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AMC Recap Written by Jenn

Greg drugs Erica and puts her in a trunk. Di, Dixie, Tad, Del, J.R. Jamie and Babe all find out about Greg's diabolical plans and find out he has taken Kate from Dixie. Del acts like he's Greg's friend and helps him move the trunk with Erica in it (not knowing she's in it) onto the plane for Greg. But little does Del know that when Greg gave him some bottled water to drink, he's drugged it. Before Greg is ready to take off on his jet with Erica, Del collapses and passes out. Greg observes Del and makes sure he's out before he takes off. The cops take Zach to jail for using a gun to prevent the doctors from entering Kendall's room. Ryan tells him he will get Livia to post bail. Ryan and Bianca are both very upset that Kendall will not wake up. Lily and Jonathan go to the NYC court house and overcome many obstacles in order to get married. Not far away, Jack, Reggie and Aidan rush to stop them. But it's too late by the time they get there. The judge pronounces Lily and Jonathan husband and wife.

ATWT Recap Written by Eva

Jennifer worries that Lucy has returned to Oakdale to get Dusty back in her life and also report to Craig about Johnny. Lucy assures Lucinda she isn't in Oakdale to get back together with Dusty but to concentrate on her career and visit her favorite grandmother. Carly's injury seems to bring her closer to Jack. Katie killing Nick may drive a wedge in her relationship with Mike. Damien manages to persuade Luke to communicate with his mother and tell her the reason he is gay. Holden isn't pleased to return home and find Damien sitting on his couch with Lily and Luke.

B&B Recap Written by Terri

At Forrester, Eric, Ridge and Stephanie are appalled by Brooke's decision to fire them, but Ridge suspects the reason why is Nick. At Marone, Nick fills Jackie in how Stephen obtained Taylor's stock which gives Brooke control of Forrester. Nick is surprised by Jackie's personal admiration of Stephen and wonders what is going on. Felicia comes into pose for Dante, who is treating her very coolly. Taylor is not surprised when Stephen shows up to retrieve his watch that he left in her bedroom.

Brooke explains to the Forresters that Nick thinks their acceptance of her is not to be trusted. Stephanie embraces her and tries to reassure her. At Marone, Jackie avoids answering Nick's questions about her interest in Stephen and tells him that he should go over to Forrester to check on Brooke. Dante tells Felicia that because of her outspokeness, Bridget and he have broken up. While Dante takes a break Christian shows up and Felicia pulls him into a passionate kiss. While Stephen is upstairs getting his watch, Taylor opens the door to an enraged Stephanie who accuses her of giving Brooke the stock so that Brooke could fire them. Alone in her office, Ridge questions Nick's control over Brooke and her decision as Nick walks in. Dante catches Felicia and Christian kissing and tells the good doctor to get his hands off of her ! Taylor disgusted by Stephanie's insults tells her to leave as Stephen comes downstairs and Steph wants answers ! Ridge taunts Nick that Brooke doesn't want to fire them, as Nick tells Brooke that it's the only way they can have a future. Nick is stunned when Brooke tells him that Ridge is right, as Ridge stands by smirking !

Days Recap Written by Danielle

Philip gives Shawn a substantial check to entice Shawn to accept his request to drive. Belle is still against the idea of Philip racing. Mimi lets it slip that Claire will still grow up with her real father even if something happens to Philip while racing but quickly covers it up. Belle and Philip decide to resume their attempts to make another baby. Shawn turns down Mimi’s desires for sex so as not to disturb the implantation. They decide to satisfy their needs in other ways. Hope makes Bo decide whose side he’s on before she allows their dinner to go on but assumes that Bo chooses Chelsea when he hesitates to answer. Bo yells at Chelsea for even bothering to come to their table and Chelsea sees it as a sign that Bo is choosing Hope. Bo asks Hope to allow him to come home with her but when she refuses, he assumes it’s because she wants to be with Patrick instead. Hope denies it but still sends Bo away. Hope sees the ghost of Zack calling out for help.

Max and E.J. reunite while E.J. is comforting Sami and Max reveals that E.J. is also a racecar driver. Chelsea tells Max that she wants to get Hope out of the picture for good and Max guesses that Chelsea did something to try and keep Hope away. Chelsea asks Max to make love to her but Max refuses. Sami accepts E.J.’s offer of a ride home but becomes skeptical when E.J. continues to reveal knowledge of her personal details. E.J. has a common excuse for knowing each detail. E.J. admits to Sami that his last love left him for her career. E.J. suggests that Sami find another driver to promote for Austin’s company.

GH Recap Written by Amanda

Tracy hires Robert to babysit Luke, and he goes to work at the casino. Alexis warns Sonny not to bother her daughters. Emily is amazed that Sonny acted as a peacemaker between Jason and Sam. Sam goes home with Alexis. Sonny is concerned about what he might have said to Alexis. After hearing what he said from Max, he goes on a gardening tear and Emily finds him working in the garden at night. Liz tells Jason to quit wasting time and love Sam. Luke hires Coleman to rob the Haunted Star, and apparently, his thugs do show up.

