He sneaks a chat with Nikki and learns that Victor never did get treatment for that bump on his forehead. Dr. Campbell says that Jack's 'friend' needs to get a MRI or CAT scan right away in case there has been more damage to his head. Colleen wants to get the rest of her things. Once JT hears that Brad is out of town and that Victoria is at work, he is off and running with Colleen. They get her things but she uses his car for a few minutes and during that time, he gets on Brad's computer and copies the hard drive which he then stores on his laptop. Colleen wants to use the computer but JT is very adamant that she not have access. Victor has Nikki have dinner. She talks about her grand opening in the near future. Victor doesn't want to talk about just that. He wants to talk about and do other things. "I want to go camping with you Nikki, and go to Las Vegas…" She loves those ideas but NVP needs her attention right now. Victor sulks. He fears that the things he wants to do will go by the wayside because of her job.

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