GL Recap Written by Siri

Gus finds a drug dealer and shakes him down for the drugs.  Harley finds the drugs and throws them away, telling Gus that he is high and needs to fix things.  She tells him that she is leaving him and taking the children. Reva tries to get Jonathan to face the truth.  He tells her to stay out of his business.  Cassie has feelings for Josh and actually sees a vision of Josh telling her that he, too, has feelings for her.  Reva sits for RJ and becomes ill, leaving RJ alone.  When she returns to the room, she cannot find him.  She leaves the cabin, goes to Main Street and phones Colin.
Lizzie eavesdrops on Coop telling Buzz about “talking” to Jenna and tells a lie about a dream she had when Jenna touched her stomach and smiled.  She tells Buzz and Coop that she wants to name the baby, if it is a girl, Jenna.  Ashley calls Lizzie and tells her she must help her get Jonathan to love her. Ashley pays a visit to Jonathan and tells him that she will tell Tammy about Lizzie’s pregnancy if he doesn’t become her boyfriend.  He threatens her and tells her that the last person that tried to break him and Tammy up ended up dead.  She gives Tammy Lizzie’s medical records and tells her to ask Jonathan about the clinic.  Tammy tells Jonathan she believes Ashley, and that he can tell her anything.

OLTL Recap Written by Mary

Blair and Starr stand vigil at Todd’s bedside. Spencer looks at them through the glass window. Cris kisses Vangie. She at first, pulls away from him. He offers to move in with her, and take care of her. They dance to a slow dance.

Nash gets a call from Mr. Reston forcing him to leave town or face the consequences. Nash receives a call that the lab results have come back which will determine who is the father of the baby. John bandages Natalie’s leg. They kiss and make love. John realizes that he may have finally found what he is looking for.

Passions Recap Written by Shirley

Whitney almost caught Alistair without his disguise today, but he pulled his hood up to cover his real face and wouldn't allow her to see him again. She argued at first, but finally agreed he could hide if it made him feel better. She then went on a virtual reality tour of the Pope's quarters and found the chalice he wants, and he believes he will rule the world now that he has it. He ran into Beth earlier, and she was thrilled to see him, but he told her to keep her mouth shut so know one knows he's not in the coma. He seems willing to sacrifice her to Luis as long as it keeps him from finding out the old lizard is really the one at the bottom of all that's going on. Theresa and Fancy decided to never give up on their dream men, but Fancy wonders who her's will be now that she no longer wants Noah. Luis comes to mind....

Luis tries to talk sense to Noah, but the guy doesn't want to hear any of it. He believes his friend slept with his girl, and won't let Luis explain what really happened. Ethan and Chad believe it, too, until Luis explains it to them. Siren and Miguel begin their photo shoot in the fishery, after the old fisherman got over his shock at seeing his mermaid love again. Miguel told him there's no way Siren could be that mermaid, because she's way too young and beautiful. When the photographer took a break to get away from the fish smell, everyone went to get something to drink or eat, and Siren emptied the fisherman's chum buckets for her lunch. When Kay asked about why her breath smelled like rotten fish, they got into a scuffle and Siren fell into the ocean. The others rescued her in a fishing net, and seem to be about to get the surprise of their lives.

Y&R Recap Written By Glynis  **One Day Ahead

Michael and Lauren are in the doctor's office waiting for the results of her tests. Lauren seems strangely tense. Michael assures her that things are going to be just fine with the baby. Dr. Thompson enters the office now. "I have your test results," she says. "You have some irregular tests and I would like to schedule an amniocentesis test. Your baby could be at risk for birth defects." Carmen drills Phyllis on why she bounces back and forth from Newman to Jabot. She sees that Phyllis is very supportive to Jack and asks about the nature of their relationship. "Well…it is very complicated," she says. "What is very complicated?" Jack asks coming up behind Phyllis. Nick sees Jack and Phyllis talking. Nick comes over and Jack starts with his sarcasm. He brings up how it must be nice to have Phyllis back at NVP although he was offered the job first. Nick and Phyllis don't believe that. "Well, it is true Phyllis…you were only Plan B." Nick is getting angry with Jack for being rude. Jack finds his chivalry touching and wonders what Sharon would think about it. Gloria meets with John and he is much better. It is just too bad that he can't get out of jail. Gloria goes to Michael asking to make a plan with her to get John out of jail. Michael knows that John wouldn't go for that anyway. John would never fake symptoms to get out of prison and besides, it's illegal. "Well then we will have to do something for him without his cooperation." Sharon wakes and has breakfast in complimentary robes with Brad. They feel that their friendship hasn't been affected by their frolicking, and both promise not to let the truth about their dealings leave the room. Flowers arrive and Sharon goes on and on about how beautiful they are. "They are not from me," Brad says. She reads the card and sees that the flowers are from Nick and Noah.

